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There was something special about Lake Havasu even before I moved to Arizona. It forms an oasis with water activities and beautiful golf courses along Arizona’s western border, in contrast to the majority of the state’s moon-like scenery. And the Lake Havasu City restaurants alone are reason enough to come!

I had no idea until a few years ago that the original London Bridge, which crossed the River Thames in London, England, had been acquired and relocated here. Lake Havasu City, a planned town created in 1964 and promoted by developer Robert P. McCulloch, has long attracted tourists.

We decided to visit Lake Havasu on our way from Flagstaff to Tucson for an extended day vacation. If you look at the map, you’ll see that we made a horseshoe through Arizona, traveling west on I-40, south on 95, then back east on I-10.

It’s a horseshoe. In the state of Arizona. Outside the Page. Alright, we went Horseshoe Bend in June, which was fantastic, but Page isn’t renowned for its eateries outside of the fancy hotel and Antelope Point Marina. So it was good to discover another town with a variety of excellent eateries.

Lake Havasu City offers conveniently accessible informal lakefront and riverbank eating with views of the London Bridge, which Robert P. McCulloch acquired from the City of London for $2.46M in 1968 and numbered, relocated, and reconstructed (for an additional $4.5M) with reinforced concrete.

On October 10, 1971, the Honorable The Lord Mayor of London Sir Gilbert Inglefield and Arizona Governor Jack Williams attended the welcoming ceremony and rededication.

If you cross the bridge, turn left towards London Bridge Beach and spend your time at the playground or tennis court. Javelina Cantina, Shugrues, and the Barley Brothers may be found on this side. Park here, cross the bridge, then down the steps to the English Village for much more. Or go out from the river for some of the greatest Italian or pizza in town.

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7 Lake Havasu City Restaurants You Must Try

Cantina Javelina

The phone number is 928-855-TACO, and the address is 1420 N. McCulloch Blvd.

The javelina is the most strange animal I’ve seen since arriving to Arizona. We avoid coming too near, particularly in the backyard, since we are much angrier than Pumba. You will be charged.

Yet the adorable javelina sculpture on the entrance of this fantastic Mexican cantina lets you forget about all of that.

The menu reinforces their belief that Javelina Cantina is the best place in Lake Havasu for real Sonoran style Mexican meals.

Begin with Sopas Y Botanas. Shortly after we arrived, chips and salsa, as well as water, were brought to our table. The server arrived shortly later to inquire about extra cocktails. They have a link to specialized tequila and promote their world-class tequila bar. But I was prepared to concentrate on the beginnings.

I’ve never seen bacon poppers before, and anybody who like jalapeño peppers packed with cream cheese would love them.

Instead, you may get the more traditional tortilla soup, grilled chicken & onion quesadilla, chicken strips, chili con queso, 7-layer bean dip, nachos grande, Baja shrimp cocktail, or Ceviche del Patron. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample the cheese crisp, a toasted flour tortilla with melted jack and cheddar cheese and pico de gallo, which reminded me of nachos at Tortilla Flats in Danbury, CT, when I was a kid.

There are seven salad options, ranging from side salads to grilled sea scallops to the Seafood Fiesta Salad. Check out their salad dressing, avocado vinaigrette. I couldn’t find it anyplace else.

Its speciality sandwiches include chicken, steak, salmon, and a burger.

And they offer practically everything you might want a la carte in a Mexican restaurant: tacos, enchiladas, tostadas, rellenos, tamales, flautas (my favorite), taquitos, and burritos.

When you’re hungry, though, you should eat their Surf & Turf Molcajete Bowl.

Molcajete is the Spanish term for mortar and pestle, which stems from an Aztec word that means seasoning bowl. These bowls are unique pieces of art that are hand-carved from a single piece of basalt rock.

You may enjoy the glitz of sizzling fajitas. The hilarity of the service had the children of the family next to us giggling. They are so accommodating here that if you want to taste three different varieties of fajitas, they can accommodate you. Shrimp, beef, and chicken fajitas are among their Three Amigos. We’ve gone to too many restaurants that only accept three of the same sort of protein.

We ended ourselves at the Chef Specials section. My daughter particularly appreciates the fact that you can add 10 grilled shrimp to any of these meals for just $6. That’s a wonderful deal for what you get.

Street tacos, shrimp tacos, a mega burrito, flautas or taquitos, enchiladas, chimichanga, two potato spinach & cheese enchiladas, carnitas, salmon tostada, carne asada, lobster tail tacos (a local favorite), or fish tacos are available.

I feel forced to examine the option whenever I am near water. Their mahi mahi selection made it simple. I picked grilled over fried when given the choice. I skipped the rice and beans since I’d eaten so many of the warm, wonderful chips and medium spice salsa.

When the staff came with my dinner, I had just settled down to answer a few emails and enjoy the view of the south side of the London Bridge.

Two tortilla-wrapped white fish tacos were overstuffed with shredded cabbage, mango salsa, corn, scattered black beans, and a spicy southwest tartar sauce.

It is best to conserve space for dessert or to eat it first.

They provide fried ice cream, which is my all-time favorite Mexican restaurant dessert. They roll the packed ball of vanilla ice cream in corn flakes, deep fried it, then sprinkle it with just the proper amount of caramel dripping. It never gets boring.

The typical sopapilla, churros (plain or strawberry filled), and a raspberry white chocolate cheesecake are among the other treats.

They also had two that I had never heard of before.

Chocolate Totopo is a devil’s food cake filled with hot fudge and topped with whipped cream and a cherry, served with vanilla bean ice cream. Sounds delectable.

Xango is a fried cheesecake-filled tortilla with a cinnamon sugar topping. If you like cheesecake, I believe you’ll like this.

This was my best lunch in Lake Havasu City with fantastic, quick service, delicious cuisine, and a lovely view of the London Bridge.

Coca-Cola drinks, milk (to balance the spicy meal), juices, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are available.


928-453-14001425 McCulloch Boulevard N

This restaurant and bar, which opened in 1988 and received the Wine Spectator 2020 Award of Excellence, provides lakefront dining and a happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. If you come on Sunday, make a reservation for their Sunday Brunch, which is offered from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Soups may be purchased by the cup or bowl as an appetizer. Inquire about the soup of the day with the service. Its French Onion Soup, garnished with baguette, provolone, and Swiss cheese and served in a sourdough bread bowl, is a menu mainstay.

You’ll find wings, kettle chips and dip, flatbread, chicken fingers, and southwest skins, which are the first time I’ve seen avocado on potato skins, but the combo with corn, jack and cheddar cheese, and Tajin spice was amazing.

Cajun cream shrimp, shrimp saganaki (Kasseri cheese with Sambuca sauce), tempura shrimp, or shrimp cocktail were favorites of my daughter. She also like their fried pickles. They’re hand-breaded pickle spears that have been fried and served with a spicy Cajun aioli.

There are eight salad variations available. Their BLTA chopped salad was a favorite among the diners surrounding us. I loved the concept of their Summer Breeze salad, which had apple, strawberries, craisins, golden raisins, walnuts, cucumber, and red onion, but I would substitute another lettuce for the kale.

The waiter makes an excellent point that it may not be as healthful then.

If you prefer heritage tomatoes, try their Tomato Mozzarella, which is made with fresh heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella, pine nuts, and fresh basil. When the waiter walked by our table, the perfume floated across. My favorite daughter chose the pineapple shrimp salad with spring greens, cantaloupe, arugula, avocado, and an orange mint fennel dressing over the usual Caesar or Greek salads.

I’ve never seen a meal that had both cantaloupe and avocado. The lesson has been learnt. The close second favourite was the chicken and shrimp salad. A lemon pepper yogurt dressing tops the blackened shrimp and chicken served on romaine, spring greens, grilled asparagus, red onion, and avocado.

The Watermelon Crispy Chicken Salad was my choice. Their microgreens and spring mix had a nice texture and a tangy flavor from the citrus watermelon cubes, toasted almonds, red onion, orange segments, and white balsamic; crispy chicken required no substitutes for a wonderful taste profile.

The watermelon, along with the greens, gives a refreshing touch on a hot day at Lake Havasu City. It was in the upper 70sF even in November. You’ll get dehydrated if you walk up and down the stairs and cross the London Bridge.

I intend to order from the Butchers & Anglers Choice section of the menu the next time we come. The entrée are served with a warm sourdough round with Shugrues handmade garlic butter, as well as a choice of two sides from jasmine rice, mashed potatoes, filled potatoes, baked potatoes (after 4pm), grilled asparagus, or house veggies.

I’ll go with the 8-ounce filet mignon. Harris Ranch Aged Prime beef is served.

Lobster, pork chops, lamb, king crab legs, scallops, and shrimp scampi are among alternatives. Shell probably prefer the lobster and shrimp meals, according to my daughter.

Everything is served with warm sourdough rounds and their own garlic butter for sandwich lovers. House fries, onion rings, house salad, or the soup of the day are included with sandwiches and burgers.

Pork belly sliders, portobello stacker (beef patties with portobello mushrooms), chicken portobello, house burger, The Hillside (grilled pastrami on rye), and French Dip (another potential choice for me) are all available. Philadelphia style includes white American cheese), Spicy Californian (pepped turkey), fish sandwich (grouper), blackened tuna, or a Mediterranean wrap.

Most of all, you may pick between inside and outdoor seats to see the activities on the Bridge.

Restaurant & Brewery Barley Brothers

928-505-78371425 McCulloch Blvd.

In the same neighborhood as Shugrues, your option may be as simple as whether you like wine or beer that day. Although the majority of the menu is standard pub cuisine, there are a few things with a unique twist.

Along with fan favorites like southern fried chicken strips, garlic cheese bread, a sampler platter, bighorn onion rings (yum!) and rib teasers, they also serve shrimp cocktail, lobster mac n cheese, tomato & basil bruschetta, Jakes cheese fondue (a blend of European cheeses with broccoli florets and apple slices), fondue fries, gorgonzola mushrooms, and Arts German sausage.

The gigantic bacon wrapped scallops, on the other hand, are not available during Happy Hour.

There are eight salad options, including Caesar, wedge, seafood salad, sesame spinach salad, and salmon or lobster cobb. Locals love their triple berry vinaigrette dressing.

And seven different kinds of burgers. The PB&J burger, in my opinion, is the most shocking. A cabbage salad, cilantro, jalapeño jelly, and Thai peanut sauce top this chuck burger. According to the server, it’s surprisingly refreshing.

Sandwiches are offered with seasoned fries, cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes, or apple sauce as an option. For an extra fee, you may choose handmade onion rings or sweet potato fries.

One of the most popular dishes is the New York steak sliders. My daughter’s pick of the wood-fired vegetable minus the provolone cheese met her dietary requirements perfectly. A chicken club, steak sandwich, meatball sub, pastrami piled with apple coleslaw, chuckwagon, turkey rustic, blackened fish, and Sicilian sub are all available.

The house specialities are highly recommended. Choose from NY Strip Steak, peppercorn top sirloin, baby back ribs, chicken parmesan, rotisserie chicken, chicken piccata, oak roasted vegetables, wood-fired halibut served scampi style, with shrimp, wood-fired rainbow trout, seafood Michelangelo (salmon, cod, scallops, shrimp, clams, oh my!) and seafood Michelangelo (salmon, cod, scallops, shrimp, and my personal favorite, Jamaican BBQ salmon.

It’s an Atlantic salmon basted in a Jamaican jerk flavored barbecue sauce, served with herb red potatoes and freshly sautéed veggies. Delicious.

They also feature nine menu pizzas as well as the option to create your own. The aroma of freshly baked pizza from the wood oven drifting around the restaurant whets your hunger. Therefore, whether that leads you to a pizza for the table, calzones, or one of their pasta meals, or even one of their house beers on tap, you’ll be glad you did as you stroll back out to explore Lake Havasu.

Located within steps of the west side of the London Bridge, with outdoor seating that enables you to see all of the bustle in the English Village, which is located on the lower level on the other side of the Bridge.

By the Bridge Burgers

+1-928-302-6780410 English Village

Want to make things as simple as possible? Are you ready for a burger? I think I’ve discovered the right spot for you. You may have a fresh, handmade hamburger or cheeseburger served in a basket with pickles, tomato, onion, and lettuce at the foot of the steps on the Northeast side of the bridge, or you can get the fish and chips you would expect to find across the Pond.

You’ll adore them if you like wings, particularly super-hot and spicy ones.

Even better, keep the small ones busy with ice cream or a smoothie. Or maybe a hotdog. Just a thought.

The Chairperson

+1-928-855-258-3422 English Village

The Chair, originally known as The Blue Chair, rises above the English Market under London Bridge. It’s also at a good position for shots of the bridge from a higher vantage point. People might be seen wandering or waiting for the boat. You may eat indoors, outside, or take it with you.

They provide regular burgers as well as chef specials. They offered a blackened salmon hoagie with mixed spring greens, avocado, tomato, and a roasted lemon pepper aioli when I went. That was one of the finest prices of the trip at $20.

The island nachos were the most prevalent dish I saw whizzing by with the servers in full court press. Plenty of nachos, alcohol, and discussion created for a lively atmosphere.

I’d want to see how the Hang Ten Bacon Board goes over with a bigger gathering. Since there are so many SUPs in the region, it’s not unexpected to see surfboards and SUPs utilized as tables and wall hangings. As a result, employ surf jargon.

My kid was completely sold on the triple fin hummus board. I inquired about the Toes on the Nose, but they couldn’t switch chicken for pig, so I’ll have to settle with fried plantains another time.

Try the BC burger slider skewers for a lighter yet nevertheless enjoyable option. I never expected to be eating a burger on a stick (sounds like a State Farm specialty), but they offer three sliders with house bacon jam, charred pineapple, and a hoisin sauce that is nicely seasoned.

When we return, my daughter is thinking about getting the Caribbean or Hawaiian Poke Bowl. I’m thinking about getting the So Cal Fit Wrap or the Chicky Chicky Sand Sand. It seems that rewarding creative names is a smart idea.

Pizzeria PZA

928-733-63151641 McCulloch Blvd.

I went because a waiter from another restaurant recommended it, saying it’s more than a meal, it’s an experience, and I wanted to check whether it’s truly that much fun to have my pizza baked right in front of me.

It is.

I counted eight pizzas or you may create your own for $9 per pizza ($2 extra for a gluten-free crust) and the transparent glass food shields allow you to see them manufacture your pizza while you wait.

The program is popular with both children and adults. Every day. Repeatedly.

The four salad alternatives may make you feel as though you’re making solid choices.

Even those with the finest intentions may be tested by the four dessert pizzas. There was no issue with the strawberry banana Nutella pizza. I’m not a great lover of hazelnuts, so I had no trouble resisting.

The same goes for the strawberry ricotta. This cheese combo does not appeal to me.

Yet I couldn’t decide between The Elvis, a peanut butter and banana pizza that was as strange and interesting as the PB&J Burger (see above), and the caramel apple pizza.

You can’t go wrong with these two. It’s even better if you each order one, sample both, and take the leftovers home with you. If you’re not staying in town for another night, it’s a nice chilled treat.

I’m not sure how they manage to make a tiny brick oven pizza in 90 seconds, but they do. Time and time again.


Phone: (928) 855-866591 London Bridge Road

You could easily fill up on these appetizers, which include wings (boneless or not), mozzarella sticks, cheesy garlic bread, French fries, cheesy breadsticks, breaded mushrooms, or the delicious Rosatis Dough Nuggets (like garlic knots) or breaded zucchini, but do yourself a favor and save room for one of the best Italian dishes youll ever have.

There are seven salads to select from, but you may agree that eating European style, with the salad served after the main course, is the finest option.

They feature all of the sandwiches you’d expect from a wonderful Italian restaurant, as well as a calorie count to help you stay on track. There are many options, including Italian Beef, Italian Sausage, Meatball Parmigiana, Chicken Pita, Grinder, Philadelphia Cheesesteak, and Gyro.

You may choose their 4-piece chicken or 3-piece fish, both of which are delicious, but don’t skip the pasta.

Three cheese baked penne, spaghetti & meatballs, penne & grilled chicken a la vodka, fettuccine alfredo with chicken (my favorite, just a touch of garlic with this creamy sauce and the perfect addition of fresh parsley), lasagna, chicken parmigiana, or four-cheese mix ravioli.

You may have even more fun by making your own pasta meal. All the enjoyment of a home-cooked dinner without having to clean up.

They also provide standard, Chicago deep dish, and gluten-free pizza. The Fantastic Four, which includes Italian sausage, mushroom, onion, and green pepper, is their speciality. The only limit is your imagination.

Pepsi products are served.

Cannoli, tiramisu, a deep-dish chocolate cookie, chocolate cannoli, or zeppole, bite-sized pieces of crispy dough coated in powdered sugar and combined with luscious Nutella hazelnut spread, are available for dessert.

Fortunately, I had someone to share it with, since this is supposed to feed 3-4 people. The crunchy pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar reminded me of a beignet. I skipped the Nutella hazelnut spread, but my kid does.

You may go at any time of day and be sure to have a good time with drinks, beer, and wine.

Which of these Lake Havasu City restaurants do you want to try the most? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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