6 Must-Try Restaurants in Lenexa, Kansas | The Best Restaurants in Lenexa, Kansas

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Lenexa, Kansas is a suburb of the larger Kansas City metropolitan region and is recognized as the world’s spinach capital, going back to its agricultural history in the 1930s and 1940s.

Nowadays, it is mostly suburban, but if you go a bit further than the fast-food chains, you may find some locally-owned eateries serving delectable fare. From friendly pubs to a newly erected public market, there’s something for everyone, and we’ll cover the majority of them in our tribute to Lenexa eateries.

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The Top 6 Restaurants in Lenexa

Public Market in Lenexa

Penrose Lane (913) 477-75168750

Begin at the Lenexa Public Market, which opened in 2017 and has a variety of eateries, coffee shops, and stores.

The decor is contemporary, with exposed concrete and bright red seats. There is seating both upstairs and below, and the upstairs was deserted on a nighttime visit. It offers you a bird’s-eye perspective of the area and allows you to people-watch while munching on the many foods offered.

On my first outing, I selected Toppd, a pizza and salad joint. You may customize your toppings and sauce, or you can purchase from the menu. I ordered the standard Margherita and was impressed by the fresh ingredients.

Melted mozzarella, basil, and garlic on a thin and crunchy dough topped my pizza. Each pizza is baked to order, and it only takes five minutes for the wood-fired oven to heat up.

You may order big or little portions depending on your hunger. On Tuesdays, all small pizzas are $4.99, which is a wonderful way to test out some new alternatives. A fantastic pizza restaurant in Lenexa.

Sohailas Restaurant is a good option if you want something spicy. It’s a refreshing break from burgers and fries, serving real Pakistani and Indian cuisine.

Sohailas serves daily specialities such as vegetable curry and butter chicken. Entrees are served over rice, with a side of naan.

The butter chicken sauce was flavorful but not excessively hot. The chicken was cooked to perfection; it was soft and moist, and I could easily cut it with a fork. The quantities were substantial and well worth the $8.95 price tag.

Locals may take lessons in the Public Market, while the upstairs acts as an event area. On Saturdays throughout the summer, there is a farmers market with live music from local performers.

It’s fantastic to know there’s a local resource giving residents resources as well as some of the greatest meals in Lenexa.

I can’t wait to return to the Public Market and try some more of the amazing Lenexa restaurants there to discover locally-owned alternatives, great cuisine, and entertainment.

Pizza SPIN!

Renner Blvd (913) 438-77469474

Spin Pizza has a family-friendly ambience with a distinct selection of pizza and salads.

The decor is warm and friendly, with ceiling lighting constructed of cycle gears and a mural of Italian slogans and riders covering the walls (hence the name Spin Pizza). Order at the counter and the pizza will be delivered directly to your table.

My favorite option is the mini mia, which includes a small pizza and your choice of salad. The roasted potato pizza, which has thinly sliced roasted potato, bacon, and goat cheese, is my favorite.

The pizza isn’t too sauced, and the wood-fired oven produces a crunchy crust. I picked spinach and goat cheese for my salad. It worked nicely with the baked potato pizza, thanks to a generous quantity of candied nuts and a sweet vinaigrette.

Pizza or mac and cheese are available for children. The little scoop of gelato is the star of the show. You can’t go wrong with anything from triple chocolate to peanut butter cups.

Spin Pizza is a wonderful local alternative in Lenexa, thanks to its speedy service and pleasant employees. This establishment will make your head spin if you’re looking for delicious pizza in Lenexa.

The Brewbakers Pub

Renner Blvd (913) 322-2739482

Brewbakers is where the locals gather on busy weekdays to enjoy food and companionship in a relaxed environment.

It’s a sports fan’s dream, with plenty of Screens to watch the game. The exposed masonry and colored Christmas lights draping over the ceiling give it a lived-in atmosphere.

The pork tenderloin sandwich, a breaded tenderloin with a lemon vinaigrette sauce on a brioche bun, did not disappoint. It completely covers the dish, and I have leftovers for later. It’s a pleasure for sure, with crisp lettuce and luscious tomatoes.

This Lenexa eatery clearly understands the idea of comfort food, serving mostly pub cuisine, sandwiches, and burgers. On the side, I picked waffle fries, which were fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the exterior.

The service is courteous and helpful, and the meal is prepared to order. Brewbakers has daily promotions, so it’s worth popping over and gathering friends to watch the current sporting event, regardless of the season.

Try this fantastic Lenexa restaurant for a wonderful combination of casual and comfort.

Modern Farmhouse Silo

913-278-091017501 West 87th Street Parkway

Go to the Silo Modern Farmhouse on the Canyon Farms Golf Course for more sophisticated meals made with farm-fresh ingredients.

With floor-to-ceiling windows offering a stunning view of Kansas, I was eager to settle in and discover what was on offer. Tuesday through Sunday, the restaurant serves lunch and supper, as well as a weekend brunch.

I went for lunch and was delighted with the selection. Sandwiches cost between $12 and $14, while meals top out at $20. The food emphasizes local, seasonal ingredients.

I began with a whipped goat cheese starter on crostini with locally produced honey. The fresh cheese on the crostini with some fresh greens struck the spot, and I’m sure I’ll have it again. And, don’t miss out on their fantastic charcuterie dish.

I chose the Silo Boston wedge salad as my entree. It overflows the dish when served with bleu cheese dressing, bacon, and tomatoes. If you want something more substantial, get the Buttermilk Fried Chicken sandwich, which comes with a house-made herb biscuit, coleslaw, and tomato-bacon jam. The chicken is precisely cooked, and the house-made biscuit is wonderfully baked.

Spare space for dessert, which is a 32-layer chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, and a cherry chocolate sauce. Since the portion is huge, split it with friends or save it for later. Their apple pie looked delectable as well!

I will return to the Silo Modern Farmhouse to further study the menu for additional instances of good dining in Lenexa, since it has a pleasant and elegant ambience without being stuffy, as well as a farmhouse fresh food.

The Blackdog Coffee Shop

2815 W 87th Street Pkwy (913) 495-55151

As I strolled inside Blackdog Coffee House, I was pleasantly delighted. At the midday lunch hour, the huge facility comprising two stores in Lenexa had an active feel, with most tables occupied.

Industrial metal chairs and hardwood tables provide a warm environment in which to work on a laptop or socialize with friends. The staff is friendly and helpful, and they are ready to assist you through the wide menu.

The independent ideas of Blackdog Coffee and the Ibis bakery unite to deliver coffee and beverages as well as artisan bread and pastry goodies.

The Coffee House is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. and serves breakfast and lunch.

Messenger Coffee, a Kansas City classic, is served at Blackdog Coffee. With drip coffee, specialty lattes, and a selection of teas, you’re guaranteed to get your caffeine fix.

Bakery items are prepared fresh everyday, and I was spoilt with choice when I arrived. I propose bringing a buddy and swapping bits in the age-old struggle of savory vs. sweet.

I went with a goat cheese bear claw that might have been found at a Parisian patissery. The bear claw was made out of layers upon layers of thin and flaky pastry with just enough goat cheese filling in the centre.

If you want something sweet, go for the cherry chocolate cookie, which is loaded with chocolate chunks and genuine cherries. The cookie was filled to the brim and had a lovely, chewy texture.

I want to return to the Blackdog Coffeehouse soon for a gourmet brew and freshly baked bread! Put this one in the category of must-try Lenexa, Kansas eateries.

Light the Wood Fired Grill.

Ryckert St (913) 955-34738721 Ryckert St

During restaurant week, I had the opportunity to visit Ignite Fire Grill in Lenexa, Kansas. In Kansas City, numerous restaurants are offering prix fixe lunch and supper menus right now.

I was glad I chose Ignite since they preserved their regular menu selections rather than presenting something I wouldn’t be able to return for. I went at lunch and advised making a reservation since there is quite a lunch rush owing to the numerous firms and offices around.

The furnishings are contemporary, and the size of the facility shocked me. There are lots of tables and booths, and the high ceilings keep things from seeming packed.

The staff was kind and guided me through the menu and numerous possibilities. I went with a pick-two special of a salad and a half sandwich, and with so many selections, I’ll come returning to try more.

I choose the apple salad with fresh Granny Smith apples, mixed greens, goat cheese, almonds, and raisins with an apple vinaigrette for my salad. The salad was fresh, and the crunch of nuts with cheese and apples set the tone for a delightful supper.

The turkey sandwich, with nicely toasted sourdough bread, thinly sliced roasted turkey, Dijon mustard, pear pieces, and gorgonzola cheese, was my second pick. The sandwich was delicious, and I devoured it straight immediately. I was impressed by the range of tastes, none of which were overwhelming but were wonderfully mixed.

Peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream was provided for dessert. It was a sweet treat to cap the dinner correctly, tasting just like my grandmother’s. The cobbler was brought warm and had exactly the proper quantity of peaches, so it melted in my mouth.

That day, the service was excellent. Despite the fact that every table was occupied by midday, workers were prompt to bring beverages and take orders. Despite their evident busyness, they kept a pleasant and cheerful manner! There is more to discover on the menu, and I am certain that I will return to one of the greatest Lenexa restaurants.

It was a wonderful surprise to visit Lenexa, and I was delighted to discover so many Lenexa eateries so near to home. I invite you to visit Lenexa the next time you are in the greater Kansas City region. You’ll discover a welcoming neighborhood with some wonderful locally-owned eateries to whet your hunger!

Which of these Lenexa eateries do you wish to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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