10 Must-Try Bar Harbor Restaurants | The Top Bar Harbor Restaurants

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Bar Harbor, Maine is located on the coast of Maine’s southeast corner.

Its conveniently situated near Acadia National Park and is famed across the state for its fresh seafood that flies off the boat each morning.

Apart from seafood, it has a cultural explosion of pleasures. This covers Mexican, Italian, Cuban, and other global cultural dishes. You can’t leave out the locally made beer.

Since there are so many fantastic alternatives, compiling a list of the finest Bar Harbor restaurants is challenging!

Fortunately, we’ve whittled it down to the top ten Bar Harbor eateries.

Let’s start the food battle in no particular sequence.

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The Top 10 Restaurants in Bar Harbor

The Diagram Room

Eden St., +1 207-288-9740565 Eden St.

The Chart Room is located on the coast, only two miles from downtown Bar Harbor.

It’s a Bar Harbor institution that’s been serving the community for over 20 years. It has a long tradition of offering some of the greatest ocean vistas and a delicious variety of fresh seafood meals on the east coast.

Prime rib, charred fish, and surf and turf are among their specialities.

To say their quantities are plentiful would be an understatement. The Chart Room doesn’t hold back, and your stomach will thank you.

There are indoor and outdoor seating choices, so you can enjoy the soothing wind as it reflects off the coastal waves.

It’s a summertime favorite for both residents and visitors. Expect a jam-packed event if the weather is nice. Fortunately, there is plenty of seating and you won’t have to wait long for a table.

The Thirsty Whale Inn

Telephone: +1 207-288-933540 Cottage Street

The Thirsty Whale, as the name suggests, is a terrific place to grab delicious cuisine and heavy beverages.

The Thirsty Whale is particularly proud of its lobster rolls, chowders, and area artisan brews.

It’s a fantastic chance to sample all of Maine’s cultural treasures in one location. The Thirsty Whale does not disappoint, from some of the greatest lobster rolls to their unusual selection of specialty brews.

Their craft beer collection comprises fourteen draught lines from local brewers to those from across the region.

When the weather permits, outside seating is provided, allowing you to enjoy your drink in the sun as you deserve.

Sorry, breakfast is not available. The tavern opens at 11 a.m. and guests are welcome to remain until one a.m.

Although you can’t start your day at The Thirsty Whale Tavern, you can surely finish your night there and be blown away by their dinner service.

Excellent Maine Breakfast

Telephone: +1 207-288-416615 Cottage Street

My list of favorite restaurants in Bar Harbor would be incomplete without a wonderful breakfast establishment. Great Maine Breakfast delivers some of Bar Harbor’s greatest breakfast.

It’s in downtown Bar Harbor and has a fantastic view of the dawn as it peaks over the Cadillac Mountains that surround the city.

Their menu only features the freshest ingredients, and everything is prepared in-house. Great Maine Breakfast does not provide frozen sausage.

For individuals with dietary needs, gluten-free and vegan choices are also available. Oatmeal pancakes with walnuts are a standout among their few menu selections.

Great Maine Breakfast has made it a priority to continue to extend its gluten-free menu selections, so keep an eye out for new meal options to be added to the menu.

Blueberry pancakes, tofu scramble, and their signature Big Maine Breakfast are among the other breakfast choices.

Lobster Rose Eden

+1 207-610-3060864 State Route 3

The Rose Eden Lobster is an excellent destination for quick seafood without compromising quality.

Rose Eden Lobster, formerly known as the Travelin Lobster, is now a takeaway lobster shack. They provide ready-to-eat lobster as well as live Maine lobsters if you need to take one home quickly.

They also distribute to nearby campers, hotels, and cottages as an added benefit. They’re the ideal answer for a hungry stomach on the go.

Rose Eden is situated just north of Bar Harbor and is ideal for folks who are traveling and visiting neighboring attractions.

Whale watching, kayaking, biking, the Atlantic Brewery, Pirates Cove Adventure Golf, a drive-in theater, and, of course, the gorgeous Acadia National Park are among local activities.

It’s a popular destination for a quick lunch while you’re traveling and taking in all Bar Harbor has to offer.

Restaurant 2Cats

Telephone: +1 207-288-2808130 Cottage Street

2Cats has been in Bar Harbor for more than 20 years. It was highlighted in Down East Magazine and rapidly became a Bar Harbor restaurant staple.

It is a famous tourist spot that serves between 300 and 500 breakfasts each day during the busy season. They are well-known for serving fresh seafood as well as one of the greatest breakfasts in Bar Harbor.

Chocolate peanut butter pancakes, handmade granola, and standard breakfast menu items are available.

Everything, including the orange juice, is produced from scratch. Your OJ will be freshly squeezed for your enjoyment. Almost everything is provided on a tiny platter.

The relaxed setting may bring back memories of your childhood home. The walls have a salmon-pink tone, fitting for the neighboring seaside.

Regrettably, they are only available for breakfast and only at specific periods of the year.

They are open from January through September and on weekends in January and February.

If you happen to be looking for Bar Harbor restaurants at the proper moment, you could just get fortunate and get to taste what everyone is talking about.


Main Street, +1 207-288-970617

Gaylns is located in the heart of Bar Harbor, near the town pier.

They have been in business for over 30 years and specialize on hand-cut steaks and fresh seafood. Their success is undeniably linked to the delicious cuisine they provide every day.

Galyns is a great dining place, so don’t stress about dressing appropriately. It’s casual enough for jeans and a t-shirt, but you’ll feel much more at ease here.

Their dining areas are adorned with artwork on the walls. Locals and visitors alike love taking in the artwork and examining its complexities while dining at one of Bar Harbor’s greatest restaurants.

Galyns is a wonderful choice for supper or a romantic night. Whether you prefer a casual lunch or a formal dinner,

Its wrap-around terrace offers outdoor sitting. Throughout the night, your table will be illuminated by candlelight, providing a considerably more upscale eating experience.

Fresh Maine lobster, hand-cut steaks, fresh local seafood, and a wide selection of wines and beverages make this restaurant unmissable. Some believe they have the greatest lobster in Bar Harbor.

Each morning, when the new fish is brought in, they are fed. Fresher fish is hard to get by practically anyplace.

Its local beer, wine, and cocktail collection is also rather wide. These include hard-to-find local brews and aged wines.


Main Street, +1 207-288-2822318

If you thought conventional American fish was the only thing available at Bar Harbor eateries, Havana will happily prove you wrong.

To create exceptional dishes with a Latin flare, they employ fresh seafood and organically grown animal products. Naturally grown beef has not been administered steroids, antibiotics, or hormones.

They are also guaranteed to be grown in a humane manner. Customers reward them for it since it is a value they care greatly about.

They work with numerous local farmers for meat and have their own organic garden for food. The organic garden is located in downtown Bar Harbor. Not many other restaurants can claim the same about the cuisine served at Havana.

If you want to get your wine on, youll be delighted to hear that Havana is widely known for its wine superiority.

They are noteworthy for being one of just two restaurants in Maine to obtain the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. In addition to winning the prize, they have done so every year since 2004.

It’s difficult to top good cuisine and wonderful wine. This, along with their distinct combination of Latin flare and seafood, places this restaurant on the must-visit list of Bar Harbor restaurants for both visitors and residents.

Jordan’s Bistro

Telephone: +1 207-288-358680 Cottage Street

If you like blueberries, Jordans Restaurant is one of the greatest places to dine in Bar Harbor.

They provide the incredible Wild Maine Blueberry Muffin and the same type pancakes.

The whole restaurant is centered on wild Maine blueberry products. Although they have developed to provide cuisine that does not include blueberries, they make an effort to present as many great meals that do.

Don’t worry if you slept in. Jordan’s Restaurant serves breakfast and lunch. You’ll be able to eat as many blueberry pancakes and muffins as you want at any moment.

The only drawback is that, like many other Bar Harbor eateries, they are only open during the summer. Due to a shortage of visitors, they are not open during the off-season.

Yet, from early April to late November, you’ll find the restaurant packed with pleased patrons.

Caf on Side Street

+1 207-801-259149 Rodick St.

When you dine at Side Street Caf, you can live like a local. They are not deceiving you.

The caf has a friendly, easygoing ambiance that is ideal for families, informal lunches, and professional dinners. It’s a laid-back atmosphere that welcomes anybody searching for a tasty nibble of fresh seafood or other scrumptious foods.

Their cuisine changes seasonally. You may anticipate it to change depending on the season. They do this to guarantee that they are only using the freshest foods available at the moment.

They’re the ideal spot for inventive comfort cuisine. Side Street Caf serves everything from seafood to steaks to hamburgers to Tex Mex dishes. Guests like the restaurant’s broad cuisine and high-quality service.

The drink menu, like the meals, is shifting and seasonal. Cocktails, beers, and wines all evolve with the seasons. This keeps the restaurant’s cuisine fresh and innovative, allowing you to have a unique eating experience with each visit.

It’s no surprise that Side Street Caf is among the top ten Bar Harbor restaurants in Maine.

Atlantic Brewing Co.

Telephone: +1 207-288-232652 Cottage Street

If you like beer, Atlantic Brewery has you covered.

The local brewery is well-known across the east yeast for its wide range of artisan beers. Atlantic Brewing Company offers the answer, from light and fruity to dark and deep.

They employ variable proportions of their key ingredients to dependably produce one-of-a-kind beers that are a delight to drink. By merely changing a few components, you’ll discover that their beers are comparable but distinct. You’ll want to try them all once you’re addicted.

When they first started out in 1990, the Atlantic Brewing Company was known as Acadia Brewery. This was done to recognize the adjacent Acadia National Park.

They started with only one barrel to produce all of their goods. After a few years, their popularity had skyrocketed, and they started to relocate to their present home, where they have established themselves as a Bar Harbor institution.

The success was not fleeting, as they relocated again in 1999. They are well-known at their final location on Knox Road, where they produce hundreds of various beers for the general public.

Apart from beer, Atlantic Brewing Company will feature conventional pub fare such as burgers, fried meals, and a range of seafood.

Expect to depart a little tipsy and stuffed.

In conclusion

Restaurants in Bar Harbor come in a variety of forms, sizes, and tastes.

Galyns and Eden Rose Lobster are solid choices for the finest lobster in Bar Harbor. That is not to imply that the others will not serve you delicious lobster, but these two openly specialize in it.

Whether you want a quick breakfast, lunch, supper, steak, seafood, or lobster, Bar Harbor Restaurants will not disappoint.

Travel during the tourist season to take advantage of seasonal eateries for the ultimate gastronomic experience. The wait was absolutely worth it.

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Which of these Bar Harbor, Maine restaurants do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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