10 Top Things To Do In Pleasanton CA | Pleasanton Weekend Activities

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Pleasanton, CA is a lovely community located just east of the Bay Area, near Livermore Wine Valley. In 2010, Mens Health called Pleasanton one of the countrys top ten happy and healthy cities. It’s fantastic to see that not much has changed since then, and that there are still lots of interesting and fascinating things to do in Pleasanton CA.

If the high-rise skyscrapers of San Francisco have worn you out and you’re looking for some adrenaline, outdoor adventure, and recharging, go to Pleasanton.

Pleasanton has not just big-name museums and prominent sites, but also fantastic eating locations, which to a gourmet is a must-have for a good time. You may also sample delicious wines, enjoy live entertainment or music, and breathe in the fresh air of the surrounding parks.

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Pleasanton CA’s Top 10 Fun Things To Do

Visit the Main Street Museum.

Pleasanton, CA +19254622766603 Main St

The Museum on Main Street is a Smithsonian outreach initiative situated under the arch in Pleasanton’s historic downtown area. It traces the Tri Valley region’s history from Native American habitation to the present. Exhibits are organized by the museum at other area museums, libraries, and community centers.

The Museum on Main Street is a must-see for anybody interested in industrial archeology and local history. Throughout my visit, I felt as if I were participating in a multi-faceted history lecture that included geology, biology, ecology, and historical community events.

The museum hosts traveling exhibits that explore the narrative of the Tri-Valley region in addition to permanent shows.

Pay a visit to the Pleasanton Farmers Market.

Pleasanton, CA +1925825909046 W Angela St

Pleasanton, CA has a farmers market every Saturday that offers California-grown fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, honey, fresh flowers, prime cuts of meat, poultry, fresh fish, artisan cheeses, almond butter, flavored almonds, and other items are available at the Pleasanton Farmers Market.

I loved visiting to the Pleasanton Farmers Market since it is a place where many locals can advise you on purchasing fresh local food goods, make small chat with you, and generally improve your day. I did buy a lot of fresh food. It is the most effective technique to assist small companies.

The market also participates in Open Heart, a food donation program that serves 3,500 meals each week in Pleasanton, Dublin, and Livermore. While going to a Farmers Market is not something I generally recommend, this experience is one of the best things to do in Pleasanton CA.

Ruby Hill Vineyards serves wine.

Pleasanton, California +19259319463400 Vineyard Ave

Ruby Hill Winery, one of the top local vineyards, was founded in 1887 and is situated in the center of Pleasanton, California. This winery produces a variety of balanced and accessible wines employing traditional processes for grape farming, blending, and fermenting Monterey County grapes, handmade to capture the essence of each varietal.

Ruby Hill Winery is a great spot to get away from the city. A nice, calm atmosphere with stunning views of vineyards and oak forests, peaceful music, and wine tasting appointments available every day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. will make you feel like you’re part of the wine world.

I was served a glass of sparkling wine as soon as I arrived, and there is a personal Wine Ambassado to accompany you through the whole experience, imparting all of their expertise on winemaking and the history of the Vineyard. This was my personal favorite of all the things to do in Pleasanton CA.

Have a good day at Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area.

Pleasanton, +151054432302500 Stanley Blvd

Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Park is a great place to visit if you’re seeking for interesting things to do in Pleasanton, CA.

Shadow Cliffs Regional Recreation Area is genuinely a family-friendly public park that has plenty to offer for everyone. Its most recent addition is the park’s first-ever child climbing wall, which was built in 2014. The wall is still rock climbing, so it may be difficult, but the breathtaking view from the summit is worth the effort.

The short route offers breathtaking vistas, and shadow cliffs are nearly non-existent from the ground. I would recommend arriving there around sunset to capture the ideal golden hour selfie before you move.

Go to Augustin Bernal Park.

Pleasanton, CA +192593134838200 Golden Eagle Way

Augustin Bernal Park is situated near Bernal Avenue and Foothill Road at W. Bernal Avenue and June Lane. For a variety of factors, including fresh air, picturesque vistas, flora, and pathways, I believe it is one of Pleasanton’s best parks.

Sundays are ideal for visiting Augustin Bernal Park. It’s a great medium-sized park with hiking, bicycling, and equestrian routes. The paths are clearly defined and follow the slopes.

There are also many open spaces that are ideal for photographing. There are a lot of deer around here. With a little patience, I was able to snap some fantastic shots. The summit also offers a panoramic view over the east bay valley (including Mount Diablo). If you are not a Pleasanton resident, you may get a one-week permit from the city’s Department of Parks and Community Services and visit the park many times throughout your stay.

Pay a visit to Alviso Adobe Community Park.

Pleasanton, CA +192593134793465 Old Foothill Road

Pleasanton has a plethora of parks and open places to choose from. But one of my favorites was The Alviso Adobe Community Park. It has displays on the cultural heritage of the Amador Valley as well as re-created living quarters for dairy employees. If you’re travelling with children, there are plenty of hands-on outdoor things to enjoy, including free history tours, picnic spaces, and hiking trails.

In my view, the park is a hidden treasure. I’ve been there many times. Once was just not enough to explore the full site. Without a doubt, one of the top things to do in Pleasanton CA.

Go to the Alameda County Fairgrounds.

+192542676004501 Pleasanton Avenue, Pleasanton, California

The Alameda County Fairgrounds is a region that hosts a broad range of events. Every year in July, they host the Alameda County Fair. This annual event, known as the Pleasanton Fair, draws over 300,000 people. (I also advocate trying as many different foods as possible).

I’ve been to a couple horse racing events at the Pleasanton track, and the view over the city from the front row is spectacular.

The venue is enormous, with live bingo, a big-screen cinema, a night market, an old-timers exhibition, a harvest festival, a Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival, and, believe it or not, even more! You may do so many things in Pleasanton, CA without ever have to leave the venue. It’s memorable and worth seeing.

Check out the Granizo Tile Art Mural.

Pleasanton, 100 Main St.

Pleasanton, California has something very distinctive to offer. It may be seen in one of the many public artworks strewn across the city. It’s the Granizo Tile Art Mural, and although it’s not a particular piece of artwork, it doesn’t mean it’s not gorgeous and stunning. I was astounded when I first saw it!

It is one of Granizo’s last works before his death, and it depicts five aspects of the city’s legacy, including agriculture, culture, history, business, and filmmaking.

  Watch Live Entertainment at the Firehouse Arts Center

Pleasanton, +192593148484444 Railroad Ave

In 1928, Pleasanton constructed the Firehouse Arts Center as a firehouse, gas station, and municipal facility. The arts center was converted in 1974 and has since been utilized only for that purpose. Individuals may utilize the site for both private and public special occasions. There are six galleries, eight classrooms, five hallways, and one patio inside the firehouse.

Comedy was one of my favorite programs. Stuart Scott was a favorite of mine, and one of his daughters performed at the Firehouse Arts Center. She did an excellent job and had me giggling the whole time.

Haps Original Steaks & Seafood Restaurant

Pleasanton, CA +19256009200122 Neal St

While Pleasanton has several places to select from, my personal favorite is Haps Original Steaks & Seafood. Because it is a traditional New York-style steakhouse that specializes in dry-aged cuts of beef, lamb, poultry, and fresh seafood and fish from the ocean.

I usually pay Haps a visit whenever I get the opportunity. The restaurant’s décor is one-of-a-kind, with a casual but elegant vibe. You should taste the Hand Cut Chips & Fry Sauce special appetizer. The fry sauce is tasty, and the hand-cut chips are crunchy. My favorite meal is their Dry Aged Porterhouse Steak, which is cooked properly with a terrific taste and is juicy on the inside. Amazing work!

Wrapping up on the things to do in Pleasanton CA

Pleasanton has a lot to offer, yet since it’s smaller than Livermore, it’s easy to imagine there aren’t as many things to do. Yet there are some! It might be hard sometimes to locate hidden treasures, but this city has so much fun and bright energy, owing to all of the restaurants and activities they host all year long.

Hence, if you’re in the Bay Area, I highly advise you to stop in Pleasanton, where you’ll have a wonderful stay.

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