12 Must-Try Spots in Scotland for the Finest Hot Chocolate

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Do you want to know where to get the greatest hot chocolate in Scotland? Then you’ve arrived to the correct location!

Apart from your birthday, there is another important day to note. January 31st is National Hot Chocolate Day.

Many individuals, like me, will always prefer hot chocolate. What a luxury it is to be able to go around the nation, sampling sample after sample.

After visiting chocolate plantations in Belize, I discovered that the history of hot chocolate is a dark and deep one. As early as 1500 B.C., Mayan cultures adored xocolatl, a delicious, spicy dish formed from crushed cocoa beans, jalapeño peppers, and cornmeal. They’d divide the liquid between two bowls to blend taste characteristics and give therapeutic properties.

In the 1500s, Spanish adventurer Hernan Cortes is credited with bringing cocoa beans to King Charles V’s court. They had spread to the rest of Europe by the 1700s. Coenraad Johannes van Houten, a Dutch scientist, produced cocoa powder and modern-day hot chocolate in 1828.

My family traveled to Scotland for Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year’s Eve tradition. My great-grandfather was born in Edinburgh, so seeing the places he must have traversed before moving to the United States was very meaningful. I hope he could tell me whether he attended the torch lighting event. Because of the cold, it was moving, emotional, meaningful, and maybe even enjoyable. There are several locations to stop for hot chocolate.

Sipping hot chocolate on a chilly winter night remains one of my greatest childhood memories. So finding the greatest hot chocolate in Scotland was one of our many challenges on this trip. It was wonderful to have something we could enjoy numerous times during the day.

Do you like marshmallows or whipped cream? Or maybe both? Or maybe a purist who dislikes both? All of these may be found in Scotland.

NB: Like with everything else during the epidemic, keep an eye out for intermittent closures. Several of these businesses shut in January for yearly holidays after Hogmanay.

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Scotland’s Top 12 Hot Chocolates

Fort Appin’s Castle Stalker View Caf

Fort Appin, Portnacroish

Castle Stalker, located approximately 25 miles north of Oban on Scotland’s west coast, is supposed to have been erected in the mid-1500s and given to Duncan Stewart by James IV for use as a hunting lodge. It’s a four-story structure on a tidal islet on Lake Laich, so the hunter must walk or boat there depending on the tide.

Our guide thought this was the greatest hot chocolate stop between Oban and Glen Coe.

On our trip, we discovered that the most luscious hot chocolate had BOTH marshmallows and whipped cream. They’re served with multicolored marshmallows here. I don’t believe I’d ever considered it before, but it’s something I do now as a special pleasure.

Outlander fans will enjoy the fact that this Castle was utilized as a fortress for soldiers during the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion.

Cameron Residence

Loch Lomond, Alexandria, A82

Cameron House, our favorite place to stay during our vacation, just reopened after a major restoration. It is well-known for its amazing activities, experiences, and cuisine, and is located on the 24-mile-long freshwater Lake Lomond.

They provide hot chocolate at the restaurant, Great Scotch Bar, Tavern, Lobby Bar, Boat House Bar, spa, and in your beautiful 5-star hotel or suite. Enjoy them in each place to get the best of both worlds. If youre interested in adding a little alcohol to your hot chocolate, all of the bartenders we encountered were willing to comply.

If you’re visiting Inverness, Oban, Fort William, and Fort Appin, it’s a smart idea to stay here and then move on to the less pleasant hotels offered on our trip in this section of the nation each day. I can’t wait to go back.

The Inverary Hotel

Inverary, Front Street East

We stopped for scones at the Inverary Inn, founded in 1755, but they were already sold out for the day, so we remained for lunch. The Lounge Bar has an aristocratic library feel, but the Conservatory is bright and airy with stunning views of Loch Fyne. The Dining Room and The Argyll Bar are both great places to enjoy delicious hot chocolate.

There are many people there eating lunch, tea, or beer. Several of them are also travelers. The fish and chips at the Inverary Inn were the finest I had the whole trip. The meal was complemented by fresh peas, crisp fries with genuine Heinz ketchup, and a pretty light whitefish. Their prawn meal is served with plain bread rather than toasted bread, and they combine it with crawfish in Mayo.

The rich ambrosia hot chocolate was delicious, but as the bartender said, have water ready to wipe the chute after it was finished.

Oban Chocolate Factory

Oban, Corran Esplanade 34

While in Oban, sample Nories fish and chips, which are often regarded as the finest in the nation.

But I’d go back to the Oban Chocolate Company for hot chocolate. Operated by a couple local to Oban who moved to Perth, Australia, before they were inspired to start this multi-award-winning caf and chocolate shoppe, their setting is great for overlooking the Oban Bay.

The calming fragrance of cocoa penetrates your body the moment you walk through the door. The bustle of the chocolatiers in the factory heightens your delight, and you may be able to put off obtaining your hot chocolate in favor of shopping first, but I suggest having your drink first and then delighting in your chocolate hunt.

Their cafe had the most selections of any restaurant we visited. If you want it spicy, you may flavor your hot chocolate with cinnamon, caramel, or chile. They provide dark, milk, and white hot chocolates with whipped cream. The velvety smoothness of the milk chocolate with cream was ideal for a chilly day.

For those foodies, their menu has something for everyone, including dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan alternatives.

Of course, don’t forget to go chocolate shopping afterwards. You’ll need some for your trip of Scotland, as well as some to take home for yourself and as presents (if youre feeling generous and have self-control).

Chocolat Hotel

Edinburgh, 7A Frederick Street

Whether you’re in town for the week or just for the weekend, you should make time to visit Hotel Chocolat. Don’t be shocked if you come back again and again. Their variety of options allows for return visits. The chocolate shavings in each cup, however, are one of the most distinctive aspects of their hot chocolate.

Through this store, you may travel the globe. My daughter began in France, whereas I began in Spain. The best approach to explain Spanish hot chocolate is to compare it to an espresso rather than a cappuccino. This half-cup hot chocolate boasts a rich cocoa taste and a smooth texture. They say the thickening agent is cornstarch. Always have a glass of water or something to dunk handy.

The rich chocolate caramel flavor of the French hot chocolate. They all have one thing in common: brown sugar and vanilla. That makes perfect sense, particularly when you realize that they utilize shredded particles of chocolate to keep the taste robust.

The Highland Chocolatier, Iain Burnett

Perthshire’s Grandtully, located between Aberfeldy and Pitlochry.

The diversity is one of the things I like most about visiting all of these wonderful places. Iain Burnett, Master Chocolatier, purposefully picked this location in Scotland to have access to the greatest and purest ingredients. His chocolates are all vegetarian-friendly and created with just natural, fresh ingredients. He chose the South Atlantic Ocean island of So Tom as the source of his cocoa.

He combines this unique chocolate with unusual spices, fresh Scotch cream, and, on occasion, crushed fruits to make his award-winning truffles and other items.

The business is stocked with dark, dark with orange, dark with mint, milk, milk with sea salted caramel, and white chocolate hot chocolate stirrers. If you like their hot chocolate as much as we do, don’t be shocked if you find a couple tins of their dark hot chocolate flakes in your baggage. Not to worry, you can also purchase them and have them delivered to your house or the homes of your friends and relatives. That way, you may fulfill their chocolate desires as well.

The Unicorn Café

Stirling Castle and Castle Esplanade

The majestic Stirling Castle, located on the Firth of Forth, is a must-see on any journey to Scotland. It is extremely relevant to history and cinema aficionados. With easy access to both the bus and rail stations, remember to arrange any required vehicle parking when you order your entrance tickets.

I) and magnificent buildings with a perilous past. Plan on spending several hours on each tour and seeing all of the exhibits, with a short break in the middle to gather your breath. As you enter the Castle, you are transported to the realm of Renaissance Scotland’s Queens (Mary, Queen of Scots) and Kings (James I through James VI).

Their Unicorn Caf is worth visiting not just for the food, but also for the view from its roof, which gives excellent views of the countryside and the Wallace monument. Order hot chocolate indoors.

You may have your china pre-treated with hot water so that your hot chocolate lasts longer.

The thick, aromatic hot chocolate is better than homemade and surprisingly affordable for a living museum caf. Get the decadent hot chocolate with a splash of flavored syrup for an added boost.

Mary’s Milk Shop

Edinburgh, Grassmarket 19,

You may experience the most peculiar hot chocolate, one with your pick of gelato flavor, only a five-minute walk from Edinburgh Castle. While the epidemic is still in effect, they only provide take-out service, but it is well worth the wait. They offer gelato packing in liter and liter sizes that enable you to be out and about for two hours before melting.

But, if you are bringing your hot chocolate or hot chocolate float to accommodate the gelato, we urge that you consume it immediately. It’s amazing how the taste profile changes to the gelato you choose.

When Mary opted to complete her study at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy, she was already a chocolatier. Every morning, they produce fresh ice cream, so come there early before your new favorite flavor runs out.

Everything is vegetarian, with a few vegan alternatives. Tell them if you have any dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, and they will adjust it to your taste.

Glasgow’s Argyle Street

We made it to Glasgow and the Kelvingrove Museum, which opened in 1901, thanks to my daughter’s tenacity, where we saw Salvador Dali’s Christ of Saint John of the Cross (1951). Its 22 galleries have both permanent and temporary displays spanning from ancient culture to present day with jewelry and home items.

Throughout the winter, visit Elfingrove, Scotland’s largest ice rink, which is located on Kelvingrove’s grounds.

You may drink your hot chocolate either inside at the museum caf or outside at the Mallow Caf. It’s a great chance to unwind with family or friends and reflect on what you’ve seen and what you still have to do.

Coffee Kaf

Glasgow, 5 Hyndland Street

Kafs 8 ounce hot chocolate is created with a double heart on the west side of Scotland’s most populous city, exactly like your favorite barista. Try the baked star of the day if your sweet taste can handle it. Their vanillekipferl was a fantastic combo, even when immersed. It’s an almond and tonka bean biscuit that I hadn’t tasted before but would certainly try again.

Café FoodStory

Aberdeen, 13-15 Thistle Street

The Food Story mission is to provide simple, healthy cuisine that is centered on vegetables and plant-based foods that we like. Their menu allows you to easily avoid any allergies you may have. Vegan hot chocolate (coconut or oat milk) and regular milk are available. It’s delicious.

If you are genuinely sensitive to milk type and they are busy, make it a point to indicate that they should use the appropriate milk. When they are inundated with clients, they will immediately utilize conventional cow milk.

The Edinburgh Castle

Castle Hill is located in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle, a short walk from many sections of the city, is a must-see on every visit to Edinburgh, particularly your first. The Castle, particularly the dungeons, will pique your interest, while the view will just take your breath away.

If you have the time, take the audio tour and go over each exhibit in detail. Take the live tour if you only have a limited amount of time.

You may be tempted to stop for hot chocolate at the Red Coat Caf after making your way up the hill to where the tours begin. Remember that you have just ascended Castle Hill, as have kings, queens, warriors, and pirates, as well as every interested individual eager to learn something new about anything significant. It could be preferable to go more than once.

Visit the Royal Palace, the dungeons, Saint Margaret’s Church, and the gardens of the Castle. Then return to the Caf for a steaming cup of hot chocolate, the ideal way to round off your day at the Castle.

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