7 Great Things to Do in Redmond WA | Top Things to Do in Redmond

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Redmond, Washington, is a great city best known as the home of Nintendo of America and Microsoft. Every year, the Cycling Capitol of the Northwest hosts a bicycle race and parade, as well as local cuisine and activities.

Redmond, situated in the western portion of the state, roughly fifteen miles east of Seattle, Bellevue, and the Sammamish River Valley, is in the core of the area’s top attractions.

The city’s parks and trails provide several chances for outdoor activities, while Redmond Town Center, the city’s major retail complex, has 110 stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

You may discover some activities to do in Redmond WA to help you plan the ideal itinerary down below.

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Top 7 Things to Do in Redmond, Washington

Visitor Center for Microsoft

Building 92, NW 36th St, +1425703621415010

From a garage company to a worldwide technology giant, Microsoft has had a tremendous journey of growth and excitement.

As soon as you walk into the Microsoft Center, you’ll be surrounded by sounds, sights, and demos all designed with the same goal in mind: Microsoft believes that excellent software can help everyone reach their full potential.

Aside from workers of Microsoft, guests are also welcome at the Microsoft Visitor Center.

As you step through the doors of the Microsoft Visitor Center, you will be able to see everything from the most recent Microsoft research advancements to the very first computer.

You may discover the future of AI through engaging with new technologies, in addition to witnessing the most sophisticated technology in the world. You can put your gaming abilities to the test with Xbox Gaming and Minecraft.

You will also be able to see Microsoft’s contemporary office, a Forza simulator, a LinkedIn photo booth, and many more things throughout your stay.

With hands-on exhibitions, you can get a firsthand look at some of the company’s most intriguing inventions for your home and business.

Here is an amazing location to learn about the remarkable discoveries that have propelled Microsoft to the forefront of computer and software technology. Several of their latest items are on exhibit, and you may engage with the software developers.

Even if you are not a geek or a fan of new technology, this is one of the most fascinating things to do in Redmond, WA.

Downtown Park 

Redmond Way, 16101 North East

Redmond Downtown Park is a unique meeting area where art and park merge seamlessly. It is well-known for its inventiveness and exploration. Every great city has a location that acts as an attraction, a symbol, and a driver for economic progress.

I’ve seen that the improved pedestrian environment in and around the park boosts business activity in the surrounding area. Downtown Park offers a great environment for community events and festivities.

More than 2000 plants and 117 trees can be found here, which when developed would cover more than half of the park. The park also has an elevated lawn with trees, a deck, a splash pad, a pavilion, Jill Anholt’s artwork named Buoyant, and an eating grove.

There is no playground, but there is a wide grassy field full with trees at one end of the park with a wonderful walking route for a game of tag or a cartwheel contest. The Dining Grove is located on a high deck with colorful seats and tables, one of which is a rare miniature replica. Thus, if you’re seeking for soothing things to do in Redmond, WA, plan an afternoon picnic at the park.

Evans Creek Nature Preserve

224th Ave NE, 4001

Evans Creek Preserve, which spans 213 acres, is a fantastic recreational space that everyone appreciates. Several different types of animals may be seen in the creek’s broad fields, where youngsters can run about and watch. Numerous creatures, including black bears, deer, beavers, raptors, and songbirds, may be found here.

The area is good for trekking and birding, and it has a diverse vegetation. The loop pathways are about 3.5 miles long and are exclusively for pedestrians. There are two trailheads in the park. The former trailhead is on 224th Avenue NW, while the modern trailhead is at 3650 Sahalee Way NE.

You’ll find much-needed relief from the hum of city life in this peaceful and relaxing setting.

Speed K1

Bel-Red Rd +185551773332207

Here comes the exciting part! Prepare yourself for the greatest indoor go-kart racing in Seattle, Redmond, Bellevue, and King County. You will be exposed to a completely different sort of racing surface than the conventional asphalt track. You may drift as much as you wish since it has somewhat less grip than asphalt.

A professionally developed 5 mile indoor kart course is available. I tried practically everything, even the pool tables and TVs. Each facility has high-speed indoor electric go-karts, cutting-edge safety barriers, private conference spaces, and an arcade. The 1

Check out K1 if you want to experience the excitement of indoor go-karting! It provides a once-in-a-lifetime event for friends, families, and enterprises. On the track, there is something hard and accessible for individuals of all ages and experience levels.

After racing (and winning) against family and friends, stop by the Pit Caf for refreshments and beverages before your next round.

K1 Speed is the top entertainment and event facility in the region. It’s ideal for date evenings, family trips, teambuilding activities, birthday celebrations, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and other events.

Mac and Jack’s Brewery

NE 65th St +1425558969717825

Mac and Jacks Brewery began as a home brewery in the early 1990s by two friends, Jack Schropp and Mac Rankin.

Since 1993, the craft brewery has developed from a tiny garage-based operation to one of the biggest in the nation. They studied everything from how to brew at scale to how to distribute their beer along the process.

They have nothing more than a love for excellent beer and think that when people drink it, they will appreciate quality above innovation.

The staff comprises of twenty beer enthusiasts, many of whom have been with the company for decades or longer. They are adamant about their beer, and The African Amber blew me away. This is their greatest beer, in my view! You should not leave without having tried it! It supplies 95% of the brewery’s output.

The majority of their beer is only available on draft, but you may buy their specialty brews in cans or bottles.

I also sampled a few of their other popular beers, including the Serengeti, Blackcat, Theoretical Mass, Basket Case, and SumShine Pale Ale.

Park Marymoor

West Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE 6046

Are you searching for activities to do in Redmond, WA, such as football, baseball, or cricket? Consider piloting a radio-controlled aircraft or scaling a 35-foot free-standing building. All of that is available in Marymoor Park, along with a touch of leisure. It is suitable for a solitary excursion or a family visit, thanks to its regional path and several lawns for picnics.

Marymoor Park is approximately 640 acres and receives over three million visitors each year. It’s a popular attraction in the neighborhood. It’s no surprise, given the park’s abundance of activities such as bicycling, hiking, and rock climbing. Simply simply, everyone is guaranteed a good time here.

There is also a velodrome, an off-leash dog park, a pet memorial garden, and a designated landing strip for radio control aircraft in the park.

If you’re in Redmond during the summer, don’t miss one of the park’s numerous activities, which include movie nights, concerts, and festivals.

Seasonal Happenings

People have been enjoying Redmond Derby Days for more than 70 years. During the annual three-day festival in downtown Redmond, there is a parade featuring floats and drill teams, a 5K run, and a cycling race.

The Digital Art Festival includes animated and musical expressions, as well as 2D and 3D art styles. It is hosted for a week in November at different places across the city.

During the holidays, Redmond Lights make you feel merry. In December, the one-day celebration features tree lighting at city hall, followed by a stroll to the Redmond Town Center retail center along the Sammamish River.

Finishing Up on Redmond WA Attractions

Redmond struck me as one of the most passionate communities in the Pacific Northwest. Even though the city enjoys a distant setting in the shadows of Seattle, it nonetheless attracted me in it. Redmond has a broad and diversified culture, with an abundance of activities, restaurants, parks, trails, and other amenities.

There are several things to do in Redmond, WA, ranging from historic monuments to shopping, wineries, golfing, and other activities. Redmond is well-known across the globe as the region’s technology innovation powerhouse. Visit neighboring Bellevue for museums.

But, I am truly excited about the city’s gorgeous natural surrounds and plethora of shopping, eating, and hotel possibilities. So go to Redmond and have a great time!

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