11 Top San Pedro Belize Restaurants | Ambergris Caye Dining

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Belize, the youngest Central American country, has fared well in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic. Its large open areas and low human density enabled it to reopen to visitors in October 2020.

The most popular tourist destination is Ambergris Caye, an island made famous by celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s a 13-minute flight from Belize City.

With diving the Blue Hole being the main reason most scuba divers visit Ambergris Caye, excellent meals and enjoyment around dive time are essential.

And there are lots of nice restaurants.

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11 Best Restaurants in San Pedro, Belize

Grill Blue Water

+5012263347 Barrier Reef Drive, beachfront

Seating is available on both the top and lower patios of this vibrant, pleasant, and airy restaurant.

The menu on the framed board changes often, but the fish tacos, Broccoli Chicken, shrimp & calamari, quinoa bowls, ceviche, conch fritters, and coconut shrimp sticks remain favorites.

I’m not much of a risk-taker, so I went with the fish tacos (other proteins include chicken, beef, and pork). The three tacos, double wrapped in corn tortillas, make for a substantial meal.

The accompanying salsa is entirely superfluous, since the dish is simply and properly seasoned with a tangy, spicy sauce, light onions, and cabbage.

For dessert, they serve key lime pie (known as Caye Lime Pie) and chocolate molten lava cake.

Bottled water, sodas, juices, and a well-stocked bar give excellent thirst-quenching alternatives.

Fry Jack’s Home

Black Coral Street, San Pedro, Belize, +5016357918W29P+9XW

The Fried Jack House is a restaurant in San Pedro, Belize that serves delicious fried jacks. Local chefs create these wonderful treats with devotion.

It’s a wonderful spot to spend time while having a fantastic meal with amazing views and a friendly and inviting ambience.

Id never eaten a fried jack at a fry jack business before, but as we passed the Fry Jack House, my companion wanted to stop and eat, and I wasnt disappointed! A simple, no-frills dive was precisely what we needed for lunch.

The waiter was wonderful, making sure we got everything we needed. They also make their own spicy sauce, which went great with our taco-fried jack! We also got a breakfast fry jack with sausage and a sweet jack combination with strawberries, banana, and Nutella. Make a point of visiting this amazing site!

Elvis Presley’s Kitchen

Pescador Dr.

Although this eatery is officially Elvis (notice the apostrophe), it sounds like Elvis to me.

It is a family company that was founded in 1977, before Belize gained independence. Elvi enjoyed feeding people and building her own large village. A portrait of her is prominently displayed on the rear wall of the restaurant, greeting guests who enter.

A tree trunk is also clearly shown. At the center of the dining room. This tree was initially planted in front of the first structure. They constructed around the tree, incorporating it, as the restaurant grew.

Unfortunately, the tree was almost devastated when Hurricane Dean hit Belize in 2007.

As Elvis was being rebuilt, an arborist did their thing and made a non-degradable work of art that they hung with white Christmas lights, making the revelation rather spectacular.

The cuisine is variety and readily obtained if you have a mobile phone plan through QR code. If it doesn’t work, the staff will gladly supply a menu.

Their seafood selection is based on the day’s fresh catch. They’re well-known for their burgers.

As my waiter saw I was ready for my major course of the day, he suggested the Mexican steak. Yep, beef. He praised its softness, claiming that it would form a perfect dinner when paired with baked potatoes (butter, sour cream, and chives).

It comes with freshly cooked coleslaw and fried plantain. The coleslaw was pleasantly light, with a touch more mayo than the vinegar I’d come to anticipate. The plantain provided the sweet note that many people like at the conclusion of a meal.

The steak was cooked just to my liking. The potato was crimson and more flavorful than American potatoes. Its nice to examine veggies in other nations.

Estels Eat on the Beach

Oceanfront, Buccaneer St, San Pedro, Belize +5012262019W29Q+H64

The property is immediately on the beach. It has stunning views and a fantastic feel. The greatest lunch I’ve ever had in Belize, considerably better than expensive, white-tablecloth eateries.

The environment was warm and inviting. It’s near to the ocean and serves delicious meals.

The music suited the Tropical beach setting. The pub’s atmosphere was good and not too loud. Several of the songs were played on the ukulele by the vocalist.

We began with a seafood platter, which we quite enjoyed! Next I had the Mayan Eggs, which are comparable to Migas in the US but come with a fantastic fried bread called Fry Jack. My buddy requested loaded fried jack, which means placing the eggs into the fry jack bread.

The fresh fruit that came with everything was delicious. My other friend’s shrimp omelet was wonderful, with perfectly cooked, rubbery prawns.

Freshly squeezed watermelon juice was the perfect complement to our meal. Super energizing!

Make a reservation if you wish to dine at one of the outside tables on the weekends. We had to eat indoors, but it was still really nice, and you could watch the waves lap down the shore. A terrific experience that I wholeheartedly endorse!

El Salvadoreno Pupuseria

Pescador Dr, San Pedro, Belize, +5012263237W29P+HRF

Pupuseria Salvadoreno is one of the most affordable and delicious eateries on the island. Salvadorian-owned and managed, with a great and seasonal food. As seen by its pleasant environment and great customer service, the restaurant has been open for quite some time.

It has been in operation for decades, making it one of the most well-known businesses in town. It provides everything from Arepas with a variety of toppings to outstanding homemade pupusas and some delectable stews perfect for moonlight meals on the beach.

We had around 8 Pupusas since I couldn’t stop eating them, and we kept trying with new combinations. Everything was delectable. I also had a watermelon juice made to order that wasn’t watery or too sweet; they took the watermelon, blended it, and delivered it to me.

I should clarify that they have a huge menu with a variety of entrees, but I came here solely for the Pupusas, and I encourage that you come as well!

Restaurant & Bar Caramba

+5012264321W2CQ+993, Belize

Dinner at Caramba is a must if you’re visiting the island of San Pedro. That was an amazing experience. Caramba lets you choose fresh fish and have it prepared while you’re there.

The food was not only wonderful and fresh, but also fairly priced. The atmosphere is upbeat and lively. The drinks are spectacular and one-of-a-kind!

Its menu offers a broad selection of options. With a salsa-like cocktail sauce and crunchy tortilla chips, the shrimp cocktail was delicious.

We dined on blackened roasted garlic and stewed snapper fillets, all perfectly grilled with tasty sauces and spices.

Also, the beverages were wonderful, and if you like Key Lime Pie, make sure to get that. Without a doubt, you will not be dissatisfied with this place!


+5012262071 Belize City, Belize

Pineapples on the Beach serves all three meals daily.

They have renowned daily specials. On the day I went, numerous other restaurants in town (including the Mexican one) were aware that Pineapples was serving chicken flautas as a special. The chef works until 11:10 to complete the prep work (so dont go at breakfast time for this wonderful special).

The Dive Village is fed by pineapples, so it’s no wonder that their cuisine is diverse and the quantities are generous.

But when your dinner is served with an Oh, my goodness! Only a split second before you exclaim Oh, my gosh! You already know you’re in for a (a) treat and (b) leftovers!

The servings are massive. Breakfast quesadillas, cinnamon French toast, blueberry bagels, tropical waffles, and Pineapples Omelette are available.

Their Hol Chan Breakfast is the most popular, they say, with two eggs fried any manner, bacon, ham, or link sausage, with breakfast potatoes or toast.

Their healthy option is the Island Feast. Fresh tropical watermelon, banana, cantaloupe, pineapple, and papaya on a tray. The fruit is in season, fresh, and tasty.

Its basic menu displays their common starters include a Mexican black bean & corn soup or a BBQ shrimp salad.

Chicken), cheesy fries, wings, or chips and salsa are all options. shrimp from the conch shell They provide ceviche and nachos (vegetarian) as munchies.

A crispy buffalo sub, bacon black and blue burger, chicken and waffle sandwich, and siracha popcorn shrimp tacos are among their burgers and sandwiches (my daughters fave).

When the flauta special is not available, I alternate between blackened fish tacos and Belizean rice and beans (including fried plantain garnish)

These amounts can feed more than one person, and my leftovers provided two more dinners!

Perhaps one of the finest spots to people watch is on the beach, where you can watch the sand and waves or the divers coming in and out of the diving town.

Restaurant & Lounge Black Orchid


With so many resorts and condominiums (AirBnB or VRBO) south of town, there are two eateries within 2.5 miles.

The Black Orchid epitomizes the island’s exquisite dining experience. You’ll be greeted by Brimley, the wooden child-size menu holder, and seated in the multi-fanned dining area.

We might start with Creamy Spinach Dip, Marinara Meatballs (homemade Italian), Calamari, Ginger Pork Egg Rolls, or Shrimp Cocktail.

On the menu were Crispy Green Salad and Little BLT Cobb Salad.

The two white meat options were Teriyaki chicken and Butter Braised pork (mushroom cream sauce). I appreciated that the chicken was boneless. They cook over a lava rock flame after marinating in teriyaki sauce and serve with veggies and Sweet Coconut Rice.

Their Seafood Steak Pasta selection was the most diverse.

Sunshine Snapper (caught locally) sautéed in chefs butter, garlic, and herbs with fresh veggies and coconut rice was an easy option.

Blackened Snapper, Crusted Orange Rum Grouper, Spicy Shrimp, Seafood Alfredo, and Shrimp Scampi were also available.

They presented a boneless rib eye, locally grown steer from Mainland Belize to the meat aficionados in the party.

Lastly, their Lasagna Boat had 5 layers of creamy marinara sauce, mozzarella cheeses, delectably fresh hand-made pasta, ground meat, red peppers, and herbs, topped with parmesan, and served with garlic bread. Yum!

We were too full to try the sweets, but we realized the following day that if they were open for lunch, we would have gone back.

Your Scuba Diving Boat

Phone # (your local dive shop) The Atlantic Ocean is open water.

Divers get hungry. We become quite hungry on a three-tank dive to the Blue Hole.

During our stay, Ramons Dive Village offered the Blue Hole dive. Watching the joyous grins of individuals exiting the sea after completing their dive convinced me to join them (and all the dive shops we interviewed recommend each other, which helps).

Pineapples, their restaurant, had previously made this list, so the cuisine was no surprise.

The journey to the Blue Hole is no laughing matter. 2.5 hours of open water, unpleasant and bumpy, but stated this is just choppy, not harsh, as one poor girl wailed inconsolably from the 15-minute mark after we began the hour.

They served us coffee, water, orange juice, cinnamon rolls, watermelon, red and green apples, pineapple, raisin cookie and muffin combo (can we call it a Mookie since coffin would be bad?) and monkey bread for breakfast.

With a 0530 start time, we were able to enjoy it a bit before we began, so we didn’t have extremely full tummies when we reached the rough ocean. The hour felt endless, but there was a 30-minute respite where the red mangroves live. It is the finest time to eat more and drink some water.

After another hour of turbulence until we reach the atolls and coral that surrounds the Blue Hole. Following the dive, additional food and fruit were served.

They transported us to Half Moon Caye after the second dive, where we ate lunch on the boat. Rice & Beans, Coleslaw and a chicken (on the bone) and potato dish in a delicious orange Belizean sauce.

They allowed us 40 minutes to explore the island before returning for the day’s last dive. Restaurant-quality cuisine enhances the diving experience.

Your Apartment

Belize’s Ambergris Caye San Pedro Anywhere you want

There are multiple grocery stores in town, including one that is a block wide.

If you stay at an Airbnb rather than a hotel, as many people do, you could be fortunate enough to find some culinary materials left behind by the owner.

If not, create a complete shopping list and visit any of the local markets, keeping in mind that the finest produce is likely to be obtained from sellers along Back Street or the little store across from the town’s supermarket.

The finest protein you can pick is fish you caught yourself. Some of the finest tips we received for catching snapper, swordfish, conch, and grouper was to go fishing early in your stay. You’ll be able to fill your freezer.

You’ll need cabbage, onion, cilantro, a little oil, and fresh tortillas from a street seller to get started.

Vendors and stands on the street

When you have a decent job in the US and the opportunity to travel, it’s lovely to be able to share your money with the street vendors, particularly those on foot or by bike, who sell their wares.

The first woman and little child who approached were selling jicama and peeled oranges.

The second young guy sold pigs in a blanket, small quiche, cinnamon buns, doughnuts, and a flat cookie stuffed with fruit while riding his bike with a huge basket attached.

My favorite of them is located on Middle Street and Pescador Drive. But, you must arrive extremely early to get their morning special, which is generally some kind of taco or tortilla delicacy.

If you’re too late for that, enjoy their made-to-order fruit smoothies; they’ll help you through any dietary issues. My drink was a raspberry banana orange with an unknown unique ingredient (even with backstage access, you can’t get everything!) and it was amazing; I’ll certainly return the next time I’m in town.

When you visit Ambergris Caye, you’ll want to dive, snorkel, relax on the beach, see the Mayan ruins, and have a good time in San Pedro.

You’ll be relieved to learn that there are lots of wonderful places to dine to fuel your activities.

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