10 Must-Try Birmingham Restaurants | Top Birmingham AL Restaurants

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Birmingham is the state’s biggest city, located in north-central Alabama. This city, both geologically and figuratively, harmonizes with many surroundings and provides an excellent tourist experience.

The town thrives with lush mountains and big arenas that encompass kilometers of vegetation.

In Birmingham’s Civil Rights Institute, you may learn about the city’s history. Birmingham is significant to the civil rights struggle in the United States.

During weekends, go sightseeing and enjoy the city’s animals and natural splendor through trains. Visit the Birmingham Museum of Arts as an artist or art fan to discover over 26000 historical, contemporary, and modern items and relics.

There’s a lot to do in Birmingham, and I believe we should seize the opportunity to enjoy ourselves here without delay.

Among Birmingham’s strange streets, I discovered a number of outstanding eating establishments. Birmingham was booming with wonderful cuisine and opulent interior design.

The city will take you on a cultural culinary journey of different nations on a single piece of land, with around 27+ foreign food variations. Not only that, but Birmingham boasts over five MICHELIN-STARRED restaurants!

I had to dine in a city known for its culinary culture. These are my own top 10 Birmingham, Alabama eateries.

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Birmingham’s Best Restaurants

Fonfon’s Home

2007 11th Avenue South +12059393221

Chez Fonfon is a French restaurant and café on Birmingham’s southside that serves great French cuisine. Chez Fonfon not only featured delectable plates, but they were also the healthiest of their type.

Chez Fonfon has been a thriving restaurant since 2000, presenting a diverse menu of meals with distinct French characteristics. Its beautiful environment and old furnishings will undoubtedly transport you to Paris.

What drew my attention? Chez Fonfons’ outside patio is a charming, romantic setting with a natural canopy of trees, plants, greenery, and soothing lighting. It’s the ideal setting for a wonderful dinner date night.

FonFons antique furnishings and elegant interior dining scene, in addition to the outdoor terrace, provide a sophisticated eating experience.

The top-rated meals and sweets on the menu include the hamburger fonfon with comt and Pommes Frites, coconut cake, steak fries, and escargot. This restaurant also has its own bar with large portions of various wines. The beverages, particularly the cocktails, will delight your taste buds with distinct French tastes.

Make a reservation with the restaurant ahead of time to avoid the queue. Chez Fonfon also provides pick-up services so that you may enjoy French cuisine outside of the city.

I would certainly suggest paying the restaurant a visit for a full supper. Chez Fonfons’ outdoor terrace is particularly lovely at night.


+1205871927271 Broadway St.

Nothing says romance like Italian cuisine.

Elisha Cuthbert.

This phrase is correct. Italian cuisine is prepared with delicacy and devotion. The creativity behind their cuisine, culinary presentation, various variations, and unique tastes kept me going back to Gianmarcos.

Since 2003, Gianmarcos has been one of Birmingham’s and the state’s top-rated and famous Italian restaurants. Gianmarco is ideal for late-night supper dates and lunches because to its rustic furnishings, old-school venue, climbers organically embellishing its outside, and low-lit inside.

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I like Gianmarcos’ service since they are concerned about their clients’ allergies and culinary preferences. Please keep in mind that, according to COVID-19, the restaurant is only available for pre-booked reservations and bookings. You must reserve a table one or two weeks before the event.

Gianmarcos menu is wide, so be prepared to indulge in every Italian delicacy availableantipasti, pasta, salad, main courses, sides, pizza, and Italian desserts.

If you haven’t gone to this restaurant yet, you’re missing out on their famed Carpaccio, a dish prepared with beef, chicken, and Parmesan. Get their burrata and bresaola with classic Caesar, Paccheri Bolognese, and pistachio-goat cheese coated rack of lamb while you’re there.

Get the Italian dessert bombolini and the flourless chocolate torte to round off your meal.

I loved returning to Gianmarco since it was a family-owned local company delivering high-quality regional cuisine.

Juke Joint Saws

15 Dunston Ave.

Birmingham is famed for its barbecue, and Saws Juke Joint is the perfect venue to sample it.

The barbecue at Saws Juke Point is so delicious that MENS JOURNAL named it the Best BBQ in America! That is quite a compliment! This location is on the outskirts of Bermingham. Saws added a big live music system to their peacefulness as they gained fame.

The idea of incorporating juke culture struck the mark, and it quickly became popular across the community.

My favorites at Saws Juke Joint were the chicken sandwich and the smoked wings. The banana pudding for dessert was a great experience.

This is the place to go if you want to have a good time with your friends and dance, or if you want to try the best Barbeque in the country.

With graffiti, a small eating space, and a rustic atmosphere, Saws restaurant offers a very homely feel. It may not be ideal for fancy dates, but it is a great visit for a group of friends since it is intimate and old-school.


+120593910002240 Highland Ave. S.

Italian cuisine is known for its savory, lively, and full-flavored meals made with delicate and locally sourced ingredients, which is perhaps why I like it so much.

Bottega is a restaurant in Italy. It is unique in that it provides drinks straight from Venice and Palermo. This establishment opened in 1988 in the old Beaux-Arts edifice. Since then, the restaurant has been offering smokey pizzas made in classic wood-fired ovens.

The environment of Bottegas is rather classy; its walls and interior are adorned with classic paintings and wallpapers that contrast wonderfully with the dark wooden furnishings. Bottega also has an outside terrace for open-roof dining.

Its signature meals are grilled swordfish and scallops. For dessert, I recommend Bottegas tiramisu, chocolate budino, and seven-layer coconut cake.

Are you still dissatisfied? Then taste their rich, delicious Italian wines. It is also closed on Sunday and Monday, so make your plans for the weekdays.

Jerusalem Grill Elis

+120563736584673 US-280

There’s a romantic story behind Eli’s Jerusalem Grill’s opening. Eli Markshtien (the restaurant’s proprietor) and his family migrated to Bermingham from Israel. Eli decided to open his own restaurant after failing to locate a single Israeli restaurant that served his grandmother’s dishes.

This location gradually became well-known among those who enjoyed Israel’s distinct flavors and tastes.

Elis Jerusalem Restaurant specializes on traditional and ethnic country cuisine with Middle Eastern characteristics, as well as handcrafted sweets.

In addition, they provide wild-caught seafood, soups, salads, poultry, and grass-fed beef and lamb. My favorite delicacy among them were:

  • Shawarma (a meat combination cooked on the rotisserie).
  • Sauteed mushroom hummus (a middle eastern staple).
  • Kabob

The restaurant is only known for its traditional staple cuisine and house-brand handmade pitas.

Likewise, locals greatly love their amazing blend of crispy and chewy Falafelthe most requested food in their eating that you should taste.

The Summit Restaurant Birmingham, Alabama

Perry’s Steakhouse & Grill

Perimeter Park S +120596815974 Perimeter Park S

Perrys Steakhouse and Grille is a luxurious restaurant in town for all the right reasonssteak, grilled meals, and their ambience! It’s a massive venue with beautifully cut meat, a lavish décor, and availability for the previous twenty years.

This is a top-tier restaurant for pricey dates and important business meals. Its menu is extensive, with artisan prime steak plates, seafood, wines, tableside presentation, an elegant lounge, and live jazz.

Whether you want to treat a hundred coworkers or spend time with your family, Perrys Steakhouse provides every convenience to meet your needs.

Slow-smoked for six hours on a pecan-wood rotisserie and seasoned with their secret spices and trademark herb-garlic butter, Perrys Famous Pork Chop is meaty nirvana to enjoy.

Perrys Steakhouse is the Best Steakhouse in Birmingham and the Best Overall Restaurant for a reason. Not only that, but this chain restaurant has received hundreds of honors in various locations.

Perrys Steakhouse does remind me of this one statement, Have sparkles in breakfast and dazzle all day. Their supper, dessert, and wine were absolutely the nicest things I’d had in a long time.

Other from the steak, I suggest the symphony kabob with salad and chutney, as well as the spaghetti squash primavera (a vegan delight). Rocky Road bread pudding is the perfect treat!

Flemings Steakhouse & Wine Bar is a steakhouse and wine bar.

+12052629463103 Summit Avenue

Are you a fan of steak? Well! Flemings Steakhouse is unquestionably one of the greatest. Flemings offers a broad range of high-end steak meals, seasoned prime beef, an impressive wine list, plant-based delicacies, and delicious seafood dishes.

Whether you want to celebrate a special event with your friends, have a fantastic date night, or organize a business dinner, the restaurant will not disappoint! They now provide home delivery so you may enjoy Flemings favorites in the comfort of your own home.

The restaurant’s signature dishes include Prime Bone-In Ribeye and Truffle Poached Lobsters. Their Carrot Cake and Chocolate Lava Cake rekindled my passion for sweet treats!

Candles, pleasant lighting, friendliness, and classic furnishings make the restaurant a lovely joy.

The Barrio

+120586837372211 2nd Ave. N. Birmingham

Do you have a hunger for Mexican food? Visit El Barrio restaurant and bar; that’s what I did. It is centrally located in Birmingham.

With many warm lighting, a casual eating scene, and beautiful wall art on its sides, the environment of this restaurant is friendly and enjoyable. The imaginative artwork gives a strange yet enticing gloss to the diner. Overall, the atmosphere here is more traditional and real. If you wish to relive a cultural experience, you will love eating at this location.

Hello there, friend! Get their famed chicken enchiladas with sweet peppers, cotija, red rice, pickled onions, and green tomatillo or red chipotle sauce. Don’t miss out on their chips and salsa, vegan tostada, and fiery margarita.

Brew & Slice Stone Pizza

+12057159300725 29th St. S.

Pizza and beer arent simply food; they are feelings of every crazy college party, school function, and family gathering. The flavor of Slice Stone Pizzas will transport you back in time.

This establishment, located on Birmingham’s Southside, offers the aesthetic advantage of Alfresco eating, where you can experience the rewards of nature with amazing pizza portions and loads of craft beer while viewing the old lakefront region.

While eating several locally-cooked pizzas and drinks, explore their historic, brick-facade façade and vintage neighborhood.

The Big Pizza, House Cheese Mix Pizza, Little Piggy, and scrumptious candied Soul Pie are my faves at Slice Stone Pizza & Brew.

What makes their pizzas so unique? For starters, they are typically cooked in a stone oven using fresh and local ingredients. Additionally, the Slice restaurant is not afraid to test new recipes, ingredients, and experiments.

For the same reasons, their menus are always changing. What more could the world want from a restaurant? So, I’m familiar with the answerquick service. Believe me, they will deliver your item quickly! Although I don’t mind waiting for my dinner, quick delivery makes everything so much better.

Texas de Brazil is a state in Brazil.

+120558883332301 N Richard Arrington Jr. Boulevard

Texas De Brazil is a restaurant that delivers Brazilian-style Churrasco cuisine with exceptional service. Churrasco is the process of roasting a meal (usually steak) over a wood or charcoal fire.

The restaurant’s distinctive Churrasco-style steak, hog, poultry, Brazilian sausages, chef-crafted salad bar, and grilled meat will wow you. The cuisine was amazing, and the location was both old and lavish.

Apart from the Churrasco, I definitely recommend the filet mignon steak, lamb chops, and house brand red wine. The red wine complements any meat well.

As a delicious way to conclude your dinner and the night, have a taste of their renowned chocolate mousse cake and carrot cake.

They have an on-site bar, an outdoor terrace, and a superb interior dining environment.


Where Should You Dine in Birmingham, AL?

As previously said, Birmingham provides a diverse range of foreign cuisines and delicacies. When walking throughout the city, you will come across a vast range of non-vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and Barbeque food.

On this list, I’ve looked into and identified 10 fantastic eateries in Birmingham, Alabama. Apart from these 10 restaurants, don’t forget to stroll along the streets and sample what the merchants have to offer.

What Should You Eat in Birmingham, Alabama?

To begin, consider Birmingham’s BBQ eateries. The city is particularly well-known for its seafood, particularly oysters, shrimp, and grits. Considering Birmingham’s abundance of steakhouses, you’re certain to encounter their steak and other meat variations.

  • Fast food at Travis Chicago-style truck
  • Rolled ice cream


I understand why Birmingham is known as the Magic City; it is not only because of its wonderful history and progress, but also because of its excellent food scene and restaurants.

It is practically hard to include all of Birmingham’s specialties and restaurants, but here are the top 10 eateries that surprised me.

I suddenly remembered Dorothy Days stating, Food for the body is not enough. There must be nourishment for the spirit. The restaurants and delicacies in Birmingham, Alabama will undoubtedly calm your spirit and provide you with pleasant happiness.

Which of these Birmingham eateries are you most excited to try? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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