18 Top Restaurants In Savannah Georgia – Where to Dine in the Hostess City of the South!

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Explore Savannah, Georgia’s history. Savannah is more than simply a gorgeous face, with its lovely parks and plazas. You’ll find a remarkable and picturesque area to spend your holiday everywhere, from the quiet alleyways of a developing metropolis to the natural beauty of a seaside region.

The Colonial Dames of America named the seductive Southern metropolis after a native tribe known as the Savannahs or Savannas who lived in the region before French and British invaders arrived in the early 1600s.

Savannah’s one-of-a-kind architecture has captivated the imagination of Americans for years. There are several well-preserved structures in Savannah’s central squares, but the gothic St. Johns Cathedral stands out. Forsyth Park is Savannah, Georgia’s primary public park.

The park is a National Historic Landmark District, a National Register of Historic Places listing, and an official Green Heritage Site.

In this culturally diverse city, you’ll find a plethora of intriguing excursions, exhilarating outdoor activities, restaurants that attract foodies, and vibrant art scenes. Let’s have a look at the greatest eateries in Savannah, Georgia.

The Top 18 Restaurants in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a city rich in history and culture, and its restaurants reflect the finest of this unique area.

Savannah GA restaurants range from traditional Southern barbecue to refined seafood meals and world cuisines. Yet what distinguishes this city are its native restaurants that reflect the Savannah way of life, a type of laid-back charm.

What could be more fitting than a dog-friendly neighborhood bar or a contemporary kitchen incubator with chef-driven meals and a laid-back vibe?

Savannah offers a little bit of everything and puts the Southern in Southern charm. Savannah’s architecture, people, and, most notably, cuisine are all indicative of the region’s background, and its chefs have embraced this tradition with open arms.

Creole cuisine and menus devoted to Southern classics, Savannah’s own brand of cool. This restaurant directory will assist you in locating the top restaurants in Savannah, with particular sections highlighting eateries that use locally produced products and goods grown on local farms, vegan fare, and Cajun cuisine.


Savannah, GA 31401 +19124439555236 Drayton St.

Zunzis takes satisfaction in every flavorful taste. Zunzi mixes traditional culinary skills with fresh ingredients to offer a distinctively delightful experience with an African flare and a Southern character. That is why it is one of the most distinctive restaurants in Savannah, Georgia.

Zunzis, which opened in 2005, has been delivering delicious meals to consumers for over two decades. A sandwich is more than that. One of the most powerful weapons you have in your quest for maximum taste fulfillment is what you put on it and how you put it together.

They’ve taken conventional recipes and given them their own touch to produce filling sandwiches, wraps, smothered bowls, and salads that they swear will taste better than your ordinary meal.

They feature some of the best-tasting fast food in town, as well as a friendly staff that likes serving you. When Zunzis says their meal will blow your mind, they mean it. You’ll know you’ve uncovered a hidden treasure the instant you step in the door and order one of their trademark meals!

Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Area

107 West Jones Street, Savannah, GA 31401, USA

All I can say is that Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room was well worth the wait! We questioned if it was worth it while waiting in line for an hour and a half. Indeed, it was!

As we arrived, we were led to a dining area with many tables. You really feel at ease here! The fried chicken and different sides have already arrived.

When seated, they seat one table at a time. There are 810 persons per table. When a group of 68 persons approaches a table, the owner will request groupings of two or one.

As a result, if there are just two of you, you get to move ahead of the bigger groups, compensating for those who had previously held spots in line for larger groups.

As you go in, the tables are already set up with food dishes. For meat, we had pot roast, pulled pork, and fried chicken.

Coleslaw, cheesy potatoes, collard greens, creamed corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, rice, and other sides were available. There was also cornbread and biscuits. Dessert choices were homemade peach cobbler with ice cream and banana pudding.

We ate till we were stuffed, and everything was delicious! They were excellent and pleasant wait staff. Once you eat, you pay $30 per person. There is an ATM nearby.

This was a fantastic experience that I heartily recommend! All you have to do is decide whether you want sweet, unsweet, or water, and where you want to snooze after supper.

Pizza Galley & Saloon Spankys

+19122363009317 E River St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States of America

A lively dive bar and family restaurant serving pizza and chicken tenders. When we arrived, we were greeted warmly and placed on a waiting list.

But, you may make a reservation online rather than standing in line to be added to the waiting list. Groups of up to eight persons may comfortably fit here.

We had pepperoni pizza, Spanky’s Spuds, and chicken fingers for dinner. As we exchanged eyes, we all agreed that this was the nicest meal we’d ever eaten.

The server was really kind and accommodating! I can’t wait to visit Spanky’s and Savannah’s again. If you’re looking for delicious casual meals, I highly suggest this hidden treasure among Savannah GA eateries.

Café Driftaway

+9191230309997400 Skidaway Rd # D, Savannah, GA 31406, USA

Driftaway Café serves casual seaside cuisine with an emphasis on taste and enjoyment! Driftaway Café was established to deliver fresh local fish to the surrounding communities and businesses in a lively and friendly atmosphere.

This is more than simply a fantastic Savannah seafood restaurant. From sandwiches and tacos to beef, chicken, and more, the menu definitely has something for everyone.

The design was beautiful and beachy, yet it was also clean and inviting. The menu seemed appealing, but the real evidence was in the dishes that the chef prepared. Everything was rock star quality.

The tuna appetizer was delicious, with just the perfect amount of cucumber crunch. The chips were light, fresh, and wonderfully flash fried.

My friend’s tuna lunch was wonderful in addition to being attractively presented. I really loved my grouper, which was perfectly prepared and had a mild taste. This café, in my view, seems like a neighborhood hangout, which is a fantastic discovery. Test it out!

The Shrimp Plant

+19122364229313 E River St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States of America

This restaurant is fantastic! The surroundings were really peaceful. There was no suffocation. The service was outstanding. The service was excellent from the time we walked through the door. Our server went above and beyond to be helpful.

I started with a Savannah Breeze since I wasn’t driving. Amazingly excellent. I had a bowl of shrimp soup with huge pieces of shrimp. The bisque didn’t have a strong shrimp flavor.

My second course was crab-stuffed mushrooms. Without any breading, just nicely seasoned crab meat. It reminded me of the creole shrimp and sausage I used to love in New Orleans. Delicious.

The key lime pie was the winner. The key lime pie was not colored with green food coloring, and the top was brown with actual meringue rather than merely whipping cream.

This location is unlike any other I can think of. Yet, the meal was so delicious, and the table service was so great, that I didn’t leave anything behind. I’ll certainly go back to The Shrimp Factory the next time I’m in Savannah. It is a must-try among Savannah GA eateries.

House on the Charts

+19122346686202 W Bay St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States of America

Chart House did not disappoint with their wonderful service and delicious meal! The atmosphere was fantastic, and the personnel was quite kind.

This was the nicest dining experience we’d ever had! Our waitress was courteous and responsive to all of our requests. Everything was perfectly arranged by him. The food was delicious.

The Roasted Beet Salad was our first dish. It was topped with blue cheese, candied pecans, and vinaigrette dressing.

My main course was herb-crusted fish with mashed potatoes. It came with a delicious mustard sauce. As a side, I got some Asian green beans, which were delicious.

We got the molten lava cake for dessert, which came with chocolate sauce, ice cream, and Heath bars.

Everything we ate was delicious, and there were many more items we wanted to try since they sounded so nice. If you have never gone to this restaurant among Savannah GA restaurants, I strongly suggest it; you will not be disappointed!

Savannah, husk

Savannah, GA 31401 +1912349260012 W Oglethorpe Ave

Husk in Savannah is fantastic in every aspect, in my opinion. It was unquestionably the nicest experience we’d ever had, beginning with how the host staff greeted us, our waitress’s expertise and accommodating approach, and the really tasty meal.

Superior components, although pricey, are usually so. We liked the blackboard information on farms and food origins on the front wall.

We chose an unusual vodka martini served in a wine glass that was sweet. My companion had the mole chicken while I had the BBQ cobia. His sous vide-prepared chicken breast was accompanied with a light mole sauce that was significantly more delicate than the dark chocolate found in most moles.

The BBQ cobia was served with sweet potato, a bed of greens with walnuts, and just the proper amount of spice to be wonderful without overwhelming the fish. We decided on a chocolate and citrus confit torte for dessert.

I was relieved that nothing from the kitchen needed to be improved before I ate it. As compared to Savannah GA restaurants, Husk is more than simply a restaurant. Experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime event should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Grey’s Anatomy

+19126625999109 Savannah, GA 31401 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

If you like innovative, fresh, and beautifully prepared cuisine, you will enjoy every aspect of the Grey. Also, if you visit, you should be informed of the location’s peculiar history.

The structure, which is accessible by foot and located outside the Historic District, is an exceptional makeover of the Greyhound bus station.

There’s something magical going on in their open kitchen. Wonderful tastes, highly imaginative gourmet food that exceeds almost anything else, and a pricing that I think is reasonable for what you receive.

We had apple butter biscuits, which were flaky, warm, and melted in my lips. My dining partner appreciated the 22-ounce aged steak, which was cooked to perfection and had excellent marbling.

I had the fish and grits, which worked well with the creamed greens, which I couldn’t stop eating even though my friends were there!

For dessert, we ordered blondies, which were the perfect size and delightfully buttery. I like bar atmospheres, and this one was ideal. The background music was also extremely fantastic. I strongly suggest it!

River House Seafood Restaurant

125 W River St, Savannah, GA 31401 +19122341900

Fantastic restaurant! They seemed to be fully staffed at a time when many firms were struggling to fill employment.

I felt comfortable about the evening when the waiter greeted me. Because of her cheerful smile and inviting approach, I instantly felt at ease.

Our first meal was fried green tomatoes. The presentation was once again quite polished. The blue cheese and tomatoes were a fantastic match, and the batter was just crunchy enough.

I tried the Bloody Mary, which was an adventure in and of itself, as well as a wonderful cocktail when topped with shrimp, olives, and peppers.

For dinner, I had the Grouper Oscar. With the asparagus and crab flesh on top, the fish was moist and flaky.

I was too full to even think of the desert when I wanted to tell you about it.

The restaurant staff was pleasant, professional, and well-organized. We would definitely suggest it to our friends and family, and we want to return in the future.

The Boars Head Restaurant and Tavern

+191265196601 Lincoln Street Ramp, Savannah, Georgia 31401, USA

One of the best meals we had in Savannah throughout our whole stay. A stunning design for a refurbished warehouse. Since it has a very tavern-like aspect, it competes with the New England origins.

This ancient edifice has seen a lot since it was built in the 1750s. By American standards, this is the oldest item on the planet. Its allure and scars reflect it. The surroundings are enticing.

The service was quick and friendly. Everything on my table was delicious. That was a genuinely fantastic experience for what I expected and the price.

Overall, a fantastic facility. Despite the hectic lunch rush, the service was outstanding.

As an appetizer, we ordered their fried green tomatoes and oysters Rockefeller, which were both delicious!

My entree was the chicken and spinach Mediterranean salad, which was fantastic! The chicken and spinach salad with currants, cheese, walnuts, and vinaigrette dressing had a beautifully contrasted taste profile, and the serving size was ideal.

Are you a true gourmand? I’ve collected a selection of the greatest gourmet presents for you and your loved ones. Subscriptions for cheese, meat, and sweets, as well as some classic must-have gourmet devices.

Check out the foodie gift guide

To go with my supper, I requested a typical southern mimosa with peach puree. The perfect beverage for a hot summer day! To round up the dinner, my companion and I split a piece of their Jack Daniels pecan pie, which was delicious. The best pecan pie I’ve ever tasted!

Without a doubt, I’ll return and continue to advise people to skip the debate over where to have lunch or dinner in Savannah and instead head straight to Boars Head Restaurant and Tavern!

Charlie’s Oyster Bar regrets the inconvenience.

Savannah, GA 31401 +19122345397116 W. Congress St.

Sorry Charlies is a must-see on every Savannah vacation. Sorry Charlies, located in one of the city’s oldest commercial buildings, is a culinary delight with its fresh seafood, local products, and Southern friendliness. Swing here for slow-cooked PoBoys or anything from their raw bar, small dishes, flatbreads, entrees, and desserts. Admire the view as you sip a beverage or a refreshing beer from the large draft selection, followed by fresh oysters served raw on the half shell or roasted. They provide something for everyone, with a unique spin on the old classic meals we all grew up with, as well as the freshest exotic types of seafood.

It’s a great place to unwind before or after a day of visiting downtown or along the riverside. The rooftop bar is just behind the bar, with views of downtown Savannah and maybe the Riverwalk fireworks. For others, sitting on the bay’s pier and watching the sunset with a glass of wine in hand may be a pipe dream. It is regular life at Sorry Charlies. Sorry Charlies, located in the center of Savannah, provides an exceptional and unrivaled eating experience!

The Pink House of Olde

+1912232428623 Abercorn St, Savannah, Georgia 31401, USA

If you’re visiting Savannah for the first time, the Olde Pink House should be on your must-see list since it’s a historical landmark. Any of the waiters would be happy to tell you about the mansion’s history.

It definitely seems like you’re going back in time with this experience. I like how, despite the fact that the restaurant was formerly a residence built in the 18th century, it still has a lot of inventiveness.

The service was outstanding, and throughout the theater, a classical piano ballad was played. Also, immaculate tablecloths and many sets of silverware for each participant enhanced the experience.

We started with the cheese plate appetizer, which was wonderfully matched with the Savannah Bee Company’s exquisite honeycomb.

For lunch, I picked the sautéed local shrimp (their take on shrimp and grits). If you visit Savannah, you must try the shrimp and grits at least once.

My companion ordered the crispy scrubbed flounder. And I’d take that apricot shallot sauce home with me if I could.

The Olde Pink House’s extravagant meals are a must-do on each Savannah visit. If you plan to go, make a reservation right away since I’ve heard these sell out quickly. But, the lunch is delicious, and the experience is worthwhile.

The Pirates’ Residence

+1912233575720 E Broad St, Savannah, GA 31401, United States of America

Such a lovely, historical setting for supper. The structure has a fascinating history, and as a large fan of Treasure Island, it was especially exciting to sit in the building depicted in the story’s opening scene.

It is one of Savannah’s most popular restaurants, so make reservations ahead of time. Since the building is both a museum and a restaurant, don’t be afraid to stand up and roam about while you wait for your lunch.

10. We also had the fried green tomatoes before our main entrée. At supper, I had the New York Strip, while my buddy had the honey pecan fried chicken, which she adored. As far as supper, the bread that is offered before the meal is a 10

The service was also excellent!! They were coming over to refill our drinks so often that my glass didn’t even get halfway full! But, this location was amazing overall, and I definitely suggest that you stop by and create a memory at this old eatery!

Café Fox & Fig

Savannah, GA 31401 +19122976759321 Habersham St.

Fox & Fig is Savannah’s leading vegan café and speciality coffee shop, located in the center of downtown Troup Square.

Delicious and savory plant-based cuisine is available, as well as locally roasted coffee from The Coffee Fox, artisan beer, wine, and a range of sweets.

Choose from the brunch menu with a focus on locally sourced foods. Are you looking for the ideal vegan brownie? So look no further! Maybe a cinnamon bun is more your thing. In either case, they’ve got something yummy for you!

Fox & Fig Café is a family-friendly institution with a bright ambiance and a rigorous emphasis on fresh, nutritious ingredients in all of the items provided.

Getting along with friends? Are you planning a birthday party or a conference at the convention center? Stop by this contemporary and pleasant venue with a lovely terrace in front that is ideal for a nutritious meal or just drinking your favorite coffee and having their barista write a personal message on the vegan milk cappuccino foam!

Vault Kitchen and Market

Savannah, Georgia 31401

The Vault Restaurant and Market has been in operation since the mid-twentieth century. The original bank vault has been preserved and is now part of the inner table structure.

Visitors may view a recreation of a part of the original bank vault while they wait for their meal, mimicking the history of The Starland District, which The Vault Restaurant and Market utilizes as inspiration for its cuisine.

The runners’ enthusiasm and energy will remain long into supper time as diners enter this locally-sourced eatery providing tacos, sushi, a variety of salads, and dumplings.

The Vault, a family-friendly restaurant owned and run locally, combines innovation with nostalgia. Since they believe that the things we consume should be obtained as locally as directly as possible, they are a real neighborhood café with daily specials and fresh, scratch-cooked cuisine.

Their culinary team focuses in creating new and intriguing taste profiles with Asian flare while keeping classics fresh. The Vault Kitchen is guaranteed to suit any palette with an ever-changing menu featuring fresh ingredients and a large range of beer, cocktails, and wine by the glass or bottle!

Soul Alligator Restaurant

Savannah, GA 31401 +19122327899114 Barnard St.

Alligator Soul, located on Barnard Street in downtown Savannah, GA, aspires to bring people together through their love of cuisine, family, and community.

Our Savannah restaurant is dedicated to offering only the freshest and greatest foods, from farm to table. Join the locals at the bar for wine and chat while eating specialized small dishes, or share the spotlight with friends over a wonderfully char-grilled piece of meat from their wood-burning grill.

Oysters A La Soul, Alligator Tempura, Drunken Mussels, Beef Fillet, and many more delicacies are available.

Visiting The Alligator Soul Restaurant is like entering a time machine, transporting you to a setting that matches the imaginations of Southern authors and poets.

This award-winning Savannah, Georgia restaurant was previously a basement storehouse for local grains and is located in the city’s Historic District.

Despite its newness, The Alligator Soul has a timeless feel and is hidden amid other restaurants, antique shops, and boutiques. The Alligator Soul, with its small atmosphere, is created for a warm and friendly evening for fans of excellent cuisine, good company, and live music. It is without a doubt one of the top restaurants in Savannah, Georgia.

The Green Truck Pub

Savannah, GA 31401 +191223458852430 Habersham St.

A restaurant on a green truck is surely an unusual idea. And the Green Truck Tavern in Savannah is recognized for dishing up sustainable meals.

Because of their devotion to fresh and local, they only offer what is in season, resulting in inventive seasonal meals on their menu. This is only one of the ways they green their restaurant, but you’ll also see biodegradable items utilized everywhere.

Gourmet burgers, fresh-cut fries, salads, and sandwiches are available in their casual restaurant.

They try to source as much locally as possible; in fact, the farm where their meat originates from is included on their label. They offer beer and cocktails on tap, as well as an ambiance that will entice you to gather a group of friends and spend the night. Theyre pleased to see you whether you’re popping in for dinner, getting a drink with pals, or meeting your book group for lunch!

Public Kitchen and Bar

Savannah, GA 31401 +191220040451 W. Liberty St.

A contemporary American cuisine with a twist.

For a different sort of eating experience, The Public Kitchen & Bar combines iconic, classic mid-century modern décor with cuisine and service. A foodie’s dream!

The menu offers modern variations on traditional pub cuisine as well as a varied selection of American fare. All of The Publics’ burgers are 100% all-natural and grass-fed, sourced from a family farm in Georgia.

This is the place to go if you’re looking for a destination that celebrates family-friendly entertainment, warm hospitality, and an assortment of unique meals and beverages. Choose Seared Salmon, Savannah Shrimp and Grits, the Public Burger, or the Miso Hummus Pita. You will not be sorry if you attempt anything.

Build a restaurant that will take its customers away from their regular life.

The team searches for places with historic architecture and then creates a concept and menu that compliments both the venue and the area where it will be placed.

The Public Kitchen & Bar is in a league of its own, with an unrivaled ambience that is both intimate and friendly. The Public, worthy of a luxury evening out, may also provide the ideal setting to gather your closest friends for cocktails and snacks or to celebrate a significant event.


Is Savannah a gastronomic destination?

Savannah has long been a food town, but it has lately undergone a makeover from a comfort food hotspot to a culinary wonderland on par with some of the country’s top food attractions. As a consequence, Southern Living magazine named Savannah one of the best food cities in the South last year.

Savannah is a gastronomic lover’s paradise, with its varied Southern low country eateries and international cuisine.

What is Georgia’s most renowned dish?

Peaches. The Peach State is another name for Georgia. Peaches are utilized in pies, jams, jellies, ice cream, and peach cobbler by home cooks and chefs around the state. Even the most persistent dieters will be won over by sweet juicy peaches smothered in sticky syrup and a flaky crust. For additional information, see my guide to the greatest Georgian cuisine.

What is Savannah most famous for?

Savannah is well-known across the nation for its spectacular coastal landscape, well-preserved architecture, and rich, lively history. Although certain parts of Savannah’s past, such as Juliette Gordon Low’s life and the classic Forrest Gump scene, are well-known, others are less so.

Discover Savannah’s Multi-Cultural Cuisine.

Savannah is well-known for its food scene, and there is something for everyone: regional southern cooking (think fried chicken, shrimp and grits, buttermilk biscuits, and a variety of BBQs), the freshest seafood catches of the day, some of the best farmers markets in the country, Mediterranean and Asian inspired dishes, and South American influences.

For Savannah locals, this is the guide to new favorite eateries and bistros, surprising neighborhood places, and hidden treasures. For those who are unfamiliar with Savannah, here is a colorful introduction to why it is everyone’s favorite cuisine and cultural destination.

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Which of the top restaurants in Savannah GA will you try first now that we’ve showed you our recommendations? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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