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Searching for the top activities in St. Augustine? You’ve arrived to the correct location!

Being a beach fan, I’ve always enjoyed exploring the shorelines, and I just had the most exhilarating experience when visiting the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine, Florida. This city is a historical landmark, has a varied cultural legacy, and provides an assortment of activities to do and places to explore.

The Sunshine State’s northern Atlantic coast is home to the Nation’s Oldest Cities. St. Augustine was founded by Europeans in 1565 and is the oldest continually inhabited community in the United States.

It was the first successful Spanish colony in Florida, and it owes its many cultural and historical ethnicities to the Spanish, Europeans, African-Americans, Greeks, and Native Americans.

St. Augustine is a coastal city with 42 miles of beautiful beaches such as St. Augustine, Crescent, Ponte Vedra Beach, and many more.

There are various museums, including the Lighthouse and Maritime Museum, the Lightner Museum, and the Pirates and Treasure Museum, where you can learn about the city’s history and go back in time with rare historical items, paintings, monuments, and much more.

You may also see swoon-worthy fauna in the Anastasia State Park’s protected refuge, as well as the Castillo de San Marcos Fortress and the Fountain of Youth. St. Augustine is a jewel and pride of Florida with loads of fantastic sights and places to explore. The tranquillity and heavenly beauty of this city are sheer delight.

It is an excellent holiday destination for family vacations, romantic getaways, solitary adventures, and laid-back bachelor parties. If you are considering a trip to Florida, keep in mind that St. Augustine has a plethora of fun and unusual activities to do. Some of the greatest are listed here!

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The 12 Greatest Activities in St. Augustine, Florida

National Monument of Castle de San Marcos

S Castillo Dr. +190482965061 S Castillo Dr.

The Castle of San Marcos National Monument is a St. Augustine treasure. The Spaniards erected it on the western edge of Matanzas Bay to defend Florida and preserve the Atlantic trade routes.

Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest ancient masonry fortification in the United States, and it has been conserved as a major historical tourism site.

The museum was a military hub that saw the creation of history as various empires rose and fell. The monument represents almost 300 years of cultural encounters.

Take a day trip to the monument to learn about its rich history, legends, and architectural details. To explore without a professional, I utilized their self-guided tour appCastillos Park App.

You can also get an altogether different perspective on the Fort by taking one of their virtual tours, which enable you to read the exhibit, see movies, and virtually visit locked and inaccessible sections without having to wait in line.

Have a quiet picnic on the Forts green’s leisure area and take in the breathtaking views from the gun deck.

See historical documentaries and live fire demonstrations of vintage cannons and muskets in the theater room. Interact and engage with the rangers, who will gladly amuse you and answer all of your questions. You may also shoot photographs.

A full-day tour to Castillo de San Marcos will let you to immerse yourself in St. Augustine’s history while also having a great time seeing this old Masonry Monument.

The Colonial District

The address is 43 St. George St.

Since Spain constructed it as a living museum, the monument was once known as the Colonial Spanish Quarter. The Colonial District is a prime location and one of St. Augustine’s top attractions. It covers an area of 2.2 acres.

It depicted life in St. Augustine in the 1740s. The Spaniards had their most powerful rule in the city during the 1740s.

The Colonial Quarter reopened in 2013. It is a popular tourist destination and an interesting location for travelers. In 2011, the Colonial Spanish Quarter was closed as the Living History Museum and refurbished.

Are you looking for activities to do in St. Augustine that include historical structures, great restaurants, and shops? The Colonial Quarter is the finest place to combine all of these elements. Moreover, the venue is well-known for its live music and hosts local bands every night for a captivating experience.

The Youth Fountain

Magnolia Ave. +1904829316811 Magnolia Ave.

Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Site is a historic monument with a famous mythology. Ponce de Leons was found in the 16th century by a Spanish traveller. According to tradition, the Fountain of Youth is a source of perpetual hope that revitalizes and restores the youth of anybody who drinks from it.

The Fountain of Youth is a fifteen-acre archeological site and living testament to St. Augustine’s rich heritage. Numerous antique artifacts, buildings, and ruins from the city’s Spanish reign have been uncovered.

The Fountain of Youth has a planetarium, souvenir stores, a Spanish observation tower, a café, and the rebuilt Native American Timucua town of Seloy, which shows native American life under the Spanish period.

The Fountain of Youth is open everyday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. It provides an opportunity to learn about St. Augustine’s history, have fun with your family, and sample some delectable foods. It may also be used to hold parties, weddings, and other events.

The Freedom Schooner

+19048101010111 Menendez Avenida

The Schooner Freedom is a privately owned and managed chartered schooner that is one of St. Augustine’s most unusual tourist attractions. It is owned by Captain John Zaruba and his family. The vessel is US Coast Guard approved to transport people through St. Augustine waters.

Since 2001, the Schooner Freedom has provided an outstanding and pleasant sailing experience. Join the Schooner Freedom for a romantic evening, a tranquil sunset cruise, or an enthralling moonlight voyage over the ocean.

Enjoy excellent music, delectable food, and learn about St. Augustine’s magnificent marine life.

USA Today named the Schooner one of the top ten sights in St. Augustine. During the year, they conduct a variety of sailing activities and events. Therefore, add it to your list of things to do in St. Augustine and have fun sailing.

Parasail, Augustine


St. Augustine Parasail is the greatest parasailing company in town. It is well-known for its many expeditions over the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, the organization offers the most stunning views of St. Augustine.

It provides exciting and enjoyable parasailing possibilities where you can see St. Augustine’s old heritage from the skies.

While experiencing the adrenaline surge of great height, take in the stunning vistas, marine life across the sea, animals, genuine architecture, and plants.

The crew at St. Augustine Parasail is so pleasant and welcoming that they will take photos for you and offer you with amazing memories to take home.

The Aquarium of St. Augustine

+190442997772045 FL-16

The St. Augustine Aquarium is a renowned tourist attraction and a marine conservation center. It is a fantastic site for everyone; go with your family, kids, and friends to explore the marine life of St. Augustine.

Based on your interests, they provide guided and unguided excursions inside, outside, and in the open air.

For the finest experience, visit the St. Augustine Aquarium and learn about marine biology from qualified marine scientists.

They provide a variety of enjoyable activities such as intimate interaction with fish and invertebrates such as seahorses, starfishes, and many other marine animals, a digging search game for shark teeth, and feeding the stingrays, sharks, and groupers. In addition, guests may go snorkeling in an 80,000-gallon tank in St. Augustine’s Atlantic reef, which is teeming with fish and sea critters.

Museum of Villa Zorayda

+190482998872045 St. Augustine, FL-16

The Villa Zorayda Museum is both a historical and architectural masterpiece. Franklin Smith created it as a winter house in the nineteenth century as a copy of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain.

The monument, which was built in 1883, is an important component of St. Augustine’s history and architectural basis. The museum has a magnificent collection of antiquities, artifacts, paintings, 17th-century furniture, Victorian-era historical artefacts, oriental and Egyptian carpets, manuscripts, books, ancient relics, and art from across the globe.

The Villa Zorayda Museum is a haven for history buffs like me. There is so much to discover and discover about St. Augustine. This architectural wonder is absolutely worth seeing.

The Pirate Ship Black Raven

+18775785050111 Menendez Avenue

The Black Raven Pirate Ship is one-of-a-kind and completely amazing. It departs daily in the mid-afternoons and early nights.

They also provide an unique expedition called the Blackbeard Treasure Hunt, in which the crew plays a struggle between the Black Raven and Queen Anne’s retaliation for obtaining the riches that Blackbeard took.

The Black Raven offers the ultimate Pirate adventure. Cannon fire, sword combat, and a realistic sea battle are all included. That was a thrilling and mind-blowing event for me as a major admirer of Jack Sparrow.

During the final three days of the week, the Black Raven conducts nighttime cruises for adults, and it is also accessible for organizing events, private parties, and birthdays. Believe me, you’d love this adventure; after all, who wouldn’t want to watch a real pirate battle?

Tours on the Red Train

San Marco Ave. +1904829654519 San Marco Ave.

The most engaging and thrilling way to visit the Nation’s Oldest City is to board the Red Train and take a trip throughout town. Riley’s Red Train Tours are both educational and entertaining, with over 100 historic sites to see.

If you’re on a tight schedule, this is the best way to see St. Augustine.

Castle de San Marcos National Monument, Villa Zorayda Museum, City Plaza, the Old Prison, and many more outstanding St. Augustine sites are among the destinations.

During Riley’s one-hour train adventure trips, you will learn about the city’s history and see distinctive architecture, lifestyle, and culture, as well as historic landmarks.

The Lightner Museum

+1904824287475 Queen St.

The Lightner Museum is housed in the historic hotel Alcazar, which was erected in 1887 and is located in the center of St. Augustine. It is a stunning architectural marvel and a must-see site in St. Augustine.

With its remarkable collection of Victorian antiquities and historical relics, the Lightner Museum provides an immersive and fascinating experience. The museum’s three levels hold various historic treasures for the greatest exploring trips.

On the first level, you may see Victorian musical instruments, science, and a Victorian town. Next, on the second story, discover the various and creative glass collections, including Tiffany stained glass, and on the third floor, learn about all of the sculptures, paintings, and furniture.

The Lightner Museum gives remarkable insights into the city’s past as well as a magnificent experience of St. Augustine’s art, architecture, design, history, and culture. Your trip would be completed if you did not visit this lovely location.

Augustine the Ghost

+19048248840162 St. George St., No. 19

The Ghost Augustine is a one-of-a-kind (pun intended) paranormal tour company. This attraction, or should I say St. Augustine’s eerie and disturbing attraction, is not for the faint of heart.

They provide a variety of haunting and paranormal investigation trips, and are well-known for their thrilling and horrifying experiences and really terrible secrets.

The most well-known trips are the Haunted Pub tours, Haunted St. Augustine tours, Haunted Romance tours, Death Walk tours, and so on. For those who prefer not to stroll, Ghost Augustine also provides riding trips such as the Everdark Express and the Pub Hearse Ride tour.

For those who are not easily intimidated and want to learn more, the firm offers a comprehensive paranormal St. Augustine trip as well as the ParaForce tour, which allows you to visit and research other structures of your choice.

In this spine-chilling adventure, Ghost Augustine supplies devices and equipment for ghost hunting. In their most popular haunted locations, the Scary Forgotten Cemetery and the Dark Mystery Lighthouse Park, they also give haunted and scary tale narrating excursions. Do not flee.

The Ghost Augustine trips are consenting and do not amuse children or the elderly.

Distillery Augustine

Riberia St. (904) 825-4962112 Riberia St.

The St. Augustine Distillery is housed inside a 100-year-old ice plant that has been repaired and modernized. In the venue, you may sample and explore locally created spirits like as vodka, rum, gin, and whiskey.

The St. Augustine Distillery was founded by twenty-eight residents, and it now produces the highest quality specialty beverages. The distillery tours are free and only open to persons of legal drinking age.

In Summary

St. Augustine is a fantastic Sunshine State holiday location, and our nation’s oldest city has so much to offer and discover. St. Augustine boasts a rich history and culture, as well as awe-inspiring landmarks and attractions that will make you fall in love with it.

Arrange a solitary, romantic, or family vacation to this unique place now and have a great time with your friends and loved ones. You’ll be astonished at how many more fun things to do in St. Augustine there are, including the city’s eating scene.

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