17 Of The Best Bratislava Restaurants | Where to Eat in Bratislava, Slovakia

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I recently spent several days in the Slovakian capital city of Bratislava eating my way through the city in order to bring you this guide to the best restaurants in Bratislava.

This guide covers a wide range of topics, including where to find the best traditional food, as well as places that are known for their fine dining and burgers that draw long lines of locals.

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16 Must Try Bratislava Restaurants

Meštiansky Pivovar

Drevená 575/8 // +421 944 512 265

This brewery had the atmosphere of an elegant tavern, and it served as one of the finest restaurants in town for sampling authentic Slovakian cuisine (albeit one with exceptional service). The welcoming staff was more than willing to provide excellent recommendations for both the meal and the beverage.

The assortment of handmade fresh bread dips served as an appetizer was one of our favorite meals, as was the enormous pig knuckle, which we recommend being split between at least two diners since it is so large.

Make it a point to sample some of their locally crafted beer as well. It’s up there among the very finest in the whole city!

Slovak Pub

Obchodna 62 // +421 252 926 367

In Bratislava, the Slovak Pub has become something of a local landmark. The restaurant sets itself apart from its competitors by tending its very own organic farm, from which it procures a significant number of its ingredients. In the same farmhouse, they also make fresh bread and cakes from scratch, using recipes that were passed down from their grandmother.

Make it a point to order the traditional garlic soup served in a bread bowl, as well as the house-made dumplings that are dusted with fleck and covered with cream that has been seasoned with herbs.

In addition, the Slovak Pub operates a custom brewery complete with its very own keg room. Here, the beer is kept in conditions that are ideal for flavor preservation.

Pán Cakes

Suché mýto 4, 811 03 Staré Mesto, Slovakia // +421948100458

One of the best places in the city to get pancakes and a favorite among the locals. The food is surprisingly delicious for the price, the ambiance is warm and welcoming, and there is pleasant music playing in the background.

Pancakes that are both sweet and scrumptiously delicious. The staff is friendly and willing to accommodate your needs, and the restaurant offers menus in both English and Slovak. In addition, a wait time that is not unreasonable.

There are a number of delicious options that are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and people who avoid lactose. There are a few tables along the street that can be found both inside and outside the establishment. In general, a wonderful location for a restaurant!

Both the pistachio pancake and the cinnamon pancake that I ordered were wonderful in their own unique ways.

If you go to the restaurant on the weekends, there is space for parking right in front of it. The challenges, however, tend to arise during the weekdays. In that case, the Tatra Centrum, which can be reached by car, offers parking that is only a three-minute walk away.

Mezcalli Bratislava

Námestie SNP 1, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421949548725

A Mexican restaurant that is just barely out of sight. On the other hand, the atmosphere within looks to be quite lovely, not stale at all, and surprisingly authentic. The service was really good, and they are able to provide guidance if you are uncertain about what to purchase.

The dishes prepared by a Mexican chef who genuinely brings his passion for food to the table elevate this establishment to a higher level, despite the fact that I must admit that I have never witnessed such attentive service in Bratislava.

Although the menu isn’t very extensive, it does include some classic Mexican fare like tacos al pastor, guacamole, chilaquiles, and divorced eggs with hash browns. There are also traditional drinks available here, like as horchata and margaritas.

I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking to break away from the common perceptions of Slovak cuisine and try something that is both original and delectable.

Mille Baci

Námestie SNP 507/1, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421917138767

On the outskirts of the Old Town, I came across this eatery that, despite its size and appearance, was quite interesting. Even though there is a little patio outside, we decided it was more comfortable to sit inside due to the rain. Despite this, we were curious the moment we stepped foot inside the door of the building.

The interior design is one of a kind, with shards of this and that, nothing matching exactly, but it comes together to form an adorable whole. Pots of fresh basil and platters of fruit and vegetables, including figs, aubergines, leeks, and tomatoes, are placed at the entrance. This lends an air of genuineness to the establishment that no menu could ever hope to match.

The fact that it is owned and run by a mother and son, Roberta and Milan, makes the presence of a personal touch all the more apparent and causes it to be appreciated. The location’s one-of-a-kind character was initially what drew our attention, but the cozy atmosphere that the place exudes is a major draw as well. The word that first comes to mind for describing this quality is “quirky.”

The proprietor is there almost nonstop and welcomes clients enthusiastically with wide arms. In addition, she employs many members of her own family, which helps to create a warm and welcoming environment throughout the restaurant. You are able to see the preparation of your food thanks to the open layout of the kitchen.

It is possible that there will be a short wait because there is a limited menu and everything is prepared upon order; however, you will be informed in advance if there will be a wait. The supper was fantastic, and the generous portions instantly put us in the mindset of being in an Italian family’s home.

It is imperative that you sample the beef gorgonzola. In spite of the fact that it was described as chopped beef, what it was in reality was a beef fillet that had been cooked to perfection and could be sliced as easily as butter with just the touch of a knife.

You will never forget the experience of eating a dish like this one, and I can promise you that I will long for it even though I seriously doubt that another dish like it will ever be created. In my mind, I will always be able to recall the aroma of that delectable meal. In spite of the fact that we were both bursting at the seams, we decided to have tiramisu for dessert. It was delicious, and the portions were enormous, just like the entrée; I needed assistance cleaning my plate because there was so much food.

Although they offered Italian wine on the menu, we decided to go with a Slovak red instead because it was a better complement to the food. After that, we indulged further by ordering another bottle of wine and making the most of our time spent doing so.

It was a little more expensive than usual, but the additional cost was definitely money well spent. We had a wonderful time in this establishment, and we certainly plan to come back if we find ourselves in Bratislava again in the future. You should follow my advice and do the same thing!

Brixton House

Františkánske námestie 408/3, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421948589743

A pub with stunning architecture, located right in the middle of the historic district. You are going to have a great time here because the atmosphere is lively and up to date! It was so compelling that I ended up going back twice.

The service was provided in a timely manner, and all of the employees were friendly. Although the price is slightly higher than the norm at local restaurants, it is justifiable given the quality of the establishment. Despite the fact that the restaurant was extremely busy, we did not need to make a reservation because there is sufficient seating available.

There are some tasty options available for cocktails. The food was of very high quality. The chicken burger that I sampled was delicious. There were many vegan options available to choose from on the menu, and the bar’s desserts looked absolutely mouthwatering. It would be wonderful to go back for a few nighttime cocktails.

My mood was greatly improved as a result of having lunch in the center of the old town. It comes highly recommended from me!


Ventúrska 10, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421918734129

Excellent setting for brunch or even just a cup of cold brew coffee to relax with. The interior is very cozy and maintains Slovakia’s traditional architectural style, while the exterior offers a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. The incredible quality of the food more than justifies the high cost.

A vegan juice bar with cold-pressed juices and a colorful daily menu of cuisine are both part of the novel concept that is Fach, along with a sophisticated space for gatherings that can accommodate up to 250 people. Fach also features a trendy cafe that serves simple fare, excellent coffee, and delicious home-baked bread and pastries.

We savored the delectable open-faced egg sandwiches that were provided. In addition, I consumed beetroot juice with pomegranate and other fruits. Again, absolutely delectable, and the degree of originality with which their dishes were prepared was a source of great pleasure for me.

Both the chef’s table and the outdoor kitchen are charming features of this establishment. The building is orderly and harmoniously proportioned.

Overall, dining at Fach Restaurant is a magnificent experience, and the restaurant is a wonderful addition to Bratislava’s already impressive roster of dining establishments. It features a stunning ambiance in addition to a tasting menu that is both creative and expertly prepared.


Námestie SNP č. 8 // +421 907 227 754

We were told by a local friend that Flagship is the restaurant that he takes out-of-town guests who are interested in trying traditional Slovakian cuisine. Although I found the atmosphere inside to be a little too geared toward tourists for my tastes, there is no denying the popularity of this restaurant or the fact that they make high-quality adaptations of classic dishes.

A shared platter is a fantastic option to go with your meal here. In this way, your group will be able to try a greater variety of their offerings.

There are a variety of food options available at Flagship, including pizza, in case you’re not in the mood for regional cuisine.

Arthur Ice Cream

Gorkého 3, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421907176121

While I was traveling over Europe, I had a lot of different ice creams, and I have to say that Arthur Ice Cream is right up there with the best of them. While we were walking through Bratislava, we came across at least two different places, and since they were both so delicious, we ended up purchasing two servings at each one. This is such a cute and hilarious little moment.

Both the taste and the quality of the ice cream were outstandingly wonderful. The pistachio and dark chocolate ice cream that they sell is quite delicious. If you find yourself in Bratislava, you really must go to Arthur Ice Cream; I promise you won’t be disappointed!

FABRIKA the beer pub

Štefánikova 864/4, 811 05 Staré Mesto, Slovakia // +421901902683

This is an amazing place to hang out! A huge, contemporary, expensive brewpub/restaurant. Outstanding ambience, beautifully combining a rustic and industrial aesthetic in a way that is not at all forced. We were concerned about the waiter since he was from another country, but he was fluent in English and very kind throughout the whole experience.

If we hadn’t had anything else to do in Bratislava, we probably would have stayed here the whole time that we were awake. Instead, this place turned out to be a lot of fun for us.

We remarked on how delightful the atmosphere was and how some locations “just have it” in terms of ambience, with this establishment being one of those locations. The meal was excellent, and despite the huge portions, the rates were reasonable.

My companion enjoyed the wines and spirits, and I had a great time sampling all of the different beers. I’m able to say this with a positive attitude since I’m overjoyed that we were able to spend so much time in this location. When we are visiting a city, we make it a point to dine outside of the hotel whenever possible so that we may have a more fulfilling experience overall.

My companion and I shared a sample paddle, and among the four different beers on it, I choose one to go with my lunch. Because it offered such a diverse selection of local/traditional meals as well as dishes from across the world, making a decision was really challenging.

The supper that we decided to have was quite good. We each ordered two different salads, along with hummus. After spending some time discussing Bratislava and Slovenia, the server circled back around to provide a thorough rundown of the available beers. A really relaxing and enjoyable evening. I strongly suggest that you pay a visit to Fabrika.

Hradna Hviezda

Námestie Alexandra Dubčeka 4809/1 // +421 944 142 718

Due to its location atop the rocky hill that is part of the grounds of Castle Bratislava, you might anticipate that this restaurant would charge a higher price than it actually does. On the other hand, the prices at Hradna Hviezda are fair, and the quality of the service is exceptional. Unquestionably regarded as one of the top restaurants in Bratislava.

Even though everyone vouched for the goulash, I was surprised to find out that they also grill some delicious steaks.

Best Bars And Breweries In Bratislava

100 pív craft beer bar & shop

Medená 111/33, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421948405409

During the most recent trip I took to Bratislava, a good friend of mine and I went to 100 Pub Beer Shop & Establishment, which is a truly fantastic craft beer bar. We had a great time there and tried some incredible beers.

This is a tiny place that is a cross between a beer store and a bar, with quite limited seating, and it is located just outside of the center of Bratislava, but it is close enough to the center that you can walk there easily.

In spite of the fact that it is only a small bar, it has a very hip vibe. A takeout beer shelf system, a small serving bar, a wonderful mural depicting Old Bratislava on the walls, and a small serving bar are all available. Additionally, there is a wonderful mural depicting Old Bratislava on the walls.

In addition to ice cold beers from regional microbreweries and beers from all over the world, there is a refrigerator that is groaning under the weight of its contents and is packed to the brim with beers from all over the world.

My beer was absolutely fantastic; I had tried a few fruit IPAs in the past, but this was by far the best. It was a delicate, well-balanced brew that was bursting with flavor while also being very easy to drink.

While we were drinking these beers, my friend also gave the thumbs up to his beer, and while we were doing so, we already had our next beer picked out; we tried a sample of one of the bottled beers.

Both of us went with the “lager” from Brooklyn Brewery, and once again, we were presented with an excellent beverage. I’ve sampled this beer on a number of occasions, and it’s a style of beer that I enjoy; it’s a genuine session beer.

A wonderful establishment that, in my opinion, is an absolute necessity for any person who appreciates a good bar and craft beer.

CORK Wine Bar

Panská 4, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421918834761

We had been looking for a quiet spot to relax with a glass of wine when we happened upon this location by accident. A posh setting that still maintains its easygoing vibe. During the course of a couple of hours, we enjoyed some exquisite wine, mouthwatering bar snacks, and remarkable artwork.

They offered a wide selection of very high-quality wines available by the glass. While we were sitting outside, we took in the plaza as well as the surrounding area.

After describing our preferences in terms of flavor, the recommendations that were given to us were spot on, and the prices were reasonable. In addition, the wine was presented in beautiful wine stems, which contributed to the overall enjoyable experience of the tasting.

The bartender extended a warm welcome to us and led us through the establishment to view their collection of artwork by Alexej Vojtasek. Abstract works by artist Vojtasek, who is well-known in the region for his work in this genre, are notable for his skillful application of color. You should go there if you like wine, art, or tasty snacks.


13, Panská 245, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421904208108

A cozy Craft Beer Bar in the middle of Bratislava that may be modest in size but makes up for it in charm and friendliness. This cozy little bar is home to one of the most impressive collections of local craft beers that we discovered in Bratislava.

There are a few options based in the region, in addition to a few options based in the countries that are nearby. The “pickled cheese,” which was actually cheese that had been marinated in oil and herbs, was delicious, and the service was top-notch. Incredible location!

Both the double India Pale Ale and the raspberry vanilla porter that we tried were fantastic. Surprisingly, it’s not a place that preys on unsuspecting vacationers. It comes highly recommended from me.

Cuba Libre Rum & Cigar House

11, Laurinská 138, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421919204330

Visit Cuba Libre Bratislava if you’re a fan of Tiki cocktails, cigars, and rum—all of which are sold there. The dark atmosphere combined with the very alluring smell of cigars creates an atmosphere that is ideal for a fun evening.

They offer an excellent assortment of cigars and rum, in addition to the high quality of the drinks and the service that they provide.

They have some of the best craft cocktails I’ve ever had; the Mezcal old-fashioned was hands down the best drink I had in Bratislava. You should also give Facundo Eximo a shot if you get the opportunity to do so. It is one of the nicest inexpensive rums with a high price tag that you will find here. It is well worth it if you want to experience the affluence of a godfather.

However, before you place your purchase, you should check the prices first. Still a beautiful place. Would recommend doing so without a shadow of a doubt. We came back a total of three times for the sole purpose of sampling more rums. They also offer cigars that are of a satisfactory quality. It was well worth the effort! Additionally, the staff members are quite kind and professional in their conduct. Test it out!


Šancová 19 //  +421 948 396 066

When we first arrived at Roxor, we were informed that all of the burgers had been sold out several hours before the restaurant’s closing time. It would appear that this occurs so frequently that it is best to make a reservation in order to enter!

People from the surrounding area gather in line to order what is widely considered to be the best burger in town. Because our curiosity was piqued, we decided to make a reservation for the following day so that we could find out what all the fuss was about.

We weren’t disappointed.

When I first went there, I was taken aback by how limited their burger menu was; there were only four options.

We were able to understand what all the fuss was about thanks to options such as “El Gringo,” which consists of a perfectly grilled patty that is topped with bacon, jalapeo, cheddar cheese, spicy chipotle mayonnaise, and crumbled tortilla chips; and “the premium burger,” which is topped with cheddar that has been aged for 9 months; both of these burgers have crumbled tortilla chips on top.

It is not possible to make reservations for tables until after 2:00 p.m., and lunchtime is not a time when tables can be reserved. Have a late breakfast and make a reservation for after 2:00 if you want to guarantee that they will have burgers available when you arrive at the restaurant.


Mudronova 82 // +421 902 333 888

Albrecht was recommended to us multiple times by residents of Bratislava as a place to enjoy upscale dining, and many of them claimed that it met the criteria for a Michelin star.

The plating is absolutely stunning, and the wine recommendations made by the sommelier were excellent choices to go along with the courses.

The menu features a wide variety of seafood dishes, in addition to several lamb and game meat options. There is also the option to splurge and get the tasting menu.

It is recommended that you make reservations.

Which of these Bratislava restaurants look best to you? Let me know in the comments section below!

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