10 Top Seafood Restaurants in New Orleans

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The Big Easy, located on the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico, is the cradle of jazz and is well-known for its live music scene. Today, however, New Orleans is a melting pot of gumbo-loving Cajuns and Creoles, 200-year-old architecture, and rich history, which has helped it achieve a top rank as one of the country’s greatest gourmet destinations. Not only is there a restaurant on every corner, but theyre all putting up unique twists on the state’s most renowned export fish.

The colorful culture of New Orleans is well-known for its robust, fresh tastes, particularly seafood. Because of the city’s closeness to the Gulf of Mexico, it is just five hours by automobile reach the coast. Each morning, shrimp boats land at New Orleans’ City Fish Company, which offers 100% Louisiana shrimp, crab, and oysters to Jackson Square chefs.

If you’re looking for gastronomic adventure as well as a good time, New Orleans is the place to be.

It is famous for its music and nightlife, as well as its exquisite food. If you’re only searching for memorable New Orleans seafood restaurants, don’t hold your breath; the countdown has begun.

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Restaurants Serving Seafood in New Orleans

Fresh fish and shellfish are served in New Orleans seafood restaurants, along with Cajun-inspired sauces. Even the most ardent carnivores cannot resist the city’s exquisite goodness, which is rich in the freshest shrimp, oysters, and soft shell crabs. Whatever you want to try, from white tablecloth gourmet dining to local poboys, is on the list.

The Oceana Grill

+15045256002739 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (phone)

Oceana Grill, located in the center of the French Quarter, will immediately catch your attention with its stunning view of Bourbon Street.

Oceana Grill serves fresh and genuine seafood. Its menu include seafood, gumbo, and fresh local oysters, as well as specialized poboys, crawfish, and fried shrimp.

The evening is rounded off with open-air seating, boisterous dining, and dance activity, making it the top party destination for both residents and visitors. This is the place to go for fresh seafood, delectable specials, and live music!

Shrimp creole, Fried shrimp poboy, Oyster Rockefeller, and the legendary Seafood Gumbo are all available here.

Pche seafood grill

800 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130 +15045221744

The chefs at Pche Seafood Grill are inspired by their travels to Spain and Uruguay, and they are on a mission to share their innovation with their visitors. Seafood is the star of their cuisine, cooked over an open wood fire, providing those who come expecting live cooking entertainment.

The menu begins with raw bar options such seafood salad, gulf shrimp, and seafood platter. The menu then shifts to carefully selected items such as baked drum with coconut curry, grilled tuna with lentils and kumquats, and giant shrimp with purple rice pilaf.

The fact that they work with local fisherman and farmers who harvest responsibly, focusing on fresh fruits and vegetables at their peak, is worth mentioning as the second greatest element about their cuisine.

Do yourself a favor and taste their Carrot Cake before you go!

Deanies fish and chips

New Orleans, LA 70112 +15045811316841 Iberville Street

Deanies Seafood Restaurant in the French Quarter serves the freshest seafood from Louisiana, harvested by fisherman who understand the region’s richness. They provide a wide range of fresh gulf oysters on the half shell in addition to boiled, grilled, and fried seafood with their unique Creole flavors. They also offer a complete bar that specializes in traditional southern drinks to wash it all down.

When you visit Deanies seafood, you may try the cuisine that locals have been ordering for years. Shrimp and crab dip, Oysters on the Half Shell, Crawfish touffe Cup, and Blackened Redfish topped with Crawfish touffe are just a few of the items on the menu.

It doesn’t get much better than this in terms of genuine New Orleans food!

Deanies Seafood provides fresh fish and delicious cuisine. As you leave Deanies, prepare to exclaim The finest thing I ever ate.

Grilled Red Fish

15 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70130 +150459812001

Since opening its doors in the heart of the French Quarter 20 years ago, Red Fish Restaurant has served genuine New Orleans seafood with a love for fresh fish and unrivaled service.

The restaurant is recognized as an unequaled location for the freshest seafood and shellfish, having won nine Best Oyster Po-Boy titles at the New Orleans Po-Boy Festival.

Red Fish Restaurant, New Orleans’ Finest Seafood, rewards your palette with perfect skill and daring originality inspired by the best of other cuisines. Their cuisine changes with the seasons, so you’ll always get the freshest ingredients no matter when you eat.

Because of its great cuisine, cocktails, and live entertainment, Red Fish Grill has become one of New Orleans’ most popular seafood restaurants. The Famous BBQ Oysters, Hickory Grilled Redfish, and Alligator Sausage & Seafood Gumbo are all must-order dishes on the menu.

Oyster House Acme

Iberville St, New Orleans, LA 70130, +15045225973724

Acme Oyster House is well-known for serving the coolest, plumpest, and freshest oysters in town. It’s what you’ll discover when you go in. In a city based on seafood, it’s the Acme difference!

You’ll discover an Oyster House unlike any other!

Acme Oyster House Seafood Restaurant has been in the same structure for over a century and is a fixture in the city’s French Quarter. They look forward to serving you, whether you are lured by the history of their property, the fresh raw oysters from their oyster bar, the seafood gumbo, seafood etouffee, or the pleasant, relaxed ambience and helpful waitstaff.

The Basin Seafood & Spirits

+150430273913222 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115

Basin seafood and spirits is a small and charming New Orleans seafood restaurant delivering the greatest seafood in New Orleans as well as light and updated interpretations of classic Louisiana meals.

Basin Seafood offers the ideal setting for its fashionable customers. Basin, located on historic Magazine Street, keeps faithful to the New Orleans heritage of great seafood.

Its ingredients are fresh, organic, sustainable, and obtained locally, with seasonal vegetables and Gulf seafood prominently featured in their cuisine. Classic cocktails, artisan beers, local wines, ciders, sake, and well-curated spirits are also available.

You may have excellent Shrimp grits, Blue crab beignets, Oyster Caesar, Yellowfin tuna sandwich, and Fried soft shell crab at this quaint eatery.

Galliers Oyster Bar & Restaurant

129 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA 70130 +15042675672

Galliers is an elite New Orleans Seafood Restaurant named after the original builder of the famous Dufossat home, situated in the middle of the action in a historic structure in a busy location in a popular tourist attraction in the heart of New Orleans.

Galliers restaurant and oyster bar serves Creole seafood, as well as a variety of local favorites such as gulf oysters and crawfish, blue crab, shrimp, and chicken on the half shell. And when you hear that this is where the locals go to dine, you know you’re not mistaken.

Here are some spoilers for which you will thank me later: Seafood plate featuring fried shrimp, oysters, and fish with fries, grilled red snapper topped with a delectable creamy crawfish sauce, and charred Gulf redfish with unique house flavor.

The Authentic French Market Restaurant & Bar

01 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116 +150452578791001

This family became widely known among the locals for supplying fresh fish harvested locally every day while living on Grand Island. Since 1940, this Sicilian immigrant family has served generations of Louisiana coastal inhabitants.

The original French market restaurant and bar provides freshly caught fish, crabs, shrimp, and oysters from the Gulf of Mexico.

Its hospitality heritage continues to this day, feeding hundreds of people from all over the globe with respect and pride, such as Creole char-grilled oysters, boiling crawfish, Louisiana crab cakes, Shrimp and crab remoulade avocado, and Crawfish or shrimp etouffee.

Oyster Bar & Blue Crab Restaurant

Lakeshore Dr, New Orleans, LA 70124 +150428428987900

They believe in enjoying the Louisiana coastal lifestyle and cuisine at the blue crab restaurant & oyster bar, and they want you to experience the fun, excitement, and tastes that make up your everyday lives. The restaurant, which is located in the New Orleans Lakefront neighborhood, is operated by residents and offers only the best seafood from all across Louisiana!

Small boat inshore fishing excursions are easily accessible via affiliates situated across the Gulf of Mexico, where you may catch anything from Redfish to Grouper. Their skilled chefs cook your seafood fresh everyday in a large pot and crawfish boil, resulting in a dish full of taste.

Oysters on the Half Shell, Basin BBQ shrimp, Fresh gulf fish, Whole stuffed flounder, and other boiled and fried seafood are available at Blue Crab. You name it: mussels, clams, octopus, oysters, shrimp, scallops, crabs! Its bar serves a wide variety of beers and beverages.

Excellent Fish & Oyster Bar

Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115 +150429334744338

Superior seafood & oyster bar is a one-of-a-kind and refined eating experience located in historic downtown New Orleans. With fresh ingredients at reasonable costs, it is a popular location for both residents and visitors.

The restaurant has a one-of-a-kind cuisine that features seafood brought daily from Louisiana’s coasts. There’s something for everyone, from Po-boys to fresh oysters and fish to seared scallops and everything in between.

They hope you enjoy the experience as much as they enjoy serving you dishes like Oysters superior, Grilled shrimp salad, Shrimp andouille brochettes, Pan-seared redfish, and Pasta de la Mer, whether you want to dine before your show downtown, work on one of their many floods during lunch, or join them on the patio as the streetcars roll by.

Taste the Seafood in New Orleans

New Orleans has the greatest seafood in the world. People will go long distances for a bowl of gumbo, a Creole shrimp, a muffuletta, a round of fried oysters, a poboy, or two: one crawfish and one spicy shrimp (with remoulade, for sure). Select an appetizer plate with snowy crab legs, ceviche tostadas, and light fried calamari. As you go into a restaurant, you can smell the fresh fish. It’s because they live near water. There are seafood markets nearby, as well as an international port. Let yourself to be spoiled and enjoy some of the city’s famous drinks.

Seafood is an important element of New Orleans’ culinary tradition, and there is no better location to sample it than from the fisherman themselves. Since New Orleans cuisine is traditionally served family-style, it’s no wonder that seafood is on the menus of the majority of the city’s restaurants. This city understands what’s up when it comes to fresh taste on your fork, plate, and tongue.

New Orleans seafood restaurants are famed for a variety of regional cuisines, but the city’s restaurants extend well beyond gumbo and crawfish boils. You may eat seafood in traditional settings or in open kitchens at modern restaurants to sample the freshest catches.

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