7 Excellent Mexican Restaurants in Hilton Head

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Hilton Head Island is one of America’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s a picture-perfect vacation destination with all you need for a fun-filled break.

Yet the island offers more than just a beautiful coastline and excellent low-country cuisine; it also has several fantastic Mexican restaurants that you should try at least once while you’re here, particularly if you like delicious and genuine Mexican food.

It was tough to chose my favorite Mexican restaurants in Hilton Head since there are so many outstanding ones.

These wonderful eateries, on the other hand, are among the greatest Mexican restaurants in Hilton Head and deserve top awards for the quality of their cuisine, devotion to perfection, outstanding service, and atmosphere. Several of them have intriguing backstories.

Hilton Head’s Top 7 Mexican Restaurants

Hilton Head’s My Tierra Mexican Restaurant

+18433423409130 Arrow Rd, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928, USA

Mi Tierra Restaurant in Hilton Head delivers typical Mexican meals in a bright cantina setting with Mexican folk art on the walls.

Tacos, empanadas, enchiladas, and quesadillas are among the menu’s signature items.

We loved the food and the relaxed atmosphere! We visited twice during our Hilton Head vacation since we like the food and their superb margaritas.

The restaurant is a bit off the beaten path since it is not located in the overcrowded retail malls nearest to Sea Pines. Yet, it is rather easy to find.

The Rib Eye Fajitas are without a doubt the best restaurant fajitas we’ve ever had! The steak was a genuine ribeye, thickly cut, and served on a sizzling platter beside the customary peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

Our waiter was polite and fast, and she came over to check on us and make sure our margaritas were excellent.

He also remarked that he had gone to other Mexican restaurants to compare the cooks, and that they were undeniably different.

The rice was freshly prepared, fluffy, and cooked to perfection. Real beans were visible and might have been served in their cup or plate; they were not completely mashed as is common in other areas.

Everything was great, especially the guacamole, which was fresh and rich. I wholeheartedly suggest this restaurant in Hilton Head for wonderful Mexican cuisine!

Cantina Blue Laguna Mexican Grill

+18436826222841 Suite L, William Hilton Pkwy, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, United States

Blue Laguna Mexican Restaurant & Cantina is the place to go if you want great, locally produced cuisine and a warm atmosphere to enjoy with your family.

It features one of the most comprehensive menus in the area and serves some of the greatest Mexican meals in Hilton Head.

Blue Laguna’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina is fantastic. The restaurant is easily accessible from the island and has lots of parking.

As we walked in, the bartender promptly welcomed us and seated us at a pristine booth. The décor is light, bright, and colorful without being overpowering.

Our table was served quickly and courteously. First, we ordered two margaritas. Since the Margaritas were so amazing, we ordered two more to go with our delicious enchiladas and chili relleno.

The main courses were spicy and tasty. Because of the distinctive chorizo sauce topping, my chile rellenos were tasty.

Oh, and the chips and dip were just the right amount of spicy. We had a fantastic evening, and I will most certainly be back. I also advise you to do so.

Tequila Mexican Kitchen, Holy Tequila!

+1843681822633 Office Park Rd. #228, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928, USA

Have you ever visited Mexico? I’ll tell you what: it’s an adventure. Holy Tequila on Hilton Head Island takes Mexican food to a new level.

They offer a large menu with some of their greatest meals and a big selection of margaritas. It’s a laid-back and fun atmosphere.

If you’re at Hilton Head and looking for something unusual, Holy Tequila is worth a shot!

We ordered the lunch special, which included two tacos, a side, a drink, and the triple beginning. It was fantastic to the max!

This fashionable location was a nice surprise since it was located off the main strip near a food store. Staff that is both knowledgeable and engaging. A large tequila and beverage menu is available.

My buddy sipped his traditional tequila. Also, there was a nice assortment of traditional dishes on the menu.

Even their complementary basic salsa served with the chips was delicious. I even inquired as to whether it was for sale!

Our lunch was excellent. Our server handled all of our requests, enquiries, and requests for ideas. The street corn was delicious.

Cuisine from a vacation town. We highly suggest this restaurant for a taste of Mexico on Hilton Head! The perfect music was performed by a flamenco guitarist. We elected to sit outdoors despite the fact that there is inside seating available. Merely a wonderful diversion from the usual beach.

Café y Cantina Amigos

+18437858226Pope Ave., Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928, USA

Amigos Café y Cantina is a terrific discovery among Hilton Head, South Carolina’s Mexican eateries. This restaurant serves delectable Baja, Mexico’s gulf area, Mexican food.

Their meal is provided by kind, helpful employees in a hygienic, pleasant atmosphere, and is freshly prepared every day with the finest ingredients.

After a day at the beach, we were told that this restaurant was fantastic for true Mexican cuisine!

We started with chips, salsa, and queso dip.

Nothing disappointed me, not even the salsa bar. The queso was dependably delicious, well cooked, and spicy. The green salsa was excellent and delicious!

It was one-of-a-kind and excellent; my companion had the Nachos with Chicken, and I ordered the Killer Burrito (Carnitas). Each component added to the piece’s appeal! Such a fantastic setting. Wow! The servings were generous. Their fantastic margaritas complemented this delectable meal.

The restaurant was clean, with indoor and outdoor seating, and the waiters and prep cooks were constantly in high demand. Highly recommended, and what a hidden treasure.

Mexican San Miguels

+184384245559 Harbourside Ln., Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928, USA

San Miguels Mexican is one of Hilton Head’s most genuine Mexican restaurants. Their award-winning sauces and salsas complement their handmade, fresh meals.

As you walk inside San Miguels Mexican Restaurant, you immediately feel at ease. The light streaming in from the high ceilings creates a warm and inviting ambiance.

You’ll return to this restaurant’s outstanding Mexican food and outdoor terrace on a monthly basis!

While it was a bit tough for us to find, once you do, the location is really handy!

The weather was nice the evening we ate here, so we ate outside under a covered area, listening to live music and watching the boats in the harbour. Their complimentary salsa was delicious!

Everything we ate was delicious. I ordered a plate that had mini beef chimichangas, tacos, cheese enchiladas, rice, and beans. Moreover, like with many Hilton Head Mexican restaurants, there was simply too much food.

They offered prompt and effective service. I liked how they provided us with extra-large cups for our drinks, so we didn’t have to wait for refills if the waiter was exceptionally busy. It’s a beautiful location; give it a go!

Fresh Mexican Grill Fiesta

+1843785478851 New Orleans Rd. #4, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928, USA

Fiesta Fresh Mexican Grill is a family-owned restaurant that serves fresh Mexican cuisine and offers exceptional customer service in a clean and pleasant setting.

Since they produce everything from scratch using the greatest ingredients, the Jalisco area of Mexico has a huge effect on their cuisine.

From the salsa bar and the different genuine Mexican meal selections to the polite young lady behind the counter who patiently addressed our queries.

Since it is situated in the rear of a building, I’m sure it may become packed during traditional eating hours of lunch and dinner.

Yet, apart from a few families who came in after school, we had the restaurant to ourselves for lunch in the middle of the day.

My companion loved the taco salad fixings and the generous amount of guacamole that was given. It had grilled chicken in it.

I ate the chimichanga with the steak and left satisfied. The establishment’s family takes tremendous pride in their meals, and the facility is spotless. A must-try among Hilton Head’s Mexican eateries.

The Java Burrito

+184384252821000 William Hilton Parkway Suite J6, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, USA

Just Java Burrito Co. in Hilton Head combines a coffee shop with a Mexican restaurant. Because of its unique morning burrito bar, this eatery has developed a loyal following since its launch in 2013.

These burritos, which come with eggs, potatoes, chicken, beef, pig, local fish, bacon, queso, and other toppings, are a must-have on every trip. Organic milk and locally roasted beans are frequently used to make specialty coffee beverages. Want even more reasons why it’s the most distinctive Mexican restaurant in Hilton Head?

The burrito and coffee bar was a fantastic, very creative idea. On that particular day, I ordered a burrito bowl stuffed with locally caught Mahi Mahi.

I also had an iced coffee with oat milk and cream brle. I purchased a hat since their apparel collections were appealing. I appreciated the laid-back environment, wonderful cuisine, and amazing coffee! It’s certainly worth a go!

Last Words on the Best Mexican Restaurants in Hilton Head

Unfortunately, several establishments on Hilton Head fraudulently promote as Mexican. In fact, I’ve been to a couple places where the cuisine barely qualifies as Mexican.

These eateries provide authentic Mexican dishes while also adding their own distinct touch without deviating from tradition.

The wonderful thing is that each one has a distinct offering. Thus, whether you want a romantic date night or a lovely meal out with friends, they’re all likely to gratify!

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