5 Excellent Italian Restaurants in Worcester, MA

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Worcester has gained the moniker “Heart of Massachusetts” due to its central position in the state. The city also has a number of interesting and unique sights, landmarks, and eateries.

You’d think that being New England’s second-largest city, Worcester would have a wealth of dining choices, and you’d be correct.

So how do you narrow down the Italian restaurant alternatives in this center of Massachusetts metropolis? Certain locales make it difficult to include all of their outstanding eating alternatives, but I’ve compiled a list of the city’s top Italian culinary offers.

5 Excellent Italian Restaurants in Worcester, MA

courtesy of Italian Table

+1508754484289 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester, MA 01604, USA

Via Italian Table is a comfortable diner among Worcester MA’s Italian eateries that delivers uniquely Italian and American food. It’s the perfect place to spend a peaceful evening with friends, colleagues, or family.

With its exposed brick walls and open kitchen, Via Italian Table provides a typical Italian dining experience. They provide classic Italian food in a sophisticated and romantic setting.

They use excellent ingredients to make a variety of meals, ranging from classic pasta variations to innovative new concepts. This is Worcester’s greatest Italian restaurant for a nice supper in a gorgeous setting.

The attention and warmth of our two servers complemented the meal. I was hesitant to stop at Via in the past since, for someone who prefers a more basic pasta supper, it might look pricy for cheap food, but I was mistaken.

The price (sauce combination with a side salad to begin) is reasonable and well worth it. Really, it has the greatest cuisine for a reasonable price on Shrewsbury Street, in Worcester, or anywhere. The price ($19 for any pasta)

The starter bread is delicious with a drizzle of olive oil. The garden salad on the side is basic yet good. The most difficult aspect of my lunch was deciding on a pasta and sauce combination, and the dish was quickly gone.

The Tuscany vs. California red wine flight from the wine tasting tree was a good choice for both price and flavor. I ended with a delicious espresso martini and a birthday chocolate sundae. This was not your standard restaurant dessert, but it was rather excellent. Overall, I had a positive experience.

Mare and Monti

+1508767180019 Wall Street, Worcester, MA 01604, USA

In my view, this is one of the greatest Italian restaurants in Worcester MA.

They are in an excellent position, away from the busier neighborhoods. Are you looking for the greatest Italian food in Worcester? Pull up, enter, and stare in the mirror. The service is kind and courteous, and the food is delicious.

We started with the Arancini de Riso, which are fried risotto balls filled with ham, cheese, and peas. Since I had never tried them before, it was an excellent introduction.

My Gamberi Alla Vodka came with handmade pappardelle, sautéed shrimp, crushed black pepper, baby spinach, and roasted garlic, and it was delicious. Since the sauce was so delicious and creamy, it was impossible to stop eating it. It featured a ton of well done sautéed jumbo shrimp.

My partner got the Pollo Giuseppe, which was very delicious. It was made with sautéed chicken breast, prosciutto di parma, eggplant, fresh mozzarella cheese, and Pomodoro sauce.

The restaurant had an old-school feel about it, but it was lovely, and the meal was delivered quickly and hot. This family takes delight in both their live performances and their food.

To finish off the evening, I ordered a cappuccino with a Jameson shot. The server gets credit for offering it as a side dish rather than trying to stuff everything into the little cup. I hope you agree that Mare e Monti was an excellent pick for our unforgettable supper in Worcester!

The Chiodas Trattoria

+15084596035631 Franklin Street, Worcester, MA 01604, USA

Chiodas Trattoria is not what you’d expect to find there.

Instead, it’s nestled away from Shrewsbury Street in a tiny rectangular building with scant décor and a solitary sign marking the eatery’s name.

The front of this restaurant is quite simple, but the inside is warm, pleasant, and welcoming. It is tastefully decorated with paintings and souvenirs, and soft music plays in the background, just loud enough to be heard but not so loud as to interrupt discussions. It is what distinguishes it from the other Italian restaurants in Worcester MA.

The service was fantastic, and our waitress was responsive and pleasant. The bread and oil were the nicest portions. We received many freshly cooked loaves of bread. The house salad was the perfect size.

Everything was excellent, especially the chicken fra diavolo with pesto and the grilled salmon. Since each dish is made to order, there will be a 30-minute wait until the meals are ready. Since everything is created on demand, it is possible (and easy) to make several substitutes or modifications.

On the surface, this may not seem to be much, yet it is unquestionably a hidden treasure. a delicious home-cooked meal in a warm atmosphere.

There are also excellent reds and whites on the wine list. For dessert, we had handmade cannolis, chocolate creme brulee, and regular creme brulee.

Italian Restaurant Russo

Worcester, MA 01604, United States +1774243137765 Water St.

It is incredibly rare to obtain first-rate service mixed with top-notch cooking, but that is precisely what we got at Russo, a hidden treasure among Worcester MA Italian restaurants.

The atmosphere is upmarket, maybe the finest in Worcester for good Italian eating. After arriving through the front door, you drop a few steps to find yourself in a completely different setting. It is welcoming and welcoming, comfortable and lovely. While we were on the far right, there looks to be a bar area on the far left.

We’re delighted we listened to our server when she recommended mussels. They were smothered in a magnificent, colorful soup comprised of white wine, garlic, and mussels, which went well with the sweet mussels. Despite their presence, the tastes of the appetizers melded nicely together.

We got the classics since it was our first time. The chicken parmigiana and the lasagna were both delicious. Russos red sauce complements their excellent baked bread well since it is exactly the appropriate mix of salty, sweet, and acidic without being overbearing.

Our visit was quite enjoyable since it had the warmth and intimacy of an old-school Italian restaurant. You may eat beautifully prepared, elevated meals in a unique atmosphere.


Shrewsbury St., Worcester, MA 01604, United States +1508796591592

Nuovo, a family-run restaurant, offering a broad range of Italian meals with a Mediterranean twist. Throughout the years, their mission has been to provide you with the highest quality tastes and an inviting setting.

They provide exquisite food for those looking for a short nibble as well as full-course meals. You may have a bartenders drink with one of their most odd meals or a vintage chicken parm dinner with a genuine Italian red wine.

The bar provides ample room for a pleasant supper. They also encourage you to arrange and join in their next get-together. This website is incredible beyond words! The dining space is large enough for both family and romantic meals, and their lively lounge is also available.

Since I travel regularly, I get to try a number of allegedly wonderful eateries. The real bargain, though, is Nuovo! I’ve gone here the last two times I’ve been in the area, and I’ll certainly go back whenever I have the opportunity.

So far, everything on the menu has been wonderful, including salads, appetizers, bread and oil, main dishes, desserts, and everything else! I was surprised by the stuffed haddock on my prior visit. The restaurant’s owner stepped out, introduced himself, and greeted us. From start to finish, the meal was excellent.

They have many return customers at their modest Italian restaurant in Worcester, with the excellent environment and music to provide the perfect backdrop for savoring incredibly delicious meals, and you soon feel like family. I’ve dined at several of the area’s best restaurants, and it’s been the gastronomic highlight of my prior two vacations to the Worcester area. Therefore I strongly advise you to come here!

Last Words on the 5 Best Italian Restaurants in Worcester MA

With distinctive ideas, comfortable ambiances, meals handmade with care, and individuals who will go above and beyond to make your stay unforgettable, these Italian restaurants in Worcester MA boost the dining scene in this city.

Whether you reside in Worcester or have just gone through, or whether you are a first-time tourist, you can use this guide to find the finest Italian eating alternatives in the city.

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