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Sayulita is a fantastic tiny pueblo magico beach village in Mexico. Visitors often refer to it as the Riviera Nayarit’s crown gem. It is a popular go-to retreat renowned for its ideal surfing conditions, and it is one of my new favorite destinations after discovering that Sayulita eateries provide something for everyone!

The region is rich in natural beauty, with breathtaking vistas and forest getaways. There is no shortage of open-air cafés that provide some of the tastiest meals in a beachy setting. I’ll share my guide of places to eat in Sayulita with you here.

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22 Sayulita Restaurants and Bars You Must Visit


Delfines 14 +52 329 291 3051

This restaurant is smack in the heart of town and has a fantastic view of the renowned flag-filled boulevard. They provide breakfast and lunch from a variety of cultures, as well as delicious smoothies and coffee.

Everything on the menu is cooked in-house, including the sausages, muffins, and most of the other items. Their bacon is the only item they don’t manufacture themselves.

You may bring your own cup for to-go coffees or hire one from them for the duration of your stay. Please remember to return it before you depart. Efforts like these have helped Sayulita become a pueblo magico as well as a pueblo verde, or green town. This is due to their emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable travel.

The cuisine at Chocobananas is both vegetarian and vegan friendly. When you choose one of their breakfast platters, you can be certain that you will not go hungry since the amounts are substantial!

One thing you must do is order their specialty dish, the Chocobanana, which is a frozen chocolate-covered banana. This popular meal may be ordered with coconut, granola, or sprinkles on top.


+52 329 298 8770 21B Avenue Revolution

The menu at Organi-ks is full with healthy alternatives. They provide a vast selection of teas and scrambles that would satisfy even the pickiest of foodies.

Organi-mango k’s poke bowl is my favorite dish. That was one of the greatest poke bowls I’ve ever eaten, with the fresh mango complementing the raw tuna wonderfully.

Organi-k also offered a wide range of juices and smoothies.

They take pride in providing organic, fresh, and vegan choices. Here you can also get some of the greatest matcha and lattes.

Some amazing options are their Buddha Bowl, India Bowls, Panta Rei Bowl, and Bali Bowl. Oragni-k is a terrific way to start your day. You feel satisfied without feeling bogged down by a hefty dinner.

Arte Café

Av. del Palmar 50

Café Arte is the place to go if you’re craving some roasted meat. As I arrived at the restaurant, I saw that they were roasting entire pigs in the rear. I was sold on this restaurant for supper right away.

Café Arte was one of the greatest eateries I tried during my visit to Sayulita. I plan to return to explore more of their menu selections the next time I’m in town. The pizza and spaghetti dishes looked particularly appealing, and I’d heard that they sometimes serve paella as a special.

The Fogonera

+523222747889 12 Calle Playa Azul

Do you want a simple street truck that serves delicious standard dishes? If so, you should try this burger truck, which was founded by two expert chefs who wanted to escape stressful, chaotic kitchens and work for themselves in a more relaxed environment.

La Fogonera is undoubtedly renowned for its delicious burgers! If you have a sirloin burger with chorizo and wedge fries, you’ll want to come back every day of your stay.

Moreover, few locals are aware of the fact that this location also serves delicious Churros. Keep in mind that there are several excellent vegetarian and vegan alternatives available, like a Jamaica burger that my vegetarian companion enjoyed.

This is a location you do not want to miss.

La Fogonera

The Fisherman

Delfin #16 +52 322 274 7792

Don’t miss out on this fantastic seafood restaurant in Sayulita, which provides one of the greatest dining experiences in town. El Pescador is a Mexican Hawaiian fusion restaurant with a relaxed environment and delicious cuisine.

Whether you’re searching for a Pok bowl or simply some great fresh seafood, you’ve come to the perfect place. Their Tostadas de Ceviche and Rollo Hawaiano are also excellent choices. Of course, their menu is wide, so you may want to come back more than once.

The restaurant itself is a hidden treasure. When you initially go in, it seems like you are just going to the top floor of ChocoBanana. Yet, if you take a right, you will discover this fish paradise. Get a good view of the plaza from their top level.

If you’re looking for the greatest seafood in Sayulita, make a visit to El Pescador.

El Ivan Tacos & PastorDaz Tacos

+523221182147Marln 12

Both of these taco vendors are immediately off the main street in town. Tacos El Ivan is widely regarded as having the greatest street tacos in Sayulita, but after multiple late-night taste tests, I have a second rival.

These restaurants are well known for its tacos al pastor, which are fire-roasted marinated pork sliced off the spit and served on corn tortillas.

They’re topped with a roasted pineapple slice, chopped onions, and cilantro. Then you get to choose which sauce to use to take it to the next level.

Check out the gringas for a genuinely unique bite. This is their pork taco, however it’s served on a flour tortilla rather than a corn tortilla, and it contains cheese as an extra filling.

Tacos de Pastor Diaz, a little taco business situated in front of Yambak, is giving Ivan a run for his money.

Their most renowned dish is also their rendition of the taco pastor, which consists of two corn tortillas filled with grilled pork and topped with onions and cilantro. They also provide burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, tostadas, tortas, and other Mexican dishes.

With two terrific taco alternatives so near together, do what we do and get a couple of tacos from both, then go on your own little two-stop taco tour to see which you prefer. We ended up handing Diaz the victory, which many people thought was insane. These are without a doubt some of the greatest street tacos I’ve ever tasted outside of Mexico City, and that’s saying a lot!

Both are open late and are excellent choices for post-drinks dining.


+52 322 429 The Revolution of 1864

This little food truck on Sayulita’s south side is well worth a visit. They provide some of the greatest chilaquiles in town in generous servings. I’m a decent eater, yet I couldn’t complete my breakfast!

You may choose from three salsas: verde, roja, or morita, as well as a variety of toppings. Chicken, egg, chorizo, and bistec are a few examples. You may combine salsas or make a half-and-half known as divorced.

Although they do not provide their own beverages, they are quite helpful and will go to the next coffee shop or store and get a drink for you to come back.

The Itacate

+52 55 3068 0645 42 Calle Jose Mariscal

El Itacate is notable for burritos with fried cheese shells rather than tortillas. Yep, you read it correctly- a fried cheese shell!

Fillings such as beef, pork, shrimp, or grilled vegetables are available, and the cheese is melted, formed, and grilled into a shell before being filled with your preferred toppings and sent straight to your table.

They also have an outstanding array of salsas to go with your (keto-friendly) cheese tortilla. Since this is so enormous and full, it’s definitely preferable to bring a companion to split one with.

Falafel and Company

+52 322 118 9831 35 Calle Gaviota

This is a genuine handmade falafel choice. Their falafels, hummus, and pita bread are all homemade. They have one of the greatest falafel pita sandwiches, as well as falafel salads and burritos.

The falafel burrito is similar to a pita, except it is wrapped in a flour tortilla and cooked on both sides. If you want to experience an unique fusion dish that I haven’t seen anyplace else in Mexico, get the burrito!

Don’t forget to taste their aguas frescas. They’re incredibly delectable.


+52 329 298 8544 33 Calle Jose Mariscal

If you need a break from all the delicious Mexican cuisine, there is an excellent Thai restaurant nearby.

They have almost everything you might desire, and it’s all served in enormous servings.

To begin, they had delicious mango tuna spring rolls and Tom Yum Soup. Their Pad Thai comes with chicken and shrimp, and the sauces are left on the table for you to garnish anyway you choose.

If you want to experience something really unusual, finish your dinner with their pandan ice cream.

One thing to remember about Achara is that you must make a reservation. Even during the tourist off-season, this location is quite popular and fills up quickly. Request a private dining table on the restaurant’s rear patio if you have a big company.

The Coffee Shop on the Corner

+52 322 779 7242 150 Calle Pelcanos

If you’re searching for a restaurant with generous quantities and reasonable costs, you’ve come to the right spot! Coffee on the Corner has some of the most nutritious and delicious food selections on the Pacific Coast, and you won’t want to miss out.

Its vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free offerings aren’t only for people with specific dietary needs. Their fruit platter is excellent, and their coffee is among the best in Sayulita.

Also, their Chilaquiles are a guest favorite; if you like eggs, tomatoes, and chiles, you should have this with a Café Con Leche.

If you’re feeling really peckish, try the Huevos Rancheros with a dose of freshly ground espresso. Yum!

Mr. Seor

+52 329 291 2055 Las Muertos Beach

This little beachfront chain is ideal for guacamole fans. They cook it fresh at your table and you can pick whether or not to add a little spice—I always have mine super hot!

They are especially well-known for their grilled fish tacos served on corn tortillas. One order of tacos includes four tacos, which is more than enough for one person to consume.

This restaurant is ideal for a romantic dinner on the river with a bottle of wine. They provide my favorite Mexican wine, Casa Madero. Be sure to give it a shot when you go!

Viva Tierra

+52 329 291 3280Marln 10

Tierra Viva, another restaurant located on the beach, offers a variety of delicious cuisine.

They feature a variety of seafood alternatives as well as daily specials. You may stop here for a late brunch since they offer breakfast till three o’clock.

The food and service are both excellent. Several of their dishes are served in lava rock bowls.

They also offer a fantastic sangria variety! Have a glass or two with a bite to eat or a light dinner.

The Don Pedros

329 291 3090Calle Marln 2

Don Pedros is another excellent choice for a light meal. Its menu includes a variety of meals such as pasta, meats, and soups. Also, they are recognized for their huge quantities, so you will not go hungry.

Their pork covered with tamarind sauce and served with mashed sweet potatoes and sautéed greens is a fantastic option.

It’s a fancier location than a taco stand, but it’s still quite informal.

Revolt of the Burrito

+52 329 298 8638 10 Calle Jose Mariscal

Burrito Revolution is a must-see in Sayulita since they provide some of the greatest meals on the west side.

Their serving sizes are enormous, and their pricing are fantastic. If you’re starving but don’t want to break the bank, Burrito Revolution is an excellent option.

Get a vegan or vegetarian taco that is suitable for everyone, not just those with dietary limitations, and have a fun evening out with your friends.

Much better if you’re a night owl! Burrito Revolution boasts a lively nightlife and is open late seven days a week.

If you’re looking for a cheap shrimp burrito and a couple cocktails, this is the place to go.


Delfines 44 +52 322 183 0692

Rubens, a terrific tiny sandwich shop, is another choice for a respite from the tacos.

They provide a vast selection of sandwiches and salads to satisfy any taste or dietary requirement. They are also excellent at accommodating consumers by just producing your preferred sandwich.

Each sandwich comes with a side salad and is ideal for picking up on the way to or from the beach. You may also have a standard salad, a cold pasta salad, or a rice bowl, which I brought with me when I went diving for the day.

The Public House

+52 329 291 3712Marln 26

The Public House has an English pub vibe, and customers may be found inside at the bar or out front on the terrace, eating burgers and craft brews.

Other guest favorites are the chop and Cobb salads, as well as the cauliflower wings, which are an excellent vegetarian alternative to chicken wings.

What shocked me the most was the arrival of the Beyond Burger. It’s a beef burger made entirely of vegetables. I tried it and was blown away by how much steak it tasted like!

But don’t worry, if you’re not a vegetarian, there are lots of other alternatives. My friend’s favorite sandwich was their Reuben, and the fries that came with it were delightfully crunchy.

Naty’s Restaurant

+52 329 291 3818

Natys Kitchen is the place to go if you’re seeking for vegan or vegetarian meals. Natys is a popular restaurant among both expats and visitors.

Natys Kitchen is so popular that she often sells out. If you want to experience this great eatery, go early in the morning.

Natys features a large taco menu that includes morning tacos, vegetarian tacos with potato or pumpkin alternatives, and meat-based tacos such as fish, steak, chicken, and hog.

Spaghetti e Vino Marcolino

+52 322 111 7768 44 Calle Jose Mariscal

If you want to try some of the greatest Italian cuisine in Sayulita, you should go to Macrolinos. This fantastic Italian restaurant is available for lunch, supper, and late-night trips and is highly recommended by guests.

If you have the opportunity to visit (no need for a reservation), you should definitely attempt to obtain a table near the bar or kitchen, since that is where all the magic occurs.

Get a housemade pasta and a glass of wine and you’ll be glad you did!

Where to Drink: Sayulita’s Finest Bars

Although many of the restaurants in the neighborhood feature a drink menu, just a few deliver the greatest cocktails.


Calle Marln 29, +52 329 291 3756

The food selection is limited, but it is a terrific spot to bring your own cuisine to combine with their artisan brews. If you order tacos from Talivan or Diaz outside of Yambak, the waitresses will deliver your drink directly to your table.

This establishment makes its own craft beers on-site, and they are among the finest in the area. Their favorites include a pale ale, a light lager, and a black IPA. IPA enthusiasts will be in for a real treat here.

This location is central to Sayulita’s nightlife.


54th Avenue Revolution

Cava is the spot to go for a night out with some harder cocktails. They feature an excellent assortment of tequilas, raicilla, and some of the greatest mezcals available. Stop in every day from 3-6 p.m. for a 2 for 1 offer on their delicious margaritas and palomas.

Cava is a fantastic small pub located just off Sayulita’s main center. During your night out, they also provide delicious beverages and loud music.

Sayulita Accommodations: Villas del Palmar

When it comes to wonderful places to stay in Sayulita, there are several options. Villas del Palmar is one such location. This Sayulita hotel is a beachside property located within walking distance of the town center.

The complex is made up of three-story residences that hold three distinct apartments that may be rented separately or all at once. This is a lovely and tranquil hideaway, ideal for your stay in Mexico.

We liked how we were effectively sharing a home, yet each level had its own privacy. Thus, even though your friends and family are around, you have your own area.

Click here to book your own Pacifico Properties stay.

Sayulita is a must-see for everyone who enjoys discovering little towns with vibrant local culture. This tiny seaside hamlet has some of the greatest genuine Mexican meals as well as some outstanding foreign selections.

From tacos to sushi, everyone may discover their own favorite location to eat. Several Sayulita eateries also provide vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

One thing is certain: you should not leave the little beach town hungry. Whatever your preferences are, from food to beverages, Sayulita, Mexico has everything for you.

Which of these Sayulita eateries do you wish to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

Disclaimer: Sayulita Insider, a Sayulita travel site, and Pacifico Properties hosted a part of my trip to Sayulita. As usual, all views are mine.

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