5 Best Holbox Restaurants | Where to Sleep & Eat on Holbox Island, Mexico

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The majority of vacationers head to Holbox Island (also known as Isla Holbox) for the island’s breathtaking scenery and easygoing atmosphere (there are no roads on the island). The restaurants on Holbox, on the other hand, are reason enough to visit the island by themselves.

Isla Holbox’s cuisine is predominately comprised of seafood, which is to be expected given that it is an island. There is a wide variety of dining options available in Holbox, ranging from simple beachside shacks run by families and serving the freshest seafood to multi-course tasting menus prepared by some of the best chefs in the country.

As you read on, you will not only learn about some of the best restaurants that we discovered in Holbox during our most recent trip there, but you will also get a recommendation for a wonderful place to stay in Holbox, which is the CasaSandra. But I’ll elaborate on the hotel in a bit.

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It is important to make the most of your time on Holbox Island by participating in some of the following activities, which will help you become more familiar with the island:

  • Holbox Island Tour with Transfer Options
  • Holbox: Full-Day Tour with Lunch

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5 Best Holbox Restaurants

 Ser Esencia

Calle Igualdad (Inside CasaSandra) // +52 998 120 7061

The Casa Sandra Hotel, which is often considered to be the top accommodation option on the island, is home to the exquisite Ser Esencia restaurant. The renowned chef Roberto Solis, who is credited with developing the new Yucatecan cuisine, is the brains behind Ser Esencia. Without a doubt, this establishment has the title of greatest restaurant on the island. Even if you won’t be able to stay at Casa Sandra due to unfortunate circumstances, you should still make it a point to stop by Ser Esencia for dinner on at least one of the nights of your trip.

On two separate evenings during our stay, we indulged in the five-course tasting menu that was offered. The kitchen crew managed to come up with entirely new meals every single night. They did not serve the same meal twice out of the total of ten different dishes! I was very taken aback by that.

One of our favorites was a white fish prepared in coffee butter and served with young banana, lime, and habanero oil. Other meals that we like included:

The castacan, roasted pineapple, caramelized onion, creamed avocado, and lime taco was another option.

But without a doubt, the meal that won first place for us was the truffle lobster pasta with marscapone cheese sauce. Yes, it is every bit as good as it sounds, and yes, it is every bit as hefty as it sounds as well. Simply to have this meal once again, I would go back to Casa Sandra and plan another stay there.

The service at this restaurant was just as outstanding as the cuisine, and if you are only going to have time for one supper while you are on the island, you should make it here.

Advice: Make sure to make reservations well in advance, and if it’s nice out, I would ask for a table in the garden or on the patio.

Las Panchas

Calle Esmedregal // +52 984 120 8354

Las Panchas is a fantastic neighborhood restaurant that serves up all of your favorite seafood dishes. Begin by ordering some of their guacamole, and then move on to the fried fish tacos, whole fried fish with garlic, or octopus, which is my personal favorite dish there.

The mixto version of the ceviche, also known as the mixed version, is the most popular choice among customers who order this dish.

In addition, Las Panchas offers a breakfast menu that features traditional Mayan food in addition to Mexican dishes like enchiladas and empanadas. Some examples of these traditional Mayan dishes include panuchos and salbutes.

Naturally, if you were on vacation, you would order an ice-cold beer to go along with your meal. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t feel right!

A word to the wise: Las Panchas is closed on Mondays, and they typically wrap up their business for the day around 7 o’clock.


Calle Porfirio Díaz S/N Entre Palomino y Carito Isla // +52 984 241 5953

On Holbox, there is a lively discussion over whose restaurant serves the lobster pizza that is considered to be the island’s hallmark dish. Following our tasting menu at SerEsencia, we decided to ask the staff there some questions (we figured they knew good food! ), and they recommended that we check out Roots.

At Roots, the wood-fired oven is a prominent feature, and diners can order all of the traditional pizzas they would expect to find there in addition to regional specialties like cochinita pibil, mole poblano, and seafood pizzas featuring shrimp and octopus.

However, on this particular day, we had already decided what we wanted to have before we arrived: the renowned lobster pizza.

A little pricy for the area at 600 pesos, which is equivalent to 32 dollars USD. I thought the pizza was pretty good, but I still believe my favorite way to eat lobster is still just served in the tail with a touch of butter.

When you go to Holbox, you really must partake in this activity. On Holbox Island, a trip wouldn’t be complete without at least one attempt at the local specialty, lobster pizza.


Calle Palomino // +52 984 875 2026

The menu at Milpa is an authentic and contemporary take on traditional Mexican cuisine’s most popular dishes. Dishes such as shrimp aguachile, which are served in a sphere infused with herbs and spices, can be found on the menu. You could also try the duck pipian, which is served with chaya tamal and stuffed quail eggs made with almonds.

The exquisite presentation of each dish as it is brought to the table is given a great deal of attention at this restaurant. The dinner on many of the plates looks more like a piece of art than it does like dinner.

Adrian Barajas, who was born and raised in Mexico City, is the person in charge of the kitchen and refers to himself as a “mad scientist.” His objective is to give his grandmother’s cookbook of traditional Mexican dishes a fresh and modern look and feel.

As there are only so many seats available, it is imperative that you reserve a table in advance.

Arte Sano

Jeronimo de Aguilar No. 12 // +52 1 33 1222 9905

If you are looking for a restaurant in Holbox that serves vegan and vegetarian food, Arte Sano is a fantastic option to take into consideration. To get started, select one beverage from their extensive variety of fruit juices and flavored waters. The following step involves making a selection from available options such as jamaica (hibiscus flower) tacos, chilaquiles, or a lentil burger.

Be sure to check out their signature salad, which is loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, and stop in for breakfast to try their vegan hotcakes topped with fruit. In addition to that, be sure to check out their vegan hotcakes.

There are a number of restaurants on Holbox Island, each of which offers seriously impressive service. Many customers choose to come back not only because the food is delicious but also because the staff is so welcoming and attentive at all times.

Holbox Bars

Hot Corner Bar

Av Pedro Joaquín Coldwell // +52 984 215 9671

On Holbox, Hot Corner Bar has developed into something of a tradition for locals and visitors alike.

Nearly every night, you can find tourists and locals alike (the staff from our hotel was among those we encountered) spilling out onto the street, turning the establishment into what is essentially an outdoor party. On the majority of evenings, there will be a live band performing.

It’s hot and crowded, but the music is pumping and the drinks are reasonably priced, and they keep the service moving along quickly. On your trip to Mexico, an island bar like this one is probably at the top of your wish list of things to do and see.

I noticed that Hot Corner Bar also has a menu, but we never got around to trying any of the food there because we typically came here for drinks after dinner.

Salma Bar

Frente al Muelle Tiburón Ballena // +52 984 240 6838

Because it is situated right on the sand, Salma Bar maintains a peaceful atmosphere throughout the day. Even though Salma is a popular destination for sundowner drinks, the city truly comes to life once the sun goes down.

There are frequently guest DJs working for the crowd while the patrons sip designer cocktails or ice-cold beers. You can frequently find guest DJs working for the crowd. In point of fact, the cocktails are so artistically crafted that the establishment refers to itself as an “organic mixology and restaurant laboratory.” If you’re into drinks like that, there are rumors that they make a killer espresso cocktail. I limited myself to drinking mezcal cocktails.

There is also a food menu at Salma, which I intend to peruse during my next visit because several of the items on the menu looked extremely enticing to eat.

Where to Stay on Holbox Island

In my line of work, I have the good fortune to often get complimentary hotel stays from various companies. In recent times, I’ve been in a lot of different hotels, but Casa Sandra manages to stand out from the rest.

The property was created by an artist, and their influence can be seen in the little details that can be seen all around the place. The owner, Sandra, carefully selected unique artifacts made by craftsmen located in a variety of countries for use on her private island retreat. Consider the following: antiques, bohemian crystals, linens imported from India, sheets with a thread count of a thousand, etc. You are making progress in understanding the concept.

As I noted before in my more in-depth evaluation, the restaurant is without a doubt the greatest option available everywhere on the island. You should most definitely indulge in the tasting menu, complete with drink pairings, and then take it easy as the wait staff prepares a dinner for you that you won’t soon forget.

The hotel’s private beach is a length of secluded sand that is owned by Casa Sandra and is situated right in front of the establishment. At this location, you will discover sunbeds and loungers, hammocks, a private bar, and waitstaff that will attend to your every need.

The personnel was really helpful, kind, and courteous. They were able to maintain a constant presence without ever seeming obtrusive. When you left the beach, someone was always there waiting for you with cold towels, and when you were going on a day trip, someone was waiting for you with a bag full of sunscreen.

The Swedish massage that I had at the spa was among the very finest I’ve ever received; despite the fact that the spa itself was rather modest in size. The masseur was extraordinarily skilled. When I go to spas, I typically want quite intense massages, but this masseuse was able to apply the ideal amount of pressure throughout the whole session.

If you are considering a trip to Holbox, you should definitely give Casa Sandra some thought; in fact, my friends and I are already discussing the possibility of returning there ourselves. You won’t regret it.

You may check the prices directly on their website by clicking here, or you can visit Booking.com and search for the cheapest rates available today by clicking here.

Which of these Holbox restaurants do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Disclaimer: I was a guest of Casa Sandra during my stay on Holbox Island. Some of my meals and accommodation were gifted to my. However, all opinions remain my own- as usual.

How to get to Holbox, Mexico from the airport?

There are three ways to book a transport to Holbox. Either take a private transfer if you’re a group, go with a luxury service, reserved for you and your company of 6 or book directly below: or


Does Holbox have nightlife?

Music and Dance on the Island of Holbox
You may still appreciate the upbeat atmosphere created by the artists and the crowd even if you don’t feel like getting up and dancing. In comparison to the bustling tourist hubs of Cancun or Playa del Carmen, the island’s nighttime scene is more sedate and easy to navigate.

How much money should I bring to Holbox?

According to what we read on the internet, the recommended amount of money to bring with you to Holbox is one thousand Mexican pesos every day, per individual.

Does Holbox take dollars?

DO WE NEED TO BRING CASH WITH US OR WILL CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS BE SUFFICIENT? Cash is the most often used method of payment across Holbox. Pesos from Mexico and Dollars from the United States are accepted everywhere; however, it is advisable to carry lower sums of money since certain local businesses often do not round up to the next higher dollar amount.

Where are the crocodiles in Holbox?

Crocodiles inhabiting Holbox are typically found much closer to the island’s northwest tip than elsewhere on the island. On the other hand, it is almost certain that you will see a great number of smaller fish swimming in the water as well as a wide variety of birds both on the shore and flying above.

What part of Holbox is best to stay?

Backpackers and young travelers generally prefer to stay in the downtown area of Holbox because this is where the majority of the restaurants and bars are located. The western end is known for its peaceful atmosphere and its exceptionally clear water, both of which will appeal to couples and families. In my opinion, the best location to stay in Holbox is on the eastern end of the island, which is where the sand bar and the most beautiful beach are.

Do you tip in Holbox?

Be aware that when you get the bill in most restaurants in Holbox, they will recommend that you pay a tip of 15% of the total.