10 Greatest Burger Restaurants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is situated in the western part of the state at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, both of which drain into the Ohio River.

Pittsburgh has grown to be one of the country’s biggest cities, with a population of over 300,000 and a metro area of over three million people. Despite this, older neighborhoods have preserved much of the city’s original beauty and character.

British Ambassador William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, an ardent supporter of the colonization project, gave the community its current name.

No trip to Pittsburgh is complete without sampling the city’s delectable food or visiting one of the city’s numerous historic buildings, such as the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Andy Warhol Museum.

Your vacation would be incomplete if you did not sample the tastiest burgers in Pittsburgh PA.

The many canals make it a good place for boating and sailing, while gorgeous riverfront parks provide fun summer activities. Pittsburgh is a beautiful, exciting, and economical city with distinct areas worth visiting.

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The Greatest Burgers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is more than simply a fantastic city for sports lovers, bikers, bridges, and steel. It’s gradually becoming known as one of America’s top cuisine towns. They take their cuisine extremely seriously, particularly the burgers!

With so many fantastic restaurants, it’s no surprise that Pittsburgh was just voted the Food City of the Year by AF&co., a restaurant and hospitality consulting group based in San Francisco. If you’re searching for some of Pittsburgh’s greatest eateries, this authoritative list of the best burger locations in Pittsburgh includes beef, turkey, vegetarian, and more.


N. Shore Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15212 +14125865846342

Burgatory is a friendly and lively spot where you may feel like you’re on a first-name basis from the minute you walk in. The staff will greet you with a warm grin and then offer you time to peruse the menu. Their burgers and shakes, made with fresh ingredients and presented in attractive settings, will be unlike anything you’ve eaten before.

Burgatory is the place to go if you like the fragrance of a local diner, the feel of the counter on your palm, and the echo of laughing off the walls. Life is intended to be enjoyed and shared with good friends and burgers. Relax and enjoy the trip because they will blow your mind. The Burgatory is one of the top burger restaurants in Pittsburgh, PA.

Burger Bar August Henrys

+14127653270946 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

August Henrys offers a broad range of selections that are prepared to perfection. Burgers are their passion! They specialize in bespoke burgers and hand-cut fries cooked with the finest ground beef, bread, and vegetables available in Pittsburgh. At August Henrys, you may create your own masterpiece burger by choosing from a large range of premium toppings and sauces for a complete culinary experience.

August Henrys is a Pittsburgh classic that is family-owned and managed. This Pittsburgh institution is a terrific spot to dine with friends and family, dishing up a choice of the best cuisine and the greatest gourmet burgers known to man in a pleasant and casual setting.


+141268118003716 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213

Stackd is concerned about the community. From the food on your plate to the people who prepare it, their team has many years of culinary expertise and is devoted to offering exceptional cuisine and drink to Pittsburgh’s inhabitants and visitors. Create your own burger with a selection of buns, condiments, and cheese. Add toppings like as onion rings, grilled onions, mushrooms, and more to stimulate your taste senses.

Stackd has a soft industrial décor, cozy seats, and a laid-back vibe. Create your own burger experience and relax with their specialty brews. The meal is fresh and excellent, and the service is quick. Grab your Stackd burger now and come back tomorrow for more!

Tessaros Hardwood Grill & American Bar

+141268268094601 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15224, United States of America

Tessaros’ burgers are created with fresh ground beef and roasted over hardwood embers, and they’ve been named one of the finest in the country. When the scent of a Tessaros sizzling burger first meets your nostrils, it’s easy to see why they’ve become so famous. Just entering the door of their local pub will make you feel at ease since it is a nice, welcoming spot with gourmet burgers that are absolutely out of this world.

With over 30 years of service, the experience at Tessaros has remained consistent: a loyal, mixed crowd of regulars and visitors, hanging out with friends, passing strangers, and enjoying a sublime meal while partaking in the camaraderie and enjoyment of life that has become a trademark of their establishment.

Burghers Brewing Company Lawrenceville

Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201 +141290426223601

Burghers Brewery was founded in 2017 with the purpose of providing all visitors with the greatest quality goods, cooked fresh everyday, and providing a unique eating experience in a warm and welcoming setting, all while attempting to be green! Its local sourcing initiative is assisting the community’s growth by assisting local farmers. You’ll like the end outcome of the narrative.

Burghers Brewery blends a novel ordering system with a creative menu to provide a fun, delicious, and cheap experience. Burgers cooked on a coal-burning grill with a variety of sauces and toppings are among its most popular dishes. Burghers Brewery is dedicated to providing a dining experience that you will enjoy sharing with your friends and family.


208 N. Craig St., Pittsburgh, PA 15213 +14126212700

Butterjoint is a must-see if you’re in Pittsburgh. At Legume Restaurant’s full-service bar, you’ll discover burgers so filled with great toppings that they barely fit inside the buns, overflowing with Western Pennsylvania meat, local butter, and cheese. These burgers are among of the finest in town, grilled to order in their antique wood-fired oven.

You don’t have to wear a tie to have a delicious lunch. You may come as you are at Butterjoint and have a fantastic time with your pals over one of their wacky burgers. Do you want a fantastic burger? Visit Pittsburgh’s Butterjoint!

The City Tap

Pittsburgh, PA 15203 +141258674991209 E. Carson St.

Urban Tap creates one-of-a-kind drinks inspired by the restaurant industry and designed for everyone. Fresh mixtures are constantly being created in response to client feedback and requests from their visitors. The burgers at Urban Tap are tasty, mouth-watering, and award-winning, and are made from scratch using the freshest ingredients obtained from local farms.

They adopt a hip, cool, and a little bit rock & roll approach to gastropubs, blending the finest of traditional American food with the trendiness and freshness of a gastropubhip, cool, and a little bit rock & roll environment. For the Pittsburgh area, The Urban Tap offers a diverse range of specialty beers, unique cuisine, and dynamic service.

The Bruges Park

+141266133345801 Bryant St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15206

Park Bruges, an upgraded version of the Point Brugge concept, launched in February 2011 in a Highland Park area that has seen an influx of new businesses in recent years. Park Bruges is a charming, private neighborhood restaurant where you can enjoy the best French food, beautiful art, and pleasant conversation.

Park Bruges is a family-run restaurant run by individuals who like cooking. The restaurant serves fresh, made-to-order meals, with a focus on dishes that represent Belgian culinary traditions. Indeed, they do provide some of the greatest burgers in Pittsburgh PA, both American and European style. This restaurant is likely to suit even the pickiest visitors, with an emphasis on giving options to meet a variety of dietary demands and pre-theatre meals for clients who have to catch a play at the neighboring Ahmanson Theater.

South Side Over The Bar Bicycle Café

Pittsburgh, PA 15203 +141238136982518 E. Carson St.

Following a ride, relax with a burger from this café that sells burgers, drinks, and bicycles. Pick from a variety of burgers, all named after Pittsburgh cycling stores and routes. To mention a few, the Dirt Rag Delight, the Thick, or if you’re feeling less adventurous, the standard Pittsburgh Burger are available.

Visit the industrial-inspired, stripped-down eatery for burgers and beverages. The cyclist-friendly restaurant pays homage to The Steel City’s cycling culture in more ways than one (even the walkways here are built of recycled bike components), so it’s no surprise that all of its burgers are named after local bikers. Probably one of the top burger joints in Pittsburgh, PA.

The MoonLit Burgers

+141250570201426 Potomac Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15216

Last year, the concept of these two co-owners went from a food truck offering some of the greatest burgers in Pittsburgh PA to a restaurant. MoonLit Burgers, like any other burger, need a bun to keep them together, but MoonLit Burgers is recognized for putting its unique spin on the standard burger.

They provide a smash burger, which consists of a seasoned beef and pork patty that is cooked properly on the griddle before being crushed with an unique square spatula, topped with chopped Vidalia onion, and served on a handmade buttery brioche bun.

They are committed to providing the greatest meals while keeping the art of hospitality.

The Best Burgers In Pittsburgh PA: Mouth-Watering Experience!

This guide has a Collection of some of the greatest burgers in Pittsburgh, PA, ranging from the North Shore to the South Hills and beyond. There are plenty of places to grab a fantastic burger if you prefer one over the other, but this list includes some outstanding alternatives in both the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Forget about the Pittsburgh Plate or anything else is on the menu. Pittsburgh is well-known for its burgers. You can dine better at these locations, which combine the finest of cuisine and drink for the ultimate evening experience. On a chilly Pittsburgh night, what could be better than a thick, meaty burger? Nothing. Nothing could be more perfect!

Pull up a seat, break up a Pittsburgh beer, and enjoy a burger that is more than simply meat and cheese. Something larger than the place in which it is provided. Something you can taste with your eyes closed. A burger that makes you want to use the phrases yinz and da in places they don’t belong.

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