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Cary, North Carolina, was unexpectedly peaceful and full of wonderful restaurants and foreign culinary variations despite its lack of popularity. My local advisor advised visiting Cary for their famed La Farm bakery while seeing Raleigh.

My instincts always get the best of me as a gourmand and traveler. I spent a couple of days seeing this little, quaint town without a guide, collecting recommendations from residents for a number of excellent eateries.

You will undoubtedly sample some of the most delectable seafood, Indian, and Chinese platters, as well as traditional American cuisine. You’ll also be surprised by Lucky32’s unique southern-style cooking and Totopos’ subtle Mexican variety.

Every restaurant offers a classic ambiance, complete with an outdoor terrace and attractive umbrella coverings. I liked how the city had a pleasant blend of renowned beauty, lakes, vegetation, contemporary ambience, and wholesome, down-home attitude.

When exploring for eateries, don’t forget to take a nighttime stroll around downtown Cary; its significant historic buildings are beautiful to gaze at while sipping a cold beer.

After visiting La Farm Bakery and purchasing some of the most amazing bread I’ve ever tasted, I went to Bond Brothers Beer Brewery and drank Berlin Weiss in their lovely open bar garden.

This is my list of favorite restaurants in Cary NC that provide the greatest southern, Asian, Mexican, American, and European cuisine platters.

Cary NC’s Top 18 Restaurants

Bistro on Academy Street

S. Academy St., +19193770509200 S. Academy St.

Forget exorbitant bills and high-end chain restaurants; Academy Street Bistro will provide you superb global cuisine at a reasonable price and in beautiful outdoor settings.

This neighborhood restaurant in the middle of historic downtown boasts a magnificent dining setting in a landmark building with an outside terrace for sunset meals.

Despite its reputation for lunch breaks, I preferred Academy Street Cafe on a pleasant Thursday evening. The weather was wonderful, and the outside dining tables were decked with golden lights and umbrella coverings. With its downtown location, ASB provides beautiful scenery. They have a wonderful team and provide good service!

For appetizers, I got their jumbo lump crab cakes and roasted beet and arugula salad. They recommended Scallops and Ribeye steaks for the main meal. Both servings were full and delicious!

I also ordered their shrimp and grits on the spur of the moment and was not disappointed.

Their scallops were gently sweet and cooked to perfection. The ribeye steak was delicious, and the shrimp and grits were creamy. Don’t miss out on their grilled vegetable platter, which features North Carolina’s fresh veggies (grown by local farmers) and is both healthful and somewhat crunchy.


Kildaire Farm Rd. +191967834491388 Kildaire Farm Rd.

I love Mexican cuisine, and Totopos offers a huge Mexican selection! There was so much food to choose from, including enchiladas, tacos, fried beans, carne asada, plantains, and quesadillas. I hadn’t eaten Mexican cuisine in a long time, so I ordered a lot! Everything was delicious and well prepared!

Totopos is a quiet restaurant with an outdoor dining garden that has a relaxing decor of white and yellow. The restaurant provides delicious Mexican cuisine and has a lovely environment decorated with traditional lanterns, sparkling paper stars, and other decorations. At night, the whole area is illuminated by various lighting and fairy bulbs.

If you like photography or architecture, this is the restaurant for you because of its vibrant décor, which has traditional paintings, light hanging art, and several other wall decorations.

If you want to experience traditional Mexican food, get queso fundido, carne asada tacos, shrimp tacos, carnitas enchiladas, chimichanga, and chilaquiles for supper.

Of course, you won’t be able to eat it all by yourself; Totopos’ main dishes come in generous portions. So come here with your buddies and enjoy various tasty foods.

Crispy, crunchy, and flavorful all at the same time! Every taste and ingredient shines brightly. To be honest, I didn’t expect to discover a Mexican treasure amid Cary’s eateries. This restaurant, on the other hand, has nailed the perfect blend of rice, beans, soft and crisp chicken, and classic baked tacos.

Restaurant on the Bosphorus

N. Harrison Ave.

Cary offers the Bosphorus Restaurant, which is known for its Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, for those who like exploring new tastes. There’s something special about this restaurant’s meals; they’re bursting with tantalizing flavors and savory heat.

Additionally, be prepared to get your tummy stuffed since the portions are enormous. To begin, I was advised to have the cigar borek, a popular meal with crisp buns and a creamy parsley filling.

Personally, I like warm appetizers and ordered the meal right away; the handmade marinara sauce was great and real. Bosphorus Restaurant bakes its own bread, which is why customers choose it over other eateries in Cary.

Their bread is soft, delicate, and warm, which is unusual in non-traditional eateries.

If you like cold appetizers, there are many to choose from, including filled grape leaves, hummus, and baby ghanoush. I suggest the scorching hot Mediterranean-style Adana Kebab and Turkish shrimp pide for the main meal.

Chef’s Menu

Apartment #118 Ten-Ten Rd. +191926760113460

We all need traditional American fast food now and again, which is why I went to Chefs Palette. Unexpectedly, the menu had many more options than just burgers and sandwiches.

Ryan, the chief chef, has won a state-level competition in North Carolina. His specialized dishes, such as baby back ribs and veggie spaghetti, were among my favorites in town.

The restaurant serves a broad range of delectable cuisine, including seafood, meat-heavy entrees, sandwiches, and fried delights. In addition to the main dish, I chose their Black Angus burger and Asian-style pot stickers. The dessert menu was limited yet excellent.

I propose a New York-style turtle cheesecake for dessert. It immediately softened and melted in my tongue. The chocolate and caramel sauces added to the deliciousness! Their pot stickers were steamed and then fried to perfection, adding a crisp golden sheen to the dish.

Chefs Palette’s interior is fairly lighted and has a basic, domestic feel about it. On its walls, the restaurant also proudly displays wonderful art works done by residents.

Bakery La Farm

+191965706574248 NW Cary Parkway.

La Farm, inspired and created by Lionel Vatinet, is likely one of the city’s most popular attractions, considering its atmosphere, surrounding beauty, wooden aesthetics, baked deliciousness, the tantalizing scent, and its traditional baking method and equipment.

You are certain to consume these delights anywhere you go in Cary, whether it is downtown, Preston Corner, or West Cary, since they are located in three separate areas of the city.

Don’t be shocked by the boulangerie’s European architecture and interior design. The bakery offers over fifteen renowned and twenty seasonal baked items, as well as French-style pastries. Have some delectable French breakfast, brunch, lunch, and supper at the caf.

La Farm Bakery is the ideal place to stop for breakfast after a brief tour around downtown. I like sweet, soft bread with crunchy outer layers and unusual French food, both of which they provide.

We bake while you’re asleep. Vatinet, Lionel

Indeed, they begin baking at midnight in order to offer you with freshly baked pastries around 7 a.m. Every ingredient and starter used in the baking process is fresh and includes no artificial additions.

In addition, La Farm bakes using traditional, old-fashioned processes and equipment, which contributes to and enriches their entire taste character. They make organic and one-of-a-kind dishes using unbleached wheat and rye flours.

La Farm Bakery provides a large French menu with a variety of sandwiches, seafood options, toasts, quiche, and other items. For breakfast, I really loved their egg benedict, egg florentine, and quiche Lorraine with mocha coffee.

Lucky 32

Tryon R.d. +191923316327307 Tryon R.d.

In Cary, do you want some Southern cuisine? North Carolina, on the other hand, has several fantastic cities that provide Southern cuisine. Lucky 32 is a nice restaurant in town that serves excellent southern cuisine.

For those searching for great dining with the entire family, an evening date, or a nice night alone, the restaurant provides a pleasant, stylish dining experience. The gloomy mood, dimly lit dining area, and gentle music complete the picture.

The menu changes often, yet each season brings forth the best in their restaurant. Every dish on the menu has a distinct touch of local ingredients. If you like fish, try their honey pecan-crusted salmon and grilled salmon.

For appetizers, I had their roasted chicken salad, pimento cheese dip, and autumn squash soup. It was also the ideal combination of my beloved skillet-fried chicken and Suffolk grilled chicken. Both meals were crispy and delicious, especially with their heirloom sauce, cornbread, and mashed potatoes.

10; it’s a great spot for an early lunch in the shade, with plants all around you. I’ll give them outside garden eating scenario a 10 out of 10.

Lucky 32 has a fantastic sweet potato pecan pie for dessert, among other things on the menu. While this was too sweet for me, it would be ideal for others who like highly sugary sweets. But, I like the cake’s nutty tastes and smoothness!

Doherty’s Irish Pub & Restaurant is located in Dublin, Ireland.

High House Rd., +191938899301979 High House Rd.

Dohertys Irish Pub, which is open till 11 p.m., will provide you wonderful cuisine late at night in a nice setting and environment. The restaurant specializes on high-quality Irish cuisine, and their Irish egg rolls are to die for!

With a bar, an outdoor terrace, and calming live music, you may enjoy your delicious supper in solitude. According to what I’ve heard, Irish food is famed for its stew, cabbage, and choice of bacon; and that’s exactly what I orderedbeef and Guinness stew, corned beef, and cabbage.

I also tried the egg rolls on suggestion, and they were the finest I’d eaten in a long time. Doherty’s famous bread pudding with whiskey caramel sauce is highly recommended for dessert.

If you like coffee, don’t pass up the chance to try their delicious Irish coffee. A coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and cream drink.

Irish coffee provides a mild drunkenness with a jolt of adrenaline. Dohertys also offers a large beer and wine range from which to pick.

Salvios Pizza Restaurant

SW Cary Pkwy. +191946746002428 Southwest Cary Pkwy.

Salvios Pizza in Cary delivers meals to your house for fun evenings with friends, game nights, or special celebrations. Salvios Pizzeria, located downtown, is a fun place to drink beer and Italian cuisine.

I normally prefer a movie night with pizza, but Salvio’s outdoor patio seemed tempting; a pleasant spot with umbrella cover where you can relax and enjoy the cuisine and the city. Their pizza is well-known around Cary, and for good reason.

Salvio’s menu is extensive, including appetizers, sandwiches, salads, calzones, big pizzas, appetizers, spaghetti, wings, desserts, and so on. It wasn’t simple to decide.

Additionally, Salvios features a gluten-free menu with many selections if you are on a diet. The restaurant’s ultimate pizza offers the most fantastic flavor you’ll ever taste; the mix of meat, vegetables, cheese, and mushroom is out of this world. With cheese, every element shines out, leaving your taste senses immensely happy.

Salvios Pizzeria has the cheesiest and finest pizza bits ever! Get loaded fries with bacon and ranch as a side. Penne A La Vodka is worth a try if you’re visiting with pals.

Being a cheesecake aficionado, I picked their cheesecake for dessert, although Cannoli and Tiramisu are great delicious Italian sweets after a scrumptious supper.

Café Kababish

+19193778794201 West Chatham Street, Suite #103

Kababish is one of the Triangle’s most prominent Indian and Pakistani cuisine restaurants. Nothing beats spicy and beefy South Asian cuisine. India and Pakistan produce some of the most flavorful meals, with real spices, richness, and a distinct traditional nutritional approach.

I like all of the tandoori pleasures that the nations have to offer, not to mention the famed Chicken Biryani!

You must taste their chicken tikka masala with naan while you are there. A tantalizing and wonderful blend of spicy chicken sauce with hot, buttered tandoori corn tortillas!

It’s delicious, savory, rich, exotic, and stunning! I’ll never forget how delicious the traditional combo of chicken, sauce, and naans was!

You’ll be amazed with their perspective on classic and contemporary music, in addition to the delicious meal. Understanding worldwide spice tolerance, the restaurant prepares cuisine that will not boil your insides.

When you mention their ambience, you’ll be taken to a cultural restaurant with classic lamps, lighting, and interior design. With its Pakistani-style walls and decorating, it exudes wealth from the outside.

Kabasish’s top meals are Kababish biryani (chicken and rice with country chutneys and sauces), tandoori shrimp, kebabs, and the whole main course plate.

The main course plate includes dal fry (lentil gravy), naan (butter tortillas), chicken gravy, salad, Shahi Paneer (Indian cheese eaten with stew), boneless lamb stew, keema, Paya, and other dishes. Additionally, instead of wine or beer, try the lassi (a thick foamed curd beverage) and chai.

The Bonefish Grill

Renaissance Park Pl. +191967713472060 Renaissance Park Pl.

10.Finally, for seafood enthusiasts, I have the famed Bonefish Grill restaurant. Despite being a franchise restaurant, the quality and ambience were unrivaled. Every dish on the menu looked and tasted wonderful. The cuisine and presentation were both excellent.

I’m not usually impressed by seafood restaurants, but the Bonefish Grill in Cary did! Thus, if you’re searching for a fancy seafood dinner date in a lovely area, Bonefish Grill is the place to go!

I really recommend the tempura crisp sashimi tuna with wasabi and soy sauce, as well as the fish and fries. I stopped here for a quick meal and got the Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos.

It’s a delectable meal of perfectly cooked, juicy shrimp wrapped in tortillas. Mussels, lobsters, and crab cakes are also available.

I like grilled dishes, and Atlantic salmon was an excellent option. You should also try their Mahi Mahi and rainbow trout grill, both of which are delicious. I have to admit that I absolutely like

Besides from seafood, the menu also includes beef potstickers, filet mignon, chicken marsala, and other dishes. Although having a short menu, they provide a diverse selection of cocktails, artisan beers, wines, and drinks. I like their warm cookies for dessert, but try their seasonal chefs’ unique dessert at the restaurant.

The Kitchen

100 Macgregor Pines Dr, Cary, NC 27511, USA +19194670780

Excellent real Mexican meals! Excellent service and trademark meals that are out of this world. You can’t go wrong with this restaurant if you’re looking for some Hispanic flavor.

The chicken wings and loaded fries with cheddar cheese, broiled bacon, and green onions served with ranch dressing are ideal appetizers to accompany your drink.

Taco salad, chef salad, grilled chicken salad, and many more options are available.

Lunch selections include fajitas, burrito grande, quesadilla, rib eye steak with bacon, beef and pork specialities, and many more.

Chicken soup is a must-try. The aroma is tantalizing, and the flavor is sublime.

This restaurant has 11 locations in North Carolina.

Grill Seol

+198424191122310 Walnut St, Cary, North Carolina 27518, USA

Exciting, genuine Korean restaurant with good customer service and rapid turnaround on orders.

The meat was all of good quality and tasty. Side dishes were excellent complements to the dinner. The seol steak was delicious, but the spicy pork bulgogi was the standout dish.

The dining menu also includes beef, hog, chicken, and marine delicacies.

You may also try the unfiltered Korean Sake, which is quite tasty and excellent. There are several more drinks available. Imported Korean rice beer, cocktails, wines, and a premium liquor collection are just a few examples.

Pizza V

+191965018211389 Kildaire Farm Rd, Cary, North Carolina 27511, USA

Without a doubt, one of the greatest oven-baked pizzas in town. Everyone is quite pleasant and attentive, and there are plenty sitting alternatives (booth, outside, high chairs, or the bar).

Their bolognese pizza is something you won’t find anywhere else! The combination of melted mozzarella cheese, chopped meatballs, and San Marzano tomato sauce creates an incomparable flavor.

Buffalo chicken pizza, Pepperoni, Quatro Formaggi, the traditional Margarita, and more than 15 different pizzas are available, so select wisely.

Apart from pizza, they also provide sandwiches, salads, wings, and pasta dishes. The linguine with meatballs pasta is wonderful.

The Cha House

+198446504981319 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary, North Carolina 27511, USA

A very exceptional Asian-inspired tea restaurant with a truly soothing environment and quick service.

Every single one of the menu’s distinctive fruit and milk tea selections has been expertly crafted and very tasty.

Its bubble tea, which comes in a variety of flavors, is the most popular. Thai tea with mango boba is a unique and pleasant experience.

I had their tea stew pork and popcorn chicken. The serving size is ideal for one person. Nevertheless, their popcorn chicken is little, so if you have a strong appetite, you may want to get something different.

Treats such as macarons, chocolate waffles, tofu, and other such items are also available.

Oven + Tap Big Easy

Cary, NC 27513, USA +19194686007231 Grande Heights Dr

In the center of Cary, North Carolina, a sophisticated, southern-inspired kitchen. If you’re in a hurry and seeking precisely prepared cuisine, this is the place to go.

I’m pleased I tried The Big Easy Oven & Tap. Gator Bites and Crawfish Etouffee were outstanding. One appetizer and one meal sufficed to feed both of us.

For starters, there are grilled shrimp, fried oysters, wings, nachos, small crab poppers, and gator bites. For lunch, try the southern pimento & bacon burger, pasta primavera, beef sandwich, or the fantastic chicken caesar wrap.

For dessert, don’t pass on the bananas foster with vanilla ice cream.

The Tribeca Tavern

+19194653055500 Ledgestone Way, Cary, North Carolina 27519, USA

The modest and welcoming neighborhood taverna Tribeca is a well-known Cary restaurant noted for its excellent burgers.

Starters include tuna nachos, California salad, traditional Caesar salad, garlic mashed potatoes, and a variety of sides.

The fried pickle appetizers with house ketchup were fantastic, and the Blue Devil burger was cooked to order and extremely tasty. The fries were adequate but lacked salt and other flavors.

The pan-seared fish with garlic mashed potatoes, local seasonal veggies, and a butter sauce is also delectable!

They also have an excellent whiskey collection, as well as handmade brews and local and foreign wines.

The staff is really dedicated and eager to assist and provide suggestions. Also, the outside dining is absolutely spectacular.

Mediterranean Café Tazikis

+19194150447302 Colonades Way Suite 201, Cary, North Carolina 27518, USA

Chain restaurant serving exquisite Greek Gyros and other Mediterranean fare in two Cary locations.

There is plenty of seating available, and the staff is kind. The meal is all freshly made and well worth the price.

The classic Greek lemon soup smells and tastes so good that you’ll want to order a second serving. The Greek salad is light and refreshing, and it goes well with any meal.

I wished they had the classic Greek pig gyro, but the chicken and beef gyros were very tasty.

There’s grilled beef, salmon, prawns, and a mouth-watering roasted lamb that melts in your mouth. Finally, don’t forget to sample the Greek baklava!

Subway Jersey Mikes

+19194618100701 Cary Towne Blvd, Cary, North Carolina 27511, USA

A sandwich business with five sites in Cary. Fresh bread, hot or cold subs, and sandwich dinners are always available.

If you are dissatisfied with their selection, you may always personalize your sandwich to suit your preferences.

Turkey sandwiches, vegetable sandwiches, or tuna sandwiches loaded with fresh ingredients, salad, and sauces are always good alternatives for a quick breakfast or lunch.

The grilled Portabella Chicken Cheese Steak will not let you down. You may order your subs with chips and a Coke, and then conclude with a brownie or cookie.


What is Cary, North Carolina famous for?

  • Cary, NC is best known for a good shopping, wide range of leisure and outdoor experiences, pleasant weather, renowned restaurants and many culture and art activities. 

What are the most popular Cary restaurants?

  • One of the most popular restaurants in Cary are: “Lucky 37 Southern Kitchen”, “Bosphorus Restaurant”, “Peck and Plume”, “Enrigo Italian Bistro, “Kababish Cafe” etc.

What are the greatest Cary restaurants that deliver?

  • “Primo Pizza-Ny Style”, “Salvio’s Pizzeria”, “V Pizza” , “China One” and “Lucky 7” are one of the best restaurants that offer delivery services in Cary.

Finally, these are the top 18 restaurants in Cary, North Carolina.

In a tiny area, the city provided a variety of continental meals as well as well-known rural cuisine. My favorites were the Mexican, Indian, and Irish.

We can eat burgers in our hometown, after all. While visiting a new place, you should always sample various main meals. Cary restaurants provide a nice environment and cuisine for everyone who is hungry in the city. Whether it was a sunny breakfast or a late-night supper, the town was always nice, and you will undoubtedly have a good time.

Don’t forget to bring some delicious scones as a keepsake from La Farm Bakery!

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