10 Must-Try Restaurants in Baltimore, MD | The Top Restaurants in Baltimore

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Baltimore is a popular tourist and residential destination in the Southeast, and it is sometimes referred to as the San Francisco of the South. Throughout the summer, it is one of the busiest downtown locations. The restaurants in Baltimore will encourage you to liven up your evening routine with a long-overdue visit, from American tradition to modern urban luxury.

The restaurant boom in Baltimore has brought some genuine gems to the table, and we are suckers for good cuisine. I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 favorite Baltimore eateries, but I’m eager to hear your thoughts on them.

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Baltimore’s Top 10 Restaurants


Light St. 443-438-49481843 Light St.

For years, Hersh’s pizza has been a fixture in Baltimore’s Hampden area. Its wood-fired oven produces thin-crust pizza with the ideal combination of salty cheese and brightness from toppings.

Hershs specializes on Italian food, and its large menu caters to both pizza and pasta fans. The restaurant’s cuisine is made with fresh and high-quality ingredients, and the meals are produced with originality and attention. Hershs is a lovely and desirable decision since the great meal is worth the additional expense.

My favorite aspect of Hershs is the environment; not only is the restaurant adorable, but it also has a fantastic terrace and various peaceful nooks on the interior. Hershs is the place to go if you want to meet up with friends over fantastic cuisine and beverages.


835-20362322 Boston Street (443) 835-2036

If youve gone to a Chinese restaurant, you may have heard the phrase Ni Hao before. It means “Hello” in Mandarin and is often used as a welcome to visitors. NiHao’s homemade meal uses fresh ingredients from local farmers to provide a different perspective to Chinese dining.

Nihao will expose customers to the complexities of Chinese food, enabling them to look beyond chop suey and egg rolls.

Its hallmark meals include Peking Duck with sweet and savory sauces and whole wheat buns with Duck Bone Broth Noodle Soup Kit, Dim Sum, Chinese desserts, and much more!

Hence, if you’re looking for real Chinese cuisine, NiHao is one of Baltimore’s top restaurants!

Corner Bistro and Wine Bar

Penn St., (410) 727-1155213.

The Corner Cafe and Wine Bar is located in Baltimore’s historic Ridgelys Delight district, on the same street as several well-known restaurants and stores. When you sit back and relax, you may choose substantial main meals like pot roast and Maryland crab cakes or wood oven pizzas like vegetable delight and Margherita.

To lure guests, the lunch and dinner menus often offer specials, such as prime rib on Saturday. Savor dessert at the bar as you peruse the wine list for the ideal bottle to complement your meal experience!

Cocina Peruana Puerto 511

Clay St. 443-538-9491102 Clay St.

Puerto 511 Cocina Peruana is a small, informal tapas restaurant that provides family-style meals.

Puerto 511’s tapas-style menu features visually appealing Peruvian chicken dishes, an extensive seafood selection including sundried bay scallops and pan-seared bay scallops with summer risotto, Cocinas popular banana leaf-wrapped sea bass drizzled with a sweet soy glaze, and a variety of vegetables and side dishes.

This is a popular meeting area for individuals from many countries and cultures. The combination of fragrances, tastes, textures, and noises transports you to lovely Peru!

Latino Alma Cocina

N. Charles St., +166721242731701 N. Charles St.

The Station North area in Baltimore, MD has become a gastronomic magnet, featuring distinctive eateries such as Alma Cocina. With its current location in the Station North district, the restaurant serves arepas (Venezuelan stuffed corn cakes) loaded with shrimp, pork, or vegetables.

Culture is central to the Alma idea. The firm desires that its cuisine communicate a narrative about the globe. They nourish not just the taste, but also the imagination and the spirit. Almas’ menu features a range of Venezuelan-inspired meals prepared using modern methods, including the arepa.


+14439008983225 W 23rd St,

Clavels lets you customize your fresh Mexican dinner with tacos, enchiladas, or tostadas. The tasty menu is distinguished by its build-your-own approach.

Mexicans know how to make enchiladas, and Clavels takes use of that knowledge in their shredded chicken enchiladas topped with queso fresco and pico de gallo. Their hand-made tortillas seal in the carnitas juices before being topped with salsa verde.

They also have online ordering and, to my surprise, no reservations are required.


+141098262463 W. 23rd St.

Larder, located in Baltimore’s hipster enclave of Remington, is a small-plates restaurant with huge tastes. Fadensonnen, a natural wine bar that also sells artisan beer and cider, shares a courtyard with it.

The Larder team sources the greatest ingredients from the Mid-Atlantic area, including Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, via a vast network of trusted suppliers.

Are you a true gourmand? I’ve collected a selection of the greatest gourmet presents for you and your loved ones. Subscriptions for cheese, meat, and sweets, as well as some classic must-have gourmet devices.

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Executive chef Helena del Pesco adds, When feasible, Ill purchase from a producer who is handy or that I feel a connection to; someone who creates cuisine that I truly adore.

Their menu varies everyday and includes a variety of delectable handmade preserves. Linger over a dinner on the canopy-shaded patio, or stop by the bar for a few nibbles on your way to the next thing.

Helmand Province

Charles St., +14107520311806 N.

The famous Helmand Restaurant serves a variety of tasty, reasonably priced meals from traditional Afghan cuisine. The Helmand provides a unique blend of five-star food with a relaxed, easygoing ambiance.

The combination of herbs and spices in their cuisine creates flavor sensations you’ve never experienced before.

They have a large multi-course menu that includes lamb, fish, beef, and chicken meals, as well as eggplant, spinach, and other fresh vegetable alternatives. The quality and delicacy of preparation extends to every menu decision, with appetizers like the Kaddo Borawni and entrees like char-broiled lamb tenderloin marinated and served with pallow.

From its modern decor to its delectable menu options, the Helmand has gained a reputation as one of Baltimore’s greatest restaurants.

Bluebird Cocktail Room & Pub

The address is 3600 Hickory Ave.

The Bluebird is famed for its inventive drinks, but now one of Baltimore’s top restaurants is getting into the culinary game. The botanical-themed pub is about to launch a completely new taste range.

Some cocktails on the menu are crafted using Republic Restoratives Civic Vodka from Washington, D.C., with an emphasis on quality and proximity.

The drink menu is separated into categories such as zero-proof drinks (such as Tonic Water with herbal cordial), classics (such as a Baltimore Bourbon Buck and Fruited Cider Flip), and whiskey (such as Sour Cherry Negroni).

Gluten-free alternatives include Roseda Farms’ tempeh burger, fritto misto, and beef burger. Moreover, Benkert recently took over the adjoining beer hall The Kleine Duivel, which includes a quiet patio area where customers may drink Belgian beers with LIVE charcuterie, fresh seafood, and vegetarian cuisine while watching live music.

Maggie’s Place

Harford Rd. +141025423764341 Harford Rd.

This restaurant, located in the vibrant district of Lauraville, is dedicated to helping local farmers, companies, and organizations. Maggies Farm gets its name from Laura Marino’s daughter, who was named after Bob Dylan’s song. The lively environment, excellent wood-fired pizza, and basic but locally produced meal selections make this a family-friendly restaurant.

For fresh, seasonal meals, take a seat at the bar, comfortable dining room, or terrace. Dine little or go large with delicacies like fried green tomatoes, crab cakes, and steak, all of which are offered in ample servings at a reasonable price.

A List of the Top Ten Restaurants in Baltimore

Baltimore is bursting at the seams with new restaurants, chefs, and culinary concepts. It’s thrilling to discover something new in this beautiful city with each visit.

Whether it’s a quick lunch before the symphony or a leisurely five-course dinner with wine pairings, these finest restaurants in Baltimore provide guests with a diverse range of options and flavors to suit their tastes and preferences.

Begin your search for Baltimore restaurant and bar suggestions right here!

Which of these Baltimore’s greatest restaurants do you want to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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