11 Amazing Livermore California Things To Do | Top Livermore Tours & Activities

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Livermore, popularly known as “The City of Happiness,” is a lovely and vibrant East Bay community. Several popular outdoor activities are available locally for tourists to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hiking routes in Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Area, Mt. Diablo State Park, and the Delta de Anza Regional Park System are among these activities.

If you’re looking for exciting things to do in Livermore, you’ll be delighted to know that rock climbing, ziplining, and whitewater rafting are all within an hour’s drive. I had a great time whitewater rafting! To save you time and effort, and to assist you with your schedule, here are my top choices for things to do in Livermore that will keep you entertained for hours. Let’s get started!

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11 Amazing Livermore California Activities

Explore Del Valle Regional Park.

Livermore, CA +151054431437000 Del Valle Rd

In contrast to San Francisco’s many days of rain and clouds, Livermore offers a milder temperature and is better suited to outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

People who adore nature need go no farther than the region’s smaller state and national parks for a chance to experience the great outdoors without having to travel to larger gardens.

If you want to spend a night or two in the great outdoors, I recommend camping at one of over 100 different campsites, many of which include water and electricity connections.

Pay a visit to the Shiva-Vishnu Temple.

+192544962541232 Livermore’s Arrowhead Avenue

I was startled when I visited the Shiva-Vishnu Temple since it is located in the center of a peaceful Livermore neighborhood. This temple boasts an especially eye-catching Gopura (an ornately adorned pyramidal tower over the main entrance), which is characteristic of Hindu temples in Southern India.

There are no greater Hindu temples in North America than this one, which has an enormous Sundareshvara Shiva-Parvati sculpture.

At the middle of the grounds is a pyramid-shaped temple that houses several Hindu deities. Inside, a spacious hall and a large kitchen provide free vegan meals to tourists and locals. I was served several appetizers that I quite appreciated.

Pay a visit to Sycamore Grove Regional Park.

Livermore, CA +192596024001051 Wetmore Rd

Of the many things to do in Livermore, visiting Sycamore Grove Regional Park is a top pick. Several residents, like me, love hiking paths in the neighborhood. The property is bordered by a variety of hills, which provide for beautiful pathways and vistas. On the summit, there is a breathtaking view for kilometers around.

The park’s entrances are positioned in two convenient locations. The park’s main entrance is on the east side of Livermore Avenue, while the south entrance is off Arroyo Road from Santa Rita Road. As you enter Sycamore Grove, you have the option of either the Magpie Loop (a walk with some steep terrain) or the Valley View Loop (which offers excellent views and some uphill terrain).

Visit Ravenswood Historic Site.

+192544302382647 Arroyo Rd, Livermore, California

Whether you’re planning a California road trip or just a fast day trip to the Livermore Valley, I recommend stopping by this gorgeous historical place.

The Livermore Heritage Guild started offering public tours of the property in 1983. It has restored antique furnishings and accessories from the main home. Guild volunteers provide guided tours four times a year on average. In addition, the Carriage House has a collection of antique sewing machines and other antiques from Victorian country life.

Every second and fourth Sunday of the month, you may enjoy a free guided tour of the historic estate (directed by costumed docents). It is an hour-long tour that covers the 1885 cottage, the 1891 main house, and the beautifully manicured gardens. A private guided tour costs $5 per person and is well worth the money.

Attend A Performance At Bankhead Theater

Livermore, CA +192537368002400 First St

I appreciate The Bankhead Theater’s intimacy, particularly on chilly summer nights when they open the massive garage doors on two sides. Once you drop into your seat, you will feel immediately calm and immersed in the game. The bathrooms of the Bankhead Theater are situated along a short corridor. They are maintained spotlessly clean.

The vendor booth sells a range of beverages and snacks. They just installed tiny seating places for after dancing in the isles or while waiting for someone.

Making friends with folks sitting around you before or after the performance is easier in a welcoming environment. Despite never having seen them before, it has already occurred to me twice.

Wente Vineyards Offers Wine Tasting

Livermore, CA +192545624815040 Arroyo Rd

Consider visiting Wente Vineyards if you are a wine aficionado or are curious about the wine world. At the tasting room, many varieties of wine (white, red, sparkling) were available for sampling and purchase, and the staff members were really nice and helpful.

The tasting room was not the only venue to enjoy the beautiful weather and try the extensive wine selection. There were also some outside locations to enjoy.

The Harvest Tour, which involves witnessing the fresh crop being harvested and processed, is one of the other unforgettable things to do in Livermore. You may still take a vineyard tour, experience a Wine and Cheese Pairing in The Cellar, or enjoy an amazing, matched meal in the restaurant if you visit outside of harvest season.

Darcie Kent Vineyards is a must-see.

+192524390407000 Tesla Road in Livermore

I happened to be in Livermore Valley Wine Country at their annual harvest festival and decided to stop by Darcie Kent Vineyards. It was an honor to be among the masses who flocked to this annual event, which attracts over 50,000 guests over three days.

The displays of Darcie’s artwork, a gift store, and the tasting area are housed within an inconspicuous stone barn. Her parents, Robert and Marilyn Kent, founded the second-generation Darcie Kent Winery in 1985. Almost 30 years ago, they planted the first vines on the Livermore Valley floor.

Brushy Peak Regional Preserve Hiking

Livermore, CA +188832727572234 Laughlin Rd

Brushy Peak Regional Preserve is one of my favorite things to do in Livermore as an outdoor enthusiast and wildlife lover. This location provides convenient access to a huge open area with paths for walking, hiking, bicycling, and equestrian riding. But, since the park preserves a variety of sensitive flora, you must remain on the trail and keep your dog on a leash at all times.

There are three trailheads in Brushy Peak Regional Preserve. The North Ridge Trailhead is off Wente Road in the campsite, near the park’s north entrance. The South Ridge Trailhead connects to a group picnic spot off Tesla Road, while the Green Valley Trailhead is reached by driving down Tesla Road past the group picnic area and parking on Mulholland Drive. Ready to see magnificent sceneries.

Altamont Beer Company is a must-see.

+192544323372402 Livermore Research Dr

A buddy suggested Altamont Beer Works to me, so I didn’t hesitate to taste it. My objective was to taste a few hand-crafted ales in a rustic setting that gave me the impression that they brew their beer in the countryside and then drive it into town to serve it directly from the back of their truck.

Altamont Beer Works is a family-owned and managed microbrewery. Drinkers and their families may enjoy a fresh beer in a natural atmosphere with this firm.

Craft beers are brewed using the best ingredients and are free of additives and preservatives. I like the West Coast IPA, which is hop-forward without being too harsh. Every taste was infused with strong citrus and tropical smells. The beer menu is broad; feel free to ask for recommendations on which beer to order, as I did.

The firm has significant roots to Altamont, Livermore’s oldest established community, and has embraced its name as well as the freshness traditions of the West Coast. This entails uncompromising quality and flavor.

Lizzie Fountain Park is a must-see.

First Street and S Livermore Avenue, +19259604000

Lizzie Fountain Park was on my list of memorable things to do in Livermore, California. You may run, stroll, or workout at the fitness stations strategically positioned around the park. The perfect outdoor activity to keep you energetic throughout your vacation.

Parking is quite cheap compared to other sites, and if you intend on lingering for a while, you may bring a picnic lunch.

Although there are no public drinking fountains in the park, there is plenty of street parking within a reasonable distance, and parking your vehicle for a few hours near to the park is reasonably priced.

As the scorching California sun sets, the splash pad with its many tiny water jets is the ideal spot for youngsters to cool down. There are numerous local restaurants for theatre and performances, and people often unwind by the fountain before going to these activities.

Take a ride on the Livermore Wine Trolley.

The Livermore Wine Trolley may be reached at 925-989-0421.

Have you ever taken a Wine Trolley ride? It’s in Livermore! Whether visiting the Bay Area or heading to Livermore, California, consider taking a tour of the Livermore Wine Trolley.

The Wine Trolley explores three wineries in the Livermore Valley every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout the year.

The Livermore Wine Trolley made it simple for me to navigate about the Livermore Wine Valley. Riding around the valley, seeing three fantastic vineyards, and then enjoying a delicious lunch and wine tasting all in one day is a lot of fun.

A typical wine tasting lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Although there is no time restriction for visiting each vineyard, you are welcome to remain as long as you want. Several of the facilities provide light snacks and gourmet dinners in addition to wine sampling (included in the price of your Wine Trolley tour).

While the Livermore Wine Trolley is closed on Mondays, you may also take a peaceful vacation from the workday with friends or coworkers on Thursday afternoons.

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Putting It All Together

It’s difficult to limit down all of the fascinating, enjoyable, and relaxing things to do in Livermore, CA. With so many options and locations to see, I had to deliberate before I collected my impressions.

There is so much to do in Livermore, whether you are a resident or simply passing through. Grocery shops often give free wine samples, the city is not short in wineries, and traveling to those farther away is not expensive. If you follow these suggestions, I guarantee you’ll leave Livermore with wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

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