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Surfing, slow-moving waves, golden beaches, ice-cold margaritas, lively streets, art galleries, and bohemian atmosphere. Is this somewhere you’d want to go? If this is the case, you should begin organizing your vacation to Sayulita. The city has so many unforgettable things to do that you’ll be planning your next visit before you know it.

Sayulita is a lovely town in Coastal Mexico, full with modern restaurants, boutique hotels, boho stores, and open-air markets.

Here is your definitive list of activities to do in Sayulita, places to see, and, of course, eating choices with delicious food and beverages. To find out which restaurants and pubs are a must-see, read the following article:

  • The Best Restaurants & Bars in Sayulita

Yet, there is much more to do in Sayulita on vacation than simply surf! From exquisite dining to sipping a lime margarita at a swing bar to soaking up the rays on one of Sayulita’s stunning beaches, there’s something for everyone. This is my list of the top places to visit and activities to do in Sayulita, Mexico!

When in Sayulita, don’t miss out on the following activities that will let you immerse yourself in the city (get them while they’re hot!):

  • Punta de Mita/Sayulita: Horseback Riding Tour
  • Sayulita/Punta Mita: Zip Lines with Ocean View
  • Sayulita: ATV Adventure Tour
  • Sayulita: Surf Lesson for Beginners

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 The Best Things To Do in Sayulita

Get up early to take pictures on the bright flag street (also known as Slap Street)


The Calle Delfines, or Slap Street as it is called locally, is Sayulita’s busiest and most beautiful street. So I simply call it Flag Street. Along this picturesque restaurant-lined avenue, hundreds of rainbow flags (known as papel picado) are hung between palm palms.

Walking under the flags is the most popular activity for first-time visitors to Sayulita. Everyone must pose in front of the flags! Nevertheless, if you do, arrive early! Tourists will begin to arrive about 10 a.m. for a day of sightseeing and surfing.

So, what is the significance of the name Slap Street in the first place?

According to locals, this road was the location of a furious debate between two gentlemen who wanted to renovate it. However, they couldn’t agree, and emotions erupted until, in the heat of the moment, one guy raised his hand and struck the other in the face. Onlookers stepped in and calmed the two guys down.

As a consequence, the street became known as Slap Street. There is a sign at the end of the route that explains the tale.

Miscelnea Café

(52) 322 274 2255 Sayulita Avenida Revolucion 34 Interior A 63734

In Sayulita, there are hundreds of boho-chic breakfast and lunch spots, but none are as cute or soul-satisfying as the Miscelnea Café. This is one of my favorite cafes, and I can’t stop going back on every trip to Sayulita!

Although most travelers find breakfast at ChocoBanana (a well-known café right across Flag Street), I believe Miscelanea is the ideal place to start my day in Sayulita.

Miscelnea Café prepares a fresh, healthy breakfast and lunch using local and organic ingredients. Not to mention that their drinks, such as the Oaxacan hot chocolate and the beet lavender latte, are tasty, healthy, and visually beautiful.

As previously noted, there are hundreds of (great!) breakfast alternatives in Sayulita, but Miscelnea is a top-notch venue for food and coffee that embodies Sayulita style!

Explore Sayulita’s pristine beaches.

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Is it a one-beach trip, a two-beach vacation, a three-beach vacation, or a four-beach vacation? Going to the beach is, of course, one of the most apparent things to do in Sayulita! But did you know Sayulita has beaches other than the main one (Sayulita Beach)? Yep! There are various beaches to visit in Sayulita, each of which offers something special.

The following are some of Sayulita’s most beautiful and accessible beaches:

Sayulita Beach is Sayulita’s main beach and is readily accessible from the town. It is typically crowded, with colorful beach loungers and a plethora of sellers eager to sell their items. But, it is also the location where everyone goes surfing (sometimes in groups of dozens!).

Playa Carricitos: From Playa de Los Muertos, continue going down this dirt path through the jungle until you reach Playa Carricitos. It’s a secluded beach, ideal for disconnecting from the grid and getting away from the crowds!

North Beach may be reached by turning right instead of left from Sayulita Beach. It is the vast stretch of beach to the right of Sayulita where you may take a lengthy stroll or hike into the forest to reach San Pancho, the next town.

A popular hike is from San Pancho to Sayulita, which takes about 1.5 hours. North Beach is one of my favorite beaches because of the clear waters and lack of people. It’s also rather long and sandy!

Enjoy the waves by going surfing!

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Sayulita is a surfer’s paradise, so it’s no wonder that surfing is one of the most popular activities here. As soon as you go onto the main beach, you will see a sea of surfers of various skill levels surfing the waves. There are several surf shops in Sayulita where you may rent a board or even enroll in surf lessons!

Numerous surf shops and guides have set up cabanas on the beach, making Sayulita even more accessible. Costs vary depending on the store, but an average surfboard rental should cost about $20 per day, and a surf lesson should cost around $50-70.

Here are a few respectable Sayulita surf shops where you may rent or take lessons: Among the various surf schools in the vicinity are Lunazul (on the beach), Patricias Surf School, Sayulita Surf School, and WildMex Surf and Adventure. If you like surfing, you should go to the well-known La Lancha beach.

Explore the cemetery and the Playa de los Muertos.

The state of Nayarit is 63728.

The small cemetery and the beach next to it are breathtaking! One of the most popular things to do in Sayulita is a leisurely stroll from downtown to the Sayulita cemetery.

Flags, flowers, candles, and keepsakes of loved ones’ favorite goods, as well as leftovers from Day of the Dead festivities, are regularly found on tombstones here. One of the graves even has a surfboard on it.

Just down the hill to the right, a tranquil beach called Playa de Los Muertos may be observed. This section of the beach features calm waves, making it ideal for swimming or families with children. Sayulita is an excellent area to swim now that the sewage problem has improved, thanks to the new waste facility.

The beaches feature everything you need, including rental lounge chairs, paid parking, and bathrooms. A tiny food shack with snacks and drinks is available.

Boho stores and art galleries in Sayulitas

57d Avenue Revolution

The Sayulitas bohemian culture is wildly fashionable. As a result, consider doing a lot of shopping when you go. I know a lot of people, including myself, who like going shopping when on vacation. Things to do in Sayulita that involve splurging? Without a doubt!

The colorful alleyways of Sayulita are lined with wonderful boho boutiques selling crochet swim tops, dream catchers, and flowing skirts. My favorite places to shop all have earthy, bohemian feel. To mention a few, I visited Evoke the Spirit, R2 Fashion, Artefakto, Rosemary, and Manantial. And the open-air businesses on the way to the beach are charming!

There are also several magnificent art galleries in and around Sayulita. The bulk of the art galleries exhibit Huichol art, which includes beaded work, sculptures, paintings, jewelry, and other crafts. The Laughing Jaguar, for example, is a mix between a store and a gallery that specializes in Mexican art and home décor. They also offer traditional Huichol patterns and colors for pet collars!

Explore the open-air Hippie Market.

Revolution Avenue

The Sayulita Hippie Market is now more touristic than local, but it is still the place to go if you want to buy Mexican things at a fair price. It’s an outdoor market situated just before the bridge that leads into Sayulita’s downtown district.

Wandering through the market in Sayulita is a fun pastime and a great way to see the region’s art and crafts. It is open every day, so take a stroll around the neighborhood!

Additional Sayulita marketplaces include the Mercado del Pueblo (on Friday mornings), which offers artisanal items and crafts, and the Tianguis (open-air) market near the beach (Calle Gaviotas), which sells handcrafted artwork and handicrafts from Nayarit’s native Huicholes.

The Sayulita Orca

522 121 3917 Calle Miramar 19

Whale watching in Banderas Bay off the coast of Nayarit is an amazing complement to the other fascinating things to do in Sayulita, Puerto Vallarta, and beyond! Whales travel hundreds of kilometers from chilly northern seas to the warmer waters of the Bahia de Banderas.

There are several excursions accessible in all neighboring cities, giving you additional possibilities to pick from and plan whatever time works best for you.

In Nayarit, it is the beginning of April. Tours often last a full morning or afternoon, or around four hours. Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Grey and Sperm Whales, as well as playful dolphin families, may all be seen. The whale-watching season lasts from mid-December until the end of March.

Working with a company that cherishes animals and the environment by using low-impact boats and complying to the highest safety and protection requirements is essential. La Orca de Sayulita is an example of a company that emphasizes environmental conservation.

ATV Adventure Tour

(52) 329 291 3112 14 Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez

This 2-hour ATV ride in Sayulita will give you a rush of adrenaline. Explore the Cerro de La Loca, or Crazy Mountain, in the company of experienced guides. Experience stunning panoramic vistas and lush flora before partaking in a tequila tasting.

If you havent driven an ATV before, receive a quick training on how to do so once you get at the meeting site. Youngsters above the age of six may ride in the back seat with an adult provided the driver is at least 18 years old.

When you’re ready, begin your trek to Cerro de La Loca. Following a short drive, get out of your vehicle and wander to the Cerro del Mono viewpoint for a rest and to take in the panoramic views. Then descend to Questo, a tropical beach where you may cool yourself.

Return to the meeting point after the tour for a tequila tasting to cap off your journey.

Zip Lines with a View of the Ocean

(52) 329 291 3112

Be ready for a memorable vacation on the Riviera Nayarit. Soar over the trees on 10 zip lines and a hanging bridge in the highlands. Experience the most stunning ocean and jungle views of any Puerta Vallarta canopy tour.

You’ll be able to view everything from the Pacific Ocean to the rainforest natural reserve in Punta de Mita as you go on a breathtaking canopy excursion that includes 10 lines and a suspended bridge on the hills of Higuera Blanca, Nayarit.

The facilities were built to the greatest safety standards, with two ropes in each zip line to assure your safety throughout the canopy trip. You won’t have to worry about anything since the expert guides will supply all of the necessary equipment for the excursion, including a waist-to-thigh harness, helmet, and gloves.

Dont be astonished if you spot wild boars, deer, and even stunning macaws known as guacamayas amid the vegetation.

Finally, to round off your thrilling tour, partake in a traditional tequila tasting. Pickup and drop-off are provided at six different sites across the region.

Entourage in Sayulita

522 322 191 1066 Calle Miramar 20

The most popular diving destination in Banderas Bay is the Marietas Islands. You will enjoy an incredible experience in this protected marine national park and UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Jacques Cousteau led a group of international scientists in a campaign to protect the Marietas Islands from human activities in the late 1960s. After worldwide pressure, the Mexican government opted to establish the islands as a Marine National Park a few years later.

The islands, which are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, were originally used for military training and bomb testing by the Mexican army. Thus Cousteau and his colleagues were the first to see the islands remarkable flora and animals, both below and above the water.

Because of their volcanic origins, the islands offer a magnificent series of underwater mountains with various large tunnels and corridors to explore.

Divers of all skill levels will appreciate the varied range of dive settings offered. Seeing dolphins, turtles, and humpback whales on the boat voyage to the islands is usual (whale season is December to March), diving with puffers, angelfishes, Moorish idols, and trumpets is also common.

A quick search behind the rocks will turn up a slew of moray eels. Swim beside big schools of snappers clinging to the rocks, and keep an eye out for the many rays lying under the sand.

The diving center in Sayulita will be your starting point, and the divers will be fitted with appropriate equipment. Your four-hour trip will begin when you are transported to Punta de Mita.

The diving site is about 20 minutes from Punta de Mita. To create a more customized experience, small groups will be utilised. PADI-certified instructors will guarantee that the dives are appropriate for everyone’s skill level.

Finally, before I go down the zip line!

There are so many amazing and interesting things to do in Sayulita, but so little time. I remained for about a week and vowed myself that I would return as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Whether you stay for a week or a month, the city will keep you entertained with its colorful streets and kind welcome on a daily basis. I can tell you that Sayulita will steal your heart the moment you set foot there!

Thus, as a last piece of advise, when organizing your holiday to Sayulita, join a Facebook group or seek up local events at restaurants or across town! Other wonderful events, such as the Boho Fest, take place after the holidays, from mid-January to mid-February.

If you’re planning a vacation, Sayulita is the place to go, even if it’s your first visit. Whatever you want in Sayulita, whether you are a party animal or prefer a quiet and tranquil holiday, you will find it.

It is definitely one of the world’s most interesting locations, suitable for all sorts of tourists. Hence, don’t be afraid to go to Sayulita. This eccentric small village will welcome you with open arms. Just employ common sense, and you’ll be alright!

Which of these Sayulita activities do you wish to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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