6 Huntington Beach Restaurants You Must Try | Top Restaurants in Huntington Beach, CA

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Surf City, United States.

There is no better moniker for Huntington Beach, Southern California’s spectacular coastal surf town. This iconic beach town is located in Orange County, just thirty minutes from Los Angeles and ninety minutes from San Diego. It is a wonderful combination of laid-back elegance and a no-worries ambiance. Wait till you see the restaurants in Huntington Beach.

With its famous pier, picture-perfect weather, miles of unbroken beaches, and a joyful, original surfing culture dating back to 1914, Huntington Beach epitomizes everlasting summer.

Yet this postcard-perfect seaside town, famous for its thundering surf, magnificent vistas, and spectacular sunsets, has something more going for it: exquisite food.

Huntington Beach has a varied array of informal restaurants throughout its easily walkable and bikeable town and surrounding regions, thanks to an abundance of seafood, local farms, and inventive chefs. There’s everything from snack shacks and food halls to bistros and more upmarket establishments.

These are a few of our favorites, chosen for their location, vistas, atmosphere, history, and just plain fantastic food and fun. Overall, these are some of the greatest Huntington Beach restaurants that you should not miss!

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6 Huntington Beach Restaurants You Must Try

The Captain Jacks

Pacific Coast Highway

Captain Jacks, a Huntington Beach restaurant institution for over fifty years, is a laid-back, informal, kitschy neighborhood favorite.

In June 1965, Jack and Jeanette Haley founded the Sunset Beach restaurant. Jack was a hometown hero and local surfer who won multiple surfing competitions and was inducted into the Surfing Wall of Fame and the Surfers Hall of Fame.

Despite the Haleys’ lack of culinary experience, their friends were building additional eateries throughout the Southern California coast. The Haleys purchased an empty structure and some secondhand equipment before launching their nautical-themed surfnturf restaurant. The rest, as they say, is history.

The beachfront restaurant, which is only open for evening, specializes in crab legs, seafood, prime rib, and steaks.

The appetizer menu alone is outstanding, including classics like as Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms, Escargot, Steamed Clams and Mussels, Jumbo-Prawn Shrimp Cocktail, and other delectable treats.

Entrees include limitless house salad, rice, and bread, as well as a variety of seafood dishes, prime rib, and steaks that may be combined in delectable combinations with Alaskan King Crab or Australian Lobster.

I freely acknowledge that I have the ability to make crab legs extinct on this world, therefore I had to go with the Alaskan King Crab entrée. It was melt-in-your-mouth delicious with the accompanying butter sauce.

My husband immediately ordered the Prime Rib, bone-in, center cut, Eastern corn-fed Angus beef. That was exquisite with au jus and horseradish on the side. And, yeah, we both ate every mouthful.

It is worth noting that Captain Jacks provides a Bring your own bottle of wine with free corkage costs every Thursday. Captain Jacks is one of the best Huntington Beach restaurants for exquisite seafood, steaks, or both.

Huntington Beach Dukes

+1 714-374-6446317 Pacific Coast Highway

A reservation at Dukes on the gorgeous Huntington Pier is a necessity.

Dukes is a 1940s-style Hawaiian beach house located directly on the beach with magnificent views of the Ocean and the pier. The inside boasts beautiful Koa woodwork, lush tropical flora, and Hawaiian antiques, pictures, and décor.

The original Dukes debuted on Oahus Waikiki Beach, and all of its restaurants pay tribute to Duke Kahanamoku, the famed Hawaiian surfer and swimmer who introduced surfing to the world in 1925.

With Huntington Beach’s legendary surf culture, it’s the perfect California backdrop for diners to watch modern-day surfers take on big waves along this stunning length of Southern California shore.

Its menu includes Hawaiian-inspired meals ranging from appetizers to field and farm salads, swimmers (seafood), and mainlanders (beef, pork, and chicken dishes).

My absolute favorite is one of Duke’s signature dinners, the Sauteed Macnut and Herb Crusted Fresh Fish (my fresh catch was ono.) Fish doesn’t get much better than this, coated with parmesan and a light panko-dusting and served with a lemon caper butter over herbed jasmine farro rice.

Dukes Classic Burger, a half-pound chuck, brisket, and hanger combination topped with white cheddar, a Maui island dressing, and all the condiments, deserves special mention. This knife and fork-tender meal is cooked to perfection, but you’ll need extra napkins to enjoy it.

Make space for Duke’s famed Hula Pie, one of Southern California’s favorite sweets. This delightful treat has macadamia nut ice cream heaped high on a decadent chocolate cookie shell.

A coating of chilled chocolate fudge covers and drizzles down the edges of the massive slab of ice cream. Finally, fresh whipped cream and toasted macadamia nuts are sprinkled over top. There’s usually enough to go around, and the waitresses always bring extra spoons (though you may not want them to; its that good).

And now for the greatest part. Let your waiter know if you’re celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or any special event, and the Hula Pie is gratis.

Thus, whether it’s a special occasion or you don’t feel like cooking, Dukes is a good option among Huntington Beach restaurants.

Ocean View Dinner at Henrys

Pacific Coast Highway, 714-845-8000

Henrys Ocean View Dining, located in Hilton’s beautiful Waterfront Beach Resort, is the resort’s premier restaurant, serving breakfast and supper. The exquisite but informal dining experience pays respect to Huntington Beach’s founder, Henry Huntington, and is like going on a delectable trip of seasonal culinary adventure.

The romantic environment, surrounded by gentle flickering candlelight, dazzling fire pits, and fountains, creates a wonderful experience. It’s one of those restaurants where, years later, you may not remember precisely what you ordered, but you’ll remember the vibe warmly.

Despite the menu isn’t huge, it’s high on quality and sustainable products.

The Pork Belly and Apple beginning, a 14-day cured pork belly served with a wild mushroom apple jager sauce, crushed apples, and apple chips, was recommended by our waitress. This is, without a doubt, the finest and most distinctive pork belly we’ve ever tasted.

Huge Glory Bay Salmon (flown in from New Zealand) paired with pickled ginger and preserved orange Maldon salt was our main course. I like a fish entree that allows the quality of the fish to speak for itself, and this one accomplished just that.

My steak-obsessed companion chose a sixty-day dry-aged Gracie Farms Rib Eye, delivered bone-in with fresh wasabi root, preserved lemon, and black sea salt. The meat was so delicate that no steak knife was required. A side of Lyonnaise potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts with cranberry raisin gastrique was the ideal sharing side dish.

A six-course Henrys trademark dining experience is also available, as is the Henrys Gourmet Gathering, a three-course feast tailored for groups of four or more.

Try this huge restaurant for the peak of Huntington Beach eateries.

Ola Mexican Restaurant

Pacific Coast Highway F200, 714-969-7300

We enjoy Ola Mexican Restaurant (Spanish for wave), situated in Huntington Beach’s busy Pacific City neighborhood, for a change of pace in this seafood-loving surf town.

This upmarket Mexican restaurant serves excellent meals with distinctive south-of-the-border twists. Tacos served on homemade tortillas are often regarded as the finest in Orange County. We are now firm believers after our meal here, la.

Olas cuisine is one of the most enticing in Huntington Beach restaurants, with amazing views of the California coast from virtually every seat in the house.

First and foremost, their Ola Bebidas (drinks) are fantastic.

Despite the restaurant offers a wide selection of tequilas, beers, and wines, you must sample one of the distinctive drinks. The El Dragon is incredible! Casamigos Blanco tequila combines well with the watermelon puree, sweet and sour, and fresh jalapeo. On the palate, it’s an amazing blast of flavors. House-made sangria is also available and delicious.

Chef Amados Guacamole, a variation on the classic, kicked off our Ola foodie adventure. The addition of pomegranate and orange zest to the typical fresh avocado, onion, lime, and cilantro brings their guacamole to a whole new level.

The tres option is introduced. Guests may chose from a variety of tacos, including the tres choice. How can one choose from a large selection of tacos (twelve distinct options on the menu)? That is where the dos come into play.

The sriracha aioli, pickled red Fresno peppers, and fried leeks accompany the pork belly. Carne Asada tacos are my favorite, and this one was no exception, with grilled skirt steak, queso fresco, chile de Arbol, and a creamy avocado salsa.

Finally, we had a traditional Baja fish taco with cotija cheese, chile-lime aioli, and tequila citrus slaw. And they were all magnificent!

Therefore, if you’re seeking for fantastic Mexican cuisine in Huntington Beach, don’t say goodbye to Ola.


Beach Blvd., 714-374-771521214 Beach Blvd.

Weekend beach brunch at SOCIAL Restaurant + Craft Bar is at its finest, with food and wine dominating the discussion. Mixologists make one-of-a-kind creative cocktails using house-made syrups, cordials, and bitters, while chefs prepare delectable and carefully designed dishes.

Even with an 11:30 a.m. reservation, there was a little delay for our table. We discovered why afterwards. In this Huntington Beach restaurant, the atmosphere is fantastic, and the food and beverages are delicious.

Our favorite brunch item was the Gents Scramble, which contained eggs, spinach, sweet potato, avocado, and turkey sausage for a wholly unique twist on a morning scramble.

The Pierogi & Eggs, a brand-new menu item, was a delectable California take on a traditional Eastern European treat. It was a tremendous hit when served with caramelized bacon, onion, and aged cheddar.

One of our friends ordered the Grain Bowl, a nutritious dish made of quinoa, brown rice, avocado, and mixed vegetables. Protein may be added for a minimal fee, and her Ora King Salmon was the perfect complement to her entree.

A couple Mimosas and Bloody Mary toasts completed the ideal brunch experience. The Huntington Beach restaurant scene never ceases to delight us!

Fishing Camp

Pacific Coast Highway 562-592-2267

Another Sunset Beach favorite is dining on the terrace at Fish Camp, which is very popular with locals. This hidden treasure specializes on ridiculously fresh seafood, which is ordered from a menu board at a walk-up bar and then brought to the table.

The informal cafe serves soups, salads, small meals, and a Pick Your Favorite option for lunch and supper. Customers may choose from daily fresh-catch alternatives such as salmon, Mahi Mahi, ono, shrimp, catfish, tilapia, swordfish, halibut, trout, yellowtail, and others.

Then there’s the option of having it grilled, lightly butter coated, or blackened. Next, you decide whether the fish will be served on a sandwich, salad, taco, or plate. You have to admit, it’s a fantastic idea.

My option was gently charred shrimp with remoulade sauce, which was delicious.

My companion ordered a perfectly cooked grilled swordfish sandwich on a soft French bread with red leaf lettuce, red onion, tomato, remoulade, and fries. Everything was fresh, provided swiftly, and the perfect lunch serving size.

Another fantastic perk of dining at Fish Camp is that customers may bring their own wine to the restaurant on any day with no corkage cost.

If you’re seeking for ultra-fresh seafood in Huntington Beach restaurants, this is the place to go. One of the top restaurants in Huntington Beach for having things your way.

Which of these Huntington Beach restaurants do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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