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Crosby, Minnesota, a community of little than 2500 people, currently depends significantly on bike tourism. The city council pushed for this as part of its long-term planning, and it has paid off handsomely. From a bike park to well-kept trails that connect to the Paul Bunyan trail, with routes all the way north to Bemidji, both locals and tourists benefit from the increased emphasis on better options and activities, as well as many new and unique Crosby eateries.

Furthermore, the beautiful Serpent Lake and park, which includes a large playground and a bandstand, hosts a variety of programs throughout the summer. It is even open throughout the winter. The Scorpion Homecoming, a reference to the town’s snowmobile tradition, includes a huge ice fishing event every February.

The Cuyuna Range is an iron deposit located mostly in Crow Wing County and stretches for 68 miles between Brainerd and Aitkin.

Come on over to Crosby. You’ll be astonished at how much there is to do and how many things you’ll discover.

Particularly outside. Year-round. Moreover, as one would anticipate, there are some excellent dining options in Crosby.

If you’re in the neighborhood, don’t forget to stop by these restaurants:

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6 Crosby Restaurants You Should Try

Iron Range Eatery – A Crosby restaurants finest with options to please everyone!

218-545-54446 West Main St.

When you ask for ideas for the greatest places to dine in Crosby, the Iron Range Restaurant is the first restaurant listed nine times out of ten.

The external brick face has a big mural representing the Halletts and other town people, including Cuyler Adams and his dog Una, which inspired the name Cuyuna. It is bounded by the Main Street Plaza, which hosts the farmers market throughout the summer.

They participate in Happy Hour for a Cause, like other local eateries, so go enjoy a pint and support the charity that assist community people not just prosper but also avoid disaster.

Starting at 5 p.m., they offer themed evenings.

On Mondays, Ranger Family Night, burgers, cheeseburgers, and bacon cheeseburgers are discounted. Tuesday is Street Taco Trio night, with a weekly chef-inspired taco specialty. Wanderlust Wednesdays features a chef’s selection of regional cuisine that will have your mouth watering. They offer to deliver you the flavors of the globe right here in Crosby.

On Thursday before the weekend, it’s construct your own spaghetti bowl. You may choose between linguine, fettuccine, or cavatappi. Next choose your sauce: marinara, alfredo, or pesto. Add as much peppers, garlic, and onions as you like. Add chicken, shrimp, or steak for a protein boost if desired.

It’s Iron Range Prime Rib Weekends on Friday and Saturday. You may have it in 12 oz. or 16 oz. portions, with garlic smashed potatoes or Tillamook white cheddar auggies and the chef’s choice of veggies.

Sushi Night is held on the first Tuesday of each month.

Its standard menu begins with build your own bruschetta, ranger rings, poutine, walleye cakes, crab spinach and artichoke dip, white chile queso with fresh warm chips, or blackened beef nibbles.

Salads and soups include local favorites such as charred romaine Caesar salad with blackened walleye and PBLT salad, artesian romaine, smoky bacon ranch, garden tomatoes, and crispy peppered pork belly, as well as a basic seasonal salad and a soup choice that only the pure of heart can produce.

The superfood evolution, which contains spinach, arugula, apples, pomegranate seeds, macha chick pea croutons, avocado, asparagus tips, edamame, toasted almonds, flaxseed, goat cheese, seasonal local products, and honey citrus vinaigrette to which you can add a rare seared ahi tuna or grilled chicken breast, is a cyclists favorite.

They have six pizzas to choose from, like the Shanna Banana, which has bacon, caramelized onions, red onions, banana peppers, jalapeño, and cream cheese, and the Kitchen Vegetable Sink, which has roasted garlic cream sauce, parmesan, and all the roasted veggies.

Choose the slow-braised beef short ribs, the chefs highlighted steak, an asiago encrusted walleye, or apple brie chicken from the range top, served with baked potato or aged cheddar auggies and chefs choice of veggie.

They offer roasted sausage and chicken penne or three cheese tortellini for pasta, which many people make their go-to meal for a night out on the town.

They provide five options for your three tacos but were unable to combine the options when we requested. They can also turn your tacos into a rice bowl at no additional fee. You can even make the southwest vegetable vegan. Tequila lime chicken is a favorite, but so are carne asada, crispy fried whitefish, and Brazillian BBQ pig belly.

The Huge Cuyuna burger is an excellent pick. It’s a half-pound brisket short rib chuck with root beer caramelized onions, smoked provolone, applewood bacon, and sweet and spicy pickles on an artisan bread. They are correct; it is a great burger. You may design your own burger, and a gluten-free bun is available.

To round out the menu, there’s a smoked beef brisket au jus sandwich (though I like mine without the provolone), a grilled (beer) cheese fondue sandwich, turkey burger flatbread, and ahi tuna sandwich.

As if that wasn’t enough, they offer a chef’s daily special with soup, salad, and sandwiches from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

They really understand how to deliver seasonal dishes to perfection and deserve all of the accolades they earn. Iron Range Restaurant is unquestionably one of the best restaurants in Crosby, MN.

North Country Café– Best Breakfast in Crosby

218-545-990812 West Main St.

Looking for a tasty, no-fuss breakfast or lunch at a reasonable price? It’s available at the North Country Caf.

Locals know how to locate it on Main Street, hidden between the dry cleaner and Crow Wing Antiques. The men’s coffee klatch occupies the front left corner. Couples and families are scattered around the tables and booths.

It’s self-service, and one of the waiters will bring you silverware, a menu, coffee (or decaf), and you’ll be on your way to study a huge two-sided menu.

They open at 5 a.m. and begin serving lunch at 10:30 a.m.

Try to resist the enticing cinnamon buns in the front bakery display. The broad menu selections will surely fill you up.

Breakfast options range from basic pancakes and bacon and eggs to gourmet waffles. Narrow it down to your top two choices, and the servers will assist you. The berry bliss speciality waffle is popular.

Today’s menu item is steak and eggs. Hard-boiled eggs are also available as an alternative. Bread varieties include white, wheat, sourdough, and rye.

Check out the historical photographs on the wall as you wait for your order. There’s enough to marvel at, from a 1911 promenade along a nearly deserted Main Street to the Cuyuna Area Cycle Map.

The meal appears and smells delicious. With only a little salt and pepper, the hash browns are excellent and not greasy. The eggs are perfectly cooked. The rye toast is dark rye with a smear of butter and two varieties of jelly, grape and strawberry, if desired.

What about the steak? The steak was lean but not rough, cooked to my liking, and just wonderful. Not a single bite or sliver was wasted.

North Country Caf has a variety of alternatives to meet your gastronomic demands, whether it’s before a bike ride or race, or a take-out order if you work nearby. This is one of Crosby’s greatest eateries, serving basic but full and high-quality meals.

Red Raven– Best Café in Crosby

218-833-27882 3rd Avenue SW

It’s a bike shop. It’s a coffee shop. Whatever you name it, it’s fantastic. Therefore make a point of visiting the Crosby restaurant.

This year-round eatery, named after the owner’s spirit animal, welcomes both bikes and diners. It’s better than the Starbucks at the top of Main Street in a small town.

Enter the blackboard menu, which includes what’s on tap on the far left wall, breakfast (available all day), paninis, soup of the day, taco choices, specials, cold blended drinks, teas, espresso, and hot beverages, with 28 kinds listed on the day I went.

Check out the Daily Special board to the right of the kitchen door, which displays the soup of the day, the waffle or waffle sandwich, and perhaps even the Elvis waffle (peanut butter and banana). On the left, there are scones and baked goods, while to the right, there are local patches, stickers, and jewelry for sale.

Make your order at the cashier and unwind at the butcher block table that seats 10, one of the five bar stools near the window, or one of the ten tables (seven square ones that can be pushed together to meet the demands of your group).

If you’re gluten-free, be sure to ask for a gluten-free waffle. They serve eggs and cheddar on their waffle sandwich, but you may also choose sausage or bacon.

Cranberry Turkey Melt, Turkey Pesto, Italian Chicken, Spinach Artichoke Cheesy Melt, Tuna Melt, Avocado Vegetable, and even grilled cheese or toasted PB&J. The Reuben is one of the Panini possibilities.

Carnitas, chicken bacon chipotle ranch, and Korean BBQ Chicken are the three taco choices.

After you’ve limited it down to two options, ask one of the owners for advice. They are delighted to assist newcomers in navigating the varied menu. It was between the Thai peanut wrap (vegan) or the turkey cranberry sandwich for me. He suggested the sandwich.

Then there are the beverages. It takes a bit longer to get to the Mixed Berry or Blueberry Banana smoothie. He verified that each one contains merely milk, fruit, and a spritz of flavor. It’s a mixed berry.

The smoothie came first, while the chef assembled the sandwich for me. It still had entire berries in it, waiting for a spoon at the end. It was seedy, not sweet, and quite nicely done. I prefer a spoon over a paper straw.

For my quick trip back to the hospital, I covered the turkey cranberry panini on wild rice bread in foil. I couldn’t help but glance first. I had to try it since it smelled so nice. I’m not a big cheese lover, so I was pleasantly pleased by how well this mix of turkey, excellent, finger-licking cranberry sauce, spinach, tomato, and Havarti cheese worked on the wild rice toast. The only difficulty was keeping everything together. They do a good job of giving enough napkins.

That was so excellent that I had trouble tying it up. I would have like to eat it all there, but everything was gone soon after I returned to work.

Check out Red Raven if you’re a biker or searching for a nutritious dinner. You’ll be pleased you did; locals unanimously agree it’s one of the greatest places to dine in Crosby.

Cuyuna Brewing Company– Best Brewery in Crosby

218-866-09141 East Main St.

Although it may seem unusual to have this non-food institution on the list, their BYOF policy makes it a fantastic spot to meet for brewing tastings with your own food from nearby restaurants, catered parties, or even from home.

They prioritize friendship and companionship above food. It’s about drinking a beer infused with Cuyuna’s industrial history.

Nick and Laura Huisinga, the owners, have a straightforward goal. To spark discussion, lift spirits (pun intended), and foster community around high-quality artisan beer.

Check out the eight ales, stouts, and ciders on tap by purchasing a pint, a refillable growler, a mini-growler, or a glass jar.

To be clear, I am not a drinker. I attended a Christmas party here and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Nicks Uncle Tims Apple Blossom Cider is a favorite among my coworkers. Their fifth-generation family farm, located just outside Roseland, MN, provides the apples used to make this cider. Farm to table dining at its best.

There are seven flagship beers, and customers are encouraged to return if their favorite is not available this week. They go through them on a regular basis.

They also take part in Happy Hour for a Cause. You may have to bring your own food, but if you’re looking for a good craft beer, this Crosby, MN eatery is worth a look.

Croft Pub and Grub Crosby’s Best Pub Food

218-546-65757 1st Ave NW

Croft Pub and Grub, one of the few eateries off Main Street in Crosby, was a surprise. Those who had worked at my hospital for years had never heard of it.

Walk through either door and you’ll find yourself in the bar area, which has a beverage cooler loaded with canned beers and soda.

There are pull tabs available.

The day’s feature is displayed on a whiteboard. You should pay attention to it since it is also where they have the dessert selection.

Sit on one of the thirteen bar stools or walk to the left for some pool. An angled table with bar top seating for six is on its way.

Pool, darts, and A-Hole are available. Just request the bags from the personnel. On the right, two high top tables can seat four people apiece, and ten rectangular tables may be rearranged to accommodate the size of your group. The music choice monitor shows today’s selection as classic rock and provides extra information about the bands performing Led Zeppelin and Tom Petty on this particular day. The staff was really helpful and friendly. My waitress even let me order from the lunch menu even though it was still breakfast on Sunday.

Check out the mining relics as you wait for your lunch. The walls are adorned with miniature axes and lights. The list of beers on tap competes for your attention with historic photographs. A brown paper towel holder is located at the end of each table. Utensils are placed at the end of each table in red Solo cups.

Breakfast items include omelets and skillets, as well as a children’s menu.

The most popular appetizer is the Thai Chicken Tacos. Five oriental (deep-fried) taco shells stuffed with Thai peanut coleslaw and sprinkled with sweet chili sauce. Very delicious. It’s easy to understand why it won the Taste of the Lakes competition in the Appetizer category.

The size of their Big Pretzel is the size of a pizza box. It easily serves six people when served with cheese sauce, garlic butter, or honey mustard for dipping. Maybe eight. It complements their Coke goods.

Fried handmade pickles, deep-fried cauliflower or mushrooms, chicken wings, cheese curds, nachos, chicken fajita quesadilla, or chips and salsa are among the other appetizers. They even have a sampling platter where you may taste any three of them.

They may choose from five flatbreads, a cup or bowl of soup, and seven salads for the main meal. All sandwiches are provided with chips or batter fries, tater tots, onion rings, waffle fries, sweet potato fries, soup, salad, or cheese curds for an extra price. For an extra $2, you can order a gluten-free bun.

Walleye and pastrami, prime rib, French dip, BBQ pulled pork, buffalo chicken, a crispy chicken bacon ranch wrap, and even a muffuletta are all available. You may choose from nine different burgers, including a mac n cheeseburger, or you can design your own.

Baskets contain butterfly shrimp, chicken strips, bone-in wings, or a quarter rack of ribs and are served with batter fries and a breadstick.

The Kids Menu includes the traditional items such as grilled cheese, mac and cheese, chicken strips, small corn dogs, hamburgers, and cheeseburgers.

After 4 p.m., pasta and meals are offered. Twelve options are available to match your preferences, ranging from Cajun sausage and shrimp pasta to a half rack of St. Louis Ribs.

Remember to check out the Feature of the Day board when you arrive. There is where you will locate the day’s dessert. Maple Bacon Mini Donuts and Strawberry Deep-Fried Cheesecake are today’s options. Not good for your diet, yet popular among the locals.

Croft Pub & Grub collaborates with Kinship on Happy Hours for a Purpose. It’s just more incentive to visit this fantastic Crosby restaurant, located just one street off the usual path.

Rafferty’s Original and Woodfired Pizza – Best Pizza in Crosby

218-545-500030 W Main St.

If I didn’t list Rafferty’s among Crosby’s greatest restaurants, I’d be tarred, feathered, and run out of town. It is the most popular pizza place in the neighborhood. It is ornamented with bikes throughout to pay tribute to the riding community.

Begin with the starters. The pepperoni bread is fantastic, and the jojos are out of this world. It’s difficult to find potatoes like that.

The legend on the menus has to be updated so that the leprechauns do not turn on them (There arent countries in Ireland, but counties, and the city of Galway is in County Galway, not County Cork).

There is a gluten-free crust and a cauliflower crust on the menu; the difference in appearance is tough to tell. So is the flavor.

The basil on the margherita pizza is crunchy and salty. If you want your basil fresh, let them know ahead of time so it may be added last, perhaps even after the oven. Or, leave it out entirely.

One daring regular orders the following for his family of six: pepperoni bread, jojos, a big pepperoni pizza with additional sauce, and a tiny pepperoni, green olives, sausage, red pepper, and onions pizza. There is nothing left to bring home.

Although the pizza is popular, the broasted chicken is also popular. One guy said he will die for it. I’ll always grab the chicken. Salads, wraps, and sandwiches round out the menu.

During a snowstorm, I was appreciative for the extra delivery service to the hospital. Thankfully, it’s just a mile away. The specialized pizzas were a hit with the nurses. The veggie supreme, Lucky Chicken, Jimmys Jamaican Jerk, Hawaiian Pig Roast, Buffalo Chicken, and Chicken Alfredo brightened the day. That may be the finest $100 I’ve ever spent at work.

When it comes to pizza, go no further than this Crosby establishment.

Come on over to Crosby. In the summer, ride a bike or a boat. In the winter, you may ice fish or snowmobile. Enjoy a vibrant outdoor experience followed by great meals in a welcoming ambiance at some of Crosby’s top restaurants. You’ll be happy you did.

Which of these Crosby, MN restaurants do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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