11 Authentic Oklahoman Dishes You Must Try During Your Visit to Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma is renowned for many things, including the invention of the electric guitar, the existence of way too many tornadoes, the famous ghost light tale, and, of course, the musical. The greatest part about being from Oklahoma has to be the cuisine.

Whether you’re searching for the tastiest chicken fried steak, authentic southern barbecue, or a traditional helping of biscuits and sausage gravy, you’ll find it here.

Whether you are visiting loved ones, touring a college, on business, or looking for a new home in Oklahoma City, I wanted to share with you the greatest restaurants in town dishing up Oklahoma hallmark cuisine!

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11 Authentic Oklahoman Dishes You Must Try During Your Visit to Oklahoma City

The Sonic Drive-In

Several Places

When it first opened in Shawnee, Oklahoma in the early 1950s, it was known as Top Hat Drive-In. If you ask someone here what their favorite dish at Sonic Drive-In is, theyll most likely tell you a long list.

Tater tots are easily one of the finest things available. They cook them till they are crispy enough to crunch yet soft enough to melt in your mouth. You may not think fast food tater tots are a smart idea, but you haven’t experienced them yet!

If you want a traditional Oklahoman meal, order the ched r bits with ranch dressing as a side dish to a hamburger, chicken sandwich, or one of their iconic foot-long hot dogs.

Sonic also provides a variety of fantastic drink choices, such as shakes and several ice cream concoctions, but I like to wash it all down with one of their slushies or limeades.

My personal favorite taste is fresh lime, but most folks like a traditional cherry limeade!

Ann’s Chicken Fry Shop

405-943-89154106 NW 39th St.

Anns Chicken Fry House in Oklahoma City is a homely, 1950s-inspired, Route 66-themed restaurant that serves southern cuisine the way it should be made: with love.

What began as a petrol station along Route 66 in 1948 evolved into the Three Bulls Steak Restaurant.

Anns, as we know it now, was founded in 1971 and rapidly became an Oklahoman institution. Not only can you get what many consider to be Oklahoma’s greatest chicken fried steak, but you can also get fried peaches and fried green tomatoes.

The chicken fried steak is served with two scoops of mashed potatoes and a bread bun, as well as a side of delectable white gravy. The servings are pretty large.

The personnel is usually kind, and the pricing are unbeatable. If you go, keep in mind that Anns only takes cash, so bring some with you!

Hideout Pizza

Several Places

Who doesn’t like a delicious piece of pizza?

My favorite pizza spot in OKC is Hideaway Pizza on Western Avenue. To begin with, this facility is enormous. It has two storeys and never seems crowded.

Anybody in Oklahoma will tell you that the Cimarron pizza is fantastic. This isn’t for the faint of heart since it’s filled with bacon, ham, enormous chunks of sausage, and jalapenos for a kick. A creamy alfredo sauce base complements the fresh parmesan cheese well.

My particular favorite is the Canadian bacon, jalapeno pizza with ranch dressing.

50 for a mix of fried mushrooms and cheese sticks. Don’t forget to get Ranch dressing as well as marina sauce for dipping! My favorite side item on their menu is the 50.

If you’re not in the mood for pizza, Hideaway also serves salads, sandwiches, and baked pasta dishes.

To round up your dinner, get a slice of Mama Murphy’s frozen lemonade pie.

Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

405-236-04161309 South Agnew Ave.

Not every restaurant with great cuisine needs to be hip. Cattlemens is a true old-school, no-frills steakhouse with outstanding meals.

Cattlemens is the oldest continuously running restaurant in Oklahoma City, having opened its doors in 1910!

Numerous noteworthy personalities have visited Cattlemens while in Oklahoma City. This restaurant has hosted celebrities such as Gene Autry, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, and Reba McEntire. During his presidency in the early 1990s, George Bush Sr. dined at Cattlemens.

For good reason, Cattlemens is one of my top five favorite steakhouses in Oklahoma. To begin, their steak is dependably excellent, no matter how you get it.

In addition to the standard menu items you’d expect to see in a steakhouse, they also serve Rocky Mountain Oysters (aka lamb fries) if you’re feeling adventurous.

Rocky Mountain Oysters are what they’re called. First, try them and then ask what they were. I guarantee you they’re great, but don’t eat them until you know what they are!

The T-bone is my favorite steak at Cattlemens. It is quite soft, and you receive a generous piece. There are over ten different steak selections, including a Cattlemens strip sirloin and filet mignon if you’re feeling a little more upscale.

There is also a fantastic housemade salad dressing that you must try. All of this, along with one of their own breweries on tap, makes for a fantastic Oklahoma City supper.

Cattlemens serves breakfast as well, including omelets, hotcakes, Texas toast sandwiches, French toast, and, of course, steak and eggs.

Beverly’s Pancake Shop

+1 405-848-50503315 NW Expressway

Beverlys Pancake House is another eatery with reasonable rates and good service. If you’re wanting breakfast, you could go to Waffle House, but Beverly’s is considerably better in my view.

My top two recommendations are the messy plate (if you’re hungover or looking for a splurge dinner) and omelets. They feature a number of omelet alternatives, such as a ham and cheese omelet or a vegetarian omelet, if you want a lighter start to the day.

Beverlys’ signature meal is chicken in the rough, a half-fried chicken served unjointed with fries and honey butter buns.

Pancakes are another popular item on their menu. Consider three handmade blueberry pancakes with eggs and your choice of sausage or bacon. It’s a terrific place for breakfast, particularly after a night on the town.

Instead, if you want to continue your night out, Beverlys is open 24 hours a day.

The Nics Grill

Nics Grill is another another fantastic diner-style eatery. If you’re craving a burger, this is the place to go. Burgers are produced with juicy, hand-packed, never frozen meat that is grilled to perfection before being topped with the freshest toppings.

The Cheese and Everything burger, topped with mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and grilled onions, is the most popular at Nics. Or, you may customize your burger with grilled onions, jalapenos, mushrooms, and thick-cut bacon.

As you wait, you can also watch the chefs prepare your dinner, which is very amazing.

Nics has been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, as well as Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, and GQ France Magazine. The burger restaurant is so popular that there is often a long queue out the front door of customers eager to eat what many believe to be Oklahoma City’s finest burger.

Nics only takes cash, so be sure you stop at an ATM on your way there.


Classen Circle

Ednas is more of a bar than a restaurant, but because their trademark cocktail is named the Lunchbox, I felt it had to make the list, even if it was a stretch. That’s because no trip to Oklahoma City is complete without a stop to Ednas for a Lunchbox.

Their signature cocktail is an Ednas Lunchbox, which is equal parts Coors Light and orange juice blended with a shot of amaretto. I know that doesn’t sound fantastic, but it works somehow. It works so well that the bar has served over 2 million Lunchboxes since its inception in 1980.

The Lunchbox even assisted Ednas in being selected one of the World’s 50 Greatest Dive Bars! It’s so well-known that you can even purchase a Lunchbox-flavored chapstick to take home as a memento of your visit to Ednas.

Edna was one of the main attractions to the pub until her death. Edna was a local character who would go on top of the jukebox and dance for the audience whenever Great Balls of Fire (the Jerry Lee Lewis version, of course) was played.

Ednas has a limited bar menu with items like mac & cheese nibbles, loaded fries, nachos, and chicken finger baskets, but I doubt anybody comes for the food.

And, while you’re there, deface some government property and design a dollar bill to staple to the wall, adding to the numerous others that adorn the room.

Barbecue for Leos

405-424-53673631 North Kelley Ave.

Nothing screams southern more than BBQ.

For a reason, Leos Barbeque was featured on the TV program Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. This old corner shop serves some of the greatest genuine Barbeque around. Many people say that the secret is because the meat is smoked with hickory.

I’d recommend the Super Leos Special above anything else on the menu. It demonstrates the flavor of authentic Oklahoma-smoked cuisine.

Tender smoked ribs, links, traditional beef brisket, and bologna will be served. This recipe also includes some of the greatest potato salad and baked beans you’ve ever tasted.

You’ll want to finish with a piece of Leo’s famed strawberry-banana cake.

Please keep in mind that Leos is closed on Sundays and Mondays, and they now offer online ordering for takeout if you want to avoid any lines.


Several Places

Braums is a mainstay of the four-state area. There are a few standout items on their menu, but I have to recommend their biscuits and gravy. You’ll get a heaping helping of Braums freshly made, beautiful flaky biscuits smothered in a creamy country sausage gravy.

This is not sophisticated cuisine, but it is great comfort food that every Oklahoman knows.

After all, who among us who grew up in Oklahoma doesn’t remember school trips to the Braums farm, where we scooped ice cream out of cardboard containers with wooden spoons while attempting to avoid what we respectfully term farm smells?

When it comes to ice cream, Braums is well-known for it. You may enjoy their ice cream in one of their legendary banana splits, in a milkshake or sundae, or on a cone.

Pick from French Vanilla, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Rocky Road, Brownie Batter, or their popular Butter Pecan flavors.

If you want to make a meal out of your visit, Braums also serves a delicious burger. The jalapeño pepper jack burger is my personal fave.

The Classen Grill

N Classen Blvd. +1 405-842-04285124 N Classen Blvd.

Do you know what fried herb mashed potato balls are? You now have it.

It is one of Classen Grill’s most popular dishes and an Oklahoma classic. Picture a tater tot-like mixture of butter, garlic, cheese, and potatoes. Just thinking about it makes my mouth wet.

Moreover, their other fantastic breakfast alternatives are unrivaled. They provide one of the greatest breakfasts in Oklahoma City, and local officials are often sitting at the table next to you.

They provide delicious freshly squeezed orange juice beside savory and thick eggs benedict. You can’t go wrong with a side of house-made grits, either.

Other menu favorites include Huevos Rancheros, a California omelet, French toast, and my personal favorite, breakfast chicken enchiladas with no black olives.

They often have brunch specials and provide discounts to police enforcement and military people.


NW Expressway, 405-848-55972601

Juniors is an Oklahoma eating experience unlike any other. You’ll discover crimson décor, leather seats, and an old school ambience in the basement of a building, making you feel like you’ve walked into a vintage film.

When enormous oil money was at its peak in Oklahoma, juniors became fashionable. Indeed, it was formerly known as The Oilman’s Oasis because it was such a hub for the oil industry. Some of Junior’s clients have been coming here for almost forty years!

Several folks now go there for a couple cocktails and appetizers before their dinner.

They have great shrimp alternatives among the appetizers that all taste wonderful. My favorite is the half dozen shrimp on ice to start your dinner, but there is also a dozen choice if you have a bigger company.

If you prefer more conventional appetizers, they also provide delicious chicken strips and nachos. Try the chicken livers and gizzards combination appetizer if you’re feeling daring and want to try something uniquely Oklahoman.

In terms of adult drinks, I recommend the dessert cocktail. It’s a silky blend of whiskey and vanilla ice cream.

They serve delicious steaks and are well-known for their surf and turf combo.

Start your dinner with their Caesar salad, which is cooked tableside and is an Oklahoma legend.

Well, here’s a bonus for you. I realize it’s not exactly in OKC, but my list wouldn’t be complete until it was.

The Eischens Bar

Okarche, OK +1 405-263-9939109 S 2nd St

Eischens Bar deserves an honorable mention. It’s a bit outside of Oklahoma City, but once you get there, you’ll realize why it’s worth the trek.

Fried chicken with fried okra served on sheet paper with plain white bread, pickles, and onions says Oklahoma.

The chicken is juicy and well fried, and the okra is hot and crispy to perfection.

It also arrives swiftly, which is a great benefit.

Eischens is the state of Oklahoma’s oldest bar, having been founded in 1896 by Peter Eischen. According to local folklore, it is the only tavern in the state to have survived Prohibition because it started serving its (now renowned) fried chicken.

Eischens has been on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, as well as The Food Network’s Where to Find the Greatest Fried Chicken Ever, among numerous other television, newspaper, and magazine appearances.

People genuinely come from out of state to sample this fried chicken, it’s that wonderful! If you add an ice-cold lager, you’ve got yourself a whole supper.

Additionally, while this may seem utterly unrelated, Eischens produces a terrific Frito chili pie. If you’ve never eaten one, their version is basic and traditional, but the handmade chili is what sets it apart!

Be warned that Eischens accepts only cash, however there is an ATM on-site if you forget to bring cash. Sundays are likewise closed at Eischens.

Accommodations in Oklahoma City-

Well, so you’ll need a somewhere to stay while you tour all of these Oklahoma restaurants. I have the ideal solution for you.

The Sheraton Downtown is one of Oklahoma City’s greatest hotels, and I had the pleasure of working with them on my recent visit.

One of my favorite aspects of the hotel is its central position in downtown Oklahoma City, only steps away from many of the city’s top attractions.

If you’re in town for an event, the Sheraton has a direct link to the Cox Convention Center, making it an ideal spot to stay while attending a concert or conference. The Chesapeake Energy Arena and the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark are also nearby.

In addition, the hotel offers excellent access to Oklahoma City’s new streetcar, making moving about not just convenient but also enjoyable.

The Sheraton also boasts a variety of eating alternatives, including its own onsite coffee shop, in-house bar and lounge, and Block 23, their restaurant providing outstanding Contemporary American cuisine. When the weather is nice, check out their terrace restaurant, which is a great location to catch up with friends for food and beverages before heading out.

The employees, as wonderful as the place was, really shone out throughout my vacation. By the second or third day, I knew some of the employees by first name, and they were always courteous and eager to go above and beyond to make my stay as enjoyable as possible.

To book your own stay, go to their website by clicking here or check Booking.com for the best deals now.


Here are just a few of the top spots in and around Oklahoma City to get a bite to eat or a wonderful beverage. I hope you try a few of these fantastic alternatives the next time you visit OKC.

Get some fried chicken, a locally brewed beer, and a piece of Mama Murphy’s frozen lemonade pie for a genuine Oklahoma experience. Have a good time and leave space for seconds!

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