7 Must-Try Huntsville Restaurants | Top Huntsville AL Restaurants

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Huntsville, Alabama, is located in northern Alabama amid the foothills of the Appalachia Mountains. Although Huntsville is famed for all things space-related, its restaurants are suddenly exploding in quality and number, and it may soon be known as Culinary City.

Therefore, enjoy a tour across the globe while staying in Huntsville, which has a thriving gourmet cuisine culture. During your gourmet adventure, stop in places like England, Vietnam, and Mexico. There is no need for a passport!

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Huntsville’s 7 Must-Try Restaurants

Poppy and Parliament

North Side Square

Bringing you to the UK, my bone-in ribeye arrived at the table on a big chopping board at the Poppy & Parliament. It took up more than its fair portion of the tablespace, so when the waitress set it in front of me, it made a significant impact.

I chose the 16-ounce size, although a 22-ounce alternative was also available. However keep in mind that 16 ounces equals one pound.

The steak was served on top of an eighth-inch-thick layer of sliced potatoes that had been twice-fried in beef grease. The steak was then prepared according to order. Finally, Chef Kristen finished the steak with a pile of crispy fried parsnips and a splash of chimichurri sauce.

That’s not everything. The chef served the steak with two sauces, so no matter what your preferences are, you’ll have something to dip in each mouthful. One pot housed a standard hollandaise sauce, while the other held a classic chasseur sauce with mushrooms.

As a tribute to the UK, one of my lunch partners ordered bangers and mash. The rest of us at the table couldn’t get enough of the ribeye. Make a point of visiting the gourmet butcher store upstairs.


+1 256 427 2500109 Northside Plaza

When I walked inside Beezr, I asked the host whether they offered meals since the brewing equipment was prominently displayed. They did, she assured me. And I was astonished by how broad their menu was since I anticipated more of a brewery menu than restaurant fare.

The meals that use the brewery’s beer are my favorite part of brewery dining, and Beezr was no exception.

The lunch began with carnitas nachos. They then began with house-made tortilla chips and covered them with beer-queso cheese. The showpiece of the platter is the beer-simmered pulled pork, which has been braised with Deception dark lager.

They looked to have browned the pulled pork after braising it for extra taste. They then topped the meal with roasted corn, chopped onions, and tomatoes. They finished it up with mozzarella and Cotija cheese, garnished it with cilantro, and served it with salsa.

We tried the nachos as an appetizer, and they were delicious. I would not advocate sharing and instead make them your dinner.

I ordered the mojo shrimp tacos, which were served with blistered marinated shrimp and grilled corn. Next they added purple slaw and finely sliced tomatoes on top. Next, the chef drizzled a lemon-garlic aioli over the tacos and decorated them with cilantro. Although they were delicious, I kept thinking about the carnitas nachos.

If, like me, you ended up splitting the nachos and couldn’t get enough of that delectable pork, you may order the carnitas as tacos.

My eating buddy ordered the pesto buscaiola pizza. It was topped with a homemade basil pesto, blistered bacon, and mushrooms. Then they added hard cheese and fresh buffalo mozzarella on top. I took a mouthful of this, which was another highlight on the menu.

During the week, they provide a variety of specialties, such as Weiner Wednesday, which has bratwurst cooked in one of their lagers.

Ales Restaurant

+1 256 801 96502610 Clinton Avenue West

Ales Kitchen, located within the Straight to Ale brewery on Campus 805, is a creative play on words and one of the top Huntsville eateries. Their restaurant delivers cuisine that pairs wonderfully with their beer. Tacos, pizza, sandwiches, and burgers are available.

Although the burgers looked delicious, I was very pleased with the Smokestack. I love BBQ, and this house-smoked pulled pork sandwich did not disappoint. Their sandwich was piled high with smoky, but tender pulled pork, which they topped with thick-cut crisp, smokey bacon.

The sandwich was then topped with a creamy slaw and drizzled with a somewhat sweet BBQ sauce. The crunchy onion straws and bistro sauce followed.

Lastly, they delivered fresh, hand-cut fries; total, a substantial lunch tray that I knew I should have left some for later, but it was so delicious that I ate every piece. I could have eaten a full side of coleslaw because it was that delicious!


+1 256 361 0090106 S. Jefferson Street

The Revivalist, located inside the 106 Jefferson Hotel, will open alongside the hotel in 2021. It had a contemporary premium atmosphere, but a closer look revealed historical aspects, such as the original flooring from a furniture business that used to be in this building, and original exposed brick that now serves as accent walls throughout the restaurant.

My lunch began with warm cornbread delivered in a cast-iron pan and covered with bacon jam. Yet this was only the start of a supper that screamed southern comfort cuisine.

Chef Gary’s distinctive shrimp and grits were my favorite meal at Revivalist. I’m from the north, and everytime I visit the south, I always search for shrimp and grits on the menu. Revivalist is where I discovered my all-time fave.

A silky, fluffy pile of grits seasoned with smoky cheddar topped this entrée. The chef covered it with a cream sauce before standing the golden-brown shrimp tails up for an Instagram-worthy appearance.

For textural contrast, he placed strips of Bentons ham crisps in the middle of the grits, then topped with thinly cut scallion tops. This meal alone made the journey to Huntsville worthwhile. A hidden treasure among Huntsville eateries.

Hops and Guacamole

+1 256 517 97972620 Clinton Avenue West

Hops N Guac, one of the Huntsville eateries, is located within the 805 Campus and provides fast-casual Mexican cuisine with counter-style service. The environment is lively and vibrant.

And nothing goes better with tacos than a cold beer. Hops N Guac includes a beer wall with 45 taps where guests may pour their own beer and create their own experience. In addition, its full-service bar serves some of Huntsville’s finest tequila.

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The lunch began with a flurry of appetizers for our party. We had to start with the namesake guac, which is conventional guacamole cooked to order and served with fresh chips, radish pieces, and cucumber. The fresh vegetables were a welcome surprise that helped to lighten the Mexican meals and provide a splash of color to the presentation.

Someone else requested chicharrones, which are fresh cracklings doused with crema and pico de gallo. Later, to highlight their house Estrella Jalisco beer, we enjoyed their renowned beer queso, which was created with several varieties of cheese.

At Hops N Guac, I ordered three regular-sized tacos with Mexican street corn as my entree. I ordered the carnitas, carne asada, and shrimp tacos, but you can order whatever combination you want.

Phat Sammys

+1 256 489 0232104 Jefferson Street South

Phat Sammys will be visible by the yellow and green neon pineapple inviting you. Next you’ll descend a flight of stairs to a lower-level venue with a tiki bar vibe. You’ll discover a selection of cocktails evocative of the islands, but the cuisine had an Asian touch that set it apart from the rest of the Huntsville eateries.

I wasn’t looking for a substantial dinner since we had appetizers earlier in the evening, just something to go with the rum punch I’d ordered.

As a footlong dog served on a Hawaiian roll bread, I chose the Chinese chili dawg. The bun was a New England-style bun that was sliced on top rather than the side, so the hot dog was snuggled within. Melted cheese, pickled mustard greens, and Mapo Dofu were added to the dog.

Mapo Doufu, also known as Mapo Tofu, is a classic Sichuan dish that consists of tofu in a spicy sauce made from douban, a fermented broad bean and chili paste, and douche, fermented black beans. Lastly, they added scallions and Sichuan peppercorns to the meal.

It’s not your typical July 4th hot dog, but it’s a refreshing difference. The hot dog was served with fresh hand-cut fries.

My buddy made a supper out of a handful of appetizers. She started with the Korean BBQ pork belly and fried Brussel sprouts. The BBQ sauce was used on the pork belly. Next they added pineapple pickled radish, a scallion-onion salad, and sweet and spicy squid on top.

The fried Brussels sprouts seemed burned, but char equals taste. Pork floss, coconut vinegar, cured egg yolk, and benne seeds adorned the sprouts.

South Huntsville Edgars Bakery

Airport Rd SW +1 256 489 07452004

Although it is known as Edgars Bakery, it also serves a full breakfast and lunch menu, making it one of the greatest Huntsville restaurants. I ordered the pimento cheese biscuit, which was a cheddar biscuit topped with pimento cheese, eggs, and bacon. Everything baked is a definite bet in my house, and the biscuit is one of my personal faves. With the addition of pimento cheese, this dish becomes a hit.

Have one of their deli sandwiches with a fresh salad for lunch instead of breakfast. The cranapple Jack turkey sandwich is a fan favorite. It began with cranberry walnut bread, which was then stacked with Swiss cheese and bacon. The lettuce provides crunch, while the apple butter adds flavor.

It was difficult to resist baked pastries. After all, the term bakery is in the name of this café. When I arrived soon before Mardi Gras, they had a kings cake on display, and I enjoyed the filling. The strawberry bundt cake was another fan favorite.

The Best Huntsville Restaurants in a Nutshell

When you have to select between two options, it might be challenging. So what about 7? If you can’t pick, try them all, as my father always said, so while you’re in town, please do the same and visit all of these Huntsville eateries. You will not be sorry.

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