10 Greatest Pittsburgh Restaurants | Must-Try Pittsburgh Restaurants

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city with a rich history going back to 1758, has morphed into one of America’s fastest-growing cuisine destinations. Companies are prospering, people are hungry, and the culinary scene is thriving. Yes, you’ve heard of it.

Pittsburgh’s eating scene has been on the upswing for a long time, and for good reason: the restaurants here provide some of the country’s greatest cuisines. As a consequence, the city today has a diverse range of food alternatives to suit every palate.

You’ll discover Asian fusion food, inventive coastal American meals, and home-style Italian cooking here. This wonderful city is brimming with delicious cuisine to suit every taste.

Restaurants in Pittsburgh can fulfill all of your culinary demands, whether you are searching for a quick bite to eat or an elegant restaurant experience.

Since Pittsburgh has so many restaurants, you’ll have to try them all before you choose your favorites, but I’ll share some of my favorites with you first!

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The Top 10 Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Restaurant in the island of Mallorca

Pittsburgh, PA 15203, 412-488-18182228 E. Carson St.

When you think of Pittsburgh, fish and steak are probably not the first meals that spring to mind.

Yet, owing to the Paquette family, who have owned and managed Mallorca for for three decades, the restaurant immediately rose to the top of Pittsburgh’s Best Restaurants list!

They provide real Spanish food to anyone that pass through their doors.

Mallorca Restaurant has a wide range of Spanish delicacies that are guaranteed to please any appetite. Its renowned seafood, meat options, and one-of-a-kind desserts are also available. Be warned: their Paella Valenciana is the precise Spanish treat that one would dream for, with exquisite savory and crunchy socarrat. I’d come back every day for this rare find!

And it’s easy to understand why other diners keep coming back. Their meal is delicious. Mallorca shouts excellence, from their grilled meals to their handmade sangria!


214 6th St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222, 412-471-8256

If tequila and sushi seem like a fun night out, I suggest Tk (not a typo, it’s really lowercase). The restaurant has a pleasant and somewhat distinct ambiance than other Pittsburgh eateries.

Tk is a one-of-a-kind restaurant that mixes two popular cuisines: Mexico and Japanese. Thus, whether you come for lunch or supper, you can expect to be utterly captivated by the flavors and one-of-a-kind meals on offer.

The restaurant is a tequila and mezcal lovers’ paradise, with over 40 different variations of these spirits on offer, as well as an oyster bar, making it a great spot for individuals who appreciate trying new and intriguing meals and beverages.

While this Mexican and Japanese fusion restaurant specializes on tacos (imagine Korean taco with flank beef, spicy cucumber, and napa cabbage garnished with peanut salsa), their other menu items are as unusual. If you want the Tako taco, you may pick between medium-well and well-done octopus.

While you’re deciding what to eat, sip on a Fiery Pineapple Margarita or a Rose & Rye drink! Had them both, and the balance spoke volumes about the caliber of the bartenders.


412-904-44421230 Grandview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15211

Altius is a contemporary restaurant with a traditional touch that offers organic and local goods. Among Pittsburgh’s restaurants, this one enchants with a spectacular city skyline and offers luxury dining for those searching for a bit of increased hospitality and gourmet cuisine.

It is well-known for its seasonal menus and organic ingredients used in the preparation of its dishes. They also provide a selection of local and foreign delicacies in their cheese and breakfast departments.

Altius delivers refined fare produced with meticulous attention to detail and expertise. The Australian Lamb Rack with appre cherry root puree, autumn vegetable mlange, and port & pomegranate reduction was my favorite. It merely reflected Altius’s excellence.

Whether you want classic home cooking or want to experiment with new taste combinations, you’ll find lots of options here.

Combine fantastic meals with a beautiful view of the city, or sit with your group for more solitude, all within a few kilometers of your hotel.


Pittsburgh, PA 15201, 412-652-99243519 Butler Street

Morcilla is not your average Pittsburgh eatery. Pittsburgh Magazine recognized the restaurant Pittsburgh’s best new restaurant, and it has a dynamic environment that most Pittsburgh eateries aim for.

Morcillas’ menu includes a variety of sweets, beverages, and supper choices. I like the Gambas en Escabeche with spelette aioli, escabeche de fennel et carrot, and soft bread. Foie Blonde is also worth noting, albeit it is not for those who do not like the rich and unique flavor of foie gras.

This restaurant has something for everyone, with Spanish-influenced food and a range of tapas and entrees. Little plates of cuisine for lunch and supper are ideal for sharing, although bigger portions, such as Bistec A La Plancha, are available.

Morcilla features a superb wine selection with a focus on Spanish varietals, sherry, and vermouth. Overall, a fantastic Spanish vacation!

Donburi oishii

527 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201 (412-408-2298)

Oishii Donburi, located in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville district, is a contemporary Japanese restaurant that serves delectable sushi and donburi meals.

Their menu mixes traditional Japanese meals with modern twists. It is the region’s only Japanese restaurant that specializes on donburi, a classic Japanese rice bowl.

They acquire foods from Southwestern Pennsylvania wherever possible; the local food scene is vibrant, and the ingredients are fresh and organic!

The minimalist interior design is made out of concrete, metal, and hardwood flooring, giving it a contemporary air. The gorgeous interior design of Oishii Donburi keeps the room fresh, and its unique take on Japanese food makes it one of our favorite restaurants in the city.

Oishii Donburi’s specialities include curry, bibimbap, and donburi. If you go, we suggest ordering the unagi bowl, Ebi katsu don, and vegetable tempura. If you want additional taste, get your bibimbap hot.

Salmon Yaki on a bun is one of my faves.

The Vandalist

Pittsburgh, PA 15201, 412-251-04654306 Butler Street

Vandal is the kind of location where you want to hang out on a regular basis. The restaurant offers a relaxed and pleasant environment, yet the cuisine will amaze even New Yorkers.

You may choose appetizers from their main bar menu while sipping a glass of wine or beer, or you can order one of their lighter full-meal selections. If you can’t decide what to have from the regular menu, try one of their daily specials.

Some of our favorite supper items are the smoked trout, chicken schnitzel, and black cod. You may also hire the Vandal for a private party or catering.

If you’re arranging a small family gathering or a birthday celebration, you might think about reserving this restaurant!

Brazilian Restaurant Fogo de Chao

1525 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (412-312-500)

Fogo de Chao is a rustic, traditional-style churrascaria with an open kitchen and a big grill. It provides gratis table-side service of a range of genuine Brazilian cuisine, including roasted meats cut at the table by gaucho servers.

Fogo de Chao is well-known for its wonderful meals as well as its stunning views of downtown Pittsburgh. Visitors may enter the open kitchen to observe food being brought to their table by waiters. Moreover, because to its huge windows, the restaurant provides an outstanding view of Pittsburgh’s skyline.

The meat servings are generous, and the sides are plenty. As a result, Fogo de Chao is ideal for individuals who want to consume as much as possible while also tasting as much as possible (but with reasonable portion sizes). If you like meat, you will enjoy it here.

The Fraldinha steak and Picanha de Porco, as well as Linguia, are two of my favorite items on their menu (spicy pork sausage). Non-alcoholic Brazilian drinks include pineapple mint lemonade and Guaran Antarctica.

Garden & Luncheonette Bitter Ending

Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15224, 412-450-02294613

Bitter Ends, the newest addition to Pittsburgh’s restaurant industry, is a quaint neighborhood eating establishment that offers breakfast, lunch, and supper. Bitter Ends offers a broad range of foods to accommodate all dietary requirements, including gluten-free and vegan alternatives.

It is a perfect spot for Bloomfield tourists looking for healthier culinary alternatives off Liberty Avenue.

Consumers who buy online from Bitter Ends may request window service. During the off-season, Linea Verde Green Market offers the luncheonette’s meals in addition to the luncheonette site.

Over the weekend, you may choose a veggie sub, a chicken cutlet sandwich, or a captains basket with fried shrimp, fish sticks, and hushpuppies. Birthday cakes and carrot cakes may also be ordered online.

Bae Baes Restaurant

Pittsburgh, PA 15222, 412-258-6322945 Liberty Avenue

Bae Baes Restaurant is a Pittsburgh hidden treasure. Its quality cuisine, excellent service, and welcoming atmosphere are among the finest in town.

Their daily menus change based on what produce is in season at the moment. They provide high-quality, organic, and Korean-inspired healthful cuisine.

Bae Baes Kitchen serves rice, noodles, and salad, with the option of adding marinated ribeye, Korean fried chicken, spicy chicken, or tofu, as well as a daily side.

In addition, the restaurant serves handmade dumplings, garlic cheese wontons, and hand-cut sweet potato fries.

Its chefs have a distinct spin on regional ingredients such as Korean spicy sauce and sesame oil, as well as pepper.

Swing by for lunch or supper to sample their delectable Korean food!

Prime Seafood vs Eddie

501 Grant St. Suite 100, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (412-391-1714)

Eddie Versus Prime Seafood is a seafood and steakhouse that provides mind-blowing meals. I like the live jazz music and the fact that they serve fresh fish from South African eateries.

I really like their daily specialties, which include tuna tartar and paella. The customer service is excellent, as are the beverages.

If you want to eat supper with your family, friends, or business customers in a magnificent and stylish setting, go to Eddie Versus Prime Seafood. The decor at the restaurant is low-key, particularly because of the lighting and candles, which give it a dim-light ambiance.

The seafood is excellent, and you can be certain that it is not frozen fish that they missed that day. Their steaks are superb and well-seasoned as well.

They give advice to assist you choose the correct wine for your supper, ensuring that your meal is outstanding.

A List of the Top Ten Restaurants in Pittsburgh

Do you think of regional cuisine when you think about Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? Experts may tell you that Pittsburgh’s culinary culture isn’t the finest, but the beautiful thing about this city is that there are many restaurants that provide a diverse menu.

Strolling around the city’s lovely parks, iconic museums, and chic dessert stores will have you craving both the various tastes and the culinary melting pot.

It’s difficult to choose a favorite restaurant, and the number of places to eat in Pittsburgh is so large that you could dine at a different site every weekend for years and never have the same meal again.

This list of the top restaurants in Pittsburgh showcases inexpensive local eateries you won’t want to miss, from sandwich shops to fast-casual restaurants.

Which of these Pittsburgh eateries do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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