List of 7 Best Juicers in the Market!

Here is the list of the brands which are best to use. There are some features of each and Enjoy your every morning with vitamin which gives you energy boost up for your day and without extra work. Stay healthy.

1. Philips avance HR1871/00 collection juicer:


This Philips juicer has, even more, juice from fruit and vegetables. It makes 2.5 liters of juice just in one time without pre-cutting fresh fruit & vegetables because it’s integrated with XXL feeding tube. Cleaning process has become easier with the new & innovative quick clean technology with pulp extraction which may clean your kitchen too. The best part is that you can get juice any time you want!

2.Kenwood Continuous Juicer JE720:


The Continuous Juicer has introduced high performance, advanced juicer striking featuring with pulp container technology which may give you more juice. It also comes with a big feed for juicing and with an anti-drip system for precise serving. It’s efficient 800w motor with high gloss finishing of white plastic.

3.Dash Squeeze Juice Extractor:


The Dash squeeze is with high performance and quality with stainless steel, the power of 250 watts masticating/slow juicer integrated with settings of on, off and reverse. The quality of Dash juicer extended with higher because it can produce no foam, so it is with more nutrients, vitamins and also with good health. Dash squeeze juicer is also saving time because it’s easy assembly and disassembly.

4.Panasonic Stainless Steel Wide Tube Juicer MJ-DJ01


This juicer is having a large feeding tube & wide chute; meaning can get even juice without chopping them up. It’s with 120 routable spots so that you can move the spout as you want. The foam separator and non-drop spout are capable. The cleaning is easy and Its saving time with large pulp container so you don’t need to remove pulp again and again. With full metal spinner which may look efficient and sophisticated.

5. Braun Multiquick juicer:


The Braun Multi quick juicer produces the high-performance juicing system. It takes only 16 seconds to make a glass of juice and gets more juice from out of your fruit. The process is quick with the powerful motor and system of automatic feeder & also have an innovative anti-drop system with drip button.

6. George Home 700w Full Fruit Juicer

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This George Home 700W comes with the large feeder tube, so there is no need to pre-cutting the fruits. Is became easier because you can select the settings of power using three selection black dial to create effortlessly result with a pulp collection tray which is easily removed and also placed. Easy to use & clean with quick cleaning technology. Design with smooth looking matte black & chrome body.

7. Dualit Dual Max

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Dualit Dual Max juicer is making juice quick and easy with integrated double sieve technology will give your most out of juice from your fruit. The cleaning process also becomes more dedicated with pulp technology. It can handle both soft and hard fruit with its 800w dual speed powerful motor.