10 Must-Try Sacramento Mexican Restaurants | Best Mexican Cuisine in Sacramento, CA

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Mexican restaurants have made a substantial contribution to the country’s expanding culinary variety with their traditional and inventive cuisine.

Nowadays, Sacramento has a plethora of fantastic options. Virtually anyplace you go, you’ll be able to discover unique meals that are both reasonable and tasty, and they’re produced with just the greatest ingredients. As a result, it is a very competitive market.

These are ten of Sacramento’s greatest Mexican restaurants that demonstrate how the creative spirit fuelled by Mexican cuisine knows no limitations.

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Sacramento’s Top 10 Mexican Restaurants


Sacramento, CA +191644172001200 K St

With Mayahuel, Mexican elegance has made its way to downtown Sacramento. Unlike its neighbors, this eatery does not sell oily tacos or overloaded burritos.

Instead, the menu provides a gastronomic tour of our southern neighbor, with fresh ingredients molded into inventive takes on traditional meals.

Art, food, cocktails, murals, music, and handcrafted tequila are all celebrated at this restaurant. Mayahuels cuisine incorporates fresh, local products, which has become a trademark of the farm to fork tradition.

You may get corn tortillas loaded with cheese and poblano peppers, beet, orange, and onion salad, and meatball soup from their small plate menu.

Chicken mole, hog salsa verde, and prawns with mushrooms and serrano chilies are also on the menu. Desserts with Mexican influences include mango mousse cake and chocolate flan. You may make your tequila drink with flavors like mango, chile, hibiscus, or jalapeño.

Whether you’re having a huge family gathering, a romantic night with your spouse, or a productive meeting with coworkers, you’ll adore the main dining room.

The restaurant Caballo Blanco

Sacramento, CA +191642867065604 Franklin Blvd

Caballo Blanco has been providing fresh, genuine Mexican meals with real south-of-the-border tastes for years. Several families come here for the handmade flour tortilla chips and the generous servings.

Tacos, burritos, fajitas, carnitas, chile Colorado, and Chile Verde are among the many options.

The nutritious cuisine also includes seafood and vegetarian alternatives. Caballo Blanco is a popular among residents who appreciate fresh and genuine Mexican cuisine.

With its warm and inviting traditional décor, the ambience transports you to Old Mexico. I particularly appreciate the outside dining area with a fantastic view of the hills.

Mexican Cooking Center

Sacramento, CA +191644225522730 J St

This renowned midtown restaurant is an excellent option for a fun night out with family or friends.

This restaurant is the best spot to learn about Mexican culture. The restaurant has a vibrant environment, the music is loud, the service is kind, and the cuisine is delicious.

Each meal is meticulously prepared using fresh, local ingredients. Crispy masa turnovers loaded with cheese and cilantro are among the appetizers, as are sweet potato cakes topped with pork and pineapple salsa.

Wood-grilled carnitas with grilled veggies, chicken enchiladas with moles, and shrimp spaghetti with chipotle sauce are among the main courses.

For dessert, there is a delectable chocolate cake with dulce de leche ice cream and flambed plantains with rum sauce.

Before or after dinner, you may sample more than 150 tequilas and mezcals from Mexico.

Tacos Chandos

Arden Way, Sacramento, CA

Chandos Tacos’ slow-roasted, hand-seasoned beef has dedicated fans from all around Sacramento.

There is no vegetarian menu or table service at the restaurant. Instead, the restaurants’ sidewalks are full with customers waiting to purchase excellent char-broiled carne asada, citrus-marinated chicken, slow-roasted carnitas, and hand-blended chorizo 24 hours a day.

Chandos meat is hard to top whether melted into quesadillas, packed into tacos, or sandwiched in tortas. With tacos for less than two dollars, they’re one of the greatest values in town.

Ernestos Mexican Cuisine

Sacramento, CA +191644158501901 16th St

Ernestos is ideal for a great night out with family or friends. Ernestos’ Mexican cuisine has been a Sacramento institution for almost 25 years.

Tamale, enchiladas, and other more complex meals are among their options. Chili Verde, carne asada, and cowboy shrimp are among the highlights.

Along from the fresh guacamole and delicious carnitas, there’s also fresh guacamole with just the proper amount of heat.

A seat on their relaxed outside patio is a nice area to observe folks or have a beer or beverage on a warm summer night. On weekends, they provide classic Mexican breakfasts such as pozole, chilaquiles, and Huevo Rancheros.

Midtown Zcalo Restaurant

Sacramento, CA +191644103031801 Capitol Ave

Zocalo Restaurant, known for its loud and boisterous ambiance, is a terrific option for a fun night out or day out with friends.

At Zocalo, you can have an upmarket meal with a party feel, whether for brunch on the weekend or lunch or supper throughout the week.

Starters include nachos and quesadillas, as well as meat empanadas and potato flautas.

Enchiladas and tacos are on the menu, as are more daring dishes like grilled hanger steak with mushrooms, onions, and jalapenos, smoked pig with achiote, and fish mole.

Traditional sweets such as tres leches, flan, and pan-fried plantains with brown sugar and cinnamon are also available. Enjoy chorizo with eggs, chilaquiles, or a Mexican breakfast burrito on weekends.

Azul | Mexican Cuisine + Tequila Bar

Sacramento, CA +191644740401050 20th St

AzulMexican Cuisine + Tequila Bar is located in Midtown Sacramento, which is surrounded by nightclubs, bars, and other intriguing eateries.

In an attractive and urban atmosphere, their idea mixes genuine Mexican food with the most recent modern Mexican flair.

The menu includes traditional cuisine from several areas of Mexico. Ceviche, cochinita pibil, mole poblano, and classic tacos al pastor are available.

The restaurant has the greatest collection of 100% agave tequila in Sacramento, which delights, relaxes, and enhances meals, stimulates good company, and kicks off festivities.

El Novillero is a restaurant.

Sacramento, CA +191645642874216 Franklin Blvd

El Novillero Restaurant is a Mexican fusion restaurant that was founded more than 50 years ago. The restaurant opened in 1970 with just 28 seats, never expecting to become one of Sacramento’s top Mexican eateries.

They can currently seat 180 persons. They are very proud of their cuisine. Every day, they make their sauces and corn chips from scratch.

One of my favorite recipes is pork carnitas. The cuisine includes rice, beans, tortillas, and the traditional guacamole dip with cheese. Its signature dish is the steak and shrimp fajita combination, which comes with pita bread, rice, beans, and mixed veggies.

El Novillero Restaurant uses only the best ingredients. It’s also quite satisfying to be able to buy such high-quality and enough food at such inexpensive pricing.

Three Sisters

Sacramento, CA +191644369192416 K St

Tres Hermanas, located in downtown San Diego, serves some of the greatest Mexican classics and margaritas on its outdoor patio, which has a quirky feel.

The restaurant serves traditional Chihuahua-style Mexican food. Sonia, the owner of Tres Hermana, is happy to provide the best Mexican food in the Sacramento area.

Una Tostada, Little Guacamole, Coctel De Camaron, Ceviche Coctel, Ensalada Del Cesar and Ceviche, Ensalada Nortea, Taco Salad, and many more Mexican foods are available on their menu.

It is a restaurant with high-quality cuisine, a wide selection of beverages and desserts, and a welcoming ambiance.

Mexican Food Kicos

Arden Way, Sacramento +1916924357123

Kicos Mexican Cuisine Restaurant captures the sights, sounds, and aromas of Mexico. By tasting genuine favorites prepared to order, you’ll feel as though you’re in Mexico.

This Mexican restaurant exclusively provides family dishes made with fresh ingredients and customized to your preference.

The restaurant offers a welcoming ambiance and features delicacies such as Kicos Nachos, Grilled Shrimp Salad, and their delectable chili verde speciality dish.

Since its inception in 1980, the restaurant has developed a devoted following. They are easily accessible to residents and tourists alike, both locally and from outside of Sacramento.

The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Sacramento in Summary

Despite Sacramento’s profusion of Mexican eateries, each one has its own unique taste. Some restaurants provide superior service than others.

Several outstanding restaurants in Sacramento provide authentic Mexican cuisine and fresh ingredients.

In this city, you will undoubtedly find a Mexican experience to suit your tastes, whether you desire a quick bite to eat or a spectacular dining experience!

Which of these Sacramento Mexican eateries will you visit first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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