12 Must-Try Restaurants and Bars in La Paz, Mexico | Where to Dine and Drink in La Paz, Mexico

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If you’re planning a trip to Mexico and want to eat some of the finest cuisine the nation has to offer, you should spend some time in La Paz.

La Paz, Mexico features some of the top restaurants for both casual and fine dining, and whether you want some fantastic seafood or supper with a view, La Paz has you covered.

Continue reading to learn more about the several eating alternatives available in La Pa.

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12 Must-Try Restaurants and Bars in La Paz

El Molinito Mariscos

Carr Escnica, Lomas de Palmira, 23010 La Paz, +526121284747

If you’re wondering where to eat in La Paz, you’re in luck. Mariscos el Molinito serves some of the greatest seafood in town and is a popular choice among travelers seeking for the top La Paz restaurants.

This seaside eatery offers everything. Mariscos el Molinto will not disappoint, with stunning sunset views, reasonable rates, and a big assortment of beers and beverages.

Diners rave about the Fajitas, Shrimp Tacos, and Ceviche, and many claim the nighttime is the ideal time to come.

If you want to sit outdoors, be prepared for a breezy breeze; the restaurant is near enough to the shore to catch the wind current from the rising tide.

Nonetheless, if you’re searching for a highly rated restaurant, Mariscos el Molinto is the trendiest La Paz restaurant and should definitely be on your list of visits.

Restaurant Vrentino

+526121220217 aramburo Boulevard Alberto Alvarado #7

Restaurants in La Paz, Mexico are well-known for their beachfront views, but the Vrentino Restaurant stands out among the ocean view La Paz eateries that offer breakfast.

This laid-back walk-in restaurant is well-known for its Mexican breakfast and egg specialties. Vrentino offers authenticity to all he does, from Machaca to Chilaquiles.

For English-speaking tourists, their translated menu and familiar egg options make anybody feel at ease.

And whether you follow a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free diet, this is the ideal stop! Vrentinos has a large baking menu that includes Croissants, Muffins, Cake, and more, with alternatives for any dietary requirement.

If you’re searching for a casual seaside breakfast location with reasonable rates and a simple menu, the Vrentino Restaurant is a good choice.

Bismarkcito Mariscos

+526121289900 Alvaro Obregon Boulevard, between Constitucion and Hidalgo

Mariscos Bismarkcito makes it evident from the exterior that you are going to enter a tropical paradise, and you most surely are! This restaurant is a good pick for spectacular views and a seaside experience.

The massive outside open-air patio leaves little to be desired, and sitting at a table while listening to the waves smash on the coast is a dream come true.

Of course, the atmosphere at Maricos Bismarkcito isn’t the only thing to brag about; the restaurant also serves some of the greatest cuisine in all of La Paz, Mexico. Their goods are obtained locally, are very fresh, and are chef-inspired.

Maricos Bismarkcito also serves some of the greatest seafood in La Paz. They have the most options of any restaurant on our list, so guests will find something they enjoy. Maricos Bismarkcito will meet any diner’s expectations, from tacos to soups to chef specialities.

Whether you’re searching for one of the greatest La Paz restaurants with a view or just one of the best La Paz restaurants on the beach, Maricos Bismarkcito is a must-visit.

The Mentita

Belisario Domnguez +526243553910

La Mentita is one of the top restaurants in La Paz. This coffee and juice shop will completely exceed your expectations. If you want to view the water in person, you may take a short walk to the beach, which is just a few streets away.

La Mentita features excellent vegan and vegetarian alternatives for individuals with dietary constraints. Moreover, their diverse drink selection is designed to appeal to a broad range of tastes, so you’re sure to discover something you like.

La Mentita also provides breakfast, so if you get up early, this is a terrific place to start your day. Their breakfast is so wonderful that you won’t want to stop eating there; even the locals claim it’s a frequent morning hangout. They also provide American-style breakfast to guests from the United States who want a taste of home.

The Azteca

+526121960944 Mr. Belisario Domnguez

El Azteca is a casual eating establishment in La Paz’s Central Zone, only a block from the ocean. El Azteca takes pleasure in offering a wide variety of diet-friendly alternatives. The Salmon Salad is a fan favorite, as are their burgers, and people flock from all over the city for their dessert choice, the Pan de Muerto.

There are also several options for vegan and vegetarian eaters to tailor their menu choices. Soups and salads may be produced without dairy or meat, and their Frescas are incredibly delicious.

Whether you’re near the beach and want to grab some lunch on the move, or if you’re searching for a casual diner that won’t break the budget, el Azteca is a wonderful choice among all La Paz eateries.

The Coyota

Belisario Domnguez 274 esq. +526121381246

La Coyota, a restaurant famed for its pizza, empanadas, salads, and pastries, is one of the top La Paz restaurants. The goat cheese pizza, the chef-inspired ultimate pizza, and the pesto are also favorites among customers.

Moreover, La Coyota is noted for its attentive service and attention to detail with its consumers. The welcoming environment and courteous personnel make La Coyota one of the greatest La Paz restaurants to dine at.

La Terraza

lvaro Obregn esq. callejn La Paz +526121220821

If you want to try some of the greatest Mexican cuisine in La Paz, go to La Terraza, a restaurant that lives and breathes authenticity and provides a fantastic dining experience at an equally good price.

La Terrazza serves breakfast, lunch, and supper and has a complete bar, as well as convenient access to the beach only a few streets away. You won’t get any beachfront views here, but the simplicity of their food makes up for the three-block walk to the shore.

La Terraza serves some of the greatest seafood in La Paz, as well as a variety of chef-created specialities. Their Fish and Shrimp combination is popular, and their Filet Migon is the best on the menu.

If you want a no-fuss restaurant with a relaxed ambience and a low-key service setting, la Terraza is the place to go.

El Estadio Tacos de Pescado

Guillermo Prieto 1320 +52 612 157 2472Guillermo Prieto 1320

If you want to try some of the greatest tacos in La Paz, Mexico, go visit Tacos del Pescado el Estadio. Of course, this restaurant serves some of the greatest seafood in La Paz, so make sure to try their fresh, locally sourced fish filets.

Tacos del Pescado el Estadio isn’t on the seashore like some of its rivals; in fact, it’s roughly five streets distant. But, they provide some of the freshest seafood in the Central Zone, so don’t let the walk put you off.

Tourists rave about the Baja Fish Tacos, Marlin Tacos, and Shrimp Tacos at Tacos del Pescado el Estadio, making this one of the greatest locations to obtain seafood in La Paz, and at a fantastic price!

El Toro Guero Mariscos

+526121227892N, Mariano Abasolo S, Pueblo Nuevo

Mariscos El Toro Guero is another fantastic restaurant that serves some of the greatest seafood in La Paz. It serves Mexican and Latin cuisine as well as some of the best seafood in La Paz.

Mariscos takes pride in its gluten-free offerings, but its fried fish (not gluten-free) is unquestionably a fan favorite. And whether you’re very hungry or dining with a big party, you’ll appreciate the generous serving sizes, which help keep prices down while ensuring no one goes hungry.

Mariscos el Toro Guero is a shrimp lover’s dream, so if you’re seeking for fresh seafood in La Paz or simply a wonderful spot to enjoy some locally-sourced cuisine with friends, stop by Mariscos el Toro Guero.

Organics and Gourmet Nomada

Calle Francisco I. Madero 1235 +526121415411

Nomada Organics y Gourmet is a vegetarian and vegan café and deli that is equally popular with meat eaters and pescatarians. Its vivid cuisine aesthetic and nutritious menu alternatives are popular with visitors.

Whether you’re searching for a health-conscious restaurant or simply a light lunch, stop by Nomada Organics y Gourmet for some local eggs, yogurt, and in-season vegetables.

Guests at Nomada Organics y Gourmet also enjoy the connected market, where they may purchase local food products, health-related things, and restaurant delicacies to take home (or back to their visiting house) to eat later.

Nomada Organics y Gourmet is unquestionably an excellent visit, whether you’re hungry right now or believe you’ll want some healthy food alternatives later in the day.

La Paz’s Best Bars

La Miserable Mezcaleria

Belisario Domnguez, Zona Central, +526121297037

Mezcaleria la Miserable is mostly a mezcaleria, but they also offer delicious meals. This modest, colorful, and vibrant pub is just two blocks from the beach and is often busy.

Mezcaleria la Miserable is a nice place to meet some locals or have a drink with a few pals. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating and serve some of the greatest mezcal in the area.

Tourists rave about Mezcaleria la Miserables’ quirky ambience and extensive mezcal variety, as well as its accessibility to other interesting activities, restaurants, and the beach. Whether you like mezcal or are looking for a fun night out by the ocean, Mezcaleria la Miserable is the place to go.

The Elbuen Bar

Constitution 207

If you’re looking for handmade drinks, stop visit Elbuen Bar, one of the greatest bars in La Paz, Mexico.

This pub is within walking distance of the beach, so you won’t have to drive far if all you want to do is grab a drink or two and stroll back to the ocean for a great sunset. Elbuen Bari is also well-known for its to-go bagged drinks, which are ideal for individuals who don’t want to miss a minute on the beach.

Eluben Bar, of course, serves some of the greatest cuisine in La Paz, with homemade pizzas, chef-inspired specialties, and real breakfast options. Their chilaquiles are a guest favorite, and their famous Caprese pizza is always on the menu.

If you’re searching for a beachside pub with great cuisine and a vibrant environment, Eluben Bar is the place to go.

Last Thoughts

If you want to try some of the greatest cuisine in Mexico, come to La Paz. From beautiful outdoor bars to busy seaside eateries, both casual and upscale diners will appreciate the variety of choices available in La Paz. And if youre searching for some of the greatest cuisine in la Paz, youll want to check out at least some of the establishments on our list.

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