11 Must-Try Cozumel Restaurants | Cozumel’s Finest Bars & Restaurants

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Some of the greatest places to dine in Cozumel are eateries that may go unnoticed at first. Fortunately for you, we’ve selected some of the greatest Cozumel restaurants so you can simply choose the ideal one for your vacation.

In Cozumel, you may get whatever sort of cuisine you want. Cozumel has it everything, from upscale dining to mom and pop eateries, whether it’s handmade pasta, the greatest tacos, wood-fired pizzas, sushi, or virtually anything else.

Cozumel is a wonderful melting pot of cultures and traditions, and the cuisine reflects the many nationalities that have settled on the island.

Additionally, if you’re visiting the island for diving, read on to hear about a fantastic dive shop and an oceanfront apartment we stayed in, both of which I strongly suggest.

TL;DR? Do you only want the diving shop and lodging recommendations? ScubaTony and Casa Phoenix are both fantastic, but I’ll explain why after I provide a list of the greatest places to dine in Cozumel.

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11 Best Restaurants in Cozumel

Laab, Kooben

+52 987 100 4726 Avenida 30 between Morelos and Calle 5

Check out Kooben Laab if you want some of the greatest handmade pasta and pasta in Mexico! You can’t go wrong with the carbonara here; it’s one of the nicest I’ve had.

All of their pasta is produced from scratch using high-quality ingredients. Kooben Laab’s mission is to combine nutritious and innovative meals with a new touch on recipes handed down through generations.

When you order, you choose the pasta and sauce combination so that you may tailor your meal to your preferences.

Every day, fresh pasta is produced, and they also provide vegan whole grain bread, sourdough bread, French-style cheeses, cakes, and sweets.

You may quickly dine at the restaurant, buy take-out, or have it delivered to your home! Kooben Laab is one of the greatest Italian restaurants on Cozumel, regardless of how you eat it.

Super Taqueria El Pique

+52 987 800 2337 10 April, Pedro Joaqun Coldwell

Who produces the greatest tacos in Cozumel is a contentious topic. When you’re seeking for the greatest tacos in Cozumel, this is a regular topic of conversation.

Many people will tell you that Mr. Tacos has the greatest ones in Cozumel, but El Pique, in my opinion, offers some of the best tacos in town, and they take the top place for best taco restaurant on our list!

In addition to tacos, there are beef and chicken options, as well as beer and horchata.

Pick between indoor and outdoor sitting, and the staff will attend to your every need. This restaurant stands out among Cozumel’s taquerias due to its friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.

We suggest starting with tacos from El Pique to get a sense of what outstanding tacos are like before moving on to other options around town. Nevertheless, if you’re like us and plan your own taco tour, El Pique may be your favorite stop, saving the finest for last.

Although though everyone claims to have the finest tacos, we believe you will agree that El Pique is the obvious winner!

Buccano’s At Night

+52 987 872 0100 Nte Hotel Zone, Carretera San Juan Kilometro 4.5.

This is a more reserved and high-end option, since it is part of a private beach club on San Juan Beach, only a short distance from town. Not only will you be served a delicious dinner, but you will also be treated to breathtaking views from the club itself!

Buccanos, situated a few miles north of downtown on the quieter side of the island, has a diverse cuisine.

If you decide to spend the day at the beach club, the relatively low admission charge ($10 USD or 200 pesos) may be used to food and beverages, allowing you to enjoy your favorite meals and drinks while watching the ocean and relaxing on the white sand beaches.

We chose Buccanos at Night, a dining establishment. The food and beverages, which range from burgers to prime seafood, are superb and reflect both traditional Mexican cuisine and foreign cuisine, as well as what is largely recognized as the greatest sushi on Cozumel.

The lobster mac and cheese and the surf & turf burger with lobster tail and Angus steak were our favorites.

Bucannos Restaurant is a good choice in Cozumel for superb meals in an attractive environment.

Contented Heart

+52 987 872 0838Nte 2 Calle

Check out Corazon Contento if you’re searching for something simple and tasty that will satisfy you every time you visit. Breakfast, lunch, and brunch are all available.

The meal is classic Mexican fare, and the natural juices are unrivaled in the region.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the city, so you have convenient access to shopping and other eateries.

Many come for the breakfast, and the rates are all extremely inexpensive for the neighborhood. You can feed the whole family without breaking the wallet.

Swing by for a delicious, full breakfast that you may personalize! One advantage is that it is air-conditioned.

This is a fantastic Cozumel restaurant for a Mexican-style breakfast.

The Punta Sur Cerveceria

+52 987 111 864210a Avenida Sur 229.

After hearing about their specialty dish, the lionfish pizza, we were intrigued to this establishment. However, as we discovered the hard way, get there early since they sell out fast. It’s the only fish on the menu, is fished responsibly, and is also offered as a ceviche.

Salads, appetizers, empanadas, and, of course, wood-fired pizzas are all available.

In addition to the pizza, you may complete a beer flight and try many draft beers. They are the island’s first and only microbrewery.

Their unique offers have the same feel as typical pizza and beer joints in the United States, but with a variety of toppings and draft beers.

They also provide sweets and various sorts of cuisine, so there is something for everyone! If you like beer and pizza, this is a must-visit restaurant in Cozumel.


+52 987 564 9802 Calle 65, immediately across the street from the airport

This restaurant is simple to find, particularly if you arrive directly from the airport. They provide delicious Mexican, Caribbean, and seafood cuisine at reasonable pricing!

This restaurant’s menu is small, but the fresh tortillas and outstanding shrimp tacos keep customers coming back for more.

This restaurant has a nice ambience, and they also provide vegetarian and vegan alternatives for breakfast and lunch.

The seafood at this restaurant is exceptional, and many customers return for more. Several families make this an annual excursion when they arrive or depart from the airport in Cozumel. Since it is so near to the airport, it is a convenient stop for anybody passing through the city.

Diegos is without a doubt one of the top restaurants in Cozumel.

Tour of Ten Experiences

+52 987 876 162680 Av. #451 Internación 5

Check out the Ten Experiences Tour if you want to change your perspective on Cozumel! This trip is a boutique culinary experience that allows you to sample 10 different Mexican foods and beverages.

You receive the complete Mexican gastronomic experience as well as a sense of the local atmosphere by staying in the home of a local host couple. Each of the ten-course dinners is paired with a different area of Mexico.

Together with the food and beverages, you may enjoy a presentation that complements the experience and emphasizes some of the most fascinating things to see and do in that region. This is a terrific opportunity to hear about and learn about various sites in Mexico while also enjoying a delicious lunch and some refreshing beverages.

There are several ways to appreciate Cozumel and the various places of Mexico, but one of the finest is to eat your way through the area!

The Monina

Av. Rafael E. Melgar 987 872 5762

This is another wonderful breakfast spot that serves Huevos Xcatic, a Mayan variation of eggs Benedict. To make it a more full dinner, add sides like bacon or hashbrowns. This is the only restaurant we visited twice throughout our vacation and got the same meal each times- it’s that wonderful!

The lunch menu includes a variety of ceviches, tacos, and traditional American food such as burgers, pizza, and fried chicken. Night is a little more formal, with a selection of steaks and seafood dishes, but it still includes many of the midday favorites.

They serve Mexican and Caribbean cuisine, and there is a bar in the restaurant, so you may visit at any time of day. The ocean vistas are what bring folks in and keep them coming back for more.

They provide vegetarian choices in addition to traditional meals to meet any dietary preferences.

La Monina features spots for swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, or just watching a stunning over-the-water sunset while eating. We requested sitting on the lowest level for ocean views when we arrived for breakfast.

One of the best things about this restaurant is that they don’t charge for beach access, so you can swim and dine without spending any extra money. Definitely one of Cozumels top restaurants.

The Palomar

Av. Rafael E. Melgar, Calle 10 Nte.

El Palomar offers stunning ocean vistas and one-of-a-kind cuisine. They specialize on Mexican and Latin cuisine, with seafood being the most popular and well-received dish on the menu.

The dinners are fairly affordable, and you can easily feed everyone without breaking the budget. This is a fusion restaurant with a terrific modern ambiance set within an old-style Mexican structure.

In addition to the meals, they strive to provide excellent service to everyone that walks through the door. Tourists and locals alike praise the cuisine, service, and value.

Cocktails are fairly cheap (try the Mojito!) and you can still take in the stunning views down the shore! Each meal is a smaller quantity, so you may try numerous different things without feeling stuffed.


+52 987 146 5083 254 Avenue Lic Benito Jurez, Central

Instead of going to all of Cozumel’s major clubs and restaurants, go to Guisados for a smaller family-style restaurant! Since it is a smaller restaurant, the service is exceptional, and the food is consistently good.

When you visit the restaurant, you may eat tacos, tostadas, and typical Mexican cuisine.

Each individual that comes your way will provide you with customized service. Instead of going to the huge chains, go to Guisados to support a tiny local company.

Guisados is a must-try for real Cozumel dining.

Municipal Mercado

+52 987 118 4823 Dr. Adolfo Rosado Salas Calle

This is a retail mall with a wide variety of food, apparel, spices, and other items! There are other smaller sellers around that will provide you with fantastic bargains and a real experience for everyone traveling by.

You may walk around the neighborhood and buy clothes, food, and other necessities without having to go across town. Interact with local sellers and other customers to enjoy the complete Mexican experience!

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Where to Drink in Cozumel: The Top Bars

The Hungry Cougar

+52 987 869 0214 Calle 3 sur, between Rafael E. Melgar and Avenue 5, 317

During your stay in Cozumel, visit the Thirsty Cougar for cocktails and live music! Local cuisine, seafood, Mexican and Caribbean cuisine, and a variety of vegetarian-friendly alternatives are available.

Go to the Thirsty Cougar for some of Cozumel’s greatest ceviches! The platters are enormous and inexpensive, so you can fill up on food and beverages without breaking the bank in the city.

They do provide less conventional foods for the majority of their menu, and they tend to appeal to visitors more than locals, so anticipate burgers and Tex-Mex rather than authentic Mexican cuisine. Specialties include chilaquiles in red or green sauce, lobsters, and a variety of pasta dishes.

The Thirsty Cougar is an eccentric restaurant and bar in Cozumel.

Tony Bs’s

Call +52 987 872 0195 and ask for Calle 2 Nte.

When on the island, this is a terrific spot to go out and sing karaoke with your pals! The cuisine is inexpensive and abundant, and the beverages flow all night. With beer, brats, and barbecue on the menu, you may forget you’re in Mexico when you visit this pet-friendly Cozumel restaurant.

They provide a variety of foods that are a blend of traditional Mexican cuisine and cosmopolitan fare. If you’re searching for a terrific place to hang out with friends in Cozumel, Tony Bs is a wonderful option.

Fusion restaurants that will provide you with a variety of selections no matter what style of cuisine you wish to taste. While visiting a new location anywhere in the globe, you should eat the local food and see all of the local cultural sites. Cozumel features a plethora of eateries that are both traditional and contemporary.

Great views and wonderful food can be found at fantastic eateries along the beach! There are several beach bars and restaurants with access to swimming areas, allowing you to swim and enjoy the water before or after your meal.

Spend time with friends at neighborhood pubs like Tony Bs for cheap drinks and delicious cuisine! There are lots of events in the city, such as live music and karaoke, to keep you occupied throughout your visit.

Several of these pubs are also near to the beach, so you can go check it out and enjoy spending time on beautiful white sand beaches.

Instead than roaming about the city without a plan, hungry and perplexed, try any of the restaurants on our list for delicious food and beverages. Taste the finest that Cozumel has to offer. Bring your family or friends to the island and experience all of the many kinds of cuisine that Mexico has to offer!

Where to Stay in Cozumel and the Best Diving Shop

Now that I’ve arranged all of your meals, you’ll need to know where to stay and what to do.

With good reason, Cozumel is a scuba diving and snorkeling hotspot. The visibility and conditions are among the greatest I’ve ever seen.

I’ve had the good fortune to work with numerous fantastic dive shops across the globe, but ScubaTony truly stood out and impressed me.

The whole procedure was simple, professional, and, most importantly, enjoyable. They’re a fantastic little business that goes above and beyond to ensure divers have the greatest experience possible.

The equipment is modern and well-maintained, the divemasters are knowledgeable, and the management staff has a wealth of knowledge about the island and can provide excellent comments and recommendations.

They even rent out automobiles! The automobile rental procedure was much simpler than renting from one of the large names.

Therefore, if you’re going to Cozumel for diving (or if you want to learn to dive, ScubaTony also offers certifications), certainly contact the ScubaTony crew; they’ll get you all set up. ScubaTony may be reached on their website by clicking here.

You’ll also need to find a place to stay, and I’m pleased to recommend one to you. Casa Phoenix is an oceanfront property that is ideal for a small group of guests.

It includes four bedrooms, two of which have ocean views and all of which have individual bathrooms. There is also a huge kitchen and dining area, laundry facilities, a large living room, and a fifty-foot balcony ideal for watching the sunset.

Villa Phoenix is part of a complex with a freshwater heated pool and easy access to the beach. In fact, your diving or fishing boats can even pick you up on the private dock!

We like that each of us had our own private place, but that the huge public rooms were ideal for cooking or lounging after a hard day of diving.

The location was also really handy for us. The condo is a short walk from Centro and immediately across the street from a grocery shop, making it simple to supply the refrigerator and cupboards.

To discover more about the resort and schedule your own stay, go visit the Casa Phoenix website by clicking here.

Which of these Cozumel eateries do you wish to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

How do I travel from the airport to Cozumel, Mexico?

If you have a large group, consider hiring a private transfer. Your driver is multilingual, so he will be pleased to answer any questions you have about the area while you go.

Do you want to get the complete Cozumel experience? Choose a premium service dedicated exclusively for you and your group of up to 6 persons in a fresh new luxury SUV.

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