7 Must-Try Restaurants in Dublin, California | Top Restaurants in Dublin, California

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Dublin, California is located inland from the San Francisco coast in the lively Tri-Valley region. The Ohlone people were the first to settle in the region, and now youll find a diverse range of American ethnicities represented in the city and in the fantastic selection of restaurants in Dublin CA serving wonderful delicacies from across the globe.

The Head of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce agrees that increasing house development has helped the city structurally. Steve Minniear of the Dublin Heritage Preservation Association and Inge Houston, President of the Dublin Historical Preservation Association

This provided access to housing, which was previously unavailable in most of the SF Bay Area. Dublin is well-known for its great schools, closeness to Silicon Valley, and ideal placement at the intersection of two major highways. Once the technological period began, the city became an attractive area to raise a family.

Several of the little commercial malls, such as the Ulferts Center, are practically mini food communities, as Steve phrased them. Dublin is still one of the most rapidly rising cities in the United States.

We fell in love with Dublin because of its genuine and high-quality eateries, which exhibit some of the greatest Tri-Valley eating alternatives. As usual, even if time and money were infinite, we wouldn’t be able to visit every worthwhile location. These are seven of the best restaurants in Dublin. Enjoy!

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The 7 Best Restaurants in Dublin, California

Yofa Hummus

Phone: +1-925-361-53757012 Amador Plaza Road

Afeef Awad learnt to make hummus in 1951 in Yafa, a beach city on the Mediterranean. He launched his store in Amman, Jordan, after moving there. In 2017, a group of Mr. Awads’ grandchildren created their own hummus business in his honor in Dublin, California. Yafa Hummus is a beautiful family-run establishment with a warm, welcoming ambiance that is ideal for a relaxed lunch or supper, as well as take-out.

Yafa Hummus is as creamy as its name suggests, and it comes in three flavors: regular, spicy, and pesto, all topped with olive oil and chickpeas. Falafels, Baba Ganoush, Tabuleh, and Dolmas are all genuine, and practically all of them are vegetarian or vegan.

Yafa Hummus gets its spices from the same spice shop in Amman, Jordan where their grandpa used to shop, giving their dishes a unique flare and authenticity that you won’t find anywhere else. Every morning, everything is cooked fresh in their commissary kitchen.

The tasty, slow-cooked Chicken Shawarma Wrap demonstrated Old World skills that were delicate and well seasoned. The classic lavash was delicate and flaky, with a delicious garlic sauce that complemented the shawarma and Mediterranean salad.

Make space for the delectable Baklava ice cream! I hadn’t had soft serve in years, and it was the perfect vehicle for walnut baklava crumbs and a drizzle of caramel. I should’ve had two.

To round off the hospitality at Yafa Hummus, Mohammed informed us that they take pleasure in their community engagement, including participation in Boys & Girls Club and other fundraisers, as well as outreach.

When you pick Yafa Hummus, you’re getting high-quality Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine from a place that cares about its customers. It’s a win-win situation.

Myanmar Burma

+1-925-556-61887294 San Ramon Boulevard

San Francisco cannot claim to have the best Burmese restaurants; Dublin’s Burma Burma is right up there. The restaurant is in a contemporary setting with an industrial ceiling, elegant hanging lights, and images of Myanmar, previously known as Burma, on the walls. From Spring through Autumn, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings feature live music.

According to General Manager Bradley Martin, Burmese cuisine is a combination of Indian, Thai, and Chinese traditions, as well as influences from its neighboring (and at times invading) countries and Burmas own regional cultures from the hills, beaches, and lowlands.

Its curries are lighter and shallot or onion-based, with no creams or strong spices, and taste similar to a Hungarian-American beef stew. Burma Burma’s cuisine is delectable, showcasing the talents of the all-Burmese cooking crew as well as some of the partners’ previous work with the legendary Burma Superstar.

On a Tuesday night it was briskly busy and full of a mix of people. The pricing are reasonable, with vegetarian meals costing approximately $13 and meats costing between $18 and $19.

A popular meal is the Rainbow Salad, a colorful combination of crunchy cabbage, soft vermicelli noodles, tofu, cilantro, peanuts, cucumber, and wonton strips. It was light, crisp, and gently seasoned.

The Chicken Curry was a nice departure from regular Asian curries. It featured a somewhat sweet onion base with lemongrass, masala, ginger, garlic, and paprika tastes blending with chicken thigh and potatoes. The sauce was fairly thick and delicious.

The Basil and Dried Chili Swai was a delicate and fragrant fish seasoned with Thai chilis, dried red chili flakes, black pepper, tamarind powder, and basil.

Burma Burmese food is lighter and more subtle than surrounding Asian cuisines, with no one flavor dominating. Pair with a glass of Justin Cabernet or a refreshing Myanmar Lager.

KoJa Restaurant

+1-925-587-15035252 Dublin Blvd.

KoJa Restaurant Korean-Japanese Reinvented takes a fresh approach with a menu that mixes the robust tastes of Korean cuisine with the nuanced nuances of Japanese cuisine. It’s a tiny, trendy restaurant worth adding to your list.

According to owner Martin Chou, his enthusiasm, like many others, is fueled by a respect for individuals who push the edge in order to create meals that continue to redefine the notion of bold and distinctive.

The Traditional KoJa Sandwich is my recommendation. The circular bun is constructed of two crispy, chewy rice cakes that are packed with thick, juicy beef and crunchy lettuce. For a kick, add kimchi. It’s messy and delicious, and it comes apart quickly, so have a napkin nearby.

The Ahi Tuna Bowl was loaded with flavor. Over rice, very fresh Ahi is topped with a horseradish sauce and served with a scoop of seaweed salad, genuine crab salad, and crispy wontons. It’s a huge dish of wholesome goodness.

If you like Spam, you’ll enjoy KoJa Kitchen’s Trademark Musubia crispy rice cake, which holds a substantial slice of the canned meat, tamago (rolled egg), bacon, and avocado wrapped in seaweed and topped with teriyaki sauce.

The Kamikaze Fries are lethal. French fries stacked high with thick, chewy Korean BBQ meat and slathered with spicy and horseradish sauces. Ideal for Game Day.

Orozco House

+1-925-828-54647995 Amador Valley Blvd.

If you’re in the mood for Mexican, go no farther than Casa Orozco for delectable, genuine dishes from Mexico’s many regions. Casa Orozco, founded by Familia Orozco’s five siblings and their parents, has been a Tri-Valley tradition for 38 years.

According to owners Jesus Orozco and Maricela Orozco-Barone, they prepare everything from scratch using high quality ingredients from family traditions. The menu has developed over time and now includes several vegetarian and vegan alternatives, such as lard-free refried beans.

Begin your journey with a Fiery Pepino Margarita or one made with watermelon chunks. As well as their delectable Vera Cruz-style Seafood Cocktail. It’s served warm in a large, round glass and is created with avocado, fresh, plump prawns, cilantro, and lime juice in a naturally sweet foundation of local farm tomatoes.

Their street tacos with fire-roasted salsa are delicious. You may choose from ten different types of meat or sautéed vegetables to be served with onions, cilantro, and tomatillo salsa. (I’m a sucker for a good al pastor, and this one didn’t let me down.)

Enchiladas de mole poblano, a Puebla delicacy, were a personal favorite of mine. The rich brown sauce was created the traditional method, with tastes of chilis, almonds, dried fruits, and spices, then packed with soft shredded chicken and topped with salty queso fresco. The refried beans were delicious, having a distinct pinto bean taste.

Besides from being tasty, Casa Orozo is a lovely site to visit, with architectural influences from Mexico. Maricela started on the lookout for one-of-a-kind, high-quality artifacts when they refurbished the restaurant. She eventually returned with truckloads of excellent objects such as thick, hand-carved tables, hardwood doors adorned with stunning wrought-iron accents, and iron chandeliers.

The walls are covered with paintings depicting Mexican scenery. Take a time to be grateful.

On Fridays and Saturdays, there is live music. They also have a location in Livermore.

Casa Orozco, which has been in the neighborhood for a long time, takes pleasure in being fully connected in the Tri-Valley region and acquiring its food from local farmers and sellers. Members of the family live in the neighborhood, and their passion and high standards are evident.

Bhavan Chaat

+1-925-829-17004112 Grafton St

Chaat Bhavan is an absolute joy. The assortment of classic Indian vegetarian specialities is enough to send any vegan eater to culinary heaven. Vibrant Indian music plays in the backdrop for a dining area that was packed on a Tuesday night with people hungry for traditional Indian dishes.

Gary Singh founded this family-owned firm in 2009 to fill a need for high-quality pure Indian vegetarian cuisine, and it currently consists of three San Francisco Bay Area restaurants maintained by five brothers and their families.

Your lunch will begin with a glass of velvety Indian chai tea, which you may sweeten to your liking.

I tucked into a platter of lovely Dahi Batata Sev Poori chaat (snacks). They’re crisp circular little pooris stuffed with sprouting beans, potatoes, chickpeas, and spices, and served with chilled yoghurt, tamarind, and green chutney.

Once you bite into the small poori, it bursts with liquid, and you stuff the entire thing in your mouth. I’ve fallen in love! You may also get a takeaway kit to assemble your own Sev Poori at home.

Chaat Bhavan’s extensive menu includes Indo-Chinese cuisine. The Gobi Manchurian comes with a spicy sauce, crispy cauliflower florets, and pieces of green pepper, all well-seasoned with cumin, coriander, garlic, and ginger.

Chana Bhatura is a delicious puffy poori bread that you dip into a bowl of spicy garbanzo beans topped with an outstanding house-made Indian pickle.

A handmade cheese in a lovely creamy sauce seasoned with fenugreek leaves and gently spiced is one of their signature dishes. It’s called Malai Paneer and it’s delicious.

Chaat Bhavan’s drink menu includes vegetarian options like as their Mango Lassi, which is not too sweet. Chass, or cumin-spiced buttermilk, was cold and pleasant.

The Falooda Kulfi is an experience in and of itself for dessert. When you bite into rose-flavored vermicelli on thick Indian-style ice cream, your mouth filled with aroma. It’s an unusual explosion of tastes and a beautiful way to round off your dinner.

The meals of Chaat Bhavan are created with care and expertise, utilizing only the freshest ingredients. Visit them if you want high-quality Indian vegetarian cuisine.

The Banana Grove

+1-925-248-28544100 Grafton St

If you like Southeast Asian food, you will love The Banana Garden. This restaurant’s kitchen crew is entirely Malaysian, including the head chef. The menu is broad, and the quality is evident in every meal. The venue is packed with Malay-Chinese customers. It serves lunch and supper.

Don’t skip the Roti Prata appetizer. A beautiful paper-thin roti bread is provided with a ramekin of the most flavorful rich red curry dipping sauce. It’s a Chef’s dish that’s completely vegetarian, and I wish I could have bought a huge jar of it!

Chef also created the Chicken Satay skewers. The accompanying peanut sauce was more like a chutney than a Thai peanut sauce, but it was still delicious.

A sizzling metal plate drops on the table. It’s the famous Sibu Sizzling Lamb, stuffed with flavorful meat slices and pieces of bell peppers and red onions in a thick black pepper sauce. For a spicy kick, add a dollop of homemade sambal. You’ll need an ice-cold Chang Beer to go with this.

Malaysian Fried Rice is another spicy dish with black pepper and a hint of cumin. It’s prepared with eggs, tofu, and red onion chunks. This unique platter has a distinct taste.

The Char Kway Teow wonderful chow fun noodles in a savory brown sauce with shrimp, squid, eggs, and bean sprouts always appeal to me.

Dessert was a big hit, especially the Fried Bananas with Mango Ice Cream. It’s a lovely platter of oranges, yellows, browns, and whites, topped with a chocolate drizzle and whipped cream. The batter is light and fluffy, with a faint crunch.

Having lived and traveled around Asia, Banana Garden is the place to go for a fantastic flavor of Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

The Koi Palace

Dublin Boulevard, Suite 213

Koi Palace is one of those locations that entices and excites you from the minute you walk in. This restaurant is well-known in the Bay Area Chinese community for its Hong Kong-style fine dining and dim sum. It is located in the modest Ulferts Center mall, which has a plethora of Asian restaurants, including cuisine from Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

The restaurant is incredibly sophisticated, with exquisite panels imported from China and classic round tables. The extensive cuisine is inspired by Hong Kong, and if you like that fantastic city, you’ll feel completely at home.

I had to sample the Traditional Shanghai Juicy Buns, which arrived steaming hot. These scrumptious morsels are wrapped in soft, springy, homemade wrappers and filled with mild pork stuffing, scallions, light sweet soy sauce, and vinegar. Divine.

A platter of Macao-style fried pork belly with fiery mustard sauce and a purple orchid was presented. It was sliced into perfect small squares, and the crust on these bits was ridiculous, standing in stark contrast to the melt-in-your-mouth fatty pig.

Beautifully cooked Abalone in the shell was served with mushrooms, snap peas, and scallions in a savory sauce oyster.

Stir-fried Cumin Lamb, a speciality of China’s northern Xinjiang province, was delicious. Large slices of spicy pork, a generous amount of sliced garlic, and slivers of scallion are nicely blended together. With this hearty entrée, a well-chilled Tsing Tao beer was the perfect companion.

To round off the dinner, our attentive server, Vincent, delivered two traditional sweets and a pot of jasmine tea. The first was a Lava Bun, a thick, spongy Chinese bao bun filled with a sweet egg yolk filling similar to custard; the second was Red Bean with Coconut. Both were light and sweet, which was welcome after a heavy supper.

Everything at Koi Palace was presented elegantly and authentically, with superb precision. In the 1980s, the proprietors moved from Hong Kong, bringing recipes from their restaurants there. It is a very efficient organization that provides exceptional service.

Koi Palace is one of the greatest restaurants in the Tri-Valley for authentic Hong Kong cuisine. They have other sites in Daly City and Milpitas.

In addition, the Tri-Valley Board of Tourism has issued the following statement:

The majority of these establishments will participate in our second annual Taste Tri-Valley Restaurant Week, which will take place February 18–27, 2022. It’s a terrific chance to try everything described here, plus extra discounts only available during the 10-day festival. For further information, please visit: Restaurant Week in the Tri-Valley.

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