5 Must-Try Restaurants in Holland, MI | Where to Dine in Holland, MI

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Holland, Michigan is located at the nexus between traditional Europe and contemporary Michigan. Pause and smell the tulips at the annual Tulip Festival in May, when over six million tulips are in full bloom. If you can’t travel in May, you may still engage in Dutch-themed activities all year long, such as observing the production of wooden shoes and Delftware, viewing a real Dutch windmill, eating at a windmill restaurant, or visiting two museums to learn about Dutch history and culture. After studying about Holland, Europe, you should surely research the greatest restaurants in Holland, Michigan.

Forbes rated Holland one of America’s prettiest towns. Holland is a lovely location for a summer beach day on Lake Michigan, leading to dunes climbing or a visit to Big Red, Michigan’s most photographed lighthouse. Enjoy Michigan’s autumn beauty along South Shore Road, or visit the Kerstmarkt, Holland’s version to a European outdoor Christmas market, in December.

At the restaurants of Holland, you may enjoy a broad range of meals at any time of year, from traditional Dutch fare to an all-American steakhouse. You’ll commonly hear the statement “You’re not much if you’re not Dutch” in the Netherlands. Holland, Michigan’s eateries will prove that statement incorrect.

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5 Must-Try Restaurants in Holland, MI | Top Restaurants in Holland, MI

Holland, Michigan’s Finest Dutch Bakery Restaurant

Restaurant deBoer Bakkerij

Douglas Avenue, +1 616-396-2253360 Douglas Avenue

Visit deBoer Bakkerij Restaurant for some traditional Dutch cuisine, a four-generation family-run bakery that introduced breakfast and lunch service in 2008. It’s a cozy restaurant with high ceilings and large windows that create a bright and airy ambiance. Ideal for family get-togethers!

My particular favorite for breakfast is the Opas corned beef hash. The chef cooks delicious slices of corned beef with fresh potato bits. They put two eggs on top, whatever way you want them. The meal is completed by serving it with your choice of house-made bread. They also serve handmade pies, which I’m sure you’ll adore as much as I did!

The beef croquettes, a Dutch classic, are seasoned with a normal combination of Dutch spices and served with a Dutch seasoned bchamel. They’re wrapped into a three-inch stick, breaded, then deep-fried after cooling. Croquettes are served with a side of Dutch mustard for dipping. You’ll understand why croquettes are so popular at this Holland restaurant.

Soups cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients vary periodically. The Dutch pea soup is available all year. Combine it with pigs in blankets for a typical Dutch meal.

Blueberry and almond cranberry scones, as well as those tantalizing sticky buns, are on the menu and at the bakery. Combine those pastries with coffee roasted in-house, and you’ll get some of the greatest Dutch food this side of the Atlantic. Remember, if you take your spouse or significant other to this one-of-a-kind Holland eatery, you don’t even have to get Dutch.

Pro Hints:

  • Buy some house-made bread or apple pies from their bakery to enjoy a bit of Holland at home.
  • They only serve breakfast on Saturday and Sunday; lunch service is not available.

The most delicious breakfast in Holland, Michigan

Holland’s Annas House

Felch Street, +1 616294-169212450

The vintage 1950s diner decor, updated for the new century, is fresh and clean, with plenty of white and a modern hue of retro teal blue. In the entrance, a 1950s console TV with a living room light greets you. Teapots and toasters decorate open shelved room separators to produce an open floor layout, while Cosmic Starburst light bulbs brighten the area. To give a discussion starter, a top view of 15 toasters from the past century is framed.

Annas House collaborates with local growers, and a recent menu adjustment includes solely organic eggs. Indications adjacent to menu items indicate if they are gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan. They have a separate kitchen where meals for persons with allergies are prepared.

If you like chocolate, you could even need it for breakfast. I’m sure I do! The chocolate quinoa breakfast bowl from Annas House is an unique way to satisfy that early morning chocolate need. The plate’s top is colored with fresh blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and toasted coconut. Warm chocolaty quinoa is seasoned with cinnamon, genuine maple syrup, walnuts, and pecans. The meal has a strong chocolate taste that is not excessively sweet. A sprinkle of dark chocolate sauce completes the dish. Pick between a side of steaming almond, soy, or 2% milk delivered in a silver pitcher so you may pour it over at the perfect moment and in the perfect quantity.

Another favorite is Anna’s skillet. It all begins with red-skinned potatoes and ham cubes. Onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms are added. The ooey, melting cheddar cheese binds everything together. It is then topped with green onion. It includes two cage-free organic eggs cooked to your liking. Toast prepared locally completes the meal.

Whichever you select, Annas House Holland will satisfy your taste buds with the greatest breakfast in Holland, Michigan.

Pro Hints:

  • They don’t take reservations on the weekend. They close by 3:00 p.m.
  • Anna’s House – Holland only serves breakfast and lunch. 

Holland Michigan’s Finest Waterfront Restaurants

Waterfront Restaurant Boatwerks

616-396-0600, 216 Van Raalte Avenue

Boatwerks’ present home is on the shoreline of Lake Macatawa in West Michigan, just along West 8th Street. It has a waterfront outdoor dining area where you can enjoy Michigan’s magnificent sunsets over supper. You may moor your boat at either their pier or deep-water port. At this Holland waterfront restaurant, it’s easy to imagine the Amsterdam canals.

With an industrial-style roof and lighting, the restaurant has a casual, boating vibe. The exposed brick walls are adorned with boat engines. The walls are adorned with mural-sized historic photographs of Lake Macatawa, Lake Michigan, and Holland, Michigan. The restaurant has exposed beams and masonry, similar to the historic boat-building factory that formerly existed along Lake Macatawa’s beaches. With its alternating dark mahogany boards and light wood inlays, the restaurant’s bar top is evocative of hand-crafted wooden vessels from a bygone period. They also provide excellent service and delicious meals!

You’ll discover modern American dishes as well as Michigan mainstays like Lake Superior Whitefish served as an appetizer as a dip with fresh veggies and pita chips, or as a herb and panko-crusted entree topped with a lemon dill cream sauce. The entree is served with black rice and a variety of spring veggies. Other Michigan fish on the menu include walleye, perch, and salmon.

Michigan dried cherries are included in the Great Lakes trademark salad. The base is baby kale and arugula, with candied nuts, Danish blue cheese, and red onion on top. The salad is topped with a homemade red raspberry vinaigrette. All of the dressings are made from scratch by the chef.

The entree menu includes ribeye, New York strip, and filet mignon steaks. Burgers, pizza, and salad are also available for those seeking lighter meals. Boatwerks Waterfront Restaurant, in any case, is the place to go for eating in Holland, Michigan.

Pro Tip: If the weather permits, plan on dining on the patio. It’s entertaining to see the boating activity on Lake Macatawa.

The best brewpub in Holland, Michigan.

New Holland Brewing Company

East Eighth Street

Since New Holland Brewery is a woody décor brewpub, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Dragons Milk, a bourbon barrel-aged stout. Throughout the years, they’ve released over a dozen variations of the Dragon’s Milk Reserve. My favorite flavor included cherries. On the plus side, a new artisan comfort meal is constantly accessible; nevertheless, your new favorite variation will be gone much too soon.

In the restaurant, Dragons Milk is used in a variety of ways. It may be found in a beer-lovers cocktail, combined with delectable pub cuisine, or as a component in a menu item. Bourbon aficionados will like the beer’s whiskey taste, while red wine lovers will enjoy the robust characteristics.

The Cuban sandwich is created in-house and has smoked Michigan pork shoulder, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, chili mustard, and both sweet and spicy pickles. The sandwich bread is comparable to Mexican tortas and brings to mind real Mexican cuisine.

The pesto grilled cheese sandwich with tomato bisque is not to be missed. The sandwich is an all-American comfort food lunchtime classic, constructed from sourdough bread smeared with arugula pesto and gooey melted provolone cheese. It is served with a thick house-made tomato bisque that is ideal for dipping. Have some french fries on the side to round off your meal!

The apple crisp and the Dragons Milk brownie are two sweets worth mentioning. The apple crisp is made with apples from local farms, Michigan cherries, and oatmeal crumble, and is topped with a bourbon caramel sauce. The Dragons Milk brownie is topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of Dragons Milk chocolate sauce.

In line with the Dutch heritage of outstanding brews and ales, this Holland, Michigan restaurant will conjure sensations of resting in the town center with nice cuisine or a drink.

Pro Tip: Try to visit while the brewery is open for tours. It’s a delightful addition to your eating experience, and who knows, it may become your favorite spot! If you like wine, be sure to sample their great selection.

The Best Steakhouse in Holland, MI

Crazy Horse Restaurant & Saloon is a steakhouse and saloon.

North Park Drive, +1 616-395-83932027 North Park Drive

The walls are lined with light wood diagonal boards. This American restaurant has a western motif, complete with cowboy paintings that contribute to the saloon atmosphere. When a diner scrawled his name on a $1 note and tacked it to the wall, a tradition was born. Hundreds of dollar notes now adorn the walls. These are collected on a regular basis, so unlike in other places when this happens, it is not overpowering. Dollar bills are collected and given, and over $250,000 has been contributed to local charity to far. Crazy Horse Steakhouse & Saloon is proud to support the community.

The chef flavors the chicken corn chowder with carrots, celery, corn, and chicken, resulting in a rich, creamy soup served with yeasty dinner rolls.

In addition to traditional steakhouse fare, there is a Mexican menu with items such as guacamole and chips or burritos. They provide a delicious ground beef and cheese burrito wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with cilantro, corn, and black bean salsa.

Tortilla chips, salsa, and sour cream are served with the entrée. While there is no distinct Dutch atmosphere here, this is one of the top restaurants in Holland, Michigan. They also provide really pleasant service!

Pro Hints:

  • On weekends, I strongly suggest reservations.
  • Crazy Horse Steakhouse & Saloon closes on Sundays.

Which of these Holland Michigan restaurants do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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How do I spend a day in Holland MI?

Beaches. Holland State Park Beach. 1,386. Windmill Island Gardens. 1,225. • Parks • Places of Interest & Landmarks…. Nelis’ Dutch Village. 1,035. … Saugatuck Dunes State Park is an amusement and theme park. Mount Pisgah. 270. Bowerman Blueberry Farm Market. 104. Tunnel Park. 405. Outdoor Discovery Center. Nature and wildlife preserves.
More to come…

What is Holland Michigan known for?

Holland can hold its own in a state recognized for its award-winning brewers, microbreweries, and brew pubs.

What popular restaurants are in Michigan?

Michigan’s Top 13 Restaurants!
Bill’s Steak Restaurant in Bronson, MI. Zingerman’s Delicatessen in Ann Arbor, MI. Pasty Central in Calumet, MI. Union Woodshop in Clarkston, MI. Tio’s Mexican Café in Ann Arbor, MI. Ristorante Stella in Traverse City, MI. Grove in Grand Rapids, MI.
More to come…

What new restaurants are coming to Holland MI?

Garsnett Beacon Candle Co., Sea Bags, Love MI, Anna Interiors, and Bowerman’s on Eighth all opened in 2022, along with announcements for Le Bon Macaron, Estella Rose Apparel, and Mezkla Taqueria & Fruteria.

What is special in Holland?

The Netherlands (or Holland) is a tiny nation with several world-famous symbols. Explore our bulb fields, windmills, cheese markets, wooden shoes, Amsterdam canals, Old Masters treasures, Delft Blue ceramics, ingenious water management, and millions of bicycles.

Do I need cash in Holland?

Currency and money

Credit cards are frequently accepted as well, however at certain small stores or motels, you may be charged an additional fee (2-6%) if you pay with a credit card, and a passport may be necessary. In general, Euro cash with banknotes up to 50 Euro bill is the favored payment option.

What is the best time of year to visit Holland Michigan?

Summer is one of the greatest seasons to enjoy Holland’s sunsets and everything that the beaches and parks have to offer. The vibrant autumn season brings even more celebrations to the city of Holland.

What is the most beautiful beach in Holland Michigan?

Laketown Beach, located between Holland and Saugatuck, has beautiful views of Lake Michigan via a wooden staircase that leads up and over the dunes to the beach. (The stairs contributes to the preservation of the delicate dune ecosystem.) Take advantage of the lovely sandy Lake Michigan swimming beach and the spectacular lake views.

What is the best month to visit Holland Michigan?

May is the best month to visit Holland, Michigan.

If you want to visit the beauties of Holland Michigan during the day, July is the best month. The rainy season in Holland Michigan begins in October, so if you prefer drier weather, come in November instead.

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