10 Must-Try Restaurants in Augusta | Top Restaurants in Augusta Georgia

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Augusta, Georgia is located across the Savannah River from Charleston, South Carolina. It is a lovely and captivating area that provides tourists with unforgettable experiences and memories. All of the outdoor fun activities available in the city will leave you ravenous.

Thankfully, Augusta is well-known among foodies for its high-quality cuisine, which rivals that of Savannah and Avens eateries. This post will look at the top ten Augusta restaurants.

First-time visitors often have difficulty deciding which restaurant to dine at! Being a tourist and eater, touring Augusta presented me to a variety of activities to do in town as well as several interesting restaurants.

Augusta, GA, offers everything to gratify food enthusiasts at its finest, whether you want to spend less or more, dine in a modest or a spectacular setting.

Augusta will provide you different dishes such as Indian curries, vegetarian meals, Asian fusion, oyster specialities, seafood, Italian delicacies, and much more!

Where should you start dining and what should you eat in town? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Here is a selection of some of the fantastic cafes and restaurants in Augusta that provide delectable cuisine and beverages that will keep any gourmet occupied.

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Augusta

House of Humanitree

+17063642518305 8th St.

Being a travel enthusiast is fantastic, but as a vegan, finding a vegetarian restaurant may be difficult.

Humanitree House, the very first cold-pressed juice venue and organic restaurant in Augusta’s River District, is the greatest of its type. The most renowned items at this restaurant are an acai bowl, smoothies, and a Chipotle Big Daddy Burger (prepared with their secret recipe) that leaves customers speechless.

It’s a wonderful diner and a fast snack-bite option for lone diners or small groups. The facilities they provided made it an all-around enjoyable location to visit with family and children.

The walls of this restaurant are adorned with various artwork, paintings, a greener interior nearer to nature, and gentle hues.

Our restaurant’s pleasant environment promotes tranquil romantic dates as well as hearty family feasts. Humanitree also features outside seats so you can enjoy the madness with your friends. In addition, the restaurant offers a live music area, a movie screening theater, and a performance space.

It’s a great option for lone travelers or groups. Humanitree is a little costly, but it is still a must-visit Augusta restaurant.

Restaurants in Augusta on Washington Road.

Mr. Abel Brown

+17067386491 491 Highland Avenue, Surrey

Abel Brown, located in the Augusta suburbs, is one of the most excellent southern cooking Augusta restaurants.

With its charming European setting and intimate fine-dining feasts, taste real southern delicacies and an oyster bar. They take pride in serving fresh fish and oysters with fantastic secret ingredients.

When it comes to friendliness and pleasant service, this gourmet dining establishment stands out among the finest. I returned to Abel Brown not just for the meal, but also for the friendly service and locally sourced products.

Abel Brown’s meal presentation, like the ambience, was worth every shot. This restaurant serves a variety of delectable dishes, including smoked salmon and bacon-crusted salmon. Get their outstanding broiled oysters, Jamon Serrano, and bacon-crusted fish for the ultimate lunch combo.

Do you like sweets? The dessert buffet is delicious, particularly their Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding.

A reservation is required to appreciate the whole authenticity of this location.

Italian Restaurants in Augusta

Oliviana Italian Restaurant

Highland Ave.

Talk about how you eat.

(Talk in the manner in which you eat.)

Being the ciliegina on the cake

(Having the cherry on top)

I’m practicing some Italian words for our next restaurant.

Oliviana Italiano is an Italian restaurant and bar on Highland Avenue in Surrey Center. It is a popular eatery among locals and a well-known destination for visitors. The interior design of this establishment is authentically Italian, with a copper ceiling that gives a beautiful and calming ambience for the visitors.

They also offer outside eating, which is ideal for a date with your pet.

Shrimp dishes, classic pork, and freshly cooked salad are also available. The Italian-style Bruschetta Pomodoro is my favorite appetizer. Try their real Nonnas lasagna and carbonara for the main dish. Oliviana’s menu includes several types of Italian-style bread, pizzas, spaghetti, calzones, and fresh seafood.

In addition, the restaurant has a specialized bar area that offers rare wines. Their menu is limited, but every pizza, particularly the quattro stagioni, will transport you to Italy.

Oliviana Italiano is a terrific spot to enjoy Italian food in a unique setting. So, let’s eat some fruit.

Broad Street Restaurants Augusta Georgia

Tavern Pineapple Ink

Broad St., +170684244011002.

Augusta Magazine named Pineapple Ink Tavern the Best New Restaurant of 2020. This new restaurant, proudly positioned in the center of downtown Augusta, is open until 12 a.m. on weekends. Have a late-night supper with your sweetheart or alone at this lovely location, which serves delectable cuisine, beverages, and main dishes.

Seasonally changing, there’s something new at the venue practically every dayyou’re likely to stumble across a fresh menu, dishes, and ingredients. When I visited Augusta in the autumn, I was exposed to a variety of Fall Drinks. Apple of my eye and a hot mezz were two of my favorites.

If you like mixing cocktails, don’t miss out on their trademark creation, Open Door Policy. It’s prepared with rum, pineapple, ginger, walnut, and vodka, and it’s pleasantly sweet and tropical with vanilla undertones.

Its cuisine is also pretty tempting, particularly the Tavern Burger, poutine, Shrimp Burger, and beef empanadas.

Late-night DJs on Saturdays and live music on Wednesdays frequent the venue, illuminating meals more energetically. If you enter this spot, you will almost certainly leave with the promise of returning.

Craft and Vine

Broad St. B +170649684421204 Broad St. B

Craft & Vine, located downtown, is an excellent choice for light fare paired with beer and wine. These homemade drinks have a highly genuine and sophisticated flavor and scent. Their small-plate offerings complement the wine poured well.

Craft & Vine’s extensive menu of wood-fired pizzas, clever sliders, marine delights, and garden & farm options will astound you. With its fame for wine and beer, my main goal was to get intoxicated, but their unusual cuisine presentation, atmosphere, and gorgeous décor transformed it into a sumptuous evening.

The presentation of the food here is exquisite, and the small-plate cuisine is as delectable. Their garden-sourced peppadew Caprese skewers and garlic sausage poutine were also delicious. Craft & Vine’s most popular dish is Charcuterie Poutine.

I definitely suggest the Dirty Cherry, Blood and Honey, and Briar on Fire drinks. They also offer a substantial beer, white wine, red wine, and spirits menu. Not only will you love becoming tipsy here, but you will also like the food choices and flavor. If you’re in the city, Craft & Vine may be a terrific spot for a luxurious date night.

Breakfast Restaurants in Augusta

The Boll Weevil is a kind of weevil.

706722777210 James Brown Blvd.

Given the restaurant’s history since 1850, George Harrison, the originator of The Boll Weevil, opted to name it after a cotton-eating insect. The area used to be a significant cotton storehouse. To commemorate its presence, the majority of the restaurants in the lane named their establishments after cotton.

The Boll Weevil Café and Eatery, located near Riverwalk Park, specializes on genuine southern-style food.

The Boll Weevil serves high-quality meals made from locally produced farm and garden products. The café also provides meals at an affordable price, so you’re sure to enjoy a delicious supper with generous servings.

Nothing can compete with The Boll Weevil when it comes to sweet delicacies, sweets, or even southern-style meals, with over 30 handcrafted desserts. I’m not usually a lover of sweets or sweet foods, but their chocolate is out of this world.

If you like bittersweet chocolate, try their Seventh Heaven cake or the ideal chocolate cake.

Augusta Magazine named the Boll Weevil Café Best Desserts for four years in a row, and it was the first Metro Spirit award winner.

Apart from bizarre treats, they also provide wonderful sandwiches, soups, and exquisite wines. Try the Mexican-style black bean quesadilla cooked in a tomato tortilla, Havana chicken, and the renowned shrimp and grits on the menu.

In terms of ambience, The Boll Weevil Café offers a nice wooden bakery appearance. A morning meal here or a cheat cheesecake day will brighten your day.

Restaurants in Augusta That Deliver

Curry House

Phone: +170692246162810 Washington Rd.

Despite being hot, Indian food is the epitome of flavors, spice, and richness. Nothing beats Indian food for mouthwatering servings and intriguing textures.

Curry Hut will be a classic treasure to calm your heart with culture and fill your stomach with wonderful cuisine if you are in Augusta and a lover of Indian food. Not only does Curry Hut provide traditional cuisine, but it also has a classic interior design.

Curry Hut will transport you to India with its brilliant colors, wall textures, and attractive metal kitchenware.

You’ve probably heard of tandoori chicken, naan, kebab, korma, and curry, but I strongly recommend the Indian Paneer gravy (Kadai paneer, paneer tikka masala), malai kofta with butter naan or roti, Indian pickle, mango chutney, and papad for a vegetarian.

On a less spicy and vegan note, the restaurant also serves South Indian dishes such as Dosa and Uttapam. These recipes have softer yet still authentic Indian spices.

For spice aficionados, Curry Hut offers a vast menu to offer, from tandoori chicken tikka, boti kebab, badami murgh, chicken Hyderabadi with butter naan, papad, Indian salad, chutneys, pickle, etc.

Dinner with colourful décor and a wonderful ambience that exudes the soul of India. They provide a buffet with a daily changing menu, so there is always something fresh to a gourmet. There is also curbside pickup and internet delivery. Take a long lunch.

To summarize the above information, it is a must-visit spot in Augusta for Indian cuisine aficionados.


The phone number is +170644749593043 Washington Rd.

Attempting new things can undoubtedly make one’s narrative more interesting to listen to. It was terrifying for me to have sushi for the first time. I’m not a fan of raw shellfish or meat in general, but things improved with time. Fujiyama is one of those eateries that has altered my opinion.

Fujiyama is an authentic Japanese-style restaurant and bar in Augusta that serves teppanyaki-style cuisine (grilled over an iron plate). They are delighted to provide you the greatest seafood and steak meals throughout the week, as well as about 50 different varieties of fresh fish sushi and sashimi.

Fujiyama’s many drink options, including their famed traditional delicacies, will satisfy your hunger and relax your spirit.

Sake, also known as SAKE-WA-HONSHIN-WO-ARAWASU, is a rice brew popular in Asian culture. It’s a necessity to try the regional cuisine and drinks at a cultural restaurant.

Asians usually have sake with their lunch or supper. So I ordered their famed Love Boat, which included 10 sushi, 15 sashimi, and a variety of specialities with sake.

Love boats are meant to be shared, so bring a large group to our eatery! Get their triple combo of meatlobster, filet mignon, and chicken as well. That was a delectable blend. Remarkably, all of the ingredients, sauces, and meat worked together to create a delectable supper.

This establishment has a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. The furniture, interior design, a tiny artificial pond, and hospitality will undoubtedly entice you to visit Japan.

After a great evening in Fujiyama, I resolved to explore Japan.

Pick-Up Restaurants in Augusta

Arsenal Tap House

Monte Sano Ave. +170692529601419 Monte Sano Ave.

Wine contains knowledge, beer contains liberty, and water has germs. Arsenal Taproom offers over 150 handcrafted beers from across the world!

They certainly encourage people to become tipsy on Augusta’s streets. Not merely craft beer, the Arsenal Tap Room also sells bespoke sandwiches; you may select your particular preferred bread (Texas, wholewheat, rosemary focaccia), cheese, add-ons (mushrooms, pork, bacon, etc.) while custom-designing the sandwich.

The restaurant also provides pre-made house sandwiches, the chef’s signature filet Au Revoir, small plates of hummus, pretzels, fried avocado, and other small dishes.

Arsenal, located at 1419 Monte Sano Avenue, is one of Augusta’s best and most notable taprooms. Without a doubt, the meal was exquisite, as were the handcrafted brews. What I liked most about this venue was its surroundings and vibe.

Arsenal has a nice outside terrace surrounded by foliage, beautiful lighting, and a retro vibe. The outside dining is naturally shaded by evergreen trees. Many antique golden bulbs ornament the tree branches and the surrounding region.

Beer and spirits are offered from taps at Arsenal! Isn’t it great? You and your lover may go to the location and drink the night away. In fact, arrange a table and enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, or brunch outdoors beneath the stars!

On Washington Rd., there are many restaurants.

The succulent crab

+170692280882834 Washington Avenue

Come inside The Juicy Crab restaurant for a taste of one of Augusta’s top seafood cuisines. I’m not a big fan of fish, but I wanted to give it a go! To say the least, the cuisine was excellent and literally everything I had been wanting for a long time.

You may get a pound of shrimp paired with corn and potatoes from their extensive menu. The restaurant serves over 64 different seafood, pastries, and desserts. Browse the menu for appetizers, fried delicacies, bespoke recipes, main meal, and side dishes.

The Juicy Crab is unusual in that it blends shellfish with corn and potatoes, giving the meal a wonderful Central American touch. They provide a variety of maize side dishes that go well with the main entrée. Don’t miss out on the corn on the cob with sweet potato fries. You may also customize the amount of spice in your cuisine at Juicy Crab.

With excellent lighting and the medicinal fragrance of freshly cooked fish, this establishment provides a really serene atmosphere. If you’re a seafood fanatic, this is the spot for you.

Taverns in Augusta Cafes Final Thoughts on the Greatest Restaurants

Finally, these are all of the eateries I discovered while visiting Augusta. Augusta offers it everything, from seafood to unusual continental meals.

Locals say the ideal time to come is in the middle of the year, but I think it’s gorgeous all year. Every season brings unique local products, menus, recipes, cuisine, and charm to the city! Hence, don’t hesitate to try these 10 greatest restaurants in Augusta, Georgia.

Which of these Augusta Georgia restaurants do you want to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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