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Dunsmuir, located just north of Sacramento, is a beautiful California holiday destination.

When it comes to activities to do in Dunsmuir CA, the town has it all: a big hotel with mountain views, various stores where you can acquire groceries or souvenirs to take home, several wonderful restaurants, and a leisure center with an incredible outdoor pool to cool down in when the weather is hot.

Also, you won’t have to wait in traffic for hours trying to get to this lovely little slice of paradise; it’s bordered by other tiny towns, like as Weed, that you may visit as well. My vacation here lasted about a week, and here are my top suggestions for things to do in Dunsmuir CA.

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The Top 5 Things to Do in Dunsmuir, California

Pay a visit to Hedge Creek Falls.

Dunsmuir Avenue, 4131

There are many waterfalls to view in Northern California, but this one stands out. You’ll be amazed to find this treasure when you travel through the gorgeous woodland off the usual road. It has a mystical quality about ita very unusual structure.

On the approach to the falls, I observed a handful of interesting rock formations. There’s one with red iron-laden dirt that visitors have left behind to leave their marks on. Desert mottling is the name given to this red dirt. Inhale as much as you like of the magnificent environment; it’s free and will refresh your batteries.

Travel to Mount Shasta

I recently got the chance to spend a day climbing Mount Shasta while visiting California. As we traveled up and down, we saw trees and water that looked like they belonged in a Dr. Seuss book, as well as wildflowers of all shapes and colors. When we drove around the peak, the most remarkable thing I felt was pure happy energy.

Californias Mount Shasta is an active volcano that stands at the southern extremity of the Cascade Range. The highest point is 14,179 feet above sea level. Mount Shasta appears an almost flawlessly symmetrical cone due to its lava flows.

Explore the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens.

Dunsmuir Ave, Dunsmuir, +153023547404841

I opted to visit the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens while I was researching things to do in Dunsmuir CA. That was my first time, and I was just blown away. Expect a well-kept garden with stunning flowers and other healthy plants, but it is serene and intriguing.

I suggest going in the summer when there are more flowers blossoming. If you’re in the neighborhood anyhow, or if you want to take a vacation from work, it’s well worth a visit.

Now that you know where this hidden spot is, mark it as a must-see if you happen to be travelling by.

Get to Lake Siskiyou.

I found this lake after deviating off Interstate 5. The lake is reached through a winding road that descends off the highway and leads to a campsite and boathouse. When we were visiting the shore, there were many fisherman and junior fishermen on the lake.

This lake, located in the Shasta Cascade area, provides breathtaking vistas that will take your breath away. Boat launches along the Sacramento River near this lake may also launch your boat farther up the river.

Pay a visit to Castle Lake.

I saved the best for last; this was by far the most memorable of all the things to do in Dunsmuir CA. Castle Lake is part of the Shasta Lake Menifee Valley National Recreation Area in Northern California. I am not exaggerating when I say that the surroundings left me stunned.

The road to the top is gorgeous and winding, and I like walking faster as most others drive slowly and gaze. The lake itself offers a wonderful camping spot surrounded by beautiful pine trees, yet camping and swimming are not permitted owing to the lake’s high elevation.

Because of its magnificent natural beauty and fishing chances, it is a popular destination and one of the top things to do in Dunsmuir CA. Take a lot of pictures so you may come back here whenever you need a mental break.

Final Thoughts

The list of activities to do in Dunsmuir CA is not big, but the tiny and active town has all you need. Dunsmuir’s biggest feature is its breathtaking surroundings, leaving you with few other alternatives.

The magnificent vistas and old downtown make for fantastic family moments. A true Alpine town tucked in the heart of Mount Shasta, forgotten by time but not by everyone who has visited.

Which of these Dunsmuir CA activities do you want to undertake first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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