10 Top Anchorage Restaurants | Must-Try Anchorage Alaska Restaurants

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Alaska is a tough frontier where rugged individualism and a frontier mindset thrive. Alaska’s very frigid winters make it an ideal destination for those seeking to escape the heat and bustle of big cities.

Anchorage is one of the most isolated cities in America, with nothing in common with the surrounding regions. Anchorage’s distinct culture mirrors the state in which it is located.

Although many Anchorage restaurants provide Alaskan classics such as salmon and halibut, there is also a vast array of non-native dishes to try.

Its difficult to choose the 10 top Anchorage eateries, but I’ve done so while highlighting what sets these places distinct from the others.

I’ve also included the signature dish from each restaurant. Therefore, if you’re planning a trip to Alaska or are an Alaskan resident, be sure to stop by these fantastic eateries while you’re here!

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The Top 10 Anchorage Restaurants

The Snow City Café

Anchorage, +190727224891034 W. 4th Ave.

Breakfast at Anchorage’s most fashionable place, Snow City Café, is a great way to start your day.

This pleasant café, located downtown on a corner near many workplaces, serves breakfast in a contemporary atmosphere. The style is quite informal, with booths and counter seating.

Among the unusual menu options are egg benedict variants, hash browns, a wild mushroom omelet, and oatmeal combinations.

Get a milkshake or one of their speciality coffee blends to wash it all down.

The Spenard Roadhouse

Anchorage, +190777076231049 W. Northern Lights Blvd.

Spenard Roadhouse delivers comfort cuisine in a casual atmosphere, with a colorful environment and a fresh spin on traditional American foods.

A bacon jam burger with fresh ground beef and smoked paprika aioli, ground beef patty, cambozola, grilled apple, rocket, house mayo, and topped with bacon jam on a toasted bun is a great and excellent burger at Spenard Roadhouse.

Spenard Roadhouse’s Arctic reindeer Polish sausages are a must-order. Finally, the Spenard Roadhouse is well-known for having Alaska’s greatest whiskey and bourbon inventory.


Anchorage, +19079293680425 W. 5th Ave.

Chef Guy Conley, an Anchorage native with great knowledge of Alaskan cuisine, provides Pacific Rim food at Gingers.

Chef Conley, a James Beard Foundation finalist for Outstanding Chef Northwest, brings to Ginger a creative blend of Asian tastes and fresh Alaskan fish.

Ginger’s sweet and spicy chicken, lobster, glazed duck breast, and Panang beef curry are all traditional Alaskan dishes.

Kinleys Bar and Restaurant

Anchorage, +190764489533230 Seward Highway.

Chef Brett Knipmeyer of Chicago, known in Alaska for his unique approach to fine cuisine, launched Kinleys Restaurant and Bar last year.

Knipmeyer, a semi-finalist for the James Beard Foundation Award, known as the Oscar of food in the United States, has garnered global acclaim for his culinary skills.

Kinleys Restaurant and Bar, in addition to offering Alaskan seafood, provides courteous service and traditionally prepared meals in a modern rustic setting.

Kinleys provides a selection of tasty meals in addition to an entire area of sushi rolls made from wild Alaskan fish. The menu also offers fresh local ground beef and Imported Kobe beef.

Chef Knipmeyers cuisine varies with the seasons, using fresh Alaskan herbs, fruits, and vegetables produced in Palmer, Alaska.

Even if you are gluten-free, you may dine at Kinleys since all menu items can be made gluten-free. There are no substitutes, just fresh Alaskan cooking that is always wonderful.


W. 5th Ave., Anchorage +19072223232737

ORSO specializes on wild Alaskan seafood made with the finest ingredients and matched with a large beverages menu that includes Glacier Brew House products as well as a variety of wine and cocktails.

ORSO delivers exquisite dining to Alaska, leveraging the richness of the beautiful Pacific Ocean to provide the finest seafood, with traditional decor characteristic of Alaska. Halibut, salmon, cod, and king crab are among its delicacies.

Throughout the summer, ORSO also provides seasonal vegetables produced locally. Standouts on the menu include fish crusted with Arctic cedar and calamari.

ORSO is a terrific venue for a laid-back brunch on weekends, in addition to the enormous cinnamon bun and the smoked salmon scramble.

Goat, Rustic

Anchorage, Alaska +190733481002800 Turnagain St.

Comfort food is always a crowd pleaser, and The Rustic Goat enhances traditional rustic cuisine with a unique contemporary touch.

The open seating, abundant natural light, and contemporary cuisine make it reminiscent of restaurants in Seattle or perhaps San Francisco. Rustic Goat is an excellent place for friends and family to connect, dine, and enjoy one other’s company.

The restaurant is in Midtown Anchorage, and its style is contemporary industrial. There is more seating above.

When topped with slow-cooked pulled pork, the homemade chips are fantastic. Strawberry bacon pizza with jalapeño undertones and unexpectedly complementing tastes will delight you. Remember to leave space for dessert, particularly Rustic Goats Smores.

Ptarmigan, fat

Anchorage, +19077777710441 W. 5th Ave. Ste. 100

The brick inside complements the downtown Anchorage warehouses well. There is a strong aroma of pizza and wood.

The Fat Ptarmigan was created for foodies like me and you who appreciate a good crust and farm-fresh ingredients. Vegans can even get nondairy cheese.

Fat Ptarmigan is a great place to go with friends for a quick and excellent pizza. While you may make your own sauce from the sauce choices, the inventive and unique combinations that are currently available should not be neglected.

There is a wood-fired oven, and the pizzaiolos hand-spin the pizzas before topping them with fresh toppings for each order. Guys cannoli and gelato are among the delicious Italian treats available at Fat Ptarmigan.

Mooses Tooth Pizza and Pub

Anchorage, +190725825373300 Old Seward Highway.

Mooses Tooth Pub & Pizzeria, owned by a Portlander and an Anchorage resident, provides a Portland-inspired blend of craft beer and gourmet stone-baked pizza to the Alaskan area.

In addition to substantial breadsticks and pizzas with a variety of toppings ranging from fun to weird, the menu features heart-warming classics for cozying up throughout the Alaskan winter.

I really suggest the Mooses Pie, which has a chocolate cookie crust, coffee ice cream, fudge, toasted almonds, and fresh whipped cream (yet it easily feeds two to four people).

Theatre Pub Bear Tooth

230 W. 27th Ave., Anchorage, +190727642001

Bear Tooth Theatrepub is a hidden gem with a menu that features some of the greatest cuisine in Anchorage. The environment is bright and enjoyable, and there is a wide range of beverages to complement the meal.

Whether you’re on a date or out with pals, Bear Tooth Theatrepub will not disappoint and will leave your date or group talking about it and ready for their next return.

Bear Tooth Theatre Pub offers a fantastic blend of terrific cuisine, enticing beverages, and excellent second-run movies.

This Mooses Tooth sibling restaurant features chosen craft beers, as well as freshly made wraps, pizzas, breadsticks, and a delectable dessert menu.

Glacier Brewing Company

W. 5th Ave. #110, Anchorage, +19072742739737

There are numerous restaurants in Anchorage, however some, such as Glacier Brewhouse, draw large crowds.

This is an outstanding restaurant that, as the name says, makes beer and also serves meals created by the chef. They also keep their clients pleased by routinely refilling broken glasses and asking whether or not their visitors are satisfied.

The dining area, with its timbered ceilings and sufficient seating around the enormous fireplace, offers a rustic, gastropub vibe.

Some of the restaurant’s favorites include grilled baby back ribs with Jamaican jerk seasoning and fiery BrewHouse trademark whiskey BBQ sauce.

This establishment has a terrific atmosphere as well as a large variety at the bar. Sports aficionados will like the comfy stools on which to watch sports activities. Also, they often feature live music, so you’ll never be bored here.

A List of the Top Ten Anchorage Restaurants

Anchorage, Alaska, is home to some of the world’s top restaurants. It is not an exaggeration to claim that this is one of the most fascinating dining locations in the world.

In Anchorage, you are likely to find everything you are looking for.

And if you are astute enough to plan a trip to Alaska on your next holiday, you are in for a real treat.

Although locals think that Anchorage is much like any other city, visitors from other locations have a special fondness for the city, which has been named one of the greatest places to visit by National Geographic and Money magazines.

Which of these Anchorage eateries are you going to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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