10 Fun Things to Do in Oxnard, CA | Top Things to Do in Oxnard

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Oxnard is a lovely coastal town on California’s Central Coast. Oxnard is a lovely seaside town that spreads for kilometers along the Pacific Ocean. The pleasant temperature and convenient location make it an ideal destination for both tourists and residents.

The city is always buzzing with bustle. During the year, there are several festivals and events, including as large-scale spectator athletic events, pilgrimages, historical re-enactments, beauty pageants, and much more. Take a glance at the city’s event schedule and you’ll understand why it’s known as Ventura County’s festival capital. So, have you ever thought about things to do in Oxnard, California? These are some of my favorite activities in Oxnard.

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The Top 10 Things to Do in Oxnard, California

Mandalay State Beach is a must-see.

Mandalay Beach is a famous Oxnard destination that straddles the divide between nature and civilization. As a consequence, even on the warmest days, it is seldom overly crowded. Nevertheless, this is not a location to go to acquire a tan since there is little genuine sun exposure at this beach owing to the dense foliage.

This beach is ideal for individuals who appreciate exploring salt marshes, willow trees, and other California native vegetation.

The road winds through an oasis-like community for around 2+ miles, where you will wade through freshwater streams, climb over fallen trees and vegetation, and jump over sand bars formed when the 100-year-old dam releases its flow of water three times each day.

When you stroll down the trickling stream, surrounded by thick woods, you will be able to inhale the scent of eucalyptus.

When you walk amid the towering Redwood trees that shade the stream’s banks, you will enjoy nature devoid of noise pollution and electronics.

Visiting this beach is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable things to do in Oxnard!

Mullin Automotive Museum is a must-see.

Oxnard, CA +180538554001421 Emerson Ave

The Mullin Automotive Museum is all about vehicles, and the collection here is mostly made up of cars constructed between the 1930s and the late 1950s.

Of course, several recent models are featured as well. Chevrolet, Pontiac, Ferrari, Cadillac, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Riley, and Bentley are among the vehicle manufacturers represented at the main expo.

There are some beautiful automobiles here, but if you don’t want to travel through the whole show, you can always visit the rotating exhibits hosted in various rooms.

Pay a visit to Oxnard State Beach and Park.

Birds circling over the seas along the coast may be seen at Oxnard State Beach and Park. This is because, between March and October, a stretch of the beach is devoted to a colony of herring and other fish swimming in from offshore. Visitors are not permitted to gather or feed the fish on the beaches since they are protected.

There are almost 2,000 feet of beaches west of the park, while Los Angeles and its sun-bleached coasts lie east of the park. There are no less than breathtaking vistas to be seen here.

Pay a visit to Silver Strand Beach.

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Oxnard is to visit Silver Strand Beach, the greatest surfing beach in the area. In addition, between Port Hueneme and the Channel Islands Harbor, there are sandy beaches with bathrooms, showers, lifeguards during the summer months, and a magnificent observation platform.

On the beach, there are volleyball courts and a children’s playground, as well as public facilities. There are intriguing tidepools north of the fishing pier at the beach’s southern end.

The Dolphin Quest is a dolphin-themed attraction located just across the street from Silver Strand Beach. Channel Island Surfboards also hires stand-up paddle boards in the port, while Marine Adventure Tours provides kayak trips.

Pay a visit to Heritage Square.

Oxnard, CA +18054837960715 S A St

Heritage Square is not a square, but rather a collection of historical structures.

You may join a guided tour of the plaza in Oxnard’s downtown center, where you can see various historical landmarks.

Docents often dress up in historical clothes to enhance the experience.

What I enjoy about this restaurant is the attention to detail. You can walk along brick alleys and learn about the history of each building since they have all been wonderfully maintained.

Go to the Channel Islands Maritime Museum.

Oxnard, CA +180598462603900 Bluefin Cir

The Channel Islands Maritime Museum teaches visitors about the United States’ nautical history. The museum, which is located in the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, California, displays model ships and nautical art.

Several exhibitions are geared at children, including educational games and activities. The museum greeting room is on the top deck, while the gift shop and museum displays are on the lower level.

The degree of artistry in the boat models, which range from enormous reproductions to ships in bottles, astounds me. Just a few other museums in the nation have such collections.

Visitors also love seeing the boats come in and out of the port via the large windows between displays.

Shop at Riverpark’s The Collection.

Oxnard, CA +180527895002751 Park View Ct

The Collection at Riverpark has a wide range of retailers, from expensive to daily favorites. Clothing, jewelry and accessories, accessories, gifts and collectibles, crafts, home products, books, women’s shoes, men’s apparel and accessories, and more are available at the stores.

You may stroll to Oxnard Boulevard, which has various wonderful eating choices from The Collection at Riverpark, which is located just across the street.

Visit the Annex Food Hall for a great supper with a variety of cuisine choices. The lovely cafeterias feature a variety of Asian dishes, such as acai bowls, hot chicken sandwiches, and pho.

Pay a visit to Ventura.

Consider taking a day trip to Ventura, the city to the north, while visiting Oxnard. Several of the same beachfront attractions may be found in Ventura as in Oxnard, including the water at San Buenaventura State Beach. Ventura also has a waterfront town where charter ferries to the Channel Islands may be arranged.

Ventura’s beachfront environment has always lured travelers. People come from all over to spend a day at the beach, engage in water sports, and attend the city’s various cultural events.

Ventura Harbor Village may not have as many attractions as Oxnard, but it does feature lovely beaches, boat excursions on the harbor, and chartered cruises to the isolated Channel Islands of Santa Cruz and Anacapa. Water activities include surfing, swimming, kayaking, and, of course, beachcombing. Therefore, take a stroll along one of Ventura’s most beautiful beaches or just relax in the sun.

Rancho Ventavo Cellars Wine Tasting

Oxnard, CA +18054838084741 S A St

My first impression of the wine cellars was fantastic. A glass-domed atrium with a waterfall and pond is surrounded by old stone paths. After being introduced to the vineyard by a representative, you are free to explore. This is one of my favorite things to do in Oxnard.

Rancho Ventavo offers fine California wines. Its wine collection is now regarded as one of the best in California. These wines have a particular flavor and fragrance that is both natural and unique. Since you can taste the wine’s inherent deliciousness, fresh grapes without additions make it even more unique.

Pay a visit to the Murphy Car Museum.

+180548743331930 Eastman Ave, Oxnard, California

The Murphy Car Museum is one of Ventura County’s most popular and frequented museums. The museum’s collection is fairly substantial, spanning from historic automobiles to motocross motorcycles, trucks, and campers, as well as a wide selection of accessories.

As you enter the frame, you can’t help but notice the gorgeous, world-famous Bugatti carved in the glass. After crossing the automotive bridge, you will arrive at the vast parking area where automobiles are always on exhibit. The museum exhibits several automobiles made long before your time, making it a must-see. You will undoubtedly have a memorable experience.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to know whether you should go to Oxnard and what to do there?

Of course you should; it is a fantastic option if you are seeking for a lovely area with bright sky and some of the world’s top beaches. Oxnard’s main downtown area is located near a mile of coastline.

Oxnard offers a variety of activities, including restaurants, museums, bars, gift stores, and water sports like as parasailing and water skiing. So come to Oxnard and have a look for yourself!

Which of these Oxnard CA activities to do do you want to do first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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