6 Placencia Attractions | Top Placencia Belize Trips & Activities

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Placencia is one of Belize’s most popular tourist attractions, offering beautiful beaches and a variety of water sports. At the Placencia Lagoon, visitors may dive the coral-encrusted reefs, snorkel through caverns, and swim with manatees. But if diving, snorkeling, or kayaking isnt your style, simply relax on a quiet beach or explore the mangroves along the peninsula. These are just a few of the activities available in Placencia.

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a nice summer without spending a lot of money? Placencia is the place to be! No question, since is inexpensive and there are activities to do for all individuals. There are lots of adrenalized and soothing activities for everyone, from youthful teens to senior business people.

The greatest time to go exploring is between December and April, when the weather is dry and the sky is brilliantly blue. Nonetheless, expect hotel costs to be somewhat higher during this period. You may navigate about using golf vehicles, bikes, taxis, or on foot. Ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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Placencia’s Top 6 Activities

Tour of the Monkey River

Monkey River Tour Monkey River Village, Monkey River Town, Belize +501 601-6359

The Monkey River Tour is a thrilling activity in this area. It is exciting, adventurous, and full of learning opportunities for your children. Tourists may take the Monkey River Tour at any time of year and from any location in Placencia Village.

If you are planning a holiday in Placencia, you must add a Monkey River Tour on your itinerary. All you need is a daring heart and a boat.

One of the most famous tourist spots in Belize is the Monkey River. You may visit this location on a day trip or stay at one of the numerous jungle lodges for a night or two.

Locals normally manage the kind of lodges you’ll find, so don’t anticipate fancy amenities.

Tikal Maya Ruins

Tikal, the ancient Mayan metropolis, was established roughly 3,000 years ago and is considered the most powerful in the ancient world. The main Tikal encompasses 23 square kilometers in a National Park and has almost 2,000 spectacular structures. This ancient site is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, and once you set foot there, your breath will be stolen away. This is without a doubt one of the most memorable things to do in Placencia.

This location has even appeared in films such as Star Wars and The New Adventures of Tarzan. Indeed it does seem to be a movie set, particularly in the Mundo Perdido section (Lost World). A skilled English-speaking tour guide enthusiastically discussed the history and gave data about the flora and wildlife while strolling and appreciating Tikal’s notable temples.

The breathtaking dawn above the pyramids was the highlight of my vacation here. I purposefully planned my departure from Placencia early in the morning, before dawn, and I believe this is the greatest time to come here.

Gallery of Art and Soul

+501 503-3088 Placencia’s Art n Soul Gallery

Art n Soul Gallery is the ideal spot to visit in Placencia if you are into art and unique, hand-crafted products. I discovered the space to be alive with art created by the local people. If you like art, you will be able to buy them and learn a lot about them.

This gallery in Placencia is dedicated on offering beautiful artwork, outstanding quality, and inexpensive rates to travelers that come here. The gallery is located near the main Pier and is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Greta, the owner and artist, is a really brilliant woman who delighted me throughout my stay and revealed her many inspirations for the paintings. I went to the gallery a few times, and each time seemed like an experience. As the pieces are exposed to light, they become even more vibrant. Visiting the Art n Soul Gallery, even numerous times, is one of the most memorable things to do in Placencia.

Scuba Diver

Since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with scuba diving. Not everyone has the opportunity to explore the undersea world. If you’re seeking for things to do in Placencia, you should go scuba diving and witness the brilliant and colorful marine life for yourself.

Placencia is one of the top sites in the world for this kind of adventure. If you travel between March and June, expect to see whale sharks during your marine exploration. The corals are home to rays, turtles, and eels, and if you’re fortunate, you could even encounter the beautiful Manta Ray. Bring your camera to capture the underwater wonderland.

The Blue Hole is the greatest diving location. It will take you around three hours to get there, and one of the most productive scuba diving spots is situated on the western hemisphere’s most extensive barrier reef. The whole experience will be wonderful.

If you are not a licensed diver, there are several businesses that provide certification classes.


In the Placencia Peninsula, the abundant marine life and natural beauty provide the guests a fun-filled vacation. If you don’t want to dive, you can always go snorkeling. It is more relaxed and does not need any training or learning.

Even if you are a first-time diver, snorkeling is safe for everyone since it involves swimming with goggles and inhaling air through your mouth. You will be able to see a variety of marine species up close, including some that are not seen anywhere else.

On the journey to the coral zones, you will travel through mangroves. The fact that you may swim amongst mangroves while being near to crocodiles, water buffalos, and monkeys is interesting. Snorkeling would be wonderful here, but keep an eye on your valuables since this is a great hiding spot for monkey swimmers.

Placencia, Belize, is steadily developing as the paradisiacal tourist hit on this side of the area, packed with local character, sea breezes, and tropical flair. It’s a lovely spot with a gentle charm and an ongoing feeling of wonder and discovery.


Is there a better way to start the day than with some of the greatest kayaking in the Caribbean? Placencia kayaking is a wonderful paddler’s heaven!

During your time in Placencia, you may simply learn how to paddleboard or kayak. Many firms provide this service by renting boats. Depending on your preferences, you may keep it for the whole day or for an hour.

The Laughing Bird Caye National Park is the area’s main attraction. There are many great things to see and do in these breathtaking natural settings. During their layover, many people go kayaking, and they always have a great time.

Kayaking should be the highlight of your visit to picturesque Placencia, bringing you on a spectacular tour of Cayes, crystal blue waterways, and coral gardens.

Finally, here are some of the best things to do in Placencia, Belize.

Placencia is a picturesque location on Belize’s southern coast. It is most known for its long, white-sand beaches, which are just a few feet away from restaurants, bars, and the town center. The peninsula, which spans from Laguna to the Monkey River in the south, is home to 11 communities.

There will be enough of fresh, tasty fish to delight all of your senses. So, if you haven’t had fried conch before, do yourself a favor and get some!

I wish I had more time to experience this earthly paradise. Placencia is definitely worth investigating. With exclusive luxury resorts and restaurants, the seaside community has grown to compete with all of the world’s top tourist spots. Placencia will not disappoint, whether you visit alone, with a group of friends, or with your children, and you will leave with a slew of wonderful memories.

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