21 Must-Try Duluth Restaurants | Top Duluth MN Restaurants

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Duluth, Minnesota’s harbor city, remains one of the most picturesque destinations to visit. Situated on the biggest freshwater lake in the world (by surface area), is no wonder that many of the finest things to do require exerting energy outside, from walking paths to fishing to watersports. Excellent restaurants make it easy to recharge and replenish your energy tanks, and Duluth is full of them. When I got my bearings in this new-to-me city, I asked my coworkers for recommendations for Duluth eateries.

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Duluth’s Top 21 Restaurants

Chester Creek Caf Saras Table

02 East 8th Street (218) 724-68111902 East 8th Street

It’s always intriguing to hear what others have to give when you move to a new location and they realize you eat healthily or have a medical constraint. This restaurant fits both requirements AND comes highly recommended by everyone else.

My first visit was in March, when the weather was fairly mild, and I observed how the gardens are put out, preparing for the herbs that the chefs would use in the dinners. It’s a little out of the way, but it’s worth the effort to get there.

They’ve opened a drive-thru since Covid. You must purchase online or by phone, then pull up to the drive-thru speaker, provide your name, then pull ahead to get your order.

Jeff, one of my colleagues, enjoys their morning omelets. I’m lured into the bookshelf-lined area with tables; it’s tough for me to focus on the menu. Yet, it is suitable for vegans, omnivores, gluten-free individuals, and those who are just hungry.

I never thought home fries could be fascinating, but they do it by combining sweet onions, carrots, and zucchini with pleasantly crispy potatoes. If you inform them that you are gluten-free, they will keep everything separate so that even the utensils do not cross-contaminate.

The Hippie Breakfast is fantastic, and it’s not only for the hipsters who have helped to establish the area’s culinary scene. The students, who regularly visit their parents for a dinner here, like it as much for the nutritious, substantial meal.

When the weather permits, I see myself lounging on the outside patio, watching the dogs and people-watching. It is dog-friendly.

Pages might be written on the elements that distinguish At Sara’s Table. The gluten-free pancakes with rogotzke maple syrup and a maple mascarpone, to which you may add blueberries (or other products) for an extra price, and the home fries are two of my faves.

Buttermilk pancakes, vegan okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes with tofu, cabbage, potato, red bell pepper, shiitake mushroom, kimchi, vegan sambal aioli, green onion, and cilantro), cranberry wild rice French toast, house-made granola, biscuits and chorizo gravy, multiple eggs and omelets (including the hippie farm breakfast), and a Mickey Cake (mouse shaped).

Start with coconut breaded shrimp, a beer cheese bowl, chips and salsa, chips and guacamole, beer cheese and chips, or salsa n guacamole combination, soup du jour, truffle fries, smoked salmon charcuterie, or beer batter onion rings for breakfast.

A GBLT (guacamole instead of corned beef), Rueben or Rachel (turkey instead of corned beef), miso mushroom sandwich, duck pastrami sandwich, fried chicken sandwich, grass-fed beef or impossible burger (seriously, you can’t tell the impossible burger isn’t beef! ), or chum pomegranate BBQ pork are their takes on BLT. There are five salad selections and four alternatives for children.

Everything on the lunch menu is available for dinner, as well as a maple poppy quinoa salad and additional entrees such as vegan pho, bone-in ribeye, Thai curry, coffee pork chop, duck gumbo, and grilled fish.

They have pages of beverages for your delight, plus a page of baked goods and ice cream to savor. Several of their desserts are available in conventional, gluten-free, and vegan varieties. Many of the products are topped with cream cheese icing, but if you like buttercream, like me, try the speciality cupcake or stacked chocolate cake.

Have a rootbeer float or an orange dreamsicle for a terrific old-fashioned reminiscence. These remind me of my dad, every time.

Take the time to re-nourish at Saras Table, whether you’re here working, playing, or visiting your favorite college student.

The Supreme Cream

218-725-9000502 E. 4th St.

This burger establishment, popular among hospital personnel and guests, is where my colleagues take their children when they come to visit throughout the day. They create each order individually, so you have time to catch up with everyone between placing your order and receiving it, which is fantastic since once the food arrives, the discussion grinds to a stop as everyone dives in.

This family-owned company began with an ice cream truck and grew from there. The burgers are delicious, cooked to your specifications and served with fresh cut fries, onion rings, deep fried pickles, or cheese curds.

It’s difficult for me to fathom ordering anything other than the burger, it’s that excellent, but others tell me that their Philadelphia Cheesesteak, Chicken Sandwich, and Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap (what fave daughter may choose) are all as delicious.

End with a scoop of their delicious handcrafted ice cream, which changed flavors every time we visited. I can understand how their ice cream drew the neighborhood in and turned them into loyal consumers.

Its close proximity to the hospital is a huge plus for us.

Inn Huies Chopsticks

20505 East 4th Street (218) 727-08205

When you ask folks where the greatest Chinese in Duluth is, they’re certain to say a restaurant in Superior, WI (read my piece on Superior here*). Imagine my amazement, therefore, when I was investigating the hospital and discovered a fantastic little hole in the wall just across the street. They haven’t reopened for indoor eating due to the pandemic and associated personnel constraints, but they offer a comprehensive menu from which to order. Alternatively, like me, you may stroll in, order, and sit inside to avoid the cold (it was April when I first visited).

When it comes to replacements, the proprietors are always helpful for me and my family, and the proteins are exactly what we expected: chicken, beef, pig, and shrimp. Even better, although they advertised fried rice, they also offered white rice available on request.

While I believe my family will eventually work its way through the appetizers, which include Choo Chin Chow, chicken wings with oyster sauce, pot stickers, remake, cream cheese wontons, and Chinese Egg rolls, the time constraint forced me to order my sesame chicken with white rice, which is not served with vegetables here, and then go back and review the remaining items.

Soups, chow mein, chop suey, egg foo young, and fried rice dishes all smell fantastic, and steam wafts over the room as the boxes and containers are closed.

Before their Moo Goo Gai Pan or Poo Poo plate, they serve lemon or orange chicken, beef, chicken, shrimp, or pig lo mein, boneless chicken (with or without oyster sauce), and a selection of chicken, duck, beef, and pepper steak dishes (still reminds me of a comedian in Houston every time I hear about that Poo Poo platter).

Vegetable tofu or curry shrimp come to mind as favorites for beloved daughter. I’m excited to learn more about the Worshue Duck and Almond Ding, and I know I’ll be returning soon for the General Tsaos Chicken.

Take advantage of the Combo Plate Specials from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. But if you’re staying in a hotel with a kitchen, as I was, get the supper portion so you can have seconds. I hope you like these as much as I do. Since the sauce is so delicious, I keep the rest to serve with rice or potatoes.

It’s a fantastic spot to dine because of its ideal location and delicious meals. It’s a slam dunk because of the people.

The Black Woods Restaurant and Bar

London Road (218) 724-48802525

Theyre open for lunch and supper along the famed London Road above Lake Superior and are known for their ribs, steaks, salmon, and pasta. Since the early 1990s, the Duluth family has taken great satisfaction in treating everyone like family. A family that you would want to be a member of.

When I browse the menu, I realize I’m in big danger. They offer two of my favorite things, pub pretzels and onion rings, which are not gluten free but completely amazing. I have to grin when I see the housemade agate sauce since I learnt how to seek for agates not far from here.

Nonetheless, I stick to my plan and order the filled tots, which are gigantic tater tots packed with cheddar, bacon, sour cream, and a dash of chives.

Wisconsin Cheese Curds (you’re just a few miles from Superior, WI, so it’s only fair), Chicken Wings, Chicken Quesadilla, and the powerful University of Minnesota-Duluth mascot, Bulldog Bites (blackened sirloin) or house-smoked salmon are also available.

Six salads, six flatbreads and pizzas, and sandwiches ranging from Prime Rib Dip and Grilled Meatloaf to Thai Chicken Tender Melt and Manhattan Reuben Melt are available.

The London Road Burger, a half-pound burger topped with aged Wisconsin sharp cheddar, gruyere, thick cut applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, housemade agate sauce, and crispy onion straws, is my favorite of the six burger options, with a patty melt or North Dakota Bison Burger for diversity.

Their comfort cuisine classics are amazing. Build your own mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, pot roast (another favorite! ), original rotisserie chicken, meatloaf, or Swedish meatballs are all options.

If you’re looking for steaks, you have seven possibilities. When my favorite daughter visits, I order the steak combo, which includes a six-ounce filet and three large coconut shrimp to split with her.

If you’re feeling particularly peckish, order a half or full slab of BBQ baby back ribs, or a chicken and rib combo, bearing in mind that you can always take some home.

You may be able to order one of the three walleye selections depending on when you arrive. It’s a local favorite, coming from the chilly seas of Canada or the Boundary Waters, so order early and frequently.

Its five spaghetti recipes are supposed to cover any protein option to combine, including andouille sausage, but it’s the gluten free menu that I truly like. Each of the burgers may be made gluten free by using a gluten free bread or as a lettuce wrap (just ask), and most of their pastas are gluten free. That type of concern makes them feel like family.

Check out the vegan toasted BLT, BBQ ribs, pesto spaghetti, or chipotle steak salad for the vegans in your company.

Personally, I’m safe against their dessert options, but I doubt many others are. The salted caramel cheesecake is cooked on a sweet and salty almond crust, while the Italian lemon cream cake features a creamy lemon filling.

When people choose to eat like the natives, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

The Yacht Club

600 W. Superior Street (218) 727-4880

If you’re looking for excellent dining with an emphasis on local food, go no further than this restaurant, which is open for all three meals. With seafood and steaks on the menu, you could dine here every meal for a week and still discover new dishes. You may enter from Superior Street, directly above the Lake Walk, or climb up a double flight of steps from the Lake Walk to access from the rear. The back windows are chosen by the fortunate for a dawn or sunset view, with the lighthouses and Lift Bridge visible from the outside area.

It is technically part of the Fitgers complex, so if you are lost, search for the Fitgers smokestack and you will be comforted. They still have curbside pickup, so if just one member of your group wants to fight construction, take it to go. To compensate for the vista, eat someplace near Lake Superior’s shoreline.

Brunch is provided from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and changes periodically. Thankfully, I arrived after they began on April 18th. Notwithstanding the renovation, the Pickwicks parking lot remains open.

They provide your standard country breakfast with eggs and bacon cooked to order, but it’s the little mixed berry crepes that carry the meal and make it a genuine standout.

It’s amusing to hear the Gitchee Gumee Breakfast being requested so often, and it’s quite suitable on the shores of Lake Superior. So why not? In addition to any flavor of egg and ham, you may have hash browns, home-fired potatoes, fresh fruit, or breakfast greens, as well as toast or an English muffin. I always go for the hash browns.

If you’re hungry and looking for larger crepes, go for the Mixed Berry Scandinavian crepes, which come with house-made blueberry and raspberry jam. The apple continues to explode in your mouth. If you’re looking for something savory, try Minnesota’s variation on chicken and waffles, chicken and crepes. They serve a fried chicken breast (no bones!) on top of two house-made crepes filled with goat cheese and drizzled with a maple chipotle glaze, the fragrance of which wafts across the table and leaves your fellow diners wanting more.

Their Benedicts come with the same selection of side dishes. The Boat Club’s version includes black forest ham and poached eggs. Although the Florentine or Lobster Benedict may seem appealing, my personal favorite sounds like the Crabby Benny, which consists of house-made crab cakes topped with poached eggs and Hollandaise. According to the server, it is a popular meal.

They have chowder and salads, as well as a crab cobb that crab aficionados will like, traditional Caesar, and my personal favorite, the wedge, though I do request that the bleu cheese dressing be replaced with the house dressing. They are quite accommodating.

I’m thinking of having a Maple Bacon Burger with it. This year’s maple syrup is exceptionally fantastic, and I never thought sriracha maple bacon would be a good idea, but it has just enough spice, sweet, and smoke to make it just enough amazing. My daughter will like the New England-style lobster roll with citrus vinaigrette.

Fish is a local staple, and their Walleye Sandwich is often sold out. They get their beer from the Castle Danger Brewery in neighboring Two Harbors, and their beer-battered fillet with bibb lettuce, tomato, pickled onion, and house-made tartar sauce on a toasted brioche bun is great even without the bread (save it for later with the yummy butter).

Choose the crab cakes (add soup or salad if preferred) or quinoa bowl with protein of choice for a light and refreshing meal. The quinoa looks fantastic on the dish, three hues that merge with the roasted red pepper hummus and the brilliant cherry tomatoes, while the textures are delicious thanks to the sliced cucumber, pickled beets, and avocado crème. The chimichurri sauce, with fried onions thrown in the mixed greens, provides richness and perfume that will keep you back for this meal but dont forget to sample the others.

Their house cut eight ounce prime filet mignon is my favorite dish. Every time, the red wine demi-glaze with salt-crusted baked potato and asparagus (or seasonal veggie) strikes the spot.

They’ll also grill that gorgeous Canadian Walleye fillet for you and serve it on a bed of Minnesota wild rice from Lake Itasca.

The New York strip, ribeye steak, roasted chicken breast, salmon, and halibut are the other speciality dinner entrees. They offer sea scallops till they run out, King Crab (one pound! ), and a seafood trifecta of lobster tail, coconut shrimp, and pan seared giant sea scallop.

I highly suggest the seafood linguine for a pescatarian’s ideal supper. Three jumbo shrimp, three green lip mussels (I had no idea mussels had lips! ), two pan-seared jumbo scallops, lump lobster meat, cherry tomatoes, baby arugula, fresh herbs, and the white wine butter sauce tossed with linguine were among the dishes flying out of the kitchen to customers all over the restaurant.

From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. everyday, they offer half-priced walleye fingers, hummus platters, braised beef sliders, crab and artichoke dip, or green lip mussels.

Canal Park Brewing Company is a brewery in Canal Park, New York.

(218) 726-1150

Although many of the other entries are more popular with locals, this tourist stop is also worth a visit. This family-run establishment, conveniently situated between the three outer harbor lighthouses in downtown Duluth, has lifted the standard for pub meals.

Great Uncle Maxamillian Herrnberger worked at Fitgers Brewery in the 1940s, therefore the family has a long history in the brewing sector. He’d bring home-brewed beers and sodas to family gatherings.

Wings, nachos, onion rings, Bavarian pretzels, chicken tenders, smoked salmon and spinach artichoke dip, or cheese curds are available as appetizers. Its house-made sauces, which include cilantro cream, chipotle crme, honey mustard, horseradish sauce, lingonberry mayo, roasted garlic aioli, smoked tomato mayo, and a stoned surf IPA mustard, are highly praised. We like to change it up by adding other sauces on the pretzels instead of mustard or beer queso.

Their tomato soup with basil on top and beer cheese soup with nut hatchet brown ale and three cheese mix are available by the cup or bowl. If you add a grilled cheese sandwich to the tomato soup, you’ll feel like you’re sitting at my mother’s kitchen table on a cold winter day.

A beer company cobb, a protein bowl, and smoked salmon are among the salads available. When desired, add more protein.

If you like sandwiches, they have steak, canal park club, 15 Barrel Reuben (or Rachel), smoked salmon BLT, and chicken griller. If you’d rather have a wrap, try the sweet and spicy chicken wrap with honey sriracha sauce and see how much you like the jalapeño bacon cream cheese.

The sandwiches and burgers come with fries, but you may have sweet potato fries (which are genuinely amazing), a cup of soup, a side salad, cole slaw, or onion rings instead.

You may create your own burgers or choose one of their favorites. Cheddar cheese, bacon, guacamole, a fried egg, and house-smoked tomato mayo top the Northcoaster. Their Mango Habanero sandwich, made with pepper jack cheese, capicola ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and house mango habanero sauce, is a crowd pleaser. The Tidehaus burger is made with fresh ground chuck, white cheddar cheese, house whiskey sauce, beer glazed onions, and roasted garlic aioli. The BeerBQ Burger comes with BBQ pork on the side.

My favorite meal is the seasonal fish tacos, which come with a spicy cilantro-lime rice and a fresh house jicama slaw and cilantro cream sauce. It’s a lunch with their tortilla chips and fresh salsa.

One of their most interesting meals, in my opinion, is their mac and cheese with cavatappi noodles instead of elbow macaroni, which makes it even more lively, or an adult addition of bacon, grilled chicken, or even carnitas, which makes it even more exciting. The creamy red pepper pasta is their other cavatappi noodle dish. I’m looking forward to sampling it on a future visit.

For those of you who like street tacos, the street taco platter will be a favorite, and the fish and chips are a fantastic dinner.

I believe that dessert lovers will be pleased with the variety. They provide an old-fashioned ice cream sundae with whipped cream and a cherry on top, as well as a chocolate lava cake and a Swedish cream with lingonberry sauce. My favorite is the Root Canal, which is their version on a root beer float, and you can swap any Spring Grove drink for it. I haven’t been with the group yet, but I know they’ll want to add Kahlua to the Root Beer, so I’m looking forward to that.

The Duluth Grill

(218) 726-1150118 South 27th Avenue W.

Although more harder to discover than the others, this restaurant was as often recommended for nutritious farm to table meals as Saras Table. It has also appeared on Guy Fieri’s Food Network series.

Order skillets, bowls, omelets, or breakfast plates with your chosen mix of breakfast meats, eggs, potatoes, and seasonings for breakfast. Their Everything Skillet, which I believe might be dubbed the “everything but the kitchen sink skillet,” is a gluten-free fiesta in your mouth, complete with hash browns, sausage, bacon, onions, tomatoes, peppers, shredded cheese, eggs, and Hollandaise. If that isn’t enough protein for you, order the Meat Lovers Omelet and replace the sausage and bacon with ham. Wow. It is a substantial amount of food.

The Chicken and Whaaaat? are my favorites. You can hear the chorus of it whenever it’s served, since it’s not only chicken and pancakes (not waffles), but also bacon, corn, maple bacon coffee syrup (their speciality), goat cheese, and scallions. You’ll want the Whaaat? minus the chicken.

The caramel roll is still a local favorite for a delightful treat, but don’t mix it with the cinnamon roll, which is topped with a house-made cardamom frosting. Order both and do a side-by-side taste test to see which you prefer.

Lunch at the Duluth Grill is my favorite meal. From their street corn salad to the BLT, fish tacos (crispy fried Lake Superior White Fish delicious! ), and BiBimBap (featured on the Food Network), you can come here every day and find something new to try.

Choose from banana or coconut cream pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, or carrot cake with a cream cheese buttercream icing topped with powdered sugar for dessert. It’s sweet atop sweet for your eating enjoyment.

When you have the BiBimBap, it’s arguably the most Instagrammable moment. Yet my favorite daily meals are the fish tacos and the BLT.

Fitgers Brewhouse and Grille

Phone: (218) 279-2739600 E. Superior St.

Fitgers is bringing back live music four times a week, where you can enjoy the musicians with beer, sandwiches, salads, and vegetarian meals. Its high-quality, small batch brewery, which is often named Minnesota’s BEST Brewpub, sparked a revolution in Duluth. These beers are unique to the area because to their all-natural ingredients and clean Lake Superior water.

When you visit one of the other restaurants in the complex, which is clearly spotted on the skyline by following the Fitgers Smokestack, the happy commotion draws you back in to at least poke your head in and check whats going on. And, keep an eye on the blackboard for today’s specials. Recall that patrons of the Brewhouse frequently get a discount at the Beer Shop.

My favorite appetizers are beer battered onion rings and toasty pretzels. With Wisconsin and Canada nearby, it’s difficult to go wrong with poutine or bacon cheese curds. For an extra fee, you may add double cheese curds or pulled pork.

If your diet is a bit healthier, don’t worry; their real hummus plate is a favourite with my vegan daughter, and the artichoke dip is popular with others.

I had never had elote dip before. It’s a hot dip prepared with corn, poblano peppers, sour cream, and brie that’s eaten with blue corn tortilla chips. We like observing people’s reactions as they experience it for the first time.

I’ve had the pleasure of viewing wild rice along the beaches of Lake Itasca. That made me appreciate Minnesota wild rice even more. Their veggie burgers are created with this wild rice and a secret combination of herbs and spices that keep customers coming back for more. These are not vegan since they include egg, dairy, and cracker meal, but they are a fantastic replacement. The Gale Force, topped with bleu cheese, jalapenos, red onions, garlic mayonnaise, and field greens, gets my vote. Make sure you tell them how great they’ve done. Firmer tends to bring it closer to the genuine thing.

They provide five salads and three soups or chilis, including a black bean vegan chili that is a fan favorite. If I ever shot a film here, I’d want a vat of chili to feed the actors and crew excellent, stick to the ribs, keep the cold out cuisine.

They provide nine burgers, including an elk burger, with French fries, blue corn chips with salsa, a small salad, coleslaw, or fresh vegetables, and pickles on request. You may replace a cup of soup or that delicious vegan chili, onion rings, or a gluten-free bread for a modest fee. And any of their burger combos may be prepared with a chicken breast or wild rice burger, giving you a total of twenty-seven alternatives!

If you skip the specialities and look at the dessert menu, you’ll discover carrot cake, a huge boat oatmeal stout cake, and a variety of Bettys Pies. Bettys is a MUST STOP on the route up to Split Rock Lighthouse for visitors who are not from the region. The lot is almost always full, and the selection is famous. It’s wonderful that they have a variety for me, saving me an hour’s travel north. They are quite accommodating!

Returning to the specialities, you may choose a garlic herb hummus wrap or a portobello mushroom sandwich, but most customers will pick burgers or speciality sandwiches like The Cuban, Artichoke Chicken Sandwich, Classic Corned Beef Reuben, California Chicken Sandwich, or Brewhouse Smoked Fish Wrap. I know folks that like all of these. If you like wasabi, I believe you’ll like their salmon burger with wasabi mayo. Three Little Pigs, pulled pork carnitas, finely sliced ham and bacon on an egg sandwich topped with cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, and onion straws, is my favorite.

The Brewhouse fish tacos are my fave. They’re cooked to a golden brown, like the cod fish fillets, and then wrapped in warm tortillas with green and red cabbage, black bean corn salsa, and a spicy sauce. It’s so filling that I believe I enjoy it even more without the extra tortilla.

Mexico is beautiful.

218-727-1978600 E. Superior St., Suite 201

Lindo Mexico, a wonderful Mexican restaurant with a view, can be found inside Fitgers Plaza. Arrive from Superior Street and make your way to the second floor to the hostess stand, where you may choose among tables and booths in the main area. Enter from the Lake Walk and go up a steep flight of steps to discover the bar, with extra table seating on the left side. Don’t be startled if the bartender requests that you step through the door and talk with the hostess.

When I visited, I was drawn in by the web advertisements for fish tacos and fried ice cream. Unfortunately, they no longer sell shrimp tacos, so I opted for the chicken tacos, which are more like street tacos. They’re a great dinner for anybody who like street tacos, and they come with beans and rice, sour cream, and guacamole.

Yet, so far, my favorite dessert in Duluth is their fried ice cream. The ice cream is lightly wrapped in corn flakes (gluten free!) and then drizzled with a little caramel sauce and spicy fudge sauce. The tortilla it comes in is not a dessert tortilla, so eat it with the sweet sauces or with their fresh, light tomato salsa, which scoops up more like a soup than a salsa and is incredibly delicious.

Having chips to start the meal is too much for me to handle after ice cream and tacos, so be prepared to request a doggy bag. My waitress was kind enough to bring me fresh chips and salsa, which would be ideal for another night at the hotel.

In the main sitting area, there were several families and groups of friends. During my visit, the most of the singles and couples went to the bar.

I’d catch the perfume of mole or exquisite cheeses wafting past, and then the smell of fried dough when someone sampled the sopapillas or churros. The kids loved the kids menu, however I heard a few of parents advise their youngsters that cheeseburgers are not a Mexican cuisine. So don’t worry, they have those as well.

Quesadillas, burritos, fajitas, alambres, enchiladas, and house specialties like classic chimichanga, Lindos special (steak, chicken, and shrimp cooked with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes over a bed of rice and covered with cheese), Fajita taco salad, Burrito Yucatan, Chimichangas Matzlan, and street tacos are all available. They come with a protein of your choosing, including steak, pig, chicken, shrimp, and vegetarian choices heavy on zucchini and mushrooms.

Monday through Friday, come for lunch and enjoy their low-priced specials. Most are served with rice and beans. A flour tortilla is loaded with grilled chicken and topped with their signature cheese sauce, mole sauce, and pico de gallo in the Burrito Croqueta. My selection goes to the Speedy Gonzales, which comes with one beef taco, one beef enchilada, and your choice of rice or beans. The Fajita Lunch consists of either a steak or a chicken fajita with grilled veggies and tortillas.

The Dessert menu is located just beyond the Kids Menu. I’d want to reiterate how much I liked their Fried Ice Cream. I even pondered going out last night just to grab another (I didn’t, but only because it was snowing in April!). They also provide a Chimi Cheesecake, which is a gently fried flour tortilla loaded with cheesecake filling and topped with a dollop of ice cream. In addition to the customary Flan, Sopapilla, and Churros.

Draft beers (domestic, international, and local), non-alcoholic beers, different margaritas, daiquiris, wines, and hard lemonade or cranberries are available.

And one thing I really like about Duluth is that the water is drinkable, so drinking water with your dinner is delicious. This was a wonderful surprise given that most of the surrounding region has substantial iron deposits in the water.

Japanese Food Hanabi

210 North 1st Avenue (218) 464-44121

For those of you who prefer Japanese cuisine, this is my coworkers’ favorite in the region. Jeff, who has been coming here for a decade or more, says he loves to take his wife here for a glass of wine. It’s light, airy, and simple. I asked him which sushi he prefers, and he simply stared at me. He glances down, then back up, admitting that he writes it down because he can never remember, then forgets where he placed the paper. Yet they tell me what to buy the next time I go. The employees, not his wife, told him. It has the sense of a little town while having a population of over 80,000 people.

Jeff like it because of the quick, pleasant service and the quiet that allows them to enjoy their wine away from home, work, and the stresses of the day. It’s a fantastic spot to unwind.

Although they offer fantastic California rolls and perfectly made nigiri, he says that their speciality rolls are always his favorite, and they continually develop new products, so they never run out of alternatives.

They fully concede that the most difficult aspect of the epidemic has been personnel. Therefore be patient, particularly if your server notifies you that they are behind schedule. You could be astonished by the quickness, or you might use the opportunity to reconnect with whomever is with you.

Vietnam’s PhoHolic Flavor

Phone: (218) 464-0312309 E. Central Entry

If you like Pho, like the Japanese restaurant above, this one is conveniently situated only a few kilometers inland from the lighthouses. This restaurant was recommended by the hotel staff when I originally inquired for local alternatives, and I pass it on my way back and forth to work.

The parking lot, like others on Central Entrance, is rather tiny, so if you intend to come during busy hours, you may want to walk to a nearby shop and dash in for takeout service.

Yet, once there, you will be spoiled for choice. My kid will like the curry selections, and the pho amounts are plenty for numerous meals. If you’re extremely hungry, they say the combo meals are quite popular. They come with a side of bean sprouts, fragrant basil, and freshness that you can use throughout the meal or afterwards to cleanse your palette.

Soups blow by you, smelling great, whether from neighboring customers or fast-running servers.

For the more laid-back Pho enthusiasts, like myself, I appreciated their chicken banh mi, which reminded me of a dinner I had when I visited the Arctic Circle, as well as their delectable spring rolls. That was more than enough for a dinner and held up nicely as a late-night snack a few hours later.

Caf Lake Avenue

S. Lake Ave. (218) 722-2355394 S. Lake Ave.

Lunch and supper, as well as weekend brunch, are offered with specialized cuisine and seasonal menus. Begin with beef tartare or daily ceviche, followed by fresh mussels, wild mushroom steam buns, charred shishitos, and cucumber salad. All of this will prepare those stomach fluids for an increasingly pleasurable supper.

Brunch is offered until 2:00 p.m. and includes staples like PB&J French Toast as well as dishes I would never have thought to match together, such as Lamb and Eggs. Try the Etouffee or the Pozole (ancho chile consomm, carnitas, sunny side egg, hominy, sweet peppers, cabbage, radish, cilantro, lime, and corn tortilla chips) for more ethnic food.

They provide daily soups in cup or bowl sizes, as well as four salads, the most distinctive for us being their melon salad, which comprises smoked watermelon, cantaloupe, pea sprouts, strawberry vinaigrette, toasted nut, fresh cheese, and fine herbs. Its gluten-free status is an added advantage for us.

The Lake Avenue Burger, Po Boy, Sausage and Pepper served on a Bolillo bun, a Hominy Egg Salad (maple Dijon), or my personal favorite, the Birria Yucca Torta, which features fried yucca, bibb lettuce, avocado, pickled chiles, queso Chihuahua, ancho chile consomm, and telera bread. Unexpected and really excellent.

Try one of their meals if you have a huge appetite. The lamb tikka masala, brick quail, market fish tostada, salmon, Bulgogi Wagyu skirt steak (local favorite), smoked cheddar mac and cheese (blissful comfort food), pad Thai, or toasted orzo will satisfy your cravings.

Do you have a craving for pizza? The Rocket Pesto with roasted tomato, parmesan, mozzarella, and maple balsamic is my favorite. The combination of sweet and salty is just perfect. If you like pork, you can also get sausage or pig loin, both of which are highly popular here.

Smokehouse OMC

Phone: (218) 606-16111909 W. Superior St.

If you like BBQ and smoked meats, you will undoubtedly enjoy OMC Smokehouse. Your senses are assaulted with aroma, the clank of plates, and the whispers of a delighted throng the moment you step through the door. If you don’t leave here stuffed after hearing an oink oink here, a moo moo there, and a cluck cluck here, it’s not because they didn’t try. Their handbook includes the specific recipes for their rubs and sides, as well as some amazing anecdotes.

Dessert comes first, with options such as carmel beer sauce, corn bread, whoopie pies, hummingbird cake, and toffee bundt cake. I believe the whoopie pies are filling enough for a dinner on their own, so I made sure to leave enough for them. Have them first, and the task is complete.

You may not have space for dessert as your appetizer, so return another day and taste them. The Beef Fat Fries are normal fries that have been cooked in brisket trimmings converted to fat. Their malt vinegar aioli is the ideal complement. They provide smoked wings, hog belly lettuce wraps, a jalapeño brisket bomb, buttermilk chicken tenders, smoked chicken quesadilla, mega nachos, and the best hush puppies in the South.

There are seven salads and wraps available, as well as twelve sandwiches, including the appropriately called Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah and my personal favorite, the Henny Penny (smoked pulled chicken with cheddar cheese and bacon). For the vegetarians among us, there’s a vegetarian sloppy joe and the Beyond Burger, so there’s something for everyone.

For those salivating for those dishes from the smoker, choose from smoked pulled pork, St. Louis Style Ribs, sliced beef brisket (my other favorite, like my Great Aunt Eileen used to make), smoked chicken, smoked OMC plate, country fried rib dinner, or a smokehouse dish from OMC tacos (my third top choice), pork n grits, loaded mac & cheese, Korean BBQ Pork Belly Noodle Bowl, smoked pork burrito bowl, gumbo, and carne asada street tacos.

I don’t have space for the full dinner and sides when I start with dessert, particularly Whoopie Pies. I can barely eat the sliced beef brisket and cornbread if I forego dessert.

I had no idea working in Duluth would be such a diet struggle. It’s a good thing there are so many fun outdoor activities to burn off all those calories!

Pickwick Pub & Restaurant

E. Superior Street (218) 623-7425508 E. Superior Street

Monday (it’s closed) and sample their award-winning chargrilled steaks. I’m the first in line to tell you that they earn their reputation. This Duluth landmark first opened its doors in 1888 as the Fitgers Brewing Company, but has operated at this site since 1914. I could see it from numerous hospital rooms, so it was lovely to be there on a non-Sunday.

From 3pm to 5pm, they host Happy Hour in the Pub and on the Patio, with $1 off all appetizers and additional discounts on their alcoholic drinks.

I’d want to go for lunch, but they don’t serve steaks at that time, so I’ll have the fresh berry salad and the Pickwick steak sandwich, an eight-ounce New York strip cooked and served open faced on an English muffin, or their fresh Atlantic salmon, well done. The lemon dill butter is delicious.

They offer famous Canadian Walleye meals that appear to fly out of the kitchen.

But the delights of supper, oh, the glories of dinner. Everything is well until the charcoal barbecue releases that familiar odor. It sears the natural fluids and tastes of steaks and pork chops to make them soft and juicy.

These meals include a garden salad, the vegetable of the day, and your choice of Gouda mashed potatoes, Minnesota wild rice, baked potato, French fries, or handmade onion rings. When I’m feeling really fortunate, I like roasted potatoes with asparagus.

Ribeye to tenderloin nibbles, barrel cut filet (my filet mignon! ), NY strip, ribs, prime rib, veggie kabobs, or Jack Daniels Glazed Pork Chop are among the options.

You may also choose the soup of the day or clam chowder, as well as one of six additional salads, appetizers, spaghetti burgers, or seafood.

For me, savoring the ambience at Pickwiths after a long day at the hospital with the barrel cut filet, baked potato, salad, or asparagus as the sun fades on Lake Superior remains one of the most soothing occasions Ive encountered in Duluth.

Cafe Vabene

E. Superior Street (218) 722-1518734 E. Superior Street

Our favorite Italian restaurant in Duluth, you may enjoy fantastic views from the covered solarium or open-air balcony for lunch and supper. The ability to observe the lighthouses and the Lift Bridge distinguishes Duluth with the splendor of Lake Superior. It faces east, so the rich color at sunset will wow you. Of course, it’s not straight, but the softening light over the Lake, particularly during calm seas, helps the landscape match the magnificent meal.

Because of the epidemic, they have restricted hours, so check online or phone ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to purchase online, but be sure to include the rosemary focaccia bread, since it is not automatically included.

Our favorites are the vegan and gluten-free meals, while the fragrance of fresh pasta is irresistible. Their salad dressings and pasta sauces are completely gluten-free, and their brown rice spaghetti noodle works well in their meals. They can hold the cheese for you to make many of the meals vegan.

One of the most popular meals for non-dietary restricted diners begins with the Bruschetta, followed by the Signature Italian Sausage Soup (Mary Kay’s creation), difficult to choose between the gnocchi and the salmon fresca (Dave Rogotzes wild-caught Alaskan salmon), and then check with them for your choice of fabulous desserts. Since the alternatives vary on a daily basis, you may wish to contact and inquire about them as well.

If gnocchi and salmon aren’t your thing, they also serve pan-seared beef filet, mahi, and seared U10 sea scallops with house-made risotto. They also provide a variety of seven paninis with their distinctive Mista salad on the side.

It’s a wonderful spot for well-behaved youngsters and adults to sit back and relax on this stunning Great Lake.

Caf Zeitgeist Arts

220 W. Superior Street (218) 722-9100

What more could you ask for from a local arts caf than contemporary food, local art and theater (film festival in April), and the option to try their broad bar selection to see if they can create your favorite drink?

The menu varies seasonally, so expect something new when you visit.

Little dishes like fries, mussels, carpaccio, pear pie, or pork belly, mixed with soup or salad, and sandwiches (burger or grilled cheese), make it simple to remain longer and soak in the atmosphere.

Try the delicious squash pasta with mushrooms and black garlic chili flake, the pan-seared whitefish, Roman-style semolina gnocchi, sausage, and bean hot dish, or the stuffed and roasted chicken breast for bigger appetites.

One thing I really like, since I adore viewing fantastic movies on the large screen, is that you can reserve their area, pre-order refreshments, and even bring desserts in from a professional kitchen for a modest fee.

They’ve already elevated Zinema to new heights.

Greysolon’s Black Water Lounge

E. Superior Street (218) 740-0436231 E. Superior Street

A Duluth hotel. The architecture is incentive enough to visit; the drink and dining experience is cause to return. If you’re in town and looking for a cocktail bar, this is the place to go. It opens at 4 p.m. and is situated in Greysolon Plaza.

One of the nicest aspects about a fondue restaurant? That they provide supper as well as dessert fondue. Eat my way and start with the chocolate fondue. They serve a dark chocolate fondue with pound cake, strawberries, bananas, and pretzels. It’s hearty and has enough calories for a full dinner, but if you’re still hungry, order the smoked Gouda cheese fondue with blackened tenderloin, seasoned grilled chicken, granny smith apples, grapes, miniature pitas, and toast crisps.

Maybe replace the chocolate fondue with something lighter. Sushi (crunchy roll, ahi roll, vegetarian roll, and hidden dragon roll), ahi tuna crisps (actually fantastic), edamame (usually makes me feel sanctimonious after overindulging, although this one I may advocate before the chocolate fondue), and blue cheese filled shrimp are available.

If the chocolate fondue does not appeal to you, you could like the spicy cream cheese crab wontons, French onion sliders, hand-cut French fries, or honey truffle pear flatbread.

The Chefs Plate is a favorite among individuals who visit the Black Water Lounge for drinks. Burrata cheese, sopressata Italian salami, peppered salami, grapes, peppadew, blue cheese filled olives, cashews, raspberries, toastettes, and Ritz crackers should last many rounds.

Caf Uncle Louis

218-727-4518520 E. 4th St.

They’ve been serving all-day breakfast and lunch since 1993. While contemplating your order, the simplest method to examine their selections is to go online and choose from the Complete Menu or the To Go Menu.

On their extensive breakfast menu, they offer ten different types of omelettes, five different pancake combinations, four different French toast combinations, a variety of fillings and toppings, a house special 2x2x2 that allows you to combine your favorite protein, pancakes or French toast, and eggs, eight different egg dishes, and eleven different complements or side dishes.

The lunch menu is available all day and includes house specialities such as the Gyros sandwich or basket (add fries, onion rings, soup, or salad), burgers, grilled cheese, grilled chicken, patty melt, clubs, BLT, Denver, Philadelphia Steak, or Reuben.

Mashed potatoes and gravy are served with roast beef, roast turkey, meat loaf, gyros, hamburger, or ham. Delicious.

Take a hard look at the bakery goods if you have an extra inch in your stomach. I’ve discovered that having both cinnamon buns and caramel rolls is more common in areas I’ve lived, so select between them, chocolate chip cookies that smell divine, or muffins in blueberry, banana nut, and chocolate chocolate chip varieties.

Salads and sides are ideal for (somewhat) lighter meals. Pick from Greek salad, Caesar salad, a side salad, a side Greek salad, onion rings, French fries, or the soup of the day.

Call in your meal to go and you’ll be back at work in no time. You’ll want to stay if you order in.

Scenic Caf’s New Location

North Shore (218) 525-62745461

Another local favorite, it’s roughly a twenty-minute (13-mile) drive from the city center. To be honest, it’s one of the most costly sites to visit; one of my coworkers described it as the spot to go for an anniversary, and reservations are suggested.

Although some may consider it California food in the Upper Midwest, most of the tourists I’ve encountered found it to be just delicious.

When available, their Ahi tuna taco appetizers are fantastic. They’re now serving oysters on the half shell, smoked gold beets, deviled eggs, warm pistachios (delicious! ), pickled beets, and bread and butter.

A daily soup, car acara orange, shrimp fried rice, yellowfin tuna, French onion soup, or smorgasbord of pickled herring, smoked salmon, deviled eggs, pickled beets, olives, cornichons, dried fruit, cheese, rugbread, and artisan crackers are also available.

Those of you who know me well know that I started with the dessert menu. Strawberry mille-feuille (dragonfruit puree), chocolate cremeux, gjetost crme brulee (my daughter enjoys the lingonberries and believes the pepparkakor is very refreshing), chocolate brownie, or Abe Lincoln cake are available (French almond cake with boiled icing and buttermilk ice cream).

As we came to the main courses, I was instantly attracted to the Norwegian salmon. The fish was prepared to my specifications and served with rutabaga and Yukon gold potato puree, beet, buttermilk mustard, and arugula.

Mushroom melt, monsieur brioche, potato sausage, French lamb rack, cassoulet de Toulouse (duck confit and pig belly), deer strip loin (a hunter’s favorite), capellini, and a game buffet are all available.

For well-behaved youngsters, they also provide noodles and marinara, grilled cheese, meatballs, French fries, peas and carrots, and apple sauce.

I believe the Mise en Place Marketplace was one of the developments brought about by the epidemic. They provide meal kits and fresh bakery goods that you may take home and prepare yourself. Swedish Meatballs, Sashimi Tuna Tacos, Miso Sea Bass, Curried Mussels, smoked salmon starter, and cardamom French toast are simpler dishes that you can make at home with no Blue-Ribbon Cooking School necessary.

You may purchase online two days in advance (Wednesday through Sunday) and pick up at the Caf or have it transported to you through UPS Next Day Air. Remember that these meal kits are meant to be consumed within two to three days. www.toasttab.com

Check out the new scenic caf cookbook for a local treat that combines poetry, storytelling, and cuisine. The recipe for gjetost crème brulee is presented.

Sir Benedicts Lakeside Tavern

The phone number is (218) 728-1192805 E. Superior Street.

The Old English vibe of this beautiful tavern begins even before you step through the door. The light brown brick and crimson awnings give it a Tudor appearance, maybe particularly after a thunderstorm when you’re looking for shelter.

Maybe best known for its sandwiches, known as Sandys, their British Dip is a shaved roast beef sandwich with Swiss served on a toasted white bread. Precisely what the doctor ordered on such a hot day. Fontina Flatbread, Portobello Melt, Avocado and Bacon, Sir Melt (veggies and cheese melted together and piled high), Chicken Bacon Art (Artichoke), The Shanwich (mushroom and cheeses and spices), The Pickled Pig (porchetta), Sir Pesto, Cuban Pork, The Reuben, The PPP (pastrami, porchetto, and pepperoni with provolone), The Bruce, Tuna Melt, and (candied pork belly).

There’s something for everyone.

You may also create your own sandwich to make an almost limitless choices. With the prospect, images of Dagwood Bumstead flash across my head. Pick one protein, bread, cheese, three vegetables, and a spread. Voila. Your own customized sandwich. When you’ve tried a few, you may make your own new regular. I can certainly see the benefit of living nearby in order to look through the menu first and then construct your own.

But wait, theres more.

Appetizers include garlic cheesy bread, artichoke and spinach, a German pretzel (made by Duluths Best Bread), a Hummus Platter, Pesto Bruschetta, Hot Chips, and the self-described Best Nachos Ever.

They also provide soup and salads, three different pizzas, and a children’s menu.

On the dessert plate, their typical choices include bread pudding, a (gluten-free) chocolate decadence cake (Yum! ), French Silk Pie (My goodness, it is amazing! ), and Ricks handmade pies, the taste of which changes everyday. You could want to start with dessert and then bring your sandwich home to enjoy later.

The Malt Store in Portland

Superior Street, 716 E.

On the East Coast, it’s not surprising that I assumed this was another Maine resident who’d relocated elsewhere, similar to how Portland, Oregon got its name, until I saw the spelling on the webpage. Port Town. Ahh. It is called because its location on the westernmost point of Lake Superior, near the harbor. Got it.

After attending college in Saint Louis and experiencing the Ted Drewes experience, this stone and brick facade ice cream store set on a cliff above the north end of the Lake Walk seems like the Duluth counterpart.

Go up to either window; for me, it was the coldest, rainiest May day Ive ever encountered in May at 46F, and ask the young staff for assistance in selecting your ice cream, malt, sundae, or float. The Brown Cow, a root beer float with chocolate ice cream, is one of their specialities; another first for me!

A simple explanation from a very kind employee helped me comprehend the distinction between ice cream and malt tastes. Raspberry Truffle ice cream and Raspberry Malts are available. There can be no raspberry ice cream without chocolate. It’s a really chocolate-friendly neighborhood. The sundae toppings give an extra layer of pleasure, with eight more possibilities to choose from.

She asked whether I liked chocolate to limit it down. No, not at all. Therefore there will be no Raspberry Truffle for me. Cheesecake? Nope. Is the pistachio almond gelato similar to gelato? No, it’s ice cream. Eight of the 14 ice cream varieties include chocolate. I sought her assistance since I couldn’t decide between the peanut butter cup and the pistachio almond. I like chocolate, therefore I’d choose the peanut butter cup. Sold.

What I didn’t think about was whether the ice cream base was chocolate or vanilla. It’s peanut butter cups with chocolate ice cream. I took my first mouthful and thought, That’s heavier than I’m used to, and then a gust of wind sprang up and blew the scoop right off the top of the cone. This is not a joke. It seemed as though I was being punished. That wasn’t a complaint, just a remark.

With my empty sugar cone still in hand, I returned to the store and took out my credit card for another scoop. They glanced at me with surprise. They nodded and chuckled as I pointed to the scoop on the damp pavement. It occurs more often than you may expect.

This time, I went for pistachio almond. It seemed more like ice milk than ice cream, with great pistachio overtones coming through and crisp cut pistachios that gave texture as well as taste.

While in Duluth, stop by The PortLand Malt Shoppe and ask them to tap down your scoop of ice cream if you get it in a cone.

Which of these Duluth eateries are you going to try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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