12 Fun Helen GA Attractions and Activities

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Looking for something to do this weekend in Helen, Georgia? You’ve arrived to the correct location!

Helen is a tiny community in Northeast Georgia’s Smoky Mountains. This city exudes antique beauty and an old-world vibe.

The town will fascinate you with its lovely Bavarian architecture.

You’d fall for Helen the instant you parked your vehicle and walked along the country roads. The city has it all: romance in the most stunning aesthetics, adventures on rocky mountains and waterfalls, family fun on the mountain coaster, and beauty wherever you look!

I fell in love with this city because it was distinct from the rest of the globe. Following German architecture, Helen is a fantasy village with vivid colors and friendly people. It’s comfortable, warm, and full of surprises.

This mountain community was created in 1912 and is located about an hour and a half from Atlanta. Just 500 people reside there, according to the 2010 census. It’s a great area to spend your days eating German food, drinking beers, and nibbling on soft pretzels while sitting back and relaxing in the sun.

Helen, Georgia checks off all the boxes for an excellent getaway. Nature relaxes your senses, yet sports excite your adventurous side.

The cafés are right out of a rom-com; take late-night stroll while smelling pastries. Experience the joy of a kid whenever you go tubing or trekking in the magnificent mountains. Finally, experience the chills as you walk into the tranquil rivers and beautiful waterfalls.

This is my list of the best activities to do in Helen, Georgia, to really immerse yourself in the city.

When in Helen, don’t miss out on the following activities that will let you immerse yourself in the city (get them while they’re hot!):

  • Casual Wine transportation tour
  • BEST Helen Town and Dahlonega Day Trip

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The 12 Best Things to Do in Helen, Georgia

River Tubing is a fun activity. River Chattahoochee

+17068782665590 Edelweiss Straße

I went for a morning stroll along the Chattahoochee River on a lovely day, but I stumbled upon a highly festive event called Cool River Tubing. Others shouted on floating tubes all the way down the river, filling the day with energy and excitement. I knew this was something I wanted to do.

Without further ado, I climbed on the bottomless tube and drifted across with my paddle. The Chattahoochee River is a terrifying stream with great water flow and a series of rough twists.

Imagine how relaxing it would be to tube down the Cool River’s waves under the open sky, with a panoramic view of the beautiful Alpine Villages. During my hour-long ride, I encountered mild rain; it was enjoyable and relaxing!

Cool River Tubing has three outposts to select from: the Chattahoochee Outpost, the Headwater Outpost, and the Mainstreet Booth, and it is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable things to do in Helen!

River Chattahoochee

The Chattahoochee River runs through the center of a tranquil vacation for families and friends. It is situated in Southern Appalachia and is an important part of Georgia’s wine region.

The Chattahoochee River is 48 miles long. In the intervening decades, Atlanta built around it, leaving a chain of historic communities along the river’s picturesque banks.

Visitors may explore the antique mill sites, wander the paths, and relax by the river.

The Chattahoochee River is well-known for its diverse trout population.

Helen Waterpark and Tubing

+49 (0)7068781788222 Edelweissstrasse

Waterparks are synonymous with fun slides, splash pads, swimming pools, and water roller coasters.

Helens Tubing and Waterpark, situated on Edelweiss Strasse, boasts towering and fast attractions for children and adults, promising a water rush and never-ending pleasure.

If lazy river drifting is your thing, try tubing for two hours while listening to music. Link tubes with your buddies for entertainment. In the midst of the Chattahoochee River, play games and make memories. It’s a lovely spot to think about the numerous tales this area has to tell.

The Helen Waterpark’s water enjoyment never ends; it’s open until sunset. It will never be enough no matter how many hours you spend there.

Take a tube caravan down the Chattahoochee River with your friends and family, and then treat yourself to excitement and thrills at the waterpark.

Mountain Coaster of Georgia

S. Main St. +170687813478409 S. Main St.

The Georgia Mountain Coaster is situated in Helen, Georgia.

The wind on the mountains feels thrilling on the face; is tranquil and exciting at the same time.

The Georgia Mountain Coaster is an exciting ride in the middle of nature. Less deadly than Jurassic Park, but more relaxed and enjoyable.

Have a thrilling trip through the lovely mountains and woods, surrounded by centuries-old ruins. This rollercoaster, unlike any other, allows you to control and select your own pace. It is safe for both children and adults, thanks to high-quality gear and maximum protection.

Drop the brake and enjoy the thrill of fresh mountain air as you reach speeds of more than 25 mph on a tour down the Georgia Mountain Coaster.

Appreciate the lovely green panoramas and tempting valley sceneries. Fortunately for me, their services include transportation till 9 p.m. (Saturdays). Helen looked stunning as she rode down the coaster at twilight. The vibrant metropolis was painted orange and violet.

Historic Hardman Farm

+17068781077143 GA-17

The Hardman House, founded in 1870 by Civil War Colonel James Nicholas, was formerly known as the West End.

The vast Italianate farmhouse serves as the focal point of this historic monument. The exquisite architectural elements carved inside and outside the home may be seen up close. It’s unusual to see such splendor in such a setting.

I discovered several insights and fragments of Native American history while calmly walking the property. the Nacoochee gazebo atop Indian Mound and the 1870 Italianate home erected for Colonel James Nichols of Milledgeville.

See the 19th-century relics, such as telephones, original lighting, and furniture, as well as Anna Ruby’s bedroom, Nachoochee dairy, and historic barns. In the antique carriage, explore the 173 acres of historic land and hear about the Indian lovers buried under the mound; experience and celebrate love!

Unicoi Inn

+170687822011788 GA-356

The Unicoi Lodge is situated two miles from Alpine Helen in the gorgeously textured mountains of North Georgia.

Unicoi Lodge is a mountain lover’s dream come true. Thus, when I heard about it, I didn’t spare any time in going. The reality is that I like the freedom that nature provides, whether it’s swimming without bounds, ziplining across the sky, balancing on paddleboards, or just soaking in nature’s positivism.

This resort, centered on Lake Unicoi, provides a variety of water leisure and mountain activities, such as ziplines, archery, fishing, paddleboarding, treasure hunt, and kayaking.

The park also has some of the best hiking routes in the area, stretching from Anna Ruby Falls to Helen and Smith Creek. More activities are available at this rustic holiday property.

Unicoi Lodge is an all-in-one powerhouse of serendipity and sports, providing you with the ideal reason to disconnect from work and reconnect with nature. It may accommodate a romantic retreat, a family reunion, an intimate wedding, or a business de-stress event.

The Anna Ruby Falls

30571 is the Georgia zip code.

Anna Ruby Waterfall was especially beautiful in autumn, with golden-yellow foliage around its aura. The destination is just 10 minutes from Helen and is located in White County. It is a famous hiking location for environment enthusiasts.

Anna Ruby Falls is nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chattahoochee Forest.

Colonel Nichols rode his horse to Anna Ruby Falls immediately after losing his wife and kids. He subsequently bought a lot of property and called it Anna Ruby after his daughter.

The fall is made up of Curtis and York Creeks, which eventually unite to form Smith Creek. It is paved all the way to the platform, which beautifully displays the twin waterfalls. It’s an excellent family walk as well as a romantic getaway.

When I went to Anna Ruby Falls, the trek was easy and short. I trekked for around thirty minutes before arriving to the magnificent Anna Ruby Waterfall view. From the wooden bridge, it seemed spectacular.

This lovely trek through the crystal clear waterfalls was everything I needed to unwind from my hectic schedule.

Dukes Creek Falls Hiking Route

Scenic Highway Richard B Russell

The track descends on a narrow road through the woodland. The two-mile route will take you into the woods beneath the canopy of sun-filtered trees, through several flowing waterfalls that meet.

A short detour along Davis Creek will bring you to the dazzling water stream. If the flow is not too strong, I recommend dipping your tips in the water.

There is a large wooden stairs at the end to go closer to the waterfalls; the natural sound and pictures will make you feel more vibrant and young.

The trek also provides views of Yonah Mountain’s distinctively formed peak. It is an ideal path for families, couples, and dog owners.

Habersham Vineyards

S. Main St. +170687894637025 S. Main St.

Want to go on a romantic date at the elegant Habersham Winery? Since 1983, the vineyard has received several accolades and prizes for its superb Georgia wines.

Habersham Winery is situated on Helen’s Main Street. Its welcoming atmosphere makes you feel at home, and their traditional wine provides blissful drunkenness. Purchase and sample one of the best aged wines, and bring home some adorable Habersham souvenirs. Don’t worry if you’re not a wine drinker; they also serve beer!

Wine tasting is small and classy, and this location in Habersham is ideal for ending a romantic evening.

Balloon Festival and Race Atlantic to Helen

Do you want to be in the clouds? Picture yourself on a romantic balloon with your sweetheart, gazing into each other’s eyes among bright blue sky. It is the epitome of a fairytale date, in my opinion.

The Balloon Racing Festival enables you to experience vicariously via others. Although you may not be able to join in the race due to its invitation-only approach, there are other options for the general public.

The race has twenty brightly colored hot air balloons racing from Helen to the finish line in Maine or Miami. The event will last three to four days.

If you are a skilled pilot, you may be selected as a crew member for the race. If not, the festival will still provide balloon rides to residents in the days that follow.

Helen was stunning from above, with steep mountains, valleys, woodland, 360-degree vegetation, waterfalls, and the finest of Bavaria.

Antique Mall in Nacoochee Village

S. Main St. +170687840697091 S. Main St.

Antiques have an aesthetic past, and the ones at Nacoochee Village Antique Center will leave you speechless. It is placed with relics from Helen’s holy past at the 1876 Martin Mansion.

Adorn your home with beautiful artifacts acquired from all around the world. This one-of-a-kind antique wall will provide you with wonderful heirlooms, take-home keepsakes, and presents for your loved ones. Take a little of Helen with you when you return.

The destination is a sweet surrender and is situated in Nacoochee Village. In the winter, visit the Nacoochee town and antique mall; the setting is spectacular with snow, fairy lights, jingles, and Christmas emotions.

Oktoberfest in Helena

Edelweiss Strasse

Attending Helen’s largest Volksfest, the Oktoberfest, is one of the nicest things to do in October. The event will take place rain or shine, so dress appropriately! It’s a bustling event where you may dance and drink your heart out.

I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to dress up in Bavarian costumes and eat soft pretzels for two weeks. But the nicest part was playing the strangest games and bringing in all the crazy. I had a great time playing games like Keg Rolling, Hot Potato, the German Spelling Bee, and Pretzel Eating.

Don’t forget to enter the Best Dressed and Stein Holding contests, where you may win mementos. Finally, dance your heart out to Helen, Georgia’s music as the DJ hits the open sky.

Throughout late September and early October, six million people from all around the globe visit the event.

Oktoberfest is represented by the colors blue and white, which represent the genuine essence of the celebration as well as the Bavarian flag harmony and peace. It is known as the fall celebration and welcome.

To attend the German-style beer event and contests, you must be 21 or older; bring your valid ID card with you. Don’t panic if you didn’t get an advance ticket. There are plenty of $8 General Admission tickets left until they sell out.

State Park Smithgall Woods

Tsalaki Trail +1706878308761 Tsalaki Trail

Smithgall Woods State Park is a breathtaking mountain getaway that has six tiny embellished rural houses, Dukes Creek, old wooden bridges, and forest pathways.

From October and May, Smith Woods State Park is one of the best times to fish, explore, and dive in the natural surroundings. Catch and release trout in the Dukes Creek Watershed streams around the park.

While trekking, I saw several bird species, bears, deer, and, shockingly, turkeys. The bridges and paved road above Dukes Creek are ideal for hiking and riding among the hardwoods and picturesque rocky streams.

Smithgall Woods and Parks is a lovely garden tucked away among the ruins and nature. Its 5,644-acre green park is ideal for romantic getaways for couples, wedding ceremonies, picnics, and family gatherings.

In Summary

Spend your days chasing the Anna Ruby and Raven Cliff waterfalls or hiking to the most enticing visual wonders along Dukes Creek.

Stroll the Yonah mountain, where time passes slowly and the breath is kind. After an exciting day of river rafting and tubing, stroll among vineyards.

It’s almost difficult not to explore the nightlife in this city of lights and colors. Have a picnic along Smithgall Woods State Park or stroll around downtown e during Christmas. Helen comes alive at night, particularly when parties are on the agenda, festivals are your happy place, and late-night walks are your afterparty.

With so many things to do in Helen, you may be anyone you want to be: a traveller, a sophisticated wine taster, a party friend, or a daring explorer. Helen, Georgia might be a magnificent town straight out of a storybook.

Which of these Helen Georgia activities will you attempt first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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