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Churchville, New York is located in what country? It is located in Monroe County, west of Rochester, in the northern section of the Town of Riga. The settlement is named after an early resident, Samuel Church.

This little community not only offers a range of dining options, but it also has public appeal for both residents and tourists. You may dine elsewhere and then head to Churchville Park, or you can bring your meal with you. There are sporting fields, pickleball courts, tennis courts, a golf course, swings, and picnic spaces in the park. Cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ice skating are all options throughout the winter. That’s where my father taught me to ice skate. Summer, on the other hand, is my favorite season.

A historic three-story brick structure erected in 1885 lies in the middle of Churchville, NY. It was formerly the general shop. It was restored and converted into a fine dining restaurant in 1946 and is situated 15 minutes from downtown Rochester off exit 3 on 490 West.

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7 Churchville, NY Restaurants You Should Try

The Johnson Residence

585-293-111119 South Main St.

The Johnson House has been operated by the Naughton family for almost 40 years. It is well-known for its hospitality and high-quality meals. Bookings are required. To book a table, call after 12 p.m. EST.

Request a seat near the open-hearth grill, fireplace, or baby grand piano. On weekends, there is live music. Take care of yourself and look your best. The most frequent dress is business casual.

Go downstairs to the Paul Revere dining lounge after entering via the entrance door (now named the Naughton Lounge to honor their family and Irish heritage). The hostess will meet you and take your seat. The dim lighting and gentle glow provide a relaxing ambiance. Upstairs, there are three private party rooms.

A beer, wine, or speciality martini at the bar, piano, or at your table is a lovely way to get to know the venue. Attempt a Bikini Martini or a Chocolate Martini.

Consider the larger picture. Begin with the Giant Shrimp appetizer, which comes with a handmade spicy cocktail sauce. Clams casino, steamed clams, and filled mushroom caps are your additional appetizer choices.

In the spirit of clams, the New England Clam Chowder soup is a creamy concoction of carefully selected clams and chopped potatoes. Not a lover of clams? Then the French Onion Au Gratin soup could be for you. Using caramelized onions, sherry, handmade seasoned croutons, and grilled mozzarella cheese, the stock is carefully simmered. Consider this one of the greatest Churchville NY restaurants.

In their open-hearth pit, high-quality steaks and chops are cut daily and grilled to order. This well-known steakhouse serves the most tender filet mignon. My tastes are piqued by filet mignon with lobster tail. Tossed Salad, Potato, Spaghetti, Wild Rice, or a seasonal veggie are included with all entrees. Tossed salad with Russian dressing is my favorite side dish.

When you explore the menu, bread and butter are provided. It’s easy to overeat on the bread. I could create a dinner out of just the bread and salad, but that would mean missing out on the other excellent meals.

Steak, chicken, lamb, chops, and shellfish are among the menu’s mainstays. Chateaubriand and Steak Stilton are two unusual favorites.

Two four-ounce filets are served on a bed of demi-glace and topped with melted stilton blue cheese. The Chateaubriand for two people is charbroiled and cut at the table.

The Prime Rib Au Jus is another excellent option. It’s moist and delicate. When paired with anything from the seafood menu, it’s a match made in heaven.

Can’t decide what sort of seafood to order? Choose the Broiled Seafood Platter, which includes broiled lobster, shrimp, scallops, and clams.

Finish your meal with a speciality coffee and delectable dessert. While you’re in New York (Western New York), indulge in some New York Cheesecake. The Chocolate Ganache Cake can’t go wrong. If you’re eating with someone, order something unusual and share it. That is exactly what I do.

The Johnson House, one of the greatest Churchville, NY restaurants, extends an open welcome to you. You will be greeted with kindness, a rich history, and superb food. Remember to make reservations if you want to eat at this restaurant.

This is the place for me.

100 Buffalo Road, Churchville, NY 14428 585-299-70837

My Kinda Place, previously known as Churchville Family Restaurant and Pub, provides a welcoming environment in addition to delicious cuisine.

This is a renowned breakfast spot that serves all of your morning favorites.

In the lunch menu youll discover handmade soups, salads, wraps and burgers. They grind fresh meat on the premises for their burgers.

If you like a hot dog, pick a red or white Zweigle. Zweigles originated in Rochester, New York, and is now mostly found in Western New York and areas of Central New York. Zweigles is a fifth-generation, family-owned company that is committed to quality and excellence.

Do you know what white hots are? They are a Western New York specialty made of uncured and unsmoked pig, beef, and veal, resulting in white flesh.

Club sandwiches and lunch platters, as well as Philadelphia Steak and Patty Melts, are available for lunch.

Just take a chance and buy some chicken wings. According to My Kinda Place, we never weigh our wings. We merely keep track of them. We count to twelve, not ten. Cajun, mild, medium, spicy, Boss sauce, or Bobs House Sauce are your options (Buffalo garlic-parm). If you’re looking for wings, this is undoubtedly one of the top Churchville eateries.

Dinner is served on Friday evenings. Stuffed peppers, cabbage and sausage stew, baked macaroni and cheese with crumbled bacon, and chicken French are among the featured meals. You could like comfort foods like tuna-noodle casserole, ham and scalloped potatoes, shepherd’s pie, or Louisiana chicken.

Their beer-battered or broiled fish is a Friday staple.

When it comes to classics, Monday night is Cruise Night. See the iconic rides via cruise ship. Cruise-ins are gatherings of folks who regularly drive their antique or muscle automobiles or who just like looking at cars.

Bring your vintage automobile or gaze at the ones on display. Barnard Chevrolet is right across the street if you want to look at new automobiles.

Main Street Deli Armstrongs

Churchville, NY 14428 585-293-21508 South Main Street

This family-run deli, a favorite among Churchville, NY eateries, serves lunch, supper, and catering.

Some of their iconic soups, sandwiches, subs, wraps, and other delicacies draw customers from all around the Rochester region. When they are feeling under the weather, some frequent customers come in simply for Lucybelles famed chicken soup, which is available for curb-side pickup.

Egg-cellent Hard rolls, round rolls, bread, and wraps are all options for egg sandwiches. The Western Egg Sandwich is well-liked. It’s created with bacon, sausage, or ham, cheese, onions, peppers, and tomatoes that have been chopped.

They only utilize high-quality ingredients. The finest cold cuts are Boars Head. Everything is made from scratch. I appreciate seeing them create my order and seeing how much attention they put into it.

Apanini, they say, tastes better with finer bread, and a meatball sub with fresh (not frozen) meatballs tastes better. That is why we do what we do.

Wraps come in white, wheat, spinach, and garlic varieties.

Grab yourself a hot or cold submarine. For me, it’s always a toss-up between the Handmade Meatball and the Italian Sausage sub.

Do they also serve pizza? They do, indeed. A thin crust, sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, oil, and spices are used to make the Margherita. If it didn’t offer pizza, it wouldn’t be one of the top Churchville NY restaurants.

You will appreciate the cuisine as well as the welcoming, pleasant environment. It’s like returning home.

The Churchville Grille

Churchville, NY 14428 585-299-705842 South Main Street

Churchville Grill has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. There are TV screens at the bar and at the far end of the dining room, giving it a sports bar ambiance. The hostess is prompt in greeting you and seating you.

The daily specials, including the Hummus of the Day, are listed on the whiteboard. A complete menu is also available to see.

Innovative food is available.

To begin, I always select a handmade soup as an appetizer or with my dinner.

The Iceberg Wedge Salad with iceberg lettuce, chopped bacon, grape tomato, pickled red onion, and a house made bleu cheese with a balsamic vinegar drizzle was recently highlighted.

Cajun grilled fish, fresh pico de gallo, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and a spicy chipotle ranch sauce are served with chips, salsa, and sour cream.

The Smoked Chicken Wings are crunchy, spicy, and meaty. Churchville Gold Barbeque is a new chicken wing sauce.

Bryans Smokehouse Burger consists of a grilled burger topped with cheddar cheese, sweet barbeque sauce, bacon, and onion straws.

Pasta aficionados might try the Vodka Fettuccini, Chicken Marsala, Smoked Lasagna, or Linguine with White Clam Sauce.

Beverage selections include local beers, sodas, and a drink from the bar.

Check out the daily specials and treat yourself to one of their famous exquisite dinners. The Churchville Grill added flair and charm to Churchville, New York. Thank you to the owner, Joe Bonafedo, and his fantastic cooks.

As you wait, sit back and enjoy the game. Anything you put on your plate will be a home run. This is without a doubt one of the top Churchville NY restaurants.

Countryside Stones

120 Buffalo Road, Churchville, NY 14428 585-293-15206

The Stones have operated this family restaurant since 1978, and it is a gathering spot for families. Real home cooking at one of the top Churchville, NY eateries.

Family bonds are formed not just among staff, but also among customers. Families come from all around the world. What is the most appealing feature? Lois, the family matriarch who began it all with her husband, Ted.

You may arrive as a passing through guest, but you will depart as family.

They have been there for the community, and the community has been there for them when the restaurant caught fire in 2020.

They’re back and better than ever. We went with a vintage style, according to Dan Stone. I hope you’re as ecstatic as we are. That’s how it seemed the first time I saw it 43 years ago. The flashbacks. The laughter. I met several fantastic folks at this pub.

Their handmade soup selection is excellent. I call so often to inquire about the soups of the day that they remember my voice and anticipate my inquiry before I even ask.

Every season has something for everyone. During the summer season the Churchville Golf Course is close hence the Golfers Special is popular. My father would take me to this renowned restaurant and bar after I spent time with him on the golf course.

Since the restaurant is located on a snowmobile route, it attracts snowmobilers throughout the winter season. In high school, I recall travelling on the back of a snowmobile and dropping in for a warm greeting and a nice lunch. That was a relaxing experience.

Fish fries are popular on Fridays, while other specialties include prime rib and Delmonico steak. Tuesdays include chicken and biscuits. My mother’s favorite.

Dan and his family will be sure to have something special waiting for you in their back pocket.

Garden in the Sun

Churchville, NY 14428 585-293-321812 South Main Street

You may park on the street or in the public parking lot, which is conveniently situated on South Main Street. Several residents appreciate the presence of a Chinese restaurant among the Churchville, NY eateries.

Sunny Garden’s service is quick whether you order ahead of time or come in. What strikes me is how they educate their children about the company. Kids learn about customer service and money management. These aspiring businesses deliver excellent service.

The House Special Lo Mein is a tasty side or main meal. My favorites are Sweet and Sour Chicken, General Tso Chicken, and Sesame Chicken.

Combination platters are an excellent choice. The main course comes with pork fried rice and an egg roll. Do you like dipping your egg roll in duck sauce, as I do?

The menu include beef, hog, chicken, and seafood meals. The Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables is a popular seafood dish.

The wok is really hot. You can hear and watch it sizzling as the chef masterfully cuts and stir cooks. Some people love hot and spicy foods, while others prefer sweet and sour. The vegetables are crispy and snappy. The broccoli has a brilliant green color that is pleasant to both the sight and the mouth.

Don’t forget to pick up some soup. For me, it’s always Wonton soup with some crunchy Chinese noodles.

If you’re like that, fortune cookies are supplied. Gather your favorite condiment packages and napkins. If it’s a lovely day and you prefer to dine outdoors, there are picnic tables near the gazebo in the village, as well as a few more near the rebuilt yellow caboose. Churchville Park, which has swings and pickle ball courts, is also close.

When you’re craving Chinese cuisine, stop into Sunny Garden, one of the greatest Churchville NY restaurants located right off the 490 freeway.

Pizzerias Pontillos

585-293-141432 South Main Street, Churchville, NY

To be sure, it has a highly prosperous past. Currently, some 70 years later, Pontillos has over 20 sites. Churchville is honored to be included among them. These are some of the reasons why it is one of the greatest Churchville NY restaurants.

We’re obviously a local operation, said David Pontillo. The majority of our stores are still family-owned, and they are all run by locals. We are extremely delighted to be regarded as a Western New York original, and we appreciate our clients’ continuous patronage.

A devoted consumer, certainly. That’s who I am. I have their phone number memorized. Pizzas are available in small, medium, large, and sheet sizes. Ensure to add some wings and other accessories.

I like to keep things simple and order the pepperoni pizza and chicken wings with Boss sauce. Toppings and sauces are available in a range of flavors.

They’ll prepare everything just way you want it, and the grins are complimentary.

Last Words on the Finest Churchville, NY Restaurants

Churchville has an excellent food scene. This city has a diverse culinary scene, and each of the restaurants on our list enhances the eating experience.

Churchville offers a restaurant for everyone, whether you’re a gourmet, a family dinner person, or a grab-and-go diner. Restaurants in this city provide exquisite food, relaxing hues, and friendly wait staff that will undoubtedly meet your demands.

They also provide distinct ambiances, whether you dine in an antique brick home or a trendy diner. You should try each one at least once, and I can practically promise that your eating experience will be wonderful every time. What was your favorite restaurant in Churchville, New York?

Which of these Churchville eateries will you try first? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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