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Situated halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Paso Robles is a beautiful location with so many distinct dimensions to its personality.

Paso, as the locals lovingly refer to it, is perhaps most known for its scenic, rolling hills and wine region, but that isn’t the only thing that makes it a very wonderful location to visit.

Paso Robles does have wineries. There are about 300 wineries in the area. But it also boasts olive fields, lovely inns, intriguing sites, and, as we expected, very, really delicious cuisine in really outstanding Paso Robles restaurants.

The culinary culture here has grown in recent years, with inventive chefs collaborating with local farmers and fisherman to present tourists and residents alike with unforgettable fun and delectable gourmet experiences. Every time we come to Paso, another new restaurant appears on the scene, wowing us with even more wonderful cuisine.

Although there are many restaurants in Paso Robles that I might suggest (and there are numerous), I’m going to highlight those that made a mark on us long after we left. So much so that we would happily lunch there again in a heartbeat. These are our favorites as we take you on a taste of Paso.

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Top Paso Robles Restaurants

The Garden of the Alchemists

Pine Street (805) 369-24441144 Pine Street

We are a bar and restaurant generated by dreamers to stimulate creativity, is the slogan of this wonderful dinner-only diner in the center of Paso Robles. After our visit to this lovely garden-inspired facility, there is no mistake about the originality. The restaurant hosts a Botanical Brunch on the first Sunday of each month, featuring intriguing and delectable gastronomic options.

This charming downtown restaurant is known for its inventive cocktails, which take a humorous spin on traditional originals including the Margarita, Gimlet, Old Fashioned, and Manhattan. Not sure what to get? Please ask your server; they are well-versed in their liquid jewels. I’ll add that they’re also specialists on the food menu, and the flawless service here is amazing.

I began with a Belladonna drink, a spinoff of the Caribbean Painkiller. The best part was that it was presented on fire; literally, it was topped with additional rum and served on fire.

If the beverages aren’t a complete surprise in and of themselves, the meal is. Our party split a Sweet Potato Quesadilla, a crispy battered flour tortilla stuffed with mozzarella, lentils, basil, and spicy mayo. These dishes, together with the Cast Iron Fondue, melting mozzarella, and raclette with soyrizo, cilantro, pepitas, and crispy potato dippers, were quickly devoured. That’s how fantastic they were!

I was delighted with the quantity of gluten-free and vegetarian selections here as well. This would be perfect for my dietary-restricted buddies! My non-vegetarian husband couldn’t get enough of the Duck Chalupa, a giant crispy pita packed with melted cheese, spicy slaw, sour cream, fresh herbs, and duck carnitas. That was one-of-a-kind, inventive, and enjoyable.

Whatever you eat at this Paso Robles restaurant, you will leave pleased and satisfied.

Thai Basil Restaurant

This place is wonderful in every aspect. The atmosphere, service, ownership, and wine and sake choices are all superb.

This location is ideal. The meal had the spicy Thai taste that you’d expect from good Thai cuisine. It is also located near a park in downtown Paso.

or looking for a parking spot. If you like Thai food, look no further. Parking might be difficult, but the cuisine is definitely worth the effort.

This restaurant unquestionably provides the greatest Thai experience I’ve ever experienced. I arrived with three other folks, and we all enjoyed every meal!

Please keep in mind that the soup glasses were fairly huge! The three main meals were outstanding. My vegetarian buddy liked the Pad Eggplant, another liked the traditional Chicken Pad Thai, and I liked the Fresh Ginger Roasted Duck.

I’m happy I didn’t have a beginning cup of soup since I wanted to eat every last mouthful!!!! I have no regrets about coming here, and I strongly encourage that you do as well!

Brasserie BL

+1805226819111202 Pine St, Paso Robles, CA 93446, USA

A wonderful French bistro in the center of wine country. We enjoyed a delicious dinner here and were really satisfied with the service. Heather, the host, and Mark, the Sommelier, helped to make the evening memorable.

Their cuisine is traditional French, and their wine selection includes both French and local wineries. Take your time and enjoy this culinary gem.

The first course consisted of a salad and a trimbal of roasted potato and goat cheese, which was remarkably tasty for such basic components. We also had a wonderful Sancere who was great.

Pan-seared sea scallops with a subtle and creamy wine reduction sauce were followed by perfectly sautéed Aspag. This was paired with a wonderful 2012 Paso Robles Pinot Noir that could rival with any Napa winemaker.

Paso Robles merlot blend. Next there was a pan-roasted pork loin pallard with a mustard wine sauce reduction and mashed potatoes. This was accompanied with an excellent taxi.

An apple flan with carmel, crème frache, and homemade ice cream was the winning dish. A 2010 French Moscato with honey and peach tastes was a delight.

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One of the greatest meals I’ve ever had in California, right up there with Keller’s wonderful food. The Sommelier was a true professional. He knew the dishes and the chef’s skill to turn basic components into cascades of flavor. The service was excellent: it was smooth, quick, and personable. This is an absolute must-try!

Restaurant & Lounge Enoteca

Paso Robles (805)-238-2834206 Alexa Ct

Enoteca Restaurant and Lounge is a well-known Paso Robles restaurant. This restaurant is well-known for its delicious meals and friendly service. The environment is also pleasant, welcoming, and inviting.

They feature a full bar with a vast range of wines that complement their menu selections.

I’ve gone there twice for breakfast and again for supper. Dinner is the main surprise here. Make bookings immediately. As a result, we were able to request a fireplace table, which was quite pleasant.

The steamed clams and mussels, as well as the Colorado Rack of Lamb, were wonderful! The flavors were delicious! The lamb was cooked to perfection, neither overdone or oversauced, and the seafood was fresh.

The servings were generous. This was the nicest overall restaurant experience I’d had in a long time, and it was my most enjoyable one here because of the cuisine and service.

Our supper was complimented with a bottle of Ecluse Improv wine. It really brought out the flavors in our dinner, and the waitress went out of her way to make sure we had a taste at the vineyard.

The service was prompt and kind. I will definitely return, and I strongly advise you to do the same! It’s well worth it!

Gaucho de poisson

Park Street (805)-239-33331244

Every gourmet who has visited Paso Robles would tell you they have eaten at Fish Gaucho.

The trendy Mexican cafe, also situated downtown, is open for lunch and dinner and provides both a meal menu and a tequila menu (yes, there are that many options), as well as a wide selection of drinks and wine.

This vibrantly decorated highly popular restaurant serves aperitivos, tacos, and main courses (main dishes). What should I order? It’s impossible to pick from such an enormous menu, let alone the mouthwatering fragrances pouring from the kitchen.

I ordered the Ahi Tacos, which were made with sushi-grade grilled rare ahi, cabbage, pineapple pepper salsa, cilantro crema, pickled onions, and microgreens. These were really fresh and delicious.

Another must-order item is the Chile Relleno Fundido, which consists of Pasilla peppers packed with chorizo, pico de gallo, Oaxaca cheese, and topped with pepitas and birria, cilantro crème, and queso fresco, and served with flour tortillas. This is a wonderful sweet treat with enough to go around.

Fish Gaucho is a lively and festive place to come if you want Mexican cuisine with a somewhat refined flair in Paso Robles.

The Deeds Bar and Grill

+180523847220600 Country Club Dr, Paso Robles, CA 93446, USA

One of my favorite restaurants is Deeds Bar & Grill in Paso Robles, California. It’s a great spot to meet up with friends after work, as well as for lunch or supper.

The food was delicious, and the drinks were powerful! Deeds Bar & Grill also offers a great view of the golf course that you can enjoy as you dine or drink!

We shared the Chorizo & Avocado with eggs for breakfast. This was, without a doubt, the finest breakfast I’ve ever had! There were black beans, sour cream, potatoes, and feta cheese. And, a substantial chunk!

We had a look at the remainder of the menu, which looked fantastic, but we couldn’t decide! With a spacious bar and a covered terrace facing the golf course, the restaurant is quite wonderful. Were pleased we dropped by, and I advise you do too!

American Comfort Cuisine

+18052963079700 Clubhouse Dr, Paso Robles, California 93446, USA

Comfort American Restaurant offers delicious meals, pleasant service, and indoor and outdoor seating with umbrellas. It’s a nice place for an afternoon supper with friends or family.

The water element provides a pleasant and comfortable casual eating experience! The expansive dining area includes a year-round sunny terrace! The golf course view and the beautiful rock

We were soon seated outdoors, with a lovely view of a water feature and the golf course. Despite the fact that it was already in the mid-80s, there was plenty of breeze and shade, making it incredibly pleasant. Our waitress was kind and attentive.

My companion ordered a salad with flat steak, and I had a grilled chicken sandwich, which were both fantastic. We had their beignets with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit for dessert, which were amazing. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed.

The Little Canailles

Spring Street (805)296-37541215 Spring Street

Les Petites Canailles, which translates to “the little rascals,” is named after co-owners Courtney and Julien Asseo’s three rambunctious children.

Don’t be misled by the name. The beautiful dinner-only restaurant provides French cuisine made with the freshest seasonal ingredients and has a great environment.

Little nibbles, appetizers, soups, and major plates are available, as well as butcher-cut meats and seafood served with a choice of optional sauces. The wine list is comprehensive, and staff may assist you with pairing your wine with gastronomic options.

There isn’t a single meal here that we didn’t like. In fact, on a recent visit with friends, we opted to split a few appetizers to get a better taste of their inventive entrees. Everyone of us chose one to share, and they were all winners.

I’m a sucker for tentacled seafood, so the Spanish octopus was an easy choice. The meat was perfectly seasoned, delicious, and unexpectedly tender. We enjoyed the heirloom Tomato and Watermelon Salad, which was served with a fluffy buffalo mozzarella balsamic reduction. A decadent Tarte Flambe with lardons, fromage blanc, and creamy Gruyre cheese was also a good option.

That left space for dessert, which, once again, is seasonal. Mousse au Chocolat, topped with Crème Chantilly and chocolate pearls, was the perfect ending to a beautiful night.

Les Petites Canailles is the ideal location for a romantic evening or a memorable dinner with friends.


Spring Street (805) 369-23081803 Spring Street

We’re congratulating one of the new kids in town, FINCA. This laid-back walk-up restaurant provides Baja and Sonoran-style Mexican cuisine, with a focus on wood-grilled fish and carne asada.

Indeed, you order at the bar, but when the entrees arrive at your table, it’s difficult to believe this is cuisine from a casual bistro kitchen. It’s gourmet-quality, so it’s no wonder that the restaurant is usually crowded.

FINCA, located in a beautifully renovated historic property, with outside sitting on its covered patio. The menu isn’t huge, but it’s well-thought-out, and the prices are really cheap.

We tried the Pork Belly Chili Verde and Carne Asada tacos. The pork belly was brined and cooked before being garnished with cilantro, onions, and chicharron and finished with a chile verde salsa. Carne Asada was a grilled steak from Sonora served on a flour tortilla with cilantro, onions, and guacamole salsa. This was a fantastic early evening dish with a side of house-made tortilla chips. Check out FINCA if you’re searching for a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Paso Robles.

La Cosecha Restaurant and Bar

805-237-0019835 12th St., Suite A

La Cosecha Bar and Restaurant is Spanish meaning “harvest” and is a great destination for lunch, brunch, or supper. The restaurant’s idea is that excellent cuisine and beverages bring people together as well as offering authentic farm-to-table cooking.

La Cosechas’ custom cocktail menu was even created with the goal of using garden-fresh ingredients and locally sourced artisanal spirits wherever feasible.

Apart from wonderful meals, we have to commend this environmentally friendly establishment for using reused materials in the building of its bar, furnishings, and walls. Wood fence from Jeopardy presenter Alex Trebeks’ horse farm was utilized in the restaurant’s bar area, tables, and other areas. Local artists created the glass sconces and wall art.

Small appetizers and inventive pizzas are available, as are fine dining meals. Ceviche del Dia was a shrimp and scallop combo that won a gold medal for a fresh and delicious meal on a hot California day.

A buddy suggested the Pulled Pork sandwich, which he said was one of the finest. We have to agree, served with coleslaw and a jalapeño barbecue sauce on a brioche bun. It had a strong wow, this is pretty excellent vibe about it. Keep in mind that the sandwiches here are big enough to split, so keep that in mind before eating here.

This wonderful restaurant in downtown Paso Robles is well worth a visit.

The Hatchling

13th Street (805) 221-5727835

This rotisserie restaurant specializes on wood-fired comfort meals for evening. The menu offers popular table share and main meal options. Locals and tourists alike enjoy The Hatch’s daily specialities, which include fried chicken, beef ribs, braised lamb shank, grilled ribeye, and prime rib.

Specials are only available until they sell out, so if you want the special at this renowned Paso Robles restaurant, get there sooner rather than later.

What’s going on here? Namely, everything. We were all about the Rotisserie Chicken, which came with a half organic bird, vanilla maple slaw, buttermilk dip, and a special Hatch spicy sauce. When we approached the restaurant, we could see and smell the rotisserie cooking, and honestly, choosing a different meal was not an option.

As one food writer friend of ours exclaimed after eating here, Im not sure whether I want to write a food review on The Hatch or not. If I do, everyone will find out. And it would be good to keep it a little secret for ourselves.

The secret is out, and The Hatch is a must-visit fun and popular Paso Robles dining destination.

Buona Tavola

805-237-0600943 Spring Street

There’s something appealing and comforting about Italian cuisine. Antonio Varia has been providing genuine and imaginative Northern Italian food at his Paso Robles restaurant for almost twenty years. Buona Tavola means “excellent table” in Italian.

Choosing an entrée is a difficult challenge here, with tempting antipasti, zuppe (soup), and primi and secondi piatti (first and second plates) options.

I had to sample the restaurant’s Seafood Linguini (linguine ai muscoli e porri), which had farm-raised Manilla clams, sea scallops, black mussels, and shrimp in a white wine, garlic, and leek sauce. That was so delicious that I practically licked the plate!

My husband couldn’t pass up the free-range chicken. Petti de pollo Asiago, filled chicken breast and wing wrapped in Prosciutto di Parma, pan-seared and finished in the oven. It was melt-in-your-mouth tender and bursting with flavor.

Make space for dessert (even if you have to share), since the dolci menu at Buona Tavola is very scrumptious. It was a conventional decision, but we adore Tiramisu, and it was the ideal dessert to round off a great evening with a glass of Moscato.

Buona Tavola is an excellent alternative for a romantic evening with your special someone.

The Restaurant at JUSTIN

Phone: (805) 591-320011680 Chimney Rock Rd.

The scenery alone is worth the scenic journey out of town to this spectacular vineyard and restaurant. Guests may eat in a gorgeous indoor setting or on the postcard-worthy wine grounds for lunch, brunch, and supper.

The restaurant has been nominated for Best Winery Restaurant in the 2021 USA Today Ten Best Readers Choice Awards for the second year in a row, and it definitely merits these culinary honors.

Menus are seasonal in order to employ the most fresh local foods. We went for lunch and wine tasting and ordered the Artisanal Cheese Plate with Local Charcuterie. This simply seemed to match the lovely summer day spent sipping our excellent wines while admiring the vineyards.

The cheeses and meats on the charcuterie board vary depending on the chef’s decision, but our grouping was delicious. The Brussels sprouts with Ibrico blood sausage, balsamic gastrique, chopped almonds, Aleppo pepper, and Big Rock blue cheese were also delicious.

And you can’t top the scrumptious award-winning wines or the breathtaking vistas at JUSTIN.

We were excited to try this fantastic restaurant for supper on our next trip to Paso Robles. I’m certain you’ll be happy.


Paso Robles is famous for what?

Paso Robles is a world-class wine area famous for its particular wine-tasting experiences, laid-back environment and memorable personality.

Paso Robles Wine Valley is a distinct region with over 200 tasting rooms and 40,000 vineyard acres producing over 40 wine grape varietals.

Is Paso Robles a wine region?

Paso Robles Wine Region is situated on California’s Central Coast, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

With over 40,000 grape acres and over 200 wineries, it is California’s fastest-growing wine region and biggest geographical appellation.

How far is Paso Robles from the ocean?

around 25 kilometers

Paso Robles is located in Central California, roughly 25 miles inland from the Pacific Coast on Highway 101, midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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Which of these Paso Robles restaurants do you want to try the most? Tell us in the comments section below!

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