10 Healdsburg Restaurants You Must Try | Top Restaurants in Healdsburg CA

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The greatest restaurants in Healdsburg vary from elegant French to traditional American with a California touch. Farm-to-table eating and the local wine scene are particularly popular here, so most restaurants are recognized for their wonderful wines and unusual menus.

The beautiful rural hamlet of Healdsburg is just a two-hour drive from San Francisco’s hustle and bustle, and an even more relaxed journey from Silicon Valley’s cacophony and congested roads.

This town offers something for everyone with its attractive parks, cafés, shops, rooftops, and restaurants.

There are various tasting rooms and pop-up eateries along Healdsburg Avenue, while other locations on Cook Street serve everything from tapas to sliders, pizza to fried chicken.

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The Top 10 Healdsburg Restaurants

Tapas Bar Bravas

Healdsburg, CA +17074337700420 Center St

Bravas Bar de Tapas is a cozy and stylish restaurant with an irresistible tapas menu and delicious Mediterranean fare.

Whether you like fresh seafood or conventional beef, the restaurant serves a variety of tasty appetizers to share, including burrata cheese, cigalas (local anchovies), octopus ceviche, sardines in a handmade chile sauce, and spicy grilled shrimp.

There’s also fried pig ears and a ham-and-cheese bar, as well as gin and tonics like the Levante, which is created with Haymans Old Tom gin, citrus, saffron, and cardamom.


Healdsburg, CA +17074310100231 Center St

There’s a lot to enjoy about Healdsburg, but when it comes to cuisine, Barndiva is at the top of my list. Chef Ryan Fancher creates wonderful meals that include some of my favorite ingredients, such as pork belly, duck confit, and burrata.

Barndiva is a hidden treasure of a restaurant in the hills near Healdsburg. The restaurant is set back from a twisting road and doesn’t even appear like a restaurant from the outside.

Barndiva’s interior is both rustic and elegant, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking rolling green hills.

I ordered Croque Madame for breakfast and it was wonderful! Since everything is acquired locally, the menu varies often based on what is in season.

The staff is really nice, going above and above to ensure that we were satisfied and comfortable.

Willis Seafood & Raw Bar is a seafood and raw bar.

Healdsburg, CA +17074339191403 Healdsburg Ave

Willis Seafood & Raw Bar and Chef Willi are a breath of fresh air in Healdsburg. Their food, like their restaurant, is modern and current.

Shareable seafood dishes, similar to tapas, enable you to order many plates to get a taste of everything. There are also several non-seafood and gluten-free alternatives, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Start with the ultra-fresh ceviche and curdo, then continue on to a lobster roll stuffed with flesh and a tennis ball-sized crab cake with no filler, as well as the Fondue with Chorizo and housemade Fritos.

Agave | Tequila Bar & Mexican Restaurant

Healdsburg, CA +170743324111063 Vine St

Octavio Diaz, a Mexican native, creates meals with fresh ingredients and genuine tastes from south of the border.

Diaz serves his meals family-style, much as in his birthplace, and allows each diner to sample a variety of dishes.

The appetizers change daily, but the lamb chops are always well grilled and topped with zesty tomatillo salsa.

The mole negro de Oaxaca is a fiery chicken dish that goes well with the corn tortillas and refried beans that come with it. Try something lighter, like fish covered with thinly sliced jalapeño peppers.


Healdsburg, CA +1707473803029 North St

Chalkboard is a vibrantly colored restaurant that serves New American food. The cuisine is always wonderful, and the environment is colorful and exciting. I would absolutely suggest it above the other Healdsburg eateries for the following reasons.

The menu is updated daily and includes small dishes including appetizers, sandwiches, and entrees.

The environment is light and airy, with large windows and a bright kitchen, and the cuisine is varied and sophisticated.

From buttermilk fried fowl with nasturtium greens, fennel, and diced pepper vinaigrette to beef tartare on crostini with quail egg, Calabrian chili, celery hearts, and smoked salt, there’s something for everyone.


Healdsburg, CA +17074730946344 Center St

Dustin Valette, a former Dry Creek Kitchen employee, is causing a stir with his contemporary Californian-inspired food and sensual environment of reclaimed wood and open kitchens.

Reservations are recommended for the seasonal menu, which includes dishes like celeriac soup with toasted pistachios, yellow beet tartare, goat cheese meringue, and crispy skin local sablefish with Braised bok choy, roasted ginger dashi, toasted soba noodles, and spicy kimchee puree.

To begin, try the hand-crafted charcuterie from the custom-made curing cabinet, and for something a little more daring, try the Trust Me menu, which offers up a multi-course dinner featuring Valette’s daily choices.

Finca Campo Fina

+17073954640330 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, California

Campo Fina is another of my favorite Healdsburg Restaurants if you’re looking for wonderful pizza, great pasta, and a beautiful inside and patio dining room setting.

They have everything a diner might wish, including outdoor dining, daily specialities like Tagliolini Alla Bolognese, and exquisite desserts like their Buttermilk Panna Cotta. Delicious!

With white walls and cozy booths, the environment is warm and welcoming. This is an excellent choice for a romantic lunch for two or a peaceful meal for a family of four.

The service is superb, and the servers are quite nice and helpful in selecting the cuisine you like during your eating experience.

Dry Creek Restaurant

+17074310330317 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, California

This upmarket kitchen of chef Charlie Palmer, located adjacent to the modern Hotel Healdsburg, is one of the finest in town. This restaurant exudes Sonoma pride with its wine selection, and every night gives an opportunity to explore new winemakers and perfectly aged pours.

The arched room, with its vaulted ceiling and white tablecloths, overlooks the city square.

Farm-sourced ingredients are utilized to produce the meal in a light, traditional American way.

Begin with a delicate mushroom pie topped with turnips, followed by gnocchi with lamb ragu, pureed black garlic, and watercress.

Desserts like poppy seed-olive oil cake with citrus gel, lemon tart with pistachio sable, and strawberry mousse with a variety of toppings are musts.

Baci | Wine Bar & Café

Healdsburg, CA +17074338111336 Healdsburg Ave

Baci Caf & Wine Bar, located in downtown Santa Rosa, serves regional Italian and Mediterranean food matched with wines from Sonoma, Napa, and Italy.

This restaurant, whose name translates to “Kisses” in Italian, serves a delectable food focused on sustainable and organic principles.

Wood-fired pizza, a broad variety of pasta dishes, Chefs Tasting Menus (five to seven courses), huge combo platters, and seasonal delicacies such as Al Forno are available (pasta rolls filled with fresh Dungeness crab).


Healdsburg, CA +17074337222219 Healdsburg Ave

Spoonbar, located at the H2Hotel, serves a contemporary Californian cuisine with Sonoma County products and Italian influences.

The inventive and accessible meal is served in an open-air dining area, creating a friendly environment in which to savor local fish, heirloom vegetables, and a range of tantalizing snacks that change with the seasons.

Spoonbar honors honest ingredients cooked in an inventive manner and served so elegantly that the first bite is difficult to take.

Crab & Scallop Agnolotti with fried artichoke, Chanterelle mushrooms, and chives is one of my favorite menu dishes, as is the lemon brined chicken, which melts in your mouth with softness. Yum!

Synopsis of the Top 10 Healdsburg Restaurants

Healdsburg eateries are as one-of-a-kind as they come, catering to wine and culinary enthusiasts.

Thus, whatever your trip plans are, the top restaurants in Healdsburg are a terrific place to start.

The possibilities in this Northern California jewel are boundless, from Bravas Bar de Tapas to Campo Fina to pasta at Baci Café & Wine Bar.

Enjoy the abundance of the region with whatever sounds nice that morning. If you want something authentically Mexican, Agave is the way to go! Have a great time!

Which of these Healdsburg eateries will you try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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