14 Must-Try Cancun Restaurants | Best Places to Dine in Cancun, Mexico

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Cancun, one of the nicest destinations on the planet! Where can I even begin!? With its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and unending oceans of tourist traps!? Now that you’ve decided to visit Mexico, the next issue on your mind is where to dine in Cancun.

So, worry not, foodies and tourists! For this special occasion, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Cancun restaurants, since this city deserves good cuisine just as much as it does a spring break full of liquor. Even if you can’t obtain a seat at one of Cancun’s greatest restaurants, don’t forget to visit their taco shack relatives!

There are so many restaurants in Cancun that it might be difficult to decide where to dine when on vacation.

I understand; we’ve all been there. Do I like Mexican or Italian cuisine? Is there someplace a guidebook that includes all of the greatest restaurants in Cancun? Should I prepare tasting menus for the duration of my trip? These are critical concerns we ask ourselves, and now we have answers due to this fantastic essay!

So you’ve chosen to visit Cancun? Have a peek at Eat Mexico’s Walking Food Tour of Cancun. If you’re more into the water, see whether hiring a boat is something you’d want to do and experience.

Cancun’s 14 Top Restaurants

Lu’um Cocina Creativa 

Av Carlos Nader 111

The restaurant specializes in molecular gastronomy and employs a variety of methods to turn food into works of art. One dish, for example, was dubbed A Plate Full of Origami, and it came with a sheet of paper on which you could fold a monochrome square of paper into a cube. There is also a whole menu area dedicated to eating flowers. If you want to treat yourself or someone special to something new, Luum Cocina Creativa is the ideal Cancun restaurant for you!

The decor transports you to a rooftop in Mexico City, where Chef Morales began his career. This date night, though, is unlike any other. Luum’s taste combinations are distinctive and unlike any other Cancun restaurant I’ve visited.

Whether you’re a seafood aficionado, a vegetarian, or simply looking to try something new, Luum Cocina Creativa provides a fantastic selection of fresh fish and veggies to choose from.

This restaurant, operated by the chef and his wife, is incredibly intimate. Since she is a sommelier, you will get an absolutely faultless dinner, along with a perfectly matching wine suggestion for each dish. They carry the greatest Mexican wines as well as some faultless imports.

Marisqueria El Kiosco Verde

Lotes 14 and 15 of Av. Lopez Portillo S.M. 85

Cancun offers several excellent restaurants where you may celebrate special events and eat delicious meals. Several of Cancun’s top restaurants have been around for a long time and have managed to keep customers coming back again and again. El Kiosco Verde Marisqueria is no exception, since it is one of Cancun’s oldest restaurants, yet they have not been caught in the past.

They continue to innovate and upgrade themselves as the times change, while maintaining established standards of quality and taking inspiration from their legacy.

Their cuisine is made up of fresh local products, and the meals are presented with flair and innovation. You can buy an octopus canap here if you’ve never had one before (or even if you have).

The Zancudo Fonda

1741Av Uxmal Mza 02 Lte 33 +52 99 88 84

In Cancun, Mexico, La Fonda del Zancudo is a relatively new idea. Since it was created inside the walls of an abandoned home, the restaurant has an antique and rustic air about it. It’s really ambient, and the menu is straightforward and filled with Mediterranean fare.

The home is surrounded by a lush garden that was developed on an empty lot, giving you the impression that you are dining in nature.

The food ranges from classic Mexican to Mediterranean, which is a welcome departure from other restaurants that specialize in one or two cuisines. This restaurant stands out to me since it is healthier than other Cancun eateries while being tasty and aesthetically appealing!

Reservations are not necessary for small parties, but bigger tables should contact them through Facebook; they respond quickly. This downtown restaurant is only available for supper and is a great place to spend a night out with your loved one.


+52 998 843 0202 Lpez Portillo

If you like seafood, there is one spot you should not miss and may become your favorite around here. Mar-Bella Seafood is located in central Cancun, behind a tiny grocery shop. The fish market seems to open as you walk in. It includes everything your heart and stomach want, including Alaskan King Crab, Scallops, Lobster, and Oysters. The restaurant has two flights of steps that lead to a scene that will leave you dumbfounded.

Mar-Bella has mostly had two experiences: The shop sells freshly caught fish, which is also available at the market below. I’m talking about lobster, shrimp, crab, salmon, and other seafood. The upstairs is a full-service seafood restaurant where the freshest fish from the below are prepared.

This is one of the most unique gastronomic experiences you will ever have. The view of the ocean is magnificent, and the cuisine is exquisite. Where else can you match a freshly caught protein with any seasonings you like and have a trained chef create a meal especially for you? If you’re searching for a fantastic seafood restaurant in Cancun, look no further!

The Habichuela

Calle 10 Margaritas 25-Mz 20, 22 +52 99 88 84 3158

Fusion Mexican eatery. In addition to presenting many of the traditional dishes found in a Mexican or Southern restaurant, La Habichuela Cancun also offers a diverse menu of seafood and beef dishes with a tropical twist. La Habichuela Cancun restaurant serves delectable and distinctive Caribbean cuisine.

If the route to a man’s heart is via his stomach, then this is the Cancun restaurant to go to. The waitstaff is amusing and amusing. I can’t think of a finer location with such a pleasant atmosphere. It’s really quaint, and the price is reasonable for the quality and time spent there. The Pumpkin, or La Habichuela in Spanish.

In a lively and quirky setting, they offer both classic and trendy Mexican meals. While visiting this unusual Cancun restaurant, be sure to request a seat on the second-story terrace.

Mostaza Huerto Cocina

+52 998 230 1077Pargo 5, Calle 5

Mostaza Cocina de Huerto is another of my favorite Cancun eateries. This restaurant is quite popular, so call ahead and get a reservation before you arrive. The waitresses are extremely courteous and experienced, since they are used to dealing with American customers. This is one of my favorite restaurants since the food is always fresh and the ambience is warm.

There are various deals available, as well as a Friday wine club. Every day from 1 to 7 p.m., they provide a happy hour with fantastic beverages and food!

The tasting menu is to die for, with delicacies like pumpkin seed hummus, grilled octopus tacos, and fish cheek ravioli among the highlights. They also match the ideal Mexican wine with each meal.

The tasting menu will take you on a gastronomic experience and enable you to taste new foods that you may not order normally, which is a terrific incentive to visit this Cancun restaurant.

The Organica

+52 998 883 9920Av Yaxchiln Mz 2Av Yaxchiln Mz 2Av Yaxchiln M

If you’re hungry after a long day of touring, you should go to La Organica. They provide some of the biggest meal sizes in Cancun. Everything, from the fish to the liquids, is wonderfully fresh! This hidden treasure is situated just outside of downtown, across from a Costco.

The ambience of La Organicas wraps you from the minute you enter this sophisticated Cancun restaurant and slink your way to a cushy seat or hide in a corner with pals at one of their stunning tequila-themed bars. This world-class location is hip yet not overcrowded, making it great for meeting up with friends or business customers.

The meal was excellent, the presentation was superb, and the service was flawless. It was difficult to decide what to order because everything sounded so good, but we eventually settled on a few items that did not disappoint. La Organica provides both fresh juices and natural liquors influenced by Mexican tastes.

Sushi on the Move

Punta Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico +52 998 217 3416

Sushi Go in Cancun, Mexico, is owned by a mother-and-son combo (both of whom are quite warm and accommodating). It’s the only sushi restaurant in town, with a menu that includes rolls, sashimi, tempura items, udon soup, and gyoza.

The restaurant itself is relatively tiny (maybe 15 seats, although it can easily accommodate more), with just around five or six people seated at the bar.

The ambiance is relaxed and clean, with polite and efficient service, a full bar, and amazing tempura-fried ice cream. They also deliver anyplace in the Hotel Zone in Cancun. Every day from 1:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. This is the place to go for sushi in Cancun.

Morena Sirena

Av Carlos Nader 66

Sirena Morena is one of Cancun’s most popular brunch destinations. They can be found on 5th Avenue between Calle 65 and Camino al Malecon. It’s a little off the main drag, but it’s reasonably accessible. They provide one of the greatest breakfasts in Cancun.

They offer various loaves of bread and other carb-rich favorites to select from if you want something simple.

They also serve the greatest dessert in all of Cancun. These can assist if you’re sick of eating just tacos. If you’re seeking for vegan cuisine in Cancun, this is your new favorite spot.

One of the things that makes this venue so remarkable is the gorgeous ambience. They have a lovely outdoor terrace that makes you feel as if you’ve been welcomed into someone’s backyard to have a wonderful home-cooked supper. They also offer a store with locally made products at extremely reasonable costs.

The Mayoras’ House

+52 998 256 8300 Calle Miguel Hidalgo Donceles 28 x Calle Guadalupe Victoria M51 L16 C46

La Casa De Las Mayoras is Cancun’s ultimate vegan gourmet dining experience. Not only are the tastes accurate, but their offers are just amazing. With rare exceptions, traditional Mexican cuisine may be either excessively meat-heavy or extremely spice-heavy.

The tastes are fresh and powerful, with little to no fat or overpowering spice.

Even when compared to carnivorous meals, their jackfruit chilaquiles are the greatest around. The Morita pepper adds a great heat, and the tastes complement each other so beautifully. If you just need to cool down, their super fruit smoothies and spirulina are delicious, and they have a variety of freshly squeezed juices! Make this your Cancun breakfast spot.

Try their Acai bowl with superfoods for breakfast. It will provide you the energy you need to tackle the day’s tasks! If you’re looking for something a bit more filling, get some green eggs with Chaya and beans with handmade tortillas!

Harry’s Premier Steakhouse And Raw Bar is a steakhouse with a raw bar.

+52 99 88 40 6554 14.2 km Kukulcn Boulevard

Harrys Prime Steak House and Raw Bar, owned by Robert and Nancy Buntin, is a Texas-sized full-service family restaurant serving mouthwatering steaks, grilled fish, juicy burgers, and a variety of other meals, as well as an amazing wine selection.

Every meal was created just for South Padre Island’s discerning diners. Harrys makes its own barbecue sauce by combining fresh ingredients in small amounts to assure consistent flavor from the first mouthful to the last.

Harrys also provides vegetarian cuisine and tantalizing appetizers such as cheese boards of cheddar, brie, or blue cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and Spanish mermelada.

Lamb racks of double chops served with tomatoes and mashed potatoes, pig chops in a creamy scallions sauce, and filet mignon marinated in wine parsley sauce or served with lobster sauce are among the other meats available.

Harrys is the spot to go in Cancun if you’re craving American cuisine.

Restaurante PETER

+52 99 82 51 9310 Bonampak Avenue Mz 11 Lt 71-72, 3

This tiny restaurant in central Cancun is a charming European-style diner that both locals and visitors frequent. Peter, his wife Claudia, and their son Eder manage the restaurant as a family. Shrimp, fish, veal, beef, and pasta are among the dishes available, as are desserts and a modest but decent wine selection.

This restaurant was recommended to me by a couple of excellent friends, and I’ve visited numerous times since my first visit. The cuisine is excellent, and the prices are substantially cheaper than what you’d expect to pay for a restaurant of this class in the Hotel Zone (not even comparable). It’s also not merely a tourist attraction!

Greek Restaurant Ilios

+52 99 82 51 6596 Boulevard Kukulcan, Kilometer 13.5, Zona Hotelera

Ilios, the iconic Greek restaurant created by Constantine Xanthoulis, offers a taste of Athens on the beach in Cancun. Creative and delicious food based on local products, with conservative tastes created by centuries-old traditions passed down through generations that produce meals with a feeling of modernity in an elegant and contemporary venue with all the fantastic ambience of a traditional tavern.

If you want to visit Greece but don’t want to deal with lengthy flights or hefty rates, this is a perfect spot to have a tasty dinner with your friends. Ilios, which has love-seats and hookahs, is a great spot to take your date on a romantic date or to get together with some close friends and sit around a really huge, round table and reminisce about your college days over Ouzo shots. This Greek beautiful restaurant will immerse you in the full essence of Greece.

Grill and lounge La Punta

+529988915700 Nizuc, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancn, Q.R., Mexico, Punta Nizuc Cancn km 7.5

A restaurant with a magnificent view of the ocean, excellent service, and delectable cuisine is located in the center of Cancun’s hotel zone, only a short walk from your accommodation.

The vista is peaceful, and you are seated immediately away.

Their steaks and seafood grill are world-class prepared dishes that taste fantastic. Their guacamole is also out of this world. They offer you a nicely designed platter, and when you see the food, you simply want to plunge in.

The rates are a tad steep, but what you receive for your money is well worth it.

Cancun is one of those places where there is never a dull moment. It offers a plethora of restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs all waiting for you to check them out. The diversity of cuisine imported from all over the globe is one of the nicest things about dining in Cancun restaurants. This ensures that you are never bored with what you consume.

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