10 Top Things To Do In Prescott AZ | Weekend Activities in Prescott

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Prescott, Arizona, is an ideal weekend escape from Phoenix. Hiking, camping, and boating are among the many leisure activities available here. Apart from being close to Prescott National Forest, the location is ideal for hikers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers.

In addition to the countless things to do in Prescott, the city has a welcoming vibe that will delight anybody who visits.

There are several local businesses that provide day trips of the magnificent region. You’re never too far away from souvenirs, fine restaurants, or a desert trek. For tourists, Prescott provides a variety of outdoor activities such as golf, kayaking, fishing, breweries, restaurants, and a plethora of historical buildings.

Prescott, with its historical attractions and recreational options, is an excellent choice for a family holiday. Moreover, with numerous ancient saloons and other gold rush antiques still in the neighborhood, the town has a strong pioneer heritage. As a consequence, Prescott has lots to offer, whether you desire a relaxed vacation or to get into some mischief.

Additionally, did you know that Prescott, Arizona was formerly the state’s territorial capital? You didn’t, did you? I, too, had no clue! Now that you’re ready to explore this wonderful city, here are some of the greatest things to do in Prescott, Arizona, where you can learn about the city’s history while having a great time. Have a good time out there!

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The Top 10 Activities in Prescott

Tour The Historic Downtown Courthouse Plaza

Prescott, Arizona +19284452000120 S Cortez St

Prescott Courthouse Plaza is centrally located and easily accessible. Several of the establishments in the neighborhood have been in operation for more than a century. Local business owners own clothes shops, bakeries, two bookstores, a comic book store, and other establishments. The streets around this location may be a lot of fun for families. Also, there are various eateries on the plaza or within walking distance.

Because of the great concentration of historically noteworthy residences and structures in the downtown area, it has been dubbed the finest sandbox in North America. As a result, historical authenticity is given special consideration throughout the restoration process.

A considerable number of the original works are still available by appointment.

Watson Lake is a must-see.

Prescott, Arizona 86301, United States

If you’re considering a vacation to Prescott, I strongly suggest stopping by Watson Lake. It is one of the city’s most aesthetically gorgeous areas.

I recommend going to the lake during dawn or sunset, when the dark blue water glistens and merges with the sun’s rays reflected on it. Keep your cameras close by so you may get a glimpse of a fairytale here.

The beautiful blue water is contrasted with the black granite cliffs and rocks that flank the lake and little islands that stick out in the center. People have been sailing to these islands for years because the sea is so deep.

While I did not sail, I did enjoy paddling leisurely through the picturesque Granite Dells. Throughout the summer, visitors may choose between hiking, rock climbing, fishing, day picnicking, canoeing, or overnight camping. It’s a great all-day retreat that’s just four miles from Prescott and readily accessible off Highway 89.

Reservations are strongly advised due to its popularity.

Sharlot Hall Museum teaches about local folklore.

Prescott, +19284453122415 W Gurley St

The Sharlot Hall Museum, situated in the center of Prescott, Arizona, is rich in history and a treasure trove of local legend. Being the headquarters for Yavapai County tourism, the museum and its grounds provide researchers a one-stop shop for a variety of knowledge on this northern Arizona region.

The Sharlot Hall Museum is a must-see attraction. Here you may learn about Yavapai County’s history or just enjoy the town’s past. You may also eat popcorn while watching local cowboy flicks on a huge screen. The museum has been open since 1981 and has expanded year after year. This is one of the things to do in Prescott that the entire family will enjoy.

Daily guided tours of the museum are available, as are self-guided visits at any time. In addition, the museum shop has themed rooms with a large range of goods, toys, and souvenirs.

Lynx Lake Recreation Park is a great place to unwind.

+19284438000 Prescott, Lynx Lake Store Road

Lynx Lake is a leisure area in Prescott that offers a variety of activities such as mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, and more.

Non-powered and low-horsepower motorized boats are permitted on the lake, and canoes and paddleboats may be rented during the summer months.

There are covered picnic spaces, a swimming beach, two campsites with rented tent cabins, and a BBQ grill theater on the property. I liked this location since you can go trekking in certain areas that are really tranquil.

There is a recreational gold panning area on Lynx Creek. Hiking and mountain biking are both permitted on various paths. There are many camping alternatives for individuals wishing to stay overnight, in addition to tent and RV campgrounds.

When you decide to spend a carefree weekend at the lake and delve into all the wonderful things Prescott has to offer, you can appreciate the fresh air and have trust that no one will disturb you.

Pay a visit to the Smoki Museum.

Prescott, Arizona +19284451230147 N Arizona Ave

Another excellent spot to see in Prescott is the Smoki Museum. It is breathtaking, and there are several intriguing relics to view. If you only have a few days in Prescott, I highly suggest making this your first trip. It is not that huge, so you should be able to finish it in a few hours.

The Smoki Museum gathers local storytellers to share indigenous folktales and other stories while visitors enjoy delicacies as part of their Native American cultural events, such as their Storytellers at the Smoki meetings.

The Smoki Culture Exhibit, which included Native American artifacts, was my favorite. It was fascinating to read about the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, and other tribes that formerly inhabited in this region.

Hiking through the Prescott National Forest.

+19284438000 Prescott, Arizona 86301, USA

The Prescott National Forest is located in north-central Arizona and encompasses the Pine-Strawberry, Chino Valley, and Prescott areas. It covers 1.25 million acres of woodland controlled by the United States Forest Service. There are eight wilderness areas in the National Forest.

This forest is one-of-a-kind, and I strongly suggest visiting and hiking up Granite Mountain and Lake Sycamore while you’re there.

Hiking in the Prescott National Forest is the finest thing to do in Prescott. There are several alternatives available with over 870,000 acres. You may spend a whole day trekking a route and not see another soul, admiring the gorgeous pine tree panoramas.

Or, you might stay at a state-run campsite and experience wonderful stargazing. The alternatives vary from simple bush camping to sophisticated campsites with RV and trailer parking. Due of the height, you may climb whenever you want without being too hot or chilly. If you want to get away from the heat of Phoenix, a trip to the National Forest should be on your list of things to do in Prescott.

Prescott Brewing Company Offers Beer

Prescott, +19287712795130 W Gurley St Ste A

Although there are several mountain and lake activities to keep you occupied, Prescott Brewing Company provides something a little different.

For the last twenty years, the brewery has been serving beer and pub grub in Prescott, and guests rave about this family-run eatery that employs fresh ingredients and creates everything from scratch.

Prescotts brewpub has provided large appetizers, sandwiches, and salads, as well as fourteen different craft beers on tap. Throughout the summer, visitors may enjoy concerts, festivals, and parades just outside their door.

Practically everything in the restaurant’s kitchen is homemade. I chose the 12-ounce beer sampler, which gave me the opportunity to experience a variety of beers from their assortment. The crew was dressed in adorable medieval attire, which added to the lovely eating experience.

Visit the Prescott Arts Cooperative Gallery.

Prescott, Arizona +19287767717134 S Montezuma St

The Arts Prescot Cooperative Gallery is one of the numerous best things to do in Prescott. There are hundreds of art works from many media and many skilled artists here. The co-op has been in operation for almost twenty years, making it one of Arizona’s oldest artistic groups.

Every month, a new artist is shown at the gallery, with the purpose of spreading the arts across the community. It was formed in 1994 by local artists.

The work on exhibit is for sale as well as for display. Therefore everyone may visit the gallery and enjoy viewing or purchasing a piece of work done by a local artist.

This lovely gallery is conveniently situated in downtown Prescott and offers high-quality art in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Visitors may also buy unique paintings at reasonable costs and attend frequent receptions with noteworthy visitors.

Attend a Performance at the Prescott Elks Theater

Prescott, E Gurley St # 115, +19287771370117

The Elks Opera House was an excellent venue for a performance. The view of the theatre was spectacular, with enough leg room and attentive personnel. The theatre has been nicely renovated and will not disappoint anybody searching for historical sites in Prescott.

Elks Theatre provides a variety of venues built to fit their individual requirements. Knowing that the structure was formerly an opera house, you can tell that the inside is stunning. The gorgeous stage and chandeliers hanging from the ceilings are the first things you’ll notice.

Plaques documenting theater performances adorn the walls, and the foyer has been renovated with a rustic flare.

The acoustics of this facility are exceptional, and its new audio system provides a great auditory experience for music aficionados. There is space for around 1,000 people, including an open bench sitting balcony.

This facility is ideal for every concert or theatre goer, regardless of the presentation.

Pay a visit to the Fort Whipple Museum.

+19284453122 Prescott, Arizona 86301, USA

If you are a history buff seeking for things to do in Prescott that will keep you entertained, this museum is a must-see. It was named for General Amiel Weeks Whipple, the Department of Arizona’s initial commander.

The Whipple Museum is a gallery packed with exhibit artifacts and images depicting the history of Fort Whipple and Prescott.

The Fort Whipple Museum is housed in a 1909 military officers’ quarters on the Veterans Affairs Hospital site.

Fort Whipple Museum tells the narrative of Fort Whipple from its creation in 1864 to its current function as a modern hospital.

Items on exhibit include Army weaponry, maps, pictures, and accounts from fort personnel. A guided tour is free, but must be arranged ahead of time.

To sum up the best things to do in Prescott, Arizona,

Prescott, Arizona, is a city that will astound everyone, making it an ideal weekend escape or holiday destination. With a mix of college students, retirees, outdoor lovers, and Old West buffs, this community offers a lively vibe.

The fact that there are around 300 days of sunlight every year is the major reason why so many visitors rush to this location to spend their holidays. Prescott has some of the finest stunning vistas in Arizona, and there is never a shortage of things to do. While in Arizona, you may be as active or as calm as you like.

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