10 Incredible Route 66 Attractions | Top Places to See on Your Route 66 Road Trip

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It’s The Main Street of America, a statement that has grown so synonymous with US Route 66 that it has become the route’s unofficial moniker. It harkens back to a time before interstate roads, when the American automobile culture was formed.

Winding, tree-lined lanes are home to quaint roadside eateries, classic neon signs, world-renowned museums, stunning national parks, and historic sites that demand to be explored on two wheels, four wheels, or even on foot!

It is an emblem that has come to represent America’s untamed west. Route 66 runs the whole length of the nation, from Chicago to California. The initial trail formed by the first road trippers travelling west in the early twentieth century was 3940 kilometers long in all.

From Chicago to Los Angeles, this 2,448-mile route passes through eight states: Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. A drive along Route 66 will transport you back in time to one of America’s most famous routes.

The path was decommissioned in 1984, but several portions of it are still open for you to walk in their footsteps today.

Neon signs, eateries, ancient bridges, and other historic buildings are among the roadside sights to visit along Route 66.

If you travel the legendary Route 66, be warned: you can fall in love with the location.

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Route 66 Sites You Must See

See the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

St. Louis, MO 63102+18779821410

While visiting St. Louis, take in the sites along Route 66. The city is located along the Mississippi River in Missouri and provides a cultural experience that is distinct from the rest of the nation.

St. Louis is frequently the first or second destination on the Route 66 route from Chicago, and it is a city you will want to stay for at least a few days. St. Louis is a cultural, historical, musical, and sporting melting pot.

You may go to a Cardinals game, walk or cycle through Forest Park, and experience the city’s superb cuisine and beverages.

The renowned Gateway Arch, where you can ride an elevator up 630 feet for a stunning perspective of the city, is another not to be missed.

Have a good day spraying art at The Cadillac Ranch.

I-40 Frontage Rd., Amarillo +1806848076413651

This quirky, kitsch, and deliciously strange collection of artwork is just one of the many treats on offer on this road trip.

Cadillac Ranch is a public artwork situated fifteen minutes north of Amarillo, Texas, and is the most recognizable and unusual site on Route 66.

Ten Cadillacs are half buried in the crimson Texas desert, nose-first. You are invited to participate in the creation of their art by spray painting a portion of your selected Cadillac.

After you’ve finished making art at Cadillac Ranch, go further into the bush to see other locations along this iconic roadway. The Hilltop Drive-In is just fifteen minutes away and has one of Texas’ final drive-in movie theaters.

Take in the breathtaking scenery of the Painted Desert.

Arizona 86031, United States of America

Traveling across the Painted Desert is an unforgettable experience for anybody. The name of this wide and stunning landscape comes from the kaleidoscope of hues and layers.

The northern Arizona rocky badlands include a broad range of rock hues, from sunrise and sunset colors to lavenders and deep greys.

The sunset at the Painted Desert is a must-see if you’re seeing Route 66 sites, where the sky and rocks change into a painting of blazing color.

Pay a visit to the Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum.

+18158444566110 W Howard St, Pontiac, Michigan

The Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum is located at Milepost 100 on Route 66. It is situated at 1901 West Admiral Blvd, nineteen miles south of Clinton, Oklahoma.

A fascinating Route 66 memorabilia display covers an astonishing 50,000 square feet and includes over 9,000 pieces from Mother Road’s glorious history.

The museum grounds include structures that are noteworthy examples of Route 66 art deco architecture.

You’ll pass Midnight Oil Company Shop, often known as Midnight Folly, on your route to the museum. Fred Harvey, one of Oklahoma’s top entrepreneurs who operated Harvey House restaurants along the historic roadway, built it in 1932.

Visit Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park.

Chelsea, +1918283803521300 E Highway 28A

Galloways Totem Pole Park, located three miles off Route 66 near Okmulgee, Oklahoma, is a folk art attraction. The park, which was founded in 1937 by Ed Galloway, contains a collection of carved totem poles that rise forty feet tall and weigh eight tons apiece.

The world’s oldest and biggest collection of concrete totem poles, it is considered to hold the world record for the largest concrete totem pole.

The 114-foot pole is a must-see for Route 66 fans, and the grounds are accessible all year.

The park is rich in history and provides a peaceful respite from the bustling road, which is why it has been on the National Register of Historic Properties since 1975.

When you’re there, take a picture under the massive Totem Pole Park sign at the entrance!

Visit The Petrified Forest for further information.

86028 Petrified Forest National Park

In this day and age, it is easy to forget to pause and wonder at the environment around us. That is why I believe a visit to the Petrified Forest is vital, whether you are a history buff interested in the region’s ancient past or a nature lover interested in seeing some of the earth’s most spectacular works.

Around 300 Triassic era relics provide mute witness to how difficult it is to be a fossil. The location is famous for its distinctive blue-green color, which is caused by iron compounds that entered the logs when they were buried thousands of years ago.

As you walk through this barren terrain, try to envision what this place looked like 225 million years ago, when it was a river valley teeming with flora and fauna, and what occurred to change it into this dry, windswept desert.

The world’s greatest collection of petrified wood started its lifetime 225 million years ago. It is now the most vibrant site on the planet, with bright red, yellow, orange, green, and blue hues.

A variety of badlands fauna, including wild horses, may also be seen in the park. Continue your journey through the forest with genuine cultural ruins and petroglyphs.

Stay at the Wigwam Motel for the Night

Holbrook, +19285243048811 W Hopi Dr

The historic Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona, is one of the only two Wigwam motels on Mother Road and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

This quirky and unique hotel, built in 1950, offers visitors the opportunity to sleep in wigwams for the night, however the rooms are designed like tepees, not wigwams!

This is a fantastic chance to see all Route 66 and Holbrook have to offer in a genuinely unforgettable manner.

The Wigwam hotel consists of fifteen sky teepees with twenty-foot domed ceilings, genuine Native American beading, and hand-carved cedar walls. It seems to be something from Dr. Seuss’ imagination, or maybe from the pages of National Lampoon’s Vacation. A one-of-a-kind experience for every visitor or traveler to the region.

Visit Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

+1806488222711450 Canyon State Highway Park Rd.

Amarillo is about a thirty-minute drive away from Palo Duro Canyon State Park. It features some of the most stunning panoramas in the United States, with a variety of hues and rock formations.

Hike, bike, or horseback ride along the pathways used by Native Indians and early Spanish explorers to take in the breathtaking scenery.

The Palo Duro Canyon is a well-known emblem of the American West. The canyon, a National Natural Landmark, runs for more than 175 miles across the Texas Panhandle, bringing over 1.7 million tourists each year to admire its natural splendor.

It also has some of the most important archeological sites in Texas, including pictographs going back 11,000 years.

Wind and water erosion along the Prairie Dog Town Fork Red River built the canyon over millions of years. Seeing this canyon is one of the top Route 66 things to visit when traveling along the route.

Investigate the Meramec Caverns.

Sullivan, +157346822831135 Highway. W

Experience an incredible trip in one of Missouri’s most renowned caverns. Enjoy the history and beauty of the caves, which include pre-Columbian Native American artifacts.

Enjoy a guided tour to Meramec Caverns, where you’ll go on an exciting voyage under the earth’s surface.

Meramec Caverns in Missouri, a natural marvel and one of the state’s most visited caverns, attracts over 600,000 tourists each year.

Meramec Caverns, located on Route 66 and conveniently accessible from Saint Louis, offers excursions that will wow you with the history and beauty of this wonderful natural feature.

Take a ride on the Sandia Peal Aerial Tramway.

Tramway Rd. NE, Albuquerque +1505856153230

Visit the Route 66 Attractions in Albuquerque for a once-in-a-lifetime family and friend break. An aerial tramway will take you 2.7 kilometers over stunning scenery and deep gorges.

See the view of the Rio Grande Valley and the Land of Enchantment from the top observation platform.

Hike into the surrounding woodland, but don’t miss the sunset, when the desert sky generates a rainbow of hues and light.

This aerial tram, which spans two valleys on the eastern side of Albuquerque, is one of the state’s most unusual leisure experiences.

It runs on solar power and takes guests to a high vantage point on the cliffs above Sandia Peak Ski Resort. In addition, at the trams’ crest, a new adventure park featuring activities for all ages has been developed.

The Top 10 Must-See Route 66 Attractions

Route 66, America’s most famous route, has captured the hearts and imaginations of tourists for over 75 years.

The Mother Road, which ran from Chicago to Los Angeles, was memorialized in songs and movies and became an emblem of a whole period in American history.

Nowadays, the road is still a popular thoroughfare for tourists, and hundreds visit each year to discover its sights and unique attractions.

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