7 Must-Try Navy Yard Restaurants in Washington, D.C. | Where to Dine in Navy Yard D.C.

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The Capitol Riverfront is on the rise. The 500-acre area, which is home to the Nationals Baseball Club and the D.C. Nationals Soccer Team, is undergoing rehabilitation. Almost 5,000 new residences were planned for the neighborhood, as well as 1.8 miles of shoreline along the Anacostia River, including a beautiful Riverwalk, and 57 Best Navy Yard restaurants that were either open or set to be soon.

It has seen a renaissance since it was formerly regarded as too unsafe to visit. The expansion has drawn more residents and tourists. It’s just five blocks from the United States Capitol, and many workers moved in for the easy commute.

It features a Metro station where fans can go to the baseball and soccer stadiums, premium food stores, and a shoreline with great views and recreational opportunities. It’s also rich in American history.

The Capitol Riverfront was our country’s first Naval Yard, and the area is still known as such. It was founded in 1799 as one of the greatest shipbuilding and ship-fitting facilities in the Navy. During the War of 1812, United States Commodore Thomas Tingey burnt it down because he did not want to surrender it to the British.

During the Civil War, President Lincoln paid a visit there to his buddy Commander John Dahlgren. During a battle with Virginia, the ironclad Monitor was repaired. On the monitor Saugus anchored at the Yard, John Wilkes Booth’s corpse was inspected and identified, and the assassination conspirators were taken there for interrogation before being transferred to prison.

There are centuries of history to discover at the Naval Yard. Further information is available at The Navy Museum, which examines the Navy’s involvement from the Revolutionary War to the present. The Navy Yard offers a gastronomic variety worth exploring, and here are our recommendations for some of the top Navy Yard eateries.

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The Top Seven Naval Yard Restaurants

Morini’s Osteria

+1 (202) 484-0660301 Water Street SE, Suite 109, Washington, D.C.

An Osteria is a venue to be hosted. It’s difficult not to feel like a guest at Osteria Morini. The soft candlelight illuminates the attractive dining area, which is outfitted with wooden tables. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide views of the Riverfront and the open kitchen on the inside.

The cuisine originates from Emilia-Romagna, which is recognized for artisan products including prosciutto, mortadella, Parmigiano cheese, and balsamic vinegar.

The options were all appealing, and fortunately, we wanted to share. My family enjoys communal dining; we have to sample everything on the table.

We started with a Battilardo Di Affettati, which was cured pork and cheese served on grilled bread. It’s a cheeseboard from Italy.

Bresaola, an air-dried beef cut paper-thin, whipped ricotta sprinkled with olive oil and black pepper, and Parm Gelato topped with aged balsamic were the three dishes we ordered.

The Parm Gelato was new to us, and it was made in the same way as the ice cream, but it was chilled and shaped into a room-temperature spreadable cheese. That was really delectable.

Between the creamy cheeses and savory meat, the whole board was fantastic.

That was an excellent beginning, especially when combined with a glass of Super Tuscan Borgonero. We were all craving pasta, so we chose three to sample.

Cappelletti, a truffled ricotta ravioli covered with melted butter and prosciutto, was our order.

Next there’s rigatoni with wild mushroom ragu and Parmigiano topped with rosemary oil, followed by a dish of spaghetti Pomodoro with basil and Parmigiano and two meatballs.

Because of the truffles, the cappelletti was delicate and had a buttery earthy taste. The mushroom ragu had a deep, almost meaty flavor. The rosemary oil added an intriguing herbal touch.

The pasta Pomodoro had a great basil kick, and the two meatballs were tender and tasty. We were filled and savored every bite.

There’s a lot more on the menu, including chicken, pork, fish, and sweets, but we’ll go back to taste it all. Sunday Brunch is also available at Osteria Morini. Go out Osteria Morini at Navy Yard for a taste of real Italian cuisine. It’s one of the top eateries in the Naval Yard.

Agua 301

+ 1 (202) 484-0301301 Water Street Southeast, Washington, D.C.

Agua 301 has the vibe of a party.

The dining room’s vibrant colors and vast margarita list let you know you’ve arrived in the correct location for a contemporary twist on Mexican food in the Naval Yard region.

The stunning terrace and lake views make it a great spot to meet up with friends after work for bocaditos, or small nibbles to go with beverages.

The bocaditos make creative use of local ingredients. The crispy fried oysters with aji verde and pickled onions and the jumbo-lump crab cakes with shishito-corn relish and piquillo puree were also excellent selections. There are, however, some typical Mexican favorites to whet your palate.

The menu features a surprising combination of conventional and fusion foods with a hint of Asian spices.

We wanted to share everything, so we shared the chicken huarache bocadito.

The grilled chicken blended with bacon, caramelized onions, melted Chihuahua cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, and queso fresco over handcrafted corn flatbread was delicious.

The tender chicken went well with the flavorful toppings heaped on the sweet corn flatbread.

We shared the Lomo Saltado for our entree.

I had to try Lomo Saltado, a mix of Peruvian and Chinese cultures. The meal is made out of sliced beef tenderloin sautéed with onion, tomato, and jalapeo and served over rice and hand-cut fried potatoes. That was a big serving with wonderful taste.

The steak was delicious, and I loved how the rice and potatoes soaked up all of the sauce. It tasted like a stir-fry with Mexican flavors.

The history and the menu’s blends of various cuisines make this a location you’ll want to return to, not just for Mexico but for the greatest Naval Yard restaurants Mexican food with considerable flare.

All-In-One Pizzeria

+ 1 (202) 629-189479 Potomac Avenue Southeast, Washington, D.C.

All-Purpose Pizza is one of the top Navy Yard Restaurants and a gourmet pizza restaurant in Navy Yard beside the Anacostia River.

It’s the ideal outdoor eating location for a high-end pizza feast. The dough is produced with excellent whole wheat and 00 flour that has been fermented for three days to achieve a crisp, chewy vegan crust.

There is also a gluten-free dough option for those on a strict diet.

There are two sites, one in Shaw and one on the Capitol Riverfront just across the street from the baseball stadium, making it an ideal stop for a pre- or post-game lunch.

They provide an excellent assortment of local beer, wine, and interesting drinks like as the Mt. Etna Mule. The ingredients distinguish these pies from the crowd.

They are also high-end. Whether you serve them with pie or salad, the 12-inch individual size makes them ideal for sharing.

The Spuntini are little pieces that look like fried mozzarella and are a great way to start. If you like a larger appetizer, go for an heirloom beet salad or an Antipasti like Calabrian chicken wings or fried Brussels sprouts.

This meal with cippolini onions, marinated red peppers, whipped goat cheese, and breadcrumbs was delicious. It was a fantastic blend that made the veggies both crunchy and creamy.

There are eight All-Purpose pizzas available, including a basic pie that may be customized with add-ons. The pizzas had amusing names like the Childish Bambino, but I went with the Buona.

It’s a pepperoni pie stuffed with mozzarella, pepperoni, Calabrian chili honey, and basil. It arrived boiling hot with a chewy crunchy crust, just as described. The honey addition was fantastic, and I will certainly make it again at home. This exquisite pizza in Navy Yard will transport you to Italy. It is rightfully regarded as one of the top Naval Yard Restaurants.


+1 (202) 313-700713331 4th Street Southeast, Washington, D.C.

For supper or brunch, Chloe is one of the top Naval Yard eateries. This Michelin-recommended restaurant by celebrated Chef Haidar Karoum serves a diverse menu of cuisine that he likes eating.

Brunch menus are properly sized for alternatives from all around the globe.

Sunny side eggs with chorizo and potato hash topped with romesco sauce, Mediterranean falafel, penne with pork Bolognese, Norwegian salmon, and comfort foods like warm banana bread with caramel sauce and Chantilly cream are among the offerings.

The drinks are delicious.

There are other champagne alternatives as well as surprises such as the La Lavande, a lavender-infused vodka with lemon and bubbles.

It was a beautiful Sunday. Sitting outdoors was enjoyable and ideal for toasting the warmth of spring. We began with La Lavande drinks before ordering the fresh ricotta with grilled toast topped with raw honey and rosemary. It was delicious when combined with honey and fresh rosemary.

We joyfully ate this delectable entrée.

Our main courses were egg dishes. The poached eggs with warm scallion biscuits and shitake mushroom mornay sauce were delicious. My kid enjoyed the sunny side up egg with chorizo and potato hash.

Since the romesco sauce had nuts, our waiter was amazing. Due of her sensitivity, he identified the component and had it removed from the plate. The entrée was still delicious and flavourful without it. We appreciated our lunch, as well as the service, ambience, and the unique menu, which was both global and imaginative.

From beginning to end, I felt the experience to be exquisite. This is one of the top Navy Yard eateries for a delicious brunch.


+202-488-4800300 Tingey Street SE #170, Washington, D.C.

Hatoba is the third ramen shop from the Daikaya Group who owns and runs four other D.C. eateries. Daikaya, Bantam King, and Haikan are all from distinct neighborhoods and have their own personalities.

Chef Katsuya Fukushima like the Capitol Riverfront’s contemporary vibe.

He’s thrilled to have this one-of-a-kind, Sapporo-style ramen business in the burgeoning neighborhood. The emphasis is on ramen, but each ramen restaurant in D.C. has a unique flair, comparable to the renowned Sapporo city with a thousand ramen shops.

There are some fresh twists on traditional customs in Hatoba. The ramen and yakisoba noodles are prepared in Sapporo, Japan, but the stock is created on-site. The clear, nuanced broth for the basis of steaming deliciousness has been cooked for eight hours.

The classic tomato curry ramen is vegan and made with veggie stock, making it completely contemporary.

The red miso clam and hot red miso are unusual ramen tastes, however they are traditional Japanese flavors. A unique yet real twist. There are six ramen and three yakisoba options on the menu, which you can customize with added toppings like an onsen egg (soft-cooked egg).

Since the location is so near to the ballpark, the restaurant pays respect by offering Yakisoba Dog and Okonomiyaki Dog with edamame and gyoza. Gyoza, which are pan-fried dumplings with cabbage, pork, and shrimp, were my choice.

The shrimp were pan-fried whole and gently. They were somewhat crunchy but not greasy, and the tastes were exquisite, with none overpowering the other; they were the greatest I’d ever had.

I had the vegetable yakisoba, which came with Nishiyama noodles, roasted portobello mushrooms, corn, cabbage, scallions, shallots, bean sprouts, and an onsen egg. It was so delicate and fresh that I found it enticing and addicting. Don’t miss out on this wonderful visit and one of the finest Naval Yard eateries.

The Salt Strait

Potomac Avenue SE, Washington, D.C.

If you like oysters and ale, you should go to the Salt Line.

This waterfront restaurant features a beautiful terrace overlooking the Anacostia River and a raw bar that welcomes you as soon as you walk in.

The premise of Salt Line is that oysters grow where fresh and saltwater meet.

They want the wealth of the Chesapeake to be evident in their traditional New England fare. It’s also only steps from the stadium, and they open early before afternoon home games so fans can eat before cheering on the local team.

Who doesn’t like a good lobster roll?

They have one on the menu, but if you don’t want one, they also offer a burger and a roast beef sandwich. You’re in luck if you like fish. Their objective is to provide all the seafood to you as soon as possible using the dock to dish concept and a purveyors list. There are crudos, fried fish platters, and New England-inspired chowders.

So I began at the raw bar. I had a shrimp cocktail, which was delicious with a spritz of lemon and spicy cocktail sauce.

Next came the halibut cooked in olive oil with beluga lentils, fennel, red Fresno chile, rosemary-cauliflower puree, marsala sauce, and dill.

That was wonderful. The mixture and preparation were excellent; I really loved it and discovered that all of the components shined through.

I saved space for the dark chocolate dessert with preserved lemon, pistachio, sea salt, and maple crème since it was so light. It was sumptuous and perfectly complemented one of the tastiest and most innovative fish dishes available.

If you’re searching for a seafood restaurant in Navy Yard, Salt Line is a game changer and should be on our list of the greatest Navy Yard eateries.


1212 4th Street Southeast, Washington, D.C.

TaKorean is a food truck idea started by creator and CEO Mike Lenard in 2010 in Washington, D.C., out of a modified 1985 Ford step van.

It was so successful that it opened a physical location in the Union Market and eventually on the Capitol Riverfront in 2014.

The concept is simple, nutritious, and tasty. You choose between tacos and bowls (corn tortillas or rice bowl). Next add protein, such as Dak Galbi (sweet chili chicken with soybean paste, ginger, and soy), Bulgogi steak, Bo sam pork shoulder with ssamjang sauce, tofu with hoisin sauce, or roasted vegetables. Then choose your add-ons and toppings.

For a fair price, everything is created from scratch using fresh ingredients.

Every year, Lenard gives a percentage of sales to organizations that benefit the community and the environment.

I ordered three different bowls with various mixes of toppings. The quality and quantity of each edition astounded me.

I would return to this upgraded take-out establishment again and again. The cuisine, the purpose, and variations on a basic theme all contribute to a win-win situation for both the client and the neighborhood. It is deserving of a position on our list of the Top Naval Yard Restaurants.

The Capitol Riverfront boasts fascinating eating alternatives that want to be experienced. Keep an eye out for new additions to this delectable list of the greatest Naval Yard eateries.

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