12 Best Toronto Brunches | Can’t-Miss Toronto Brunch Spots That You’ll Love!

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Toronto is synonymous with the meal known as “brunch.” Over the course of many years, the city has developed a robust culture surrounding brunch, and throughout its many neighborhoods, restaurants serving delectable brunch fare have proliferated. The one and only obstacle? In order to get into the best brunch spots in Toronto, there is almost always a line out the door, but the wait is always well worth it. Here are my picks for the best 12 brunch spots that Toronto has to offer, out of the many incredible brunch options available in the city at prices to suit any budget and catering to any preference.

12 Places To Go For The Best Toronto Brunches

Best Brunch In Toronto Open on Weekdays

There is no stipulation in place that stipulates brunch must be limited to the weekend hours only. Brunch times are becoming more popular at a lot of restaurants in Toronto, which is great news for those individuals who are unable to attend the typical weekend brunch on either Saturday or Sunday due to their work schedules. Brunch times are becoming more popular at a lot of restaurants in Toronto. The following is a list of 12 of the best restaurants in the neighborhood that are available for weekend and weekday brunch service.

Le Petit Dejeuner

191 King St E // +1 416-703-1560

If Belgian Waffles are your favorite brunch item then Petit Dejeuner is the place to go for brunch in Toronto. This all-day breakfast spot has been serving up Belgian comfort food for the last 10 years. The owner and chef are of Belgian heritage and committed to using fresh ingredients and equipment to ensure an authentic Belgian Waffle experience. Light, crispy and airy, they are perfection. Golden Brussels-style waffles on their own cost only $7. Petit Dejeuner also does excellent eggs benny and offers an item to get the best of both worlds: a waffle benny.

Petit Dejeuner serves breakfast 8-3 Monday and Tuesday, 8-5 Wednesday-Friday, and for weekend brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am-3 pm.

Starving Artist

Multiple Locations

The popularity of Starving Artists, a restaurant that combines an art gallery with a brunch restaurant, continues to rise, and the restaurant now has four locations across the city of Toronto. The restaurant is dedicated to promoting local talent and features the work of a different regional artist every two weeks. When it comes to brunch, this establishment specializes in piling mouthwatering toppings on top of delicious waffles and adding just about anything else you could want. You can get a BLT on a waffle bun, eggs benny on a waffle, waffle bacon, or just a traditional waffle with ice cream at this restaurant. They even offer waffles that are suitable for vegans and those who avoid gluten. Waffles for everyone!

Brunch is served all day, from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening, seven days a week, at The Starving Artist.

Aunties and Uncles

74 Lippincott St. // +1 416-324-1375

Since the early 1990s, this peculiar diner with a 1950s-style interior and a central location in the Kensington Market has been a mainstay of the Toronto brunch scene. It should come as no surprise that this restaurant is always packed, as it possesses a wonderful ambiance, a helpful and welcoming staff, and a variety of inventive and reasonably priced brunch options. The outdoor patio is a great selling point for this establishment during the warm summer months.

The breakfast tacos are my favorite item on the menu. They are served with silky scrambled eggs, ground chorizo, and a refreshing cilantro crème on top of corn tortillas. This dish, along with a side of potatoes or salad, can be purchased for less than ten dollars. You’ll need to bring cash with you because they don’t accept credit cards, but there is an ATM available on the premises.

The hours of operation for Aunties and Uncles are as follows: Monday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Maha’s Fine Egyptian Cuisine

226 Greenwood Ave. // +1 416-462-2703

The fact that you can find almost any type of food from around the world right in the city is one of the many reasons I adore Toronto. Maha’s Restaurant in particular exemplifies this point with its excellent Egyptian food. This one-of-a-kind eatery takes ancient Egyptian staple dishes that are more than 5,000 years old and transforms them into a delicious brunch that is served today.

The cozy atmosphere of this restaurant will make you feel as though you’ve walked into the kitchen of a friend or neighbor, and the dishes on the menu are even more inviting. The Egyptian Falafel from Maha’s, which consists of soft-boiled eggs wrapped in falafel and drizzled with garlic sauce, is by far my favorite dish.

My experience at Maha’s provided me with some of the tastiest hummus I’ve ever had. Also, don’t forget to try out Maha’s honey date grilled cheese, which has won multiple awards.

The hours of operation for Maha’s are as follows: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. On Wednesdays, the establishments are closed.

FIGS Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant

344 Queen St E. // +1 416-913-7205

A hidden gem in the heart of East Downtown can be found in this warm and inviting restaurant. You can always count on the eggs at Figs to be poached to perfection, which is why the restaurant is best known for its eggs Benedict. The diner serves six distinct variations of eggs benedict, catering to customers with dietary preferences ranging from vegetarian to carnivorous. My favorite? The Californian version of the eggs benny, which includes avocado, spinach, and tomato in the dish. To create the perfect brunch for you, you can even customize your order by adding on additional sides.

The Figs Breakfast and Lunch Restaurant is open every day of the week from 7 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.

Saving Grace

907 Dundas St W // +1 416-703-7368

This restaurant serves breakfast all day and is famous for its French toast, which is made with stale baguettes purchased from a bakery close by. It is considered to have some of the best French toast in the city. After being dipped in egg, milk, and nutmeg, the bread is then fried to perfection and served with a side of sweet bananas that have been fried. There are also savory versions of the French toast available at Saving Grace, which are stuffed with apples, gruyere, and onion. Those who prefer savory dishes to sweet ones can order these.

One more item on the brunch menu at Saving Grace that you simply have to try is the Spicy Eggs Rajasthani. This dish was inspired by a region in India known as Rajasthan. The proprietor picked up the skills necessary to prepare this dish while on an overnight safari in the Indian desert, and the resulting dish has a distinctive flavor. In this dish, spicy scrambled eggs are combined with tomato, red onion, and chili powder. They are served alongside spicy paratha for scooping and traditional chana masala, which is then finished off with a drizzle of cooling yogurt.

Every day other than Tuesday, Saving Grace is open from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon.

93 Front St E // +1 416-363-4247

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday in Toronto is to go browse the stalls of St. Lawrence Market, and Carousel Bakery is the perfect place to fuel up before or after shopping. This food stall in St. Lawrence Market has crafted the peameal bacon sandwich to perfection. The breakfast version is even tastier, accompanied with egg and cheese on a county bun.

Carousel Bakery also sells a variety of fresh-baked bread and pastries to take home for later. This is one of the best places to grab a quick brunch in Toronto for those short on time.

Carousel bakery is open the same hours as St. Lawrence Market, from 8 am-6 pm Tuesday-Thursday, 8 am-7 pm Friday, 5 am-5 pm Saturday. They are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Best Weekend/Sunday Brunch in Toronto

After spending the night out on the town with your friends, is there anything that can top going out for Sunday brunch? These restaurants serve brunch only on the weekends and are guaranteed to cure any hangover. If not, just add more mimosas.

Hogtown Vegan

1056 Bloor St W // +1 416-901-9779

Vegans in Toronto will find that Hogtown Vegan offers one of the city’s top brunches. This inventive restaurant serves meatless renditions of traditional southern dishes that are just as satisfying as their omnivorous counterparts.

The unchicken and waffles are the restaurant’s most famous dish, and they consist of a stack of corn waffles topped with soy-breaded chicken. The restaurant has a warm and inviting ambiance thanks to the colorful walls that are adorned with old album covers.

Brunch is served on the weekends from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Hogtown Vegan.

Barque Smokehouse

299 Roncesvalles Ave // +1 416-532-7700

On the other end of the spectrum, Barque Smokehouse is one of the best Toronto brunches for carnivores. They serve a variety of smoked meats and smoked fish. You won’t have to choose between savory and sweet options because we serve the smoked duck legs atop a mountain of blueberry pancakes. This dish is sure to satiate all of your cravings.

Other crowd-pleasers on the menu include scrambled eggs with smoked short ribs and benedicts made with cornbread and brisket respectively. This eatery offers a wonderful ambiance for families, complete with children’s programming on the television and coloring books for those dining with young children.

Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm at Barque Smokehouse.


1627 Dupont St. // +1 416-561-9114

One of the freshest brunches you can get in Toronto is served here, and it comes straight from the farm. The seasonal dishes at Farmhouse Tavern are prepared using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients from Ontario. The Mother and Child reunion is the restaurant’s most popular dish. It consists of a whole duck egg that has been crusted with duck fat and is served alongside duck leg confit and blueberry compote.

Another item from the brunch menu that you simply have to try is the Farmhouse Brunch Burger. This burger is made with freshly ground beef and is topped with house-smoked bacon, goat cheese, lettuce, homemade special sauce, and a fried duck egg.

The burger is a mess, but the fresh-cut fries that come on the side are ideal for cleaning up any remaining drippings from the burger. They even have a smoked Caesar cocktail that is topped with oysters for you to wash it all down with.

On Saturdays and Sundays, beginning at 11 am and continuing until 3 pm, they offer brunch, and reservations are accepted.

House on Parliament

454 Parliament St. // +1 416-925-4074

This restaurant never fails to satisfy my cravings for brunch and has never failed to make a good impression on any guests that I have brought there, despite the fact that Cabbagetown is my neighborhood. The Shootine, which is a breakfast version of the traditional Canadian Poutine, is without a doubt my favorite thing to order from the menu. The eggs, potatoes, cheese curds, bacon, and caramelized onion that make up this dish are all combined in a single mouthwatering bowl and topped with hollandaise sauce before being served. This is the most effective hangover treatment available in Toronto’s Sunday brunch. In addition, mimosas are only $5 each, so how can you go wrong with that?

On weekends, the House on Parliament is open for brunch service from 11 am to 3 pm.

Hot House Restaurant and Bar

35 Church St. // +1 416-366-7800

There is nothing that I enjoy more on a Sunday morning than stuffing my face with brunch and listening to smooth jazz, and Hot House provides an environment in which I can do both in a manner that is socially acceptable. This well-known eatery is home to what is widely considered to be one of the city’s top Sunday brunches. For the low, low price of $27, guests can enjoy an all-you-can-eat brunch that includes cuisine from around the world and live jazz.

The carvery smoked ham, steamed mussels in white sauce, fresh Belgian waffles, hot apple crumble, and caramelized pecan French toast are just a few of the items that are considered to be among the best, but there are many more. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that they have a custom omelet bar where you can choose from a wide variety of gourmet ingredients. My only complaint about this establishment is that I did not have sufficient room in my stomach to sample everything that was offered. You won’t have to waste time waiting in line for brunch if you make reservations in advance because you can do that.

On Sundays, the Hot House Restaurant and Bar is open from 9:30 am until 3 pm for their brunch service.

There is an endless selection of brunch restaurants in Toronto, so regardless of whether you are a local resident or just visiting for the weekend, you can satisfy any brunch craving and any budget.