6 Top Things to Do in Florence SC | Florence SC Weekend Activities

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Are you searching for things to do in Florence, South Carolina? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Do you know what the name Florence means? It signifies to be in bloom or to be blossoming. Bloomy, vivacious, and delectably sweet. That is how I would characterize this charming hamlet on South Carolina’s coastal plain. Florence is located in the northeastern region of the state and in Florence County.

There is lots of entertainment, outdoor recreational activities, and local food to enjoy in Florence.

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The 6 Greatest Things to Do in Florence, South Carolina

Palmetto Peddlers Antique Mall is located in Palmetto, Florida.

+1 843-665-86632295 Rd. Hoffmeyer

Brandon and Jilian own and operate one of South Carolina’s biggest antique businesses.

Anything from antiques, collectibles, vintage things, jewelry, old objects, home d├ęcor, a vinyl records area, and simply intriguing stuff may be found here. They also sell used furniture and home decorations, and some of these piqued my interest.

If you want to view some of their work, visit their online gallery on the website I referred to above. It’s not difficult to find what you want to purchase!

I usually like browsing these kind of stores. On the bright side, you never know what treasures you’ll find. For example, I purchased numerous items for myself. I discovered a lovely wooden keepsake and a really ancient book that was so captivating that I read it all in one day.

Another advantage is that antique stores may often charge exorbitant rates for their things. Yet this was not the case. Palmetto Peddlers Antique Mall was not expensive.

Brewing Seminar

+44 (0) 843-665-9200551 W Lucas St

As strange as it sounds, it’s the best there is. Drinking beer and throwing axes is one of the things to do in Florence, South Carolina.

Such an interesting and intriguing location. They also make their own beer. They make a variety of their own beers. So you go in, order some food and drink, and then throw axes at a wooden target. You’re even becoming better at it after a few beers.

It costs roughly $20 per person for an hour, not including alcohol and food.

Their beer is also delicious. They have an excellent brewmaster. Bryan Fisher, Travis Knowles, Shawn Steadman, and John Mattheis, together with business partner and project manager Dave Peters, form Seminar Brewing.

The brewers have almost twenty-two years of total expertise.

While I was there, I chatted with Bryan. By the way, I’ve never met a greater beer fan! He expressed his delight that we live in a fortunate era for beer culture.

It was new to me. Yet, there are numerous small firms and artisan breweries. That’s fantastic, and a major thanks to tradition and local cuisine.

Museum of Florence County

W Cheves St, +1 843-676-1200111

In less than a decade, Florence has expanded and evolved tremendously, and this museum is one of the greatest examples. Don’t be surprised if it’s one of the top things to do in Florence SC.

It is housed in a lovely structure that is part of the developing downtown neighborhood. The new downtown museum is what they call it. On exhibit was a beautiful assortment of historical and cultural relics.

The Florence County Museum has 140 pieces of Southern art on exhibit, as well as works by native Floridian William H. Johnson. For visitors of all ages, it offers a variety of exhibits, workshops, seminars, and family programs.

Native American and Colonial antiquities, as well as Civil War items from the Florence Stockade prison camp and the Confederate Navy Yard, are included at the Pee Dee History Exhibit. Natural science displays include regional issues such as the creation of the Pee Dee River and biodiversity.

It takes around an hour to see everything. It’s little, yet it’s packed with information. On select days of the month, you may even enjoy a free tour with a qualified docent.

Admission to the museum is free, however certain events are not. If you’re interested in local history, this is a must-see in Florence, in my opinion. Florence is a little town with a fascinating history.

The Locked Inn

+44 (0) 843-621-8942214-A Dozier Blvd

I had a fun here. That was my first time doing an escape room, so it was thrilling and tense.

The Locked Inn has three rooms. You must look for clues and solve problems. Some of them are simple, while others are difficult. As a result, this location is appropriate for people of all ages, including teens, adults, and families.

You just have one hour to complete the riddle and escape the room. Time is so elusive here; one hour seems both too long and too short. The Winchester Room took me 53 minutes to solve. House of the Yaga and Bellingham Asylum are the other two rooms. Ensure to reserve a room before you go.

Each person pays $35. Groups of four to 10 people may be formed. To be honest, it’s not inexpensive, particularly if you want to bring your family. They do, however, have various promos, discounts, and special deals that you may read about on their website, which I referred to above.

The employees were kind and helpful. I’m sure you can reach them over the internet.

If riddles are your thing, don’t forget about Locked Inn.

Downtown Is Completely Smokin

843-407-7545150 South Dargan St

With a terrific eating setting, this is one of the top BBQ restaurants in the neighborhood. I had a great time eating here and would return again and again. It surely deserves to be on your list of Florence SC things to do.

First, let me share my thoughts on some of their most well-known meals.

Smoked Chicken Wings are quite wonderful in my opinion. They feature crispy skin, delicious meat, and come with celery. Celery completes this flavor; it is the icing on the cake.

I had their ribs the second time I visited this restaurant. They are, after all, well-known for them. They are slow-cooked and incredibly tender. You don’t want to miss out on Wholly Smokins’ Downtown speciality.

I’d like to point out that their pricing are reasonable. They are reasonably priced considering the high quality of their cuisine and service. This restaurant is ideal for a family supper since they provide special deals for groups of people. Yet it may possibly be one of your buddies.

Julia Belles’s

50 W Lucas St +1 843-407-46862106

A calm and serene restaurant situated in Florence, they provide a broad selection of cuisine and a very nice ambience. They also provide a children’s menu, daily specials, and great seafood. Costs are fairly inexpensive in comparison to the outstanding quality and variety.

I came here with a few pals. We purchased four dinners and split them between us in order to taste more foods. On our table, we had Crab Cake Supper, Fried Shrimp, Chicken & Waffles, and Southern Fried Chicken.

The waiter first struggled to place all of the platters on our table. It wasn’t an issue for long. In a flash, the table was cleared. That was a really filling supper.

Then we got into a debate over whether any of us had ever tasted Chicken & Waffles. We all agreed that it was one of the most unusual flavor combinations we had ever eaten. It came with a freshly baked waffle topped with Carolina peach sauce and succulent chicken tenders.

Florence, in my view, is most notable for its food. There are several restaurants, and inhabitants enjoy both traditional and foreign food.

Things To Do In Florence SC Has Come To An End

Florence residents seemed to be staunch local patriots. They have every right to act this way. Their town is attractive, humble, and full of life. I was only in Florence for a few days, but I wish I had more time. Tiny communities usually take a long time to provide their full vigor. The main picture is visible, but seeing the finer nuances takes patience.

I hope my list of the finest things to do in Florence SC was useful. I guarantee you won’t spend time wondering where you’re going when you go.

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