5 Top Things To Do In Kansas City, Kansas | Best Attractions in Kansas City, Kansas

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Kansas City may be considered a flyover state by some, but residents will disagree. While there are several attractions on the Kansas City, Missouri side, Kansas is well worth the trip. Well, I realize it’s not obvious, but two separate Kansas City towns are sandwiched between the Missouri River.

The Kansas side has a strong Hispanic ancestry and the greatest views of the Kansas City skyline. You’ll find one of the greatest Mexican food scenes in the country, as well as some intriguing history.

There is lots to do in Kansas City, from urban treks to quiet excursions to the nearby lake. The people are welcoming and will take an interest in you if you are visiting from afar. There will be many smiles and a relaxed pace of living.

Kansas City, Kansas, has retained its feeling of community and is an intriguing blend of urban and rural life in one place. If you find yourself in Kansas City, Kansas, try any of these activities, which include eating, camping, and historical exercise.

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Kansas City’s Top 5 Attractions

Watkins C Ranch Suite Tea

Watkins C Ranch is located in the metropolitan areas of Kansas City, Kansas. Suite Tea, a glamping concept with two sites in Kansas City, calls the ranch home. There is no running water, so you will have to rough it, but the tents are beautiful.

It is ideal for a lone vacation or a family gathering and comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate two to six people. Each tent features a bed, comfortable blankets, and a color scheme that ranges from basic black and cream to blush pinks. A seating area and a fire pit are put up beside each tent.

Visitors are welcome to bring their own meals, however local delivery services will also supply food to the campground. There are additional activities available during your stay, ranging from yoga lessons to horseback riding. The location is excellent, and you can reach downtown Kansas City in about fifteen minutes.

There are various spots on the grounds where you can see the dawn or sunset, and you won’t even know how near you are to the city. The ranch is lush with greenery and big trees, enabling you to temporarily detach from the outside world.

On the Suite Tea website, you may see the various suites and pricing, as well as arrange activities for your stay.

Strawberry Hill and Downtown KCK Hiking

Want to learn about Kansas City’s history while getting some exercise? A Strawberry Hill and Downtown KCK urban hike is the ideal blend of historical strolling tours and exercise. The walk will take three hours and cover up to five miles, so bring a bottle of water and good walking shoes.

Lisa Pena, a Kansas City native, founded the Urban Hike firm to promote the finest of the city. The trip starts at Splitlog Coffee Shop, which has a mural depicting Matthias Splitlog, a Native American who was transferred to the region in 1843. Matthias Splitlog was an excellent mechanic who constructed a riverboat that traversed the Missouri River during the Civil War.

The artwork and coffee shop are charming tributes to Kansas City’s earliest inhabitants. After a discussion on Splitlog history, the urban trek begins with a hard slope to climb. But it is well worth it since it leads to the greatest Kansas City Skyline views in the city.

While you visit the city, you will learn about the many groups that call Kansas City, Kansas home. In the 1800s, Kansas City was a bustling metropolis with several meatpacking operations. Immigrants from Eastern Europe, particularly Croatia, found work and established themselves in Kansas City, Kansas. Flooding on the Missouri River prompted inhabitants to relocate to the bluffs.

Strawberry Hill was razed in the 1950s to make room for a new motorway, altering the area’s environment. Nowadays, there is a Strawberry Hill Museum that documents the history, as well as St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, which conducts an annual Croatian Festival. The Riverfront History Trail, which spans fifteen miles across state boundaries, may be found when you follow the streets toward the Missouri River.

During the Civil War, the region was significant and was part of the underground railroad. On the trail’s bridge, there are various sculptures, the most spectacular of which represents the emancipation celebrations for people crossing into Kansas in search of freedom. There is so much history in Kansas City, Kansas, and the urban trek is an excellent opportunity to learn about it from an expert guide.

Taco Trail in KCK

Around fifty taquerias and Tex-Mex restaurants in Kansas City provide street tacos and the greatest Mexican food. The KCK taco trail was designed by Visit KCK to highlight the numerous local companies that call KCK home, and the tacos are so delicious that you won’t be able to eat anything else when you visit.

To purchase a Taco Trail pass, visit the Visit Kansas City Kansas website and input your name and address so that the stickers and T-shirts may be sent to you after you check in at the taquerias and eateries. My favorite aspect of the trail is that the companies are all local, and you’re supporting people who take tremendous delight in their cuisine.

I suggest beginning your KCK taco adventure with El Camion Real, which is situated in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Kansas. Try the tacos al pastor, which are marinating on the spit as you come through the door. The marinated pork is peeled off the spit and combined with some grilled pineapple in a freshly formed tortilla. Don’t forget the onion and cilantro for great street tacos.

Next, continue your taqueria adventure to Seven Lenguas, where the torta is my personal favorite. Select your preferred meat filling for your Mexican sandwich, such as chicken, al pastor, or chorizo. The torta bread is soft and chewy, yet thick enough to handle all of the toppings, which include lettuce, cheese, jalapeo, and mayonnaise. Bring your appetite or a companion to split the meal since the sandwich is filling.

The KCK Taco Trail will introduce you to the KCK culinary scene and a plethora of local companies to support. Every taco is wonderful, and you’ll want to explore different restaurants.

Lake Wyandotte County

Wyandotte County Lake is located on 1500 acres of property and is a great place to see autumn foliage in late September and October, when the trees display a broad spectrum of reds and oranges. There are various refuge buildings on the lake.

If you have kids who need to burn off energy and a park full of equipment to keep them engaged, you will frequently see family gatherings to celebrate birthdays or other holidays. If you wish to relax in nature, there are various areas with park chairs facing the lake, and it is really peaceful.

You’ll see a lot of geese as you drive around the lake, and keep an eye out for deer. Prepare your camera since there are plenty gorgeous sites to capture images of the trees and natural surroundings. Several restaurants can be found 10 minutes down the road at the Legends shopping mall, so pack a picnic and enjoy the fresh air.

Help the Local Teams

You may cheer for a variety of sports teams in Kansas City, including NASCAR, professional soccer, and minor league baseball. All of the stadiums are located in western Kansas City, near the Legends Shopping Center.

The Kansas Speedway typically stages races in October and May, attracting thousands of people. On race weekends, you can hear the vehicles racing around the circuit from a couple of miles away. In addition, the stadium has previously hosted live music events and, most recently, the American Royal World Series of Barbecue competition.

The KC Monarchs are a minor league baseball club based in Kansas City, Kansas. The stadium is smaller than most professional stadiums, but cheering for the local team is a wonderful baseball experience.

If soccer is more your thing, the Sporting KC squad can be found at Childrens Mercy Park. The cutting-edge facility is located near to the Monarchs stadium, and there is a big crowd of local fans.

The most boisterous Sporting KC supporters congregate in the Blue Cauldron section of the stadium. They are dressed in blue from head to toe and produce an exciting environment in favor of the home side.


Kansas City, Kansas, provides a broad array of activities that may delight practically everyone, from great tacos on the KCK taco trail to abundance of outdoor areas and athletic teams to support. So maybe, you can rethink Kansas City as a flyover state and give it a try!

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