14 Fun Things to Do in San Pedro Belize | Top Things to Do in San Pedro Belize

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Simply said, San Pedro is the most important town in one of Central America’s most beautiful nations due of its history. Whether you want to relax, go diving or scuba diving, visit a spa, go fishing, golfing, or even attend a boxing fight, there are limitless things to do in San Pedro, Belize and have the time of your life.

San Pedro Belize has a wide choice of hotels and resorts to suit all budgets. Yet since it’s too hot for automobiles, electric golf carts (rather than cars) dominate the road here. As a consequence, the pace is slower, and even eating out allows you to meet locals.

Try the native cuisine, which includes coco bread, conch fritters, coconut shrimp, and even shark tacos. Ambergris Caye’s seafood is exceptionally fresh, ranging from lobster and shrimp to fish and conch. Several visitors travel from all over the globe to fish in this region.

San Pedro offers all of the amenities that make it an ideal location for an eco-friendly journey.

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14 Top Activities in San Pedro, Belize

Shark Ray Alley is a place where you can swim with sharks.

Dr. 2 Barrier Reef

Shark Ray Alley is accessible by boat or kayak in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. A symbolic charge is required at the entry. Nevertheless, taking pictures and films with the sharks is strictly prohibited. It is advisable to go early in the morning when the temperature is cooler (so you dont overheat).

A word of caution: this trip may not be for everyone; some individuals get just as excited watching others daring enough to plunge in.

This reserve protects a coral reef system and is a popular beach destination in Belize. Most people just remain for a few of hours, yet this location has so much more to offer.

Plunge into the Big Blue Hole

The Big Blue Hole is one of the top places in Belize for scuba diving and snorkeling. It is said to be one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets.

Three miles. The opening is shaped like an ear canal, which provides for fascinating photographs. This hole lies in the heart of the Lighthouse Reef, which is situated off the coast of Belize. During the last ice age, it was formed by the erosion of a limestone cave. Since water moves with the tides, the depth of this sinkhole is unclear, although it is more than 300 meters (or 1 mile) deep.

I recommend going near the end of the dry season, between April and May, for the best weather.

Visit the National Park of Bacalar Chico.

Ambergris Street

Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve is a significant natural habitat for birds and small animals in Belize, as well as a breeding site for the endangered green sea turtle. Manatees may be found in the shallow seas around the beach.

I was swept away by the coastal beauty of calm waves, white sand beaches, and breathtaking vistas when I arrived in Bacalar Chico. A well-maintained parking lot with public facilities met me at the lagoon entrance. Locals and visitors may be seen fishing, boating, and swimming. As the white sand beaches begin, the marine reserve stops.

It is possible to view jaguars, pumas, and ocelots. Snorkeling in the marine reserve will also allow you to get up up and personal with beautiful corals, fish, turtles, and manatees.

Go to the Hidden Beach.

+50166557947 North Mls

The Secret Beach was formerly a local’s secret, but it is becoming less so. It’s up in the hills above San Pedro, just beyond Rock House. Most taxi drivers and tour firms that give trips around the island are aware of it.

You can go to Hidden Beach via golf cart or take a daily shuttle for roughly $20 USD, but I suggest renting a golf cart and doing it yourself. It’s more enjoyable.

Picture of Hidden Beach {image}

There are a couple small beach bars and a restaurant with piers out into the sea for a memorable eating experience.

Additionally, you get the best of both worlds, with half of the beach sheltered by trees and portion exposed to the sun!

Picture of Hidden Beach {image}

The location is so popular that it is creating enough hype to make Belize a unique tourism destination. It is definitely more than simply a lovely beach! As you can see, there is a long list of things to do in San Pedro, Belize; just wait until you get to the bottom of this page.

Take Your Children to Boca del Rio Park

+5012262286 Rio de Janeiro (Beachfront)

Even the pickiest juniors can find enjoyable and fascinating things to do in San Pedro, Belize if you bring them along. Boca del Rio Park is mostly for children, although it has lately grown popular with local teenagers as well. This is a favorite destination for children, parents, and teens due to its convenient location; one minute you’re in the bustling center of San Pedro, and the next you’re relaxing on one of Boca del Rios’ beaches. Who said you couldn’t have it all?

Boca del Rio is situated in the northeastern section of the island and includes two sandy beaches. This beach location is also ideal for casting a line and snorkeling.

Several tropical species live in the neighboring coral reef, including angelfish, butterflyfish, parrotfish, angelfish, sergeant majors, and many more that you will see on your never-ending snorkel trip.

The Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Reserve is a must-see.

5 miles to the south

The Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Reserve is one of the top things to do in San Pedro Belize. The location is on Ambergris Caye’s tip, surrounded by lush vegetation and red and black mangroves. It was found archaeologically in 1984, although locals knew about it for a long time before that.

The Mayan settlement will quickly attract your attention. You may travel through the rainforest on high platforms, with views of canals and mangroves below, and see a restored Mayan city. The vistas are truly breathtaking.

It’s easy to get there; simply take a short boat trip from San Pedro and enjoy the sea air.

It’s incredibly informative for me to be guided and explained everything by an amazing archeologist. These are somewhat more pricey than others, but it is well worth it!

Drive through the streets with a golf cart.

Once you begin visiting San Pedro Belize, you will get used to seeing golf carts wherever you go. You’ll probably see them completely filled with folks on their way to supper or to grab milk at the supermarket!

Nothing beats visiting this town in an open-air vehicle that you can control and take you places a car cannot.

Driving a golf cart is one of the most enjoyable activities in San Pedro. But, walking is a more relaxing and enjoyable method to move about town at any time of day. There are several stores, restaurants, pubs, and attractions within walking distance.

There are also various beaches and other attractions that are accessible by foot. Yet, if you want to explore and enjoy the island to its best, you should hire a golf cart.

Eat at the Truck Stop.

+50122636631 San Pedro, Belize, Mile North

If you arrive here, it means your desire for exciting things to do in San Pedro Belize is not done yet! Make sure you schedule a night to eat at The Truck Stop, THE place to be in San Pedro. It is a collection of shipping containers that have been transformed into a mini entertainment center complete with a restaurant, private restrooms, beach chairs and umbrellas for public use, and entertainment venues (such as the 17.7-foot movie screen) that can host everything from live music to full-length movies.

consider The Truck Stop {image}

Enjoy the New Haven-style pizza and Asian and Hispanic cuisine, all created from local ingredients, then cool down with some ice cream.

The nicest thing about coming here is that you can crawl from bar to bar, visit every food booth, buy some beads for a spin on the Ferris wheel, and then watch the sunset with Batsons vista over your shoulder.

Set sail towards Caye Caulker.

Caye Caulker is a boat trip away from San Pedro and offers a much more laidback option, including with coastal caf├ęs, boutique shopping, beautiful beaches, and lots of fun at the Split.

If you have a larger party, I recommend chartering a catamaran boat from SEAduced by Belize for a day of underwater activities at Hol Chan Marine Reserve and a lunch break in Caye Caulker.

But, there are no hotels there; instead, there are coastal restaurants, boutique boutiques, beautiful beaches, and a little fishing hamlet that I suggest seeing.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve is a great place to snorkel.

San Pedro, Belize, 2 Barrier Reef Dr.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve is one of Belize’s best marine reserves. Hol Chan, like the rest of the country’s marine reserves, has been off-limits to fishing and other extractive activities since 1993.

Hol Chan, just outside San Pedro, boasts magnificent coral formations in shallow water, fish sanctuaries, and underwater tunnels that are only accessible by boat, allowing for the replenishment of natural reefs.

This is one of Belize’s few marine parks where you may snorkel amid a broad diversity of wildlife. You’ll witness coral reefs and pristine seas teeming with southern rays, parrotfish, nurse sharks, and other sea creatures.

Don’t worry if you’ve never snorkeled before; you can still enjoy the underwater world with the assistance of an experienced guide.

Take a tour of the Belize Chocolate Company.

Barrier Reef Road, San Pedro, Belize +5012263015

Take a visit of the Choco-World to spice up your list of things to do in San Pedro Belize. Since chocolate was a valuable product, it was considered a drink of royalty. When human blood was required for ceremonies, a beverage made from cacao beans was the first item sacrificed.

Thus, if you’re wondering what to do in San Pedro Belize, you should certainly pay a visit to the San Pedro Chocolate Company and immerse yourself in their chocolate culture!

picture of chocolate {image}

During a Belize private chocolate tour, youll receive a behind-the-scenes visit of the factory and discover exactly how their 100 percent Belizean chocolate is manufactured, from selecting the cacao fruit to roasting and packaging the finished product. Harvesting machinery used in cocoa farms are also visible.

When you’re there, I recommend purchasing some of their other items, such as caramel and jams, or browsing their gift store for more unusual treasures.

Visit The Artisan Market

Belize City, Belize

If you are visiting San Pedro Belize, it is strongly recommended that you stop by the artisan market. The market is crammed into a tight area, and many of the sellers have been selling their items for decades.

This implies that visiting this market will provide you with an understanding of the culture and customs of the Ketchie People, who sell their goods in the region.

I went back to the market twice since it was a short walk from my accommodation. I purchased some amazing handmade carpets the first time I went to the market. The second time I went to the market, I bought a magnificent wood sculpture.

There was a lot to purchase in the market, and I definitely left with a few bags of mementos for my friends back home!

Workshop in Painting at Melody Art Gallery

+50122627873103, Belize, San Pedro

If you like art, include this on your list of Things to Do in San Pedro Belize. The Belizean Melody Art Gallery is a one-of-a-kind experience that connects you with a professional artist. You’ll receive a step-by-step walkthrough of sketching and painting in watercolor or acrylics, and you’ll be able to appreciate your inner artist.

Belize Art Melody picture {image}

Water Taxis and Ferries

Water taxis are tiny, 10-15 person boats that transport people to and from the mainland of Belize City along the coastlines of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. They may also be rented for trips along the shore, frequently with live music.

Water taxis are operated by two major companies: Coastal Xpress, situated in San Pedro Town, and Caye Caulker Water Taxi. If you board when live music is playing, this is not your typical water taxi.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you may combine all of these suggestions to build your own customized list of things to do in San Pedro Belize. San Pedro will fill the thirst of any tourist, especially a gourmet with a side of exciting stuff to do, whether you’re here for the greatest oceanfront hotels in the vicinity or diving into the Blue Hole, sailing to Caye Caulker.

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